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Theory and Practice of Public Administration


I. Understanding Public Administration

a. Nature & Thrust of Public Administration
b. Public versus Private Administration
c. Approaches, Roles and Scope on Public Administration
d. Public Administration as a Field of Study, Art, Science, Discipline and Practice
e. Development of Public Administration in the Philippines
II. Origin and Development of Public Administration
a. Origin of Public Administration
b. Stages and Paradigms in the Development of Public Administration
c. The Major Periods & Sub-periods of Public Administration
d. Wilsonian Movement vs. Spoil system
e. Classical vs. Neoclassical Proponents of Public Administration
III. Towards the Modern Public Administration
a. Development Administration
b. New Public Administration
c. Public Administration and Governance
d. Challenge to New Public Management and Governance
IV. Profiling the Philippine Administrative System
a. Leaders of Philippine Administration
b. Legal & Administrative Basis of Public Administration
c. The Philippine Administration System
d. The civil Service Career and Publicv Service
e. Ethic and the Public Service
V. Bureaucracy, the Civil Service and Personnel Administration
a. Nature and Thrust of Bureaucracy
b. Webers Bureaucracy
c. Development of Bureaucracy Thoughts
d. Bureaucracy as a Civil Service
e. Issues & concerns in the Philippine Civil Service
VI. Reengeneering Local Governments & Non-Government Organizations
a. Creations and Structures of Local Governments
b. Decentralization, Devolution and De-concentration
c. Nationl and Local Government Relationship
d. Features of the Philippine Local Govt. Code of 1991
e. Challenges of Reengineering the Public Sector
VII. Enhancing Good Government Through Privatization and e-Government
a. The Private Sector
b. Thrusts, Mandates * Issues of Privatization
c. Government-Owned & Controlled Operations
d. The Emergence of e-Government and the Philippines
e. The Private Sector and the e-Government
VIII. Executing Public Policy With Strategic Management & Benchmarking
a. Nature and Thrust of Public Policy
b. The Policy Making Process
c. Distributive, Preventive * Regulatory Policies
d. Strategic Management & Benchmarking Approaches
e. Best Practices in the Philippines
IX. Dealing with Fiscal Administration and Performance Mechanism
a. Fiscal Policies
b. Budgetary Management in the Philippines
c. Fiscal Strategy & New Measures in the Philippines
d. Tax Collection Improvement
e. Debt & Expenditure Management
X. Coping with Corruption Through Work Ethic Accountability in Public Service
a. Transparency International
b. Ethics and Governance
c. The Culture of Corruption
d. Anti-Graft & corruption Practices Act
e. Code of Conduct & Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R.A. 6713)
XI. Issues and Challenges in Public Administration and its Future
a. Policy Issues
b. Organizational Issues
c. Other Significant Issues
d. The Future of Public Administration