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One Two Three

Small Group Purpose and intent/Learning Focus: Purpose and intent/Learning Focus: Purpose and
Time Science: Sorting Senses Art: lines intent/Learning Focus:
Art: Color Blending
*Extension of Learning Outcomes: Learning Outcomes: Learning Outcomes:
read The child will be ale to place object card The child will be able to Use writing . They will be blending one
aloud or in the correct sense column (hearing, material to make lines and doodles color with another.
large sight, smell, taste, touch). on paper from zig zag lines to straight (red, and yellow to make
group plan ones. orange
*Introduction Standards: red and blue to make
to K.L.2A.4: Analyze and interpret data Standards: purple, yellow and blue to
new to describe how humans use their 9.1c.2 combine a variety of materials to make green)
material senses to learn about the world create new products
*Content area around them. For your integration: Standards
experiences M-3K-2.5: Begin to see how similar items PD-3K-2.3: Explore the use of various 9.1c.2 combine a variety
and can be grouped together. drawing tools. of materials to create new
materials products
Experience Description Experience Description: For your integration:
Have the children learn about their 5 Have them learn about different shapes ofPD-3K-2.3: Explore the use
basic senses and sort object on card to lines from zig zag lines to straight of various drawing tools.
correct sense (smell, taste, sight, touch; ones.
hearing). Experience Description:
Materials: Also how to blend two
Materials: Paper colors together to get a
Cards Markers new shade on paper.
Charts Crayons Materials:
Song I got Two Eyes lyrics. Paper
Specific developmental concepts or Markers
Specific developmental concepts or skills skills to assess: Crayons
to assess: Let the children learn about lines by
Let the children learn about 5 basic drawing them on paper Specific developmental
senses and why they are important. concepts or skills to
assess: . How to blend
colors together to get
new shades of color.