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Lahore Businessmen Association

for Rehabilitation of the Disabled

Changing Lives
Empowering for a better tomorrow


To facilitate the disabled persons Employment provides livelihood leading to total
to earn their livelihood and to rehabilitation. To empower disabled persons to undertake
work towards resolution of their their work place responsibilities we offer a host of
socio-economic issues involving preparatory programs. Our objective is that the disabled
accessibility, accommodation should sustain in jobs purely on the strength of competence
and equity. and productivity rather than compassion.


L ABARD Lahore
Businessmen Association
for Rehabilitation of the
Disabled is a nonprofit,
independent and non
Training Centers at New Muslim
Town and Tajbagh in Lahore, with
the capacity to train almost 450
people at a time. We offer 14 trades
in which disabled persons can be
LABARD also provides educational
assistance, medical assistance and
financial assistance to the disabled
including the interest free loans.
Thousands of people have
governmental organization trained (For details of trades, visit benefitted through these
patronized by the Lahore Chamber our website interventions and LABARD
of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) continues its journey to spread hope
and having the LCCI President as its After the successful completion of and confidence and help the
Chief Patron. Our main purpose is to training, our placement officers also disabled persons becoming the
rehabilitate the disabled persons and arrange the employment for the useful citizens of society.
help them lead an independent life. disabled through contacting various
We have established two vocational industrial and commercial sectors.

I want to congratulate LABARD on the issuance of 3rd quarterly
newsletter. This organization is really doing a commendable job and
has achieved many landmarks including the provision of employment
to thousands of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).
Through the platform of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industries,
I would urge the business community and industrialists to facilitate the
PWDs as much as they can. Owing to the financial blessing that Allah
has bestowed upon us, it is our primary obligation to help those who
are not only physically challenged but facing difficulties due to weak
financial background. We must facilitate them by providing jobs as well
as disabled friendly environment. As I discussed in the last newsletter
issue, accessibility is a big challenge and more than 90% places are not
accessible for PWDs. Accessibility is their fundamental right and we
must do our efforts to ensure that PWDs, who already face a lot of
difficulties in life as compared to the able-bodied persons, have proper
accessibility so that they could move freely without any hesitation.
Through this platform, I would urge all the industrialists and business
community especially those associated with LCCI to at least make your
own workplaces accessible for PWDs. Let us join hands for this noble
cause and empower the disabled persons and be a role model for
Mr. Abdul Basit
President LCCI

Editor in Chief For comments please write to us at:
Muhammad Saeed Khan
Editor 3rd Floor, LCCI Building, 11-Shara-e-Aiwan-e-Tijarat, Lahore
Abid Qayyum Ph: 042-36314652,36312499, 36305538-40 Ext. 343
Designed by
Aamir Kashif




I feel immense pleasure on the publishing of LABARDs third quarterly newsletter and
congratulate each and every one of you who has been associated with LABARD in one
way or the other. The main purpose behind this initiative is to keep all our friends and well-
wishers informed about all the activities we are doing and all the services we are providing.
LABARD had a very humble beginning and it has undergone a long journey due to your help
and contributions. In 1996, it was just a small cell but has turned today into a sizeable
organization having two vocational training centres. More than 17,000 lives have been
influenced by LABARD and the journey will continue with your support.
I want to request all the honorable friends to please contribute as much as you can so that we
could continue to work for this noble cause. Persons with Disabilities need your help and it is Muhammad Pervez Malik
only through your benevolence that they have a hope for a better future. President LABARD


Mian Nusratuddin Bushra Aitzaz M. Saeed Khan Ahmer Mallick M. Abbas Khan Ahmad Shafiq
Senior Vice President Vice President General Secretary Joint Secretary Finance Secretary Secretary Information
and Publications


Mian Misbah ur-Rehman Naghmana Javed Farooq Iftikhar Salahuddin Fahad Qadir Amjad Ali Jawa

Nasir Saeed (Late) Dr. Faiza Asghar Irfan Iqbal Sheikh Syed M. Umair Tauqir Ahmed Sharifi Farooq Naseem

Sheikh Qamar ul Haq Laila Nusrat Dr. Shehla Asad Baou M. Bashir Syeda Nighat Yawar Ali Shafqaat Ahmed



I am Safeera Aslam and I am
affec ted by Polio since
childhood. My father is a farmer
and we are seven sisters. Disability became
a greater challenge when my mother passed
away at an early age. Going to school was an
onerous task as it was a bit far and I had to request
my sisters or someone from locality for pick and
drop. Despite these difficulties, I never lost hope and
worked hard with commitment because I knew I have to
achieve something big. I completed my Matric in 2014 from
Open University and took admission in Government Degree
College National Special Education from where I completed my
Intermediate in 2016. I am currently receiving Vocational Training in
Computer Fundamentals from LABARD. I contacted LABARD in 2009
and received Vocational Training in Domestic Stitching.

I want to continue my study and do Bachelors in Social Work. I want to be self-

sufficient so that I could raise not only my own responsibility, but help other
PWDs to become independent and financially stable. I want to thank LABARD
from the core of my heart and pray that it continues its journey for the noble
Safeera Aslam cause

I am Mubasher Shahid and my age

is 18 years. 3 years back, I suffered
from a disease called Brain Edema
in which a clot is generated in the brain. Both
of my legs and hands got dysfunctional and
ultimately an energetic student who used to go to
school by himself got stuck on the bed and unable to
move. My parents really supported me a lot.

My father sold his car but never compromised on my

treatment. Because of their support and proper treatment,
now I am able to move my arms and to a greater extent, my legs
also. I am still eating 10-11 medicines in a day and constantly have
to go for thermal message so that my mobility could be improved.

I am currently receiving the Vocational Training in Computer Fundamentals

from LABARD. I really want to resume my studies and aspire to become
architectural engineer. I have a firm belief that with Institutions like LABARD
helping PWDs move up in life, I will achieve what I dream for.
Mubasher Shahid



M y name is Noreen Fatima
and I am 20 years old.
Alhamdolillah I am
Hafiza of Quran. I am disabled since birth
and both my hands and legs dont function
properly. My father is a laborer while my
mother stitches clothes at home.

My parents became my hands and legs and made

every place accessible for me. I have always remained a
high achiever and stood first in class throughout. After 8th
class, I contacted LABARD and got registered there.

LABARD has given me educational assistance throughout my

career and also provided me wheel chair to improve my mobility. I am
currently doing ICS (2nd Year).

I aspire to be a judge and want to provide justice to those who are physically
and financially weak. I am confident that I will achieve my dream through hard
work and commitment. Thank you LABARD for helping thousands of people
Noreen Fatima like me achieving their dreams.

M y name is Bilal Shahzad

and I am 21 years old. I am
disabled since birth and
affected with polio. I was very young when
my father passed away.

I could not go to school due to mobility issues and

difficult accessibility. Throughout my life, I have
remained confined within the four walls of my house,
due to which I did not have the confidence to even talk to
anyone. The way I walk due to disability, people sometimes
touch their ears and sometimes laugh which reflects the
approach of a common man in our society towards Persons with
Disability. My biggest aim in life is to prove to the world that though
I am disabled, but I have more abilities than those with functional
arms and legs.

I contacted LABARD in 2016 and received vocational in Photocopy and Book

Binding. Now that I have completed the training, I want to start my own business
through LABARDs help. I want to thank LABARD for helping me and giving me
Bilal Shahzad the confidence to face the world.




LABARD and Milestone Society for disabled have achieved a
great milestone by signing a Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) to carry out some joint ventures for
the cause of disabled persons. Both the organizations
vowed to work together to promote the culture of
customized wheelchair in the country. Persons with
disabilities are provided sub-standard wheel chairs which
greatly restrict their movement. Milestone has introduced
the trend of customized wheel chairs for the first time in
Pakistan in collaboration with Japanese organization
SAKURA Proper measurements are taken and wheel-chairs
are designed in accordance with the disability and size of
the disabled persons. LABARD now buys all the wheel chairs
from Milestones so as to facilitate the wheelchair users as
much as possible.

Moreover Milestone will also be providing the training to

the disabled persons or those who directly deal with them
regarding different problems being faced by them and will
enlighten them with some of the best practices adopted
world-wide. This will enable them to cope with the issues
faced in a better manner.


A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed
between LABARD and Audiology Center to provide hearing
aid to Persons with Hearing Impairment. Through this
initiative, hundreds of PWDs will be able to get the hearing
aid every year. Not only this, but they will be offered
absolutely free of cost check-up and consultancy services.
Audiology Centre is a renowned institution for providing
hearing aids and gadgets to those with hearing problems
and disabilities. All the aids and gadgets are of the finest
quality and have long lasting life.




Institute of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Sciences is a
renowned institution which provides free of cost treatment
related to joints and bones to the needy and poor people of
society. The institute is equipped with latest machinery and
an experienced team of doctors and consultants.
As a special favor to LABARD, all the deserving PWDs with
problems related to bones and joints referred by LABARD
will be provided free of cost services including check-up,
consultancy, physiotherapy and prosthetic limbs.


LABARD signed MoU with PSPA to collaborate on various

initiatives, most important of which is the data sharing of
Persons with Disabilities. Owing to the access of PSPA to a
comprehensive database of PWDs, LABARD vows to work
together to facilitate as much PWDs as possible who are
Lahore based and aged between 15 and 45.
Various other possibilities are also being explored to
cooperate including jointly starting a new vocational
training center on the lines of LABARDs already existing
vocational training centres.



There are various ways through which LABARD is providing help to the disabled
persons, preparing and polishing them to enter into the mainstream and work side by
side with the able bodied persons.

I feel immense pleasure in informing you that through your generous

contributions, we have achieved many milestones and working further for the
betterment of the disabled. Deep impact has been created in the lives of those who
were surrounded by hopelessness and despondency. LABARD showed them the
way forward to make their lives meaningful and productive instead of cursing their
fate and circumstances.
We will continue to seek your help for the cause of disabled persons. Following are
the ways through which we provide support to the disabled persons through your Muhammad Saeed Khan
generous support;
General Secretary

Registration: Provision of Employment: who genuinely deserve it. Our panel of experts
The first step is registration. A disabled person LABARD not only provides the vocational properly interview those aspirants who lack
gets registered with LABARD mostly through training, but also ensures that those who resources to initiate a startup. The financial
the outreach camps set up by LABARD at successfully complete the training get help is given to them on easy installments and
different locations of Lahore. After proper e m p l oy m e n t a c c o rd i n g l y w i t h t h e i r does not include interest or any service
assessment by our field officers, they are educational background and skills. Our charges. The loan helps them standing on their
provided the intervention accordingly with placement officers at both the campuses feet and instills self-confidence in them.
their needs. If a disabled person requires develop contacts with the Industries of varied Hundreds of people have benefited from these
vocational training, they are referred to the categories. Once the disabled person loans who are successfully running their own
Vocational Training Centre. Similarly if they completes the training, the placement officer business. Loans are also provided to those
require other type of assistance e.g. financial, finds the relevant job for him through disabled who want to expand their business or
educational, medical etc., they are referred to coordination with different sectors. LABARD who require financial help to sustain their
the head office where each and every case has has managed to provide thousands of business. These interest free loans provided by
to go through a proper assessment and employment opportunities to the disabled LABARD not only help the disabled to gain
background check. persons through our placement offices. acceptance in the society by standing on their
own feet, but also contributes towards
reducing the poverty in the society.
Vocational Training: Career Counseling
Vocational Training is provided to the disabled Our psychologists provide free of cost career
persons to help them move up in life. There are counseling to each and every disabled person
Financial Assistance
around 14 trades offered by us in which the being trained at LABARD. The person entering LABARD also provides financial assistance to
disabled persons get the vocational training. LABARD is properly interviewed by the the destitute who cannot even afford to pay
The trades are as follows; psychologists and sent to a discipline for back their loans. After proper interview of
training keeping in mind their interests, candidates, checking out their financial
Computer Fundamentals strengths and areas of expertise. If required, background and judging the case properly,
AUTOCAD the psychologists also do the counseling our experts select all the deserving people
during the tenure of student's training in order whom the financial assistance is granted. This
Graphic Designing
to cure the problem being faced. initiative was taken keeping in mind those
Practical Accounting & Book
people who belong to the lowest financial
strata of our society and struggling hard just to
Computer Fundamentals for Monthly Stipend and Transport fulfill their most basic needs. LABARD has so far
Visually Impaired Monthly stipend of Rs.1500 is provided to provided financial assistance to hundreds of
Industrial Stitching every student getting the vocational training disabled people which greatly helped them in
Domestic Stitching and Dress at LABARD. Owing to the presence of a lot of meeting the financial challenges.
Making | Females social barriers faced by the disabled persons
Domestic Stitching and Dress due to which they don't leave their homes, the
Educational Assistance
stipend helps them and encourages them to LABARD is also providing free educational and
Making | Males
come out and seek to develop skills which medical assistance to the deserving disabled
Professional Cooking
could benefit them in future. Free pick and persons. There are many students with
Mobile Phone Repairing
drop facility is also provided to the student disability who cannot afford to pay the fees of
Photocopier & Book Binding
during the course of training. expensive educational institutions. We don't
Home Appliances
let the financial barriers hinder the student's
Beautician Course resolve to get education. We always help
Hair Cutting and Saloon Interest Free Loans/ Qarz-e-Hasna: progressive and talented young people who
Interest free loans are also provided to those


don't let the disability affect their passion to is referred by the doctor, we even provide that chairs to the disabled persons accordingly with
pursue their dreams and hence educate to those disabled patients who cannot afford their disability. An MoU has also been signed
themselves to become professionals. it. Thousands of people have secured medical between LABARD and Milestone Society for
Hundreds of students secured educational assistance by LABARD and got cured. Disabled to enhance the culture of customized
assistance from LABARD and became doctors, wheel chairs.
engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants etc.
Aiding Gadgets and Wheel-Chairs: Cornea Replacement:
Medical Assistance Aiding gadgets and wheel chairs are also Due to defects in the cornea, many people are
Disabled persons are also provided with free provided to the needy and deserving people not able to see. This disability can be cured by
the medical assistance. We have a panel of with disability. LABARD has provided aiding replacing the cornea. After going through the
doctors whom we refer the patients seeking gadgets to thousands of people with disability profile of disabled persons who are genuinely
medical assistance. If approved, they are given to help them move up in life. Moreover needy, they are offered the treatment free of
free of cost medicines until they are cured. If LABARD is now providing customized wheel cost so that their visibility could be improved.
the problem is severe and expensive treatment


17524 5637 3347

Total Registration Provision of Vocational
Employment Training

2537 2224 2847

Educational Financial Medical
Assistance Assistance Assistance

5788 491 446

Aiding Instruments Cornea replacement Qarz-e- Hasana/
and Wheel-chairs for visibility Interest-free loans


OUTREACH P akistan being still a developing
country, there are lots of societal

barriers due to which the
disabled persons do not come forward.
LABARD has to undergo a lot of effort to
register the disabled persons and we
set up a camp almost daily so that the
disabled persons could come into the
mainstream and play an active role in


the society instead of leading a life of mosques to bring forward if they know After registration, comes the phase of
misery. any Person with Disability so that we counseling and the psychologists on our
could help them. panel comprehensively review the case of
We set up 16 camps in a month at each and every disabled person who is
different locations of Lahore to register We also have a dedicated vehicle on registered. After the review, they are
the disabled persons. Pamphlets are which a loudspeaker has been mounted. provided help accordingly with their
distributed on a wide scale, banners and The vehicle roams around the whole needs.
hangers are displayed and requests are locality, requesting the locals to bring to
made from the loudspeakers of the us if they know any PWD.



B eing Visually Impaired

with weak financial
background and living in
a country where there is
hardly any place accessible for Persons with
Disabilities is nothing short of boiling the ocean.
The perpetual struggle in a society where disability is
regarded as a stigma renders one crippled. But no is not an
option. You either struggle to achieve your dreams or get lost
into the abyss of affliction and self-pity and live the rest of your life
on other peoples shoulders. Despite being visually impaired, I do
two jobs to make both ends meet. I have never relied on anyone but
myself after Allah Almighty. I never lost hope and continuously struggled in
life prove that I can achieve much more than those who can see. I cannot see
things, but have the vision to see beyond things.

I am currently teaching Computer Fundamentals to Visually Impaired Persons (VIPs) like me

at LABARDs Vocational Training Center in the evening. In the morning, I work as Computer
Instructor and teach at Hajvery Education Centre. Till 9th class, I studied at Aziz Jehan Begum Trust
SHAKEEL AWAN for Blind but due to long distance and financial problems, I had to leave school. But I didnt stop
studying and did matriculation privately. I also completed my Intermediate in 2005 and started working
at Hallroad as Salesman. People were surprised to see a blind person doing marketing of mobile phones, a
herculean task which even persons with good eye sight and healthy physique cant do. I also worked as
advertiser at QB.
I never In 2010, I contacted LABARD and received vocational training in Computer Fundamentals. After training, I
lost hope and resumed the work on Hall Road, this time with additional responsibilities of sale purchase. I used to travel a
lot and was now independent enough to do purchasing for my shop. In 2014 LABARD hired me as
continuously Assistant. In 2015, I was promoted to become the Instructor for the course of Computer Fundamentals for
Visually Blind Persons. I also got a government job in the morning and started working as Computer

struggled in life Instructor and Braille at Hajvery Education Center.

My only aim in life is to help Visually Impaired Persons like me so that they could become an important
to prove that constituent of society and play a greater role than able-bodied persons. I have provided counseling
and guidance to hundreds of students like me who are now working successfully in various fields. I
I can achieve really have no words to thank LABARD for what this organization has done to thousands of Persons
like me. It I the foremost responsibilities of people who have been financially blessed, to help the
much more than organizations like LABARD so that it could continue to work for the noble cause.

those who can




Practical Accounting
Graphic Designing Photo Editing
& Book Keeping

AutoCAD & 3D Max Beautician Hair Cutting & Saloon

Photocopy & Book Binding Domestic Stitching Males

Mobile Repairing Industrial Stitching Domestic Stitching Females

Computer Fundamentals
Computer Fundamentals Professional Cooking
for Visually Impaired
LABARD has a very friendly culture and all the employees are jelled together as LABARD family. We always face happiness and
sorrow together. Be it the birthday party of our employee or the demise of a close one, we always remain together and support
each other. Females constitute an important part of LABARD family and they are treated with respect and without any gender
discrimination, encouraged to speak up and participate in all the activities. There is no discrimination in LABARD family, from top
to bottom. In case of important events, all the employees work together as a team without any hesitation and be it the packing of
sweets or lifting the cartons, everything is done without any consideration of seniority.


LABARD has always relied on those who genuinely want to
change the miseries of disabled persons through providing
them equality of opportunities and a suitable environment to

work. All the contributions are spent solely on the rehabilitation of the
disabled persons. We ensure the transparency in all our actions and
transactions. LABARD is audited internally as well as externally to ensure
that the money is being spent on the right cause.

Donations do something concrete for the betterment Sponsorships

Owing to the nature of services we are of the disabled persons. LABARD seeks sponsorships for the printing
providing i.e. absolutely free of cost material, newsletter and website etc.
rehabilitative services to the disabled Sponsor a child Moreover LABARD holds two important
persons, LABARD highly depends on the A great majority of those disabled whom events annually i.e. Annual Fundraising
donations given by our generous donors. LABARD helps are the children under the Dinner and Annual Mela for which sponsors
Your contributions in the form of donations age of 25. Owing to the large ratio of can contact the mentioned email address or
greatly help us in our endeavor. You can send unemployment, there are many disabled feel free to call us.
donations directly into our official account persons who require such skills or expertise
or contact us and we will be at your so that they could be adjusted in the market. Become a member
doorstep. The approximate cost for providing the Members directly become part of LABARDs
vocational training to a child, covering General Body which elects the governing
Zakat his/her transportation cost and providing body. Getting membership of LABARD will
LABARD spends its Zakat particularly for the milk daily is approximately Rs. 12,500 per allow you to have a say in the policy making.
those genuinely needy persons receiving month. There are many children whose lives The meeting of Governing Body takes place
the vocational trainings. Moreover it can be changed with your small effort. quarterly.
provides medical assistance after proper Please sponsor a child and help us in their Following are the details of becoming a
assessment to make sure the person is rehabilitation. member
needy. Please send us your zakat to help us

Annual Membership expires on June 30 every year unless renewed by payment of the relevant fee).
Individutal Member Corporate Members
Annual Fee(Rs) Annual Fee(Rs)
Member 2,000 10,000
Silver Member 5,000 25,000
Gold Member 10,000 50,000
Patron Member 25,000 100,000
Life Membership
Payable one in lifetime 100,000 500,000
All the Donations and Zakaat can be deposited in any branch of Al-Barka Bank.
The A/C # is 0110273319019. You can also contact us and we will send our
employee at your door step to collect the contribution.

Lahore Businessmen Association for Rehabilitation of the Disabled

3rd Floor, LCCI Building, 11-Shara-e-Aiwan-e-Tijarat, Lahore Ph: 042-36314652,36312499, 36305538-40 Ext. 343
Email:, Web:

14 APRIL - JUNE 2017
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