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Custom Resume
Christmas Icons
State Park Flier
Charity Event Flier
Concert in the Park Flier
Patriotic Poster
Leaning Tower of Donuts
Hey Little One Childrens Book
Web page Mock-up
Branding Project I
Branding Project II
Surreal Montage
Christian Bailey Broadcasting & Public Relations
Custom Resume
Contact Information Work Experience

301-537-3618 Camp Counselor, Might Werks LLC

Project Overview:
11 Fairway Lakes Drive Apt

Created daily schedules and lesson plans
Engaged with students, superviors, parents, and other
For this project I created a custom resume to
Dover DE, 19904
staff members to ensure that each week ran smoothly
Maintained classroom records
show off my work experience, special skills
Discussed questions, problems, and issues in an
understandable manner; provided advice, and conclusions and accomplishments throughout my high
Office Assistant, Office of International Affairs at school and college career. My resume also
Wesley College

Prepared, recieved, and verfired documents
Maintained Records
shows my personal design style. I am famous
Created brocures and posters for the department and
for pairing a nice script font with a serif or San
BA in Multimedia Communications
Communicated with team members to: obtain, exchange,
and provide information regarding schedules and work serif font. I also like to use nice neutral colors
to give a simple, yet elegant look.
related matters
Wesley College Represented the department at events
Expected Graduation Date: May 2019 Informed students of opprotunities in the department
Participated in, contributed to discussions, course of
Lanham Christian School C/O 2015 action and alternatives to resolve problems
Inducted into the National Society of High
School Scholars- 2015
Developed and maintained a filing system for control of
the location, arrangement, access to, and use of files
Date Completed:
Top 10% of my class
Teachers Assistant, Lanham Christian School
Developed and maintained teachers correspondence
February 15, 2017
processes, including development and use of specific
forms or letters
Special Skills Answered phones and relayed messages to the correct

Adobe Softwares

staff member
Assist with day to day supervision, planning and leading a Programs Used:
- Photoshop 2015
-Illustrator 2015

comprehensive program, enforcing program rules
Assist with day to day supervision, planning and leading a Adobe InDesign
comprehensive program, enforcing program rules
-InDesign 2015 Set up recreation areas for scheduled activities; records
attendance; arrange for equipment and checked them for
Microsoft Softwares
Things I Learned:
condition on their return; decorated classroom for special
-Word events or activities.
-Outlook Accomplishments When it comes to a resume, less is more.
Desktop Computers & Fax Machines
Finalist in the Miss DC Teen USA Pageant 2014
Resumes arent all about having 2-3 wordy
Certified in CPR

National Society of High School Scholars
National Society of Leadership & Success
lengthy pages, its about giving a future

Member of the Key to Heaven Music/Dance Team
A part of the Hope Project employer enough information on how I can be
a great asset to their company. I also learned
A part of Divine Purpose: An outreach singing organization
Performer at the Voices Against Violence at the Japanese Embassy in
Washington DC
that I can use my design skills to make a
beautiful, yet neat resume that will help me
stand out.
Christmas Icons
Project Overview:
I did a fun set of Christmas flat icons. I kept
the color scheme very festive with Red and
Green and added a light blue background
to brighten things up. I chose my favorite
elements from Christmas. I love decorating
the tree, receiving and giving gifts, Rudolph,
and of course Santa and his elves. I also
made an icon that says Noel which mean

Date Completed:
November 10, 2016

Programs Used:
Adobe Illustrator

Things I Learned:
-How to use the shape builder tool
-How to create a strong color scheme
-How to duplicate shapes
Denali National Park Flier
National Park AND Preserve
Project Overview:
For this project I chose to do the Denali
National Park and Preserve because I fell
in love with the beautiful scenery of the
Denali Mountain Range. I also chose this
park because its not talked about as much as
the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National
Park. I thought it would be a nice way to bring
awareness to this cold, yet beautiful place.

Date Completed:
February 8, 2017
Come see the relatively low-elevation tiaga forest give way to the high Alpine
tundra and snowy moutains, culminating in North Americas tallest peak,
approximately 20,310 Denali. See wild animals big and small roam freely Programs Used:
around unfenced land. Await solitude, tranquility, and wilderness at Denali
National Park and Preserve.
Adobe InDesign

Location Things I Learned:

Mile 237 Highway 3 Denali Park, Ak 99755
I learned that Denali National Park is in Alaska
and it has the highest peak in North America.
FunFacts I also learned that when I drop the opacity on
-Denali National Park has 6 million acres of wild land
-DNP turns 100 years old in 2017 boxes that it doesnt always have to be at 50%
-In 1917, Congress creates this park to protect Dall sheep or lower. Sometimes 80% is just right. I also
-Denalis peak is 20,310 feet above sea level
-Denali is so tall that it makes its own weather learned that Oldstyle fonts are not good for
body copy..
For more information visit:
Walk for
The Autism Society of America presents:

Charity Event Flier

Project Overview:
For this project I chose to do a Walk for Autism
because that disease hits home for me. 2 out of
4 of my younger brothers have Autism and it
is not always easy to them. Since it is bringing
awareness to children with Autism I chose to
use some bright fun colors and a playful font. I
Each year the Autism Society launches a nationwide effort to promote autism awareness among youth to kept my design simple so that it would be easy
assure that children with Autism are provided the opportunity to achieve their highest possible quality of life. to read.
Join us in the Walk for Autism to help this great society bring awareness to this disease!

Date Completed:
February 1, 2017
Saturday June 2nd * 12noon- 3pm * National Mall
Programs Used:
Healthy Snacks & Drinks * Live Music from Colors Band * A beautiful view of the Nations Capital while you walk
Microsoft Word

Grab your team, Registration begins @ 11 am (Fee of $20 per team) Things I Learned:
whether its family,
I learned that Microsoft word not only helps
friends, or both and Walk Ceremony begins @ 12 noon
join the fun while
me write papers, but I can also create amazing
supporting and After walk festivities @ 1:30 pm designs using the software. The Publishing
bringing awareness Festivities include: food, face painting, crafts, puzzles, feature really allowed me to create a great
to a great cause! games, crafts and more! poster as if I were using a Adobe program.

All proceeds go to the Autism Society of America
For more information visit:
Patriotic Poster
Project Overview:
This project was for a patriotic poster that
shows true American pride. I wanted to show
the how America is the land of the free and
things that are truly symbolic like the flag and
the bald eagle. I used two fonts Great Vibes
and a San Serif. I wanted to target a mature
audience who loves their country.

Date Completed:
September 29,2016

Programs Used:
Adobe Photoshop

Things I Learned:
I learned how to blend images in Photoshop
and how to create great font contrast.
Concert Poster
Project Overview:
This project was a flier for a fun classic with a
modern twist concert on the beautiful beach
at Cape Henlopen State Park. I wanted to keep
my design elegant and flows so my readers
would feel like theyre on the beach just by
looking at the flier. I chose an image of two
guys playing the guitar so my readers would
have an idea of what is to come.

Date Completed:
January 25,2017

Programs Used:
Adobe InDesign

Things I Learned:
This was my first project using InDesign Being
new to InDesign this project helped me get
familiar with the software. I learned that my
text should stay between the purple lines and
my image could go onto the outside boarder.
I also learned how to really follow the ruler
Leaning Tower of Donuts
Project Overview:
For this project I created a surreal food montage
called The Leaning Tower of Donuts. It is a
combination of two images. I cut out the donuts
and but them over top of an image of the Leaning
Tower of Pisa. I used to eyedropper tool to make
my font color the exact same as the frosting on
the donuts.

Date Completed:
October 13, 2016

Programs Used:
Adobe Photoshop

Things I Learned:
When cutting out images in Photoshop using the
quick selection tool, paying attention to detail is
very important. If I were to rush, and not watch
the outlines of the donut picture, my project
would sloppy and the two images would not blend
hey little one,
what do you see?
Childrens Book
Project Overview:
For this project I created a childrens book that
can help kids learn how to identify different
animals. It was inspired by the classic book
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Tell us what you see
that my mom used to read to me all the time
when I was little.

Date Completed:
March 1, 2017

Programs Used:
Adobe inDesign

Things I Learned:
I learned that creating a childrens book is not
as easy at it seems. Although it does not involve
much text, it still has to be detailed and aligned
correctly. I also learned how to separate images
in illustrator.
Web-page Mock-up
Project Overview:
For this project I used some bright colors and
bold fonts to make a mock up for the famous Ben
& Jerrys Ice Cream. I used their original logo and
found some great high quality images on their
site. I tried to give off a fun, playful vibe with this
project. My goal was to make my viewers want to
eat some delicious ice cream!

Date Completed:
October 13, 2016

Programs Used:
Adobe Photoshop

Things I Learned:
I learned how to duplicate shapes in Photoshop,
and how to cut out images. I also learned what
makes up a web homepage.
Hair Salon
Branding Project
Project Overview:
This was a branding project for a company
of my choice. I chose to do my moms salon
Transformations Hair Salon where her moto
is Let us transform you! I thought the sheers
would be fun to create and they are very hair
inspired. I kept by brand simple so it can be very
small or very large.

Date Completed:
December 1, 2016

Programs Used:
Adobe Illustrator

Things I Learned:
I learned how to create pictures in Illustrator. It
was my very first time using shapes to make an
Branding Project
Project Overview:
For this branding project, I chose to do a business
that I would like to open in the future. Its a child
development center called Refining Diamonds.
I wanted to keep everything fun, bright and
upbeat since its a business that caters to children.
I chose the diamond because children are
precious jewels.

Date Completed:
February 22, 2017

Programs Used:
Adobe InDesign & Illustrator

Things I Learned:
I learned how to create a design in Illustrator
and carry it over to InDesign. I also learned that
the pen tool can do some funky things to lines &
that I have to pay attention to small details. I also
learned that it is better to have information on a
letter head on that right side of the page opposed
to the left.
Surreal Montage
Project Overview:
For this project, I was given a time slot of 30
minutes to create a surreal montage. The picture
of the field was the only thing given. I found the
picture of the flower coming out of the mouth
and cut it out. Them I added it to the field image
just at the vanish point of the road. The meaning
behind it is all roads lead to beautiful things.

Date Completed:
October 4, 2016

Programs Used:
Adobe Photoshop

Things I Learned:
A boring image can be made interesting with just
a simple touch of detail. I also learned how to use
the bandage tool in Photoshop, which helped me
get rid of some of the grass in the fields.
About Me
My name is Christian Bailey. I grew up in
Riverdale, Maryland. I have a huge famiy, my
parents, 2 sisters, 4 brothers, 8 aunts, 4 uncles,
and 36 cousins, who I see daily. All of us have
always been very close, and we are very family
I have always been very interested in
the arts. I learned to play piano when I was 4. I
started singing at my church when I was 6 years
old. When I got older, I attended Hyattsville
Middle School, which was a performing arts
school. While I was there, I got to travel all over
the country singing classical music. When I got
to high school I continued singing in both the
choir, and the praise band. Along with singing, I
participated in Cheerleading, from age 7 until I
graduated high school in 2015. By my junior year,
I was voted captain of my cheerleading squad. In
2014, I participated in my first major pageant, the
Miss USA Teen pageant, where I placed in the top
8. While attending the pageant, I got to meet a
lot of woman in the communications field. I fell
in love with what I could become, so I chose to
major in Multimedia Communications at Wesley
Today, as a sophomore, I have become
skilled in most of the Adobe programs. In the
future, my goal is to become a TV personality.
My ultimate goal is to be the host of my own talk
show. I would also like to open my own graphic
design business, making invitations, buisness
cards, etc. for peopless companies or events.