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TLED 430

TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment

Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating


Subject Math English

Grade Level 3rd Grade 6th Grade

Learning 3.5 The student will recall multiplication facts 6.5 The student will read and demonstrate
Objective through the twelves table, and the comprehension of a variety of fictional texts,
corresponding division facts. narrative nonfiction, and poetry. a) Identify
the elements of narrative structure, including
setting, character, plot, conflict, and theme. b)
Make, confirm, and revise predictions. c)
Describe how word choice and imagery
contribute to the meaning of a text. d)
Describe cause and effect relationships and
their impact on plot. f) Use information in the
text to draw conclusions and make inferences.
g) Explain how character and plot
development are used in a selection to support
a central conflict or story line. h) Identify the
main idea. i) Identify and summarize
supporting details. j) Identify and analyze the
authors use of figurative language. k)
Identify transitional words and phrases that
signal an authors organizational pattern.
TLED 430

Pedagogy Activity The app being used for this Math activity is The app being used for this English activity is
called Quizlet. The teacher will demonstrate called Google Slides. The teacher will
how to download and use the app on the demonstrate how to download and use the
students phone. Students will then create app on the students phone. Once that is
their own quizlets and create flashcards for finished the teacher will put the students into
multiplication and division problems to their reading groups. Since the books will be
practice with. different for each group, the students will
each make a google slide presentation
explaining SOL 6.5A. Once these are
completed the groups will get the chance to
y Technolog

Name of Mobile App: Quizlet Name of Mobile App: Google Slides

Web Address: Web Address: