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Approval Date: September 23, 1999

See Numeric Index for expiration
and any reaffirmation dates.

Case 2315 (f) This Case number shall be referenced in the

Ni-33Fe-25Cr Alloy (UNS N08120) for Code documentation of the material and recorded on the
Construction Manufacturers Data Report.
Section VIII, Division 1

Inquiry: May annealed Ni-33Fe-25Cr alloy (UNS

N08120) wrought plate, sheet, strip, rod, welded pipe TABLE 2
and tube, wrought fittings, seamless pipe and tube, and MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE STRESS VALUES
forgings listed in Table 1 be used in welded Code Maximum Allowable Stress Values,
construction under the rules of Section VIII, Division 1? For Metal Temperatures ksi
Not Exceeding, F [Note (1)]
Reply: It is the opinion of the Committee that an- 20 to 100 25.7
nealed alloy UNS N08120 wrought plate, sheet, strip, 200 23.5, 25.7 [Note (2)]
rod, welded pipe and tube, wrought fittings, seamless 300 21.6, 25.0 [Note (2)]
pipe and tube, and forgings as described in the Inquiry 400 19.9, 24.2 [Note (2)]
500 18.6, 23.7 [Note (2)]
may be used in the construction of welded pressure 600 17.7, 23.5 [Note (2)]
vessels complying with the rules of Section VIII, Divi- 650 17.3, 23.4 [Note (2)]
sion 1, provided the following additional requirements 700 17.0, 23.0 [Note (2)]
are met: 750 16.8, 22.7 [Note (2)]
800 16.6, 22.4 [Note (2)]
(a) The rules of Section VIII, Division 1, Subsection
850 16.5, 22.3 [Note (2)]
C that shall apply are those given in Part UNF for 900 16.4, 22.2 [Note (2)]
nickel-base alloys. 950 16.3, 22.1 [Note (2)]
(b) The maximum allowable stress values for the 1000 16.3, 22.0 [Note (2)]
materials shall be those given in Table 2. For welded 1050 16.3, 21.9 [Note (2)]
1100 16.2, 17.9 [Note (2)]
pipe, tube, and fitting products, a joint efficiency factor
1150 14.2
of 0.85 shall be used. 1200 12.3
(c) Separate welding procedure qualifications and 1250 9.4
performance qualifications, conducted in accordance 1300 7.6
with Section IX, shall be required for this material. 1350 6.2
1400 5.0
(d) For Section VIII external pressure design, use 1450 4.0
Fig. NFN-15 in Section II, Part D. 1500 3.2
(e) Heat treatment after forming or fabrication is 1550 2.6 [Note (3)]
neither required nor prohibited. When heat treatment 1600 2.0 [Note (3)]
1650 1.4 [Note (3)]
is used, the requirements of UNF-56(b) shall apply.
TABLE 1 (1) The revised criterion of 3.5 on tensile strength was used in
establishing these values.
PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS (2) Due to the relatively low yield strength of these materials, these
Condenser tubes B 163-97a higher stress values were established at temperatures where the
short time tensile properties govern to permit the use of these
Forgings SB-564
alloys where slightly greater deformation is acceptable. These
Plate, sheet, and strip SB-409 higher stress values exceed 6623% but do not exceed 90% of
Rod and bar SB-408 the yield strength at temperature. Use of these stresses may result
Seamless pipe and tube B 407-96 in dimensional changes due to permanent strain. These stress
Welded pipe B 514-95 values are not recommended for flanges of gasketed joints.
Welded tube B 515-95 (3) The criteria used to establish allowable stresses at design
Wrought fittings SB-366 temperatures above 1500F included consideration of the Favg
factor as defined in Appendix 1 of Section II, Part D.


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