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To open centres for agriculture equipment and labour in rural hubs to help the farmer
community in farming and related activities including funding and technical advisory. With
this, these village centres will be a sustainable source of vast employment opportunities.

These centres can serve as one stop solution for farmers which help them in all possible
ways to improve productivity and efficiency in a sustainable way.

We propose to develop centres for agriculture expertise and marketplace for agricultural
equipment, labour and advisory. This will not only help the farmers improve the efficiency
and productivity, but will generate huge employment opportunities for unskilled, semi-skilled
and skilled manpower in rural areas.

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Machines/ products
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Farmers level

These centres will include following facilities:

Farming equipment and automobiles for rent - Tractors, ploughing equipment,
machinery, tools
Certified Seeds which include advanced GM seeds for efficient farming
Certified pesticides and fertilizers
Advisory A team which can provide technical, climatic and financial advice
to the farmers in farming and other animal husbandry activities
Labour - to hire for agricultural activities
Systems team to maintain the stock of equipment, seeds, pesticides,
fertilizers and farmer profiles in a system and customer care service to
Alternate employment opportunities for farmers in animal husbandry and
renewable sources of energy during non-farming seasons
These centres will act as online marketplace for direct selling of agro-products
to nearby cities within a radius of 80-100KM.

The proposed centres will be opened at each village hub in India and can generate
employment on a large scale at national level for unskilled, skilled and scholars on a single
Agricultural graduates and post- graduates can take up advisory jobs
Include unskilled labour into formal agri-business with proper registrations
and productivity can be improved with efficient mapping
Clerical, customer care and data entry jobs for persons with basic
communication and computer skills
Jobs in renewable source of energy
Online market place will generate employment in logistics and will be a win-
win platform for both farmers and consumers in nearby city as they can get
fresh products directly from fields at a cheaper price
Education on
farming and Life
agribusiness insurance
related facility

Multi-village Off-season
employemen job
t opportunity opportunities
ed labors

Use of Information Technology

A Centralized Database System: Till now the entire population in agriculture industry has
been segregated due to lack of any common platform for forecasting their requirements and
fulfilling the needs.
At these centres, we propose to build a national level database system which will have
following information:

Collect the relevant information of the farmers, plantations, processes, products and
arable land
Use such info for understanding and tracking the activities of farmers at village and
district levels.
Better forecasting and guidance through data analytics for machinery, labour, seeds,
fertilizers, and other advisory services including weather alerts
Advanced Data Analytics for better management of the entire life cycle of farming to
deal with the fluctuations in the throughput
Need based employment to registered farmers and labour
Availability of farming equipment and labour at lower cost using efficient allocation
Create portal for online marketplace for selling products to nearby cities

Steps to implement this scheme:
Make a pilot project in some 20 farming districts to develop centres
Establish an organization to look after this on a PPP basis
Knowledge seminars to spread the awareness about the system in rural hubs
Conceptualize and develop IT software and systems to be set-up at the
Collaboration with the village chiefs to establish point of contacts to resolve
any misconceptions
Establish the centres in village hubs with the help of local institutions and
install the set-up
Registration of labour force and farmers along with the details related to their
arable land and crops
The organization will act as liaison for procurement of material and equipment
Representatives of the organization to regularly visit the villages to inspect the
various activities and suggest improvements

Revenue generation model

To ensure sustainability of the idea and generating jobs in long term:
1. Annual subscription fee from farmers at subsidized rates
2. Revenue from contract labours which are made available for farming activities
3. Sales revenue through online sale of products directly from village farmers to
nearby cities. As distribution system is excluded, farmers can get higher
margin on their products and consumers in cities will get them at much
cheaper price
4. Premium seeds and other products, which are not available in the local
markets, can be sold at premium prices to make more profit
5. Shared revenue with manufactures who produce raw materials for giving
them access to better visibility/market