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Developmental Lesson Plan

Teacher Candidate: Yvonne Rohan Date: 4/19/2017

Group Size: 22 Allotted Time 45 Minutes Grade Level 1st grade

Subject or Topic: Recycling

Common Core/PA Standard(s):
4.5.1.D: Identify where waste from the home, school and community goes for disposal.
4.5.1.C: Describe how pollution affects the health of a habitat

Learning Targets/Objectives:

1st grade students will use different materials and design a poster to stop littering/polluting, to
recycle, or reuse items.
Assessment Approaches: Evidence:
1. quick check 1. observable
2. Poster 2. performance based with checklist and

Assessment Scale:
Littering/pollution poster:
- Identify at least three ways to litter or 2 types of pollution.
- Describe or illustrate Two ways to stop littering or pollution
- Design a logo to stop pollution or littering with illustration or words.
Recycle/reuse poster:
- Identify at least two ways to recycle or reuse.
- Describe or illustrate two ways to promote recycling or reusing.
- Design a logo to promote recycling or reusing with illustration or words.

Subject Matter/Content: recycling

Students will have previous knowledge on different types of pollution, and different materials
that pollute our classroom, community and home.
Students will know what different materials are considered trash and recyclable along with if
its paper, plastic, or aluminum.
Key Vocabulary:
recycle, reuse, litter defined in lesson.
- Students will design a logo to promote recycling and reusing or to stop littering and
- Students create poster about pollution, littering, recycling, or reusing.
- Students will work together in small groups.

Introduction/Activating/Launch Strategies: (3-5Minutes)

- Read Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel

- This should be a review of terms from yesterday
- Revisit the anchor chart and add new terms
Litter and reuse
Development/Teaching Approaches (35 minutes)
- How does litter happen?
- After watching ask students what are some ways litter happens and write them on the
board and provide pictures of the action.
- Ask students what are some ways we can prevent or clean up litter and write these on
the board as well with pictures.
- Play the next video and do the same thing about recycling.
This will review and encourage students in a positive way to recycle and stop littering.
Reflective Response:
Report of Student Learning Target/Objectives Proficiency Levels

Remediation Plan (if applicable)

Personal Reflection Questions

Additional reflection/thoughts