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Activated Carbon From Rice Husk, Saw Dust &

Coconut Shell

Capacity: 2 Ton/Day

Plant and machinery cost: 41.00 Lakh

Working Capital: 0.00 Lakh

Rate of return(ROR): 39.00 %

Break Even Point (BEP): 43.00 %

TCI: 183.00 Lakh

Cost of Project: 183.00 Lakh

Carbon is probably the most widely distributed element in nature. Activated carbon from rice husk has been
developed & finding wider uses. There is considerable scope in India for the manufacture of activated
carbon from rice husk. The major use put by activated carbon is solution purification, such as the clean up
of cane, beet and corn sugar solution and for the removal of taste and odours from water suppliers,
vegetable and animal fats and oils, alcoholic beverages, chemicals and pharmaceutical. The recovery of
streptomycin represents a typical application of the continuous treatment of liquids. The vapour adsorbent
type of activated carbon was first used in military and industrial gas masks. Its use in air conditioning
systems to control odours and industrial recovery and control of vapours has been very significant of
activated carbon has boost up its market potential existing at present & has much under scope in future.
This is very good project.

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106-E, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi-110007, India.
Tel: 91-11-23843955, 23845654, 23845886, +918800733955
Mobile: +91-9811043595
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