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1984 Blog & Discussions Posting Rubric

Post Minimum of 2 paragraphs

Criteria Limited Underdeveloped Satisfactory Exceptional Mark
Origina The ideas The ideas expressed The student The student has
l Post: expressed are are not necessarily expresses some many original
Ideas & not original, original, and are not original ideas. The ideas and
Conten often confused usually connected to majority of ideas are expresses them
t and are not discussions around related to the clearly. The great
connected to the subject matter subject matter (25 majority of ideas
discussions (17 pts.). pts.). are related to the
around the subject matter
subject matter (9 (33 pts.).
Writing Posts are of very Posts show a below Posts show above Posts are well
Quality poor quality. average, overly average writing written, and are
& Student uses casual writing style style. The content characterized by
Gramm symbols, internet with a lack of demonstrates that elements of a
ar talk, and/or slang attention to style. the student reads strong writing
when explaining Student pays little moderately, and style. The
the topic. There attention to other attempts to content
is little to no readings ad mostly synthesize demonstrates
evidence of regurgitates information and that the student
reading other previous personal form new meaning is well read,
information in views (17 pts.). (25 pts.). synthesizes
order to form learned content
new meaning of and constructs
the topic at-hand new meaning (33
(9 pts.). pts.).
Peer Replied to peer, Evidence of all but Evidence of all but Acknowledged
Reply but did not two of the following: one of the following: something your
provide Acknowledged Acknowledged peer said. Built
contributing something your peer something your peer on their comment
content to the said. Built on their said. Built on their by adding
discussion (9 comment by adding comment by adding personal
pts.). personal personal experience.
experience. experience. Concluded with
Concluded with a Concluded with a a critical thinking
critical thinking or critical thinking or or Socratic
Socratic question to Socratic question to question to the
the individual or the individual or individual or class
class (17 pts.). class (25 pts.). (33 pts.).
Points: /100
Peer Reply Maximum of 1 Paragraph