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ATM For Advertising and Promotion

The introduction of the use of the Automated Teller Machine is a breakthrough, not
only in the world of science and technology, banking - but also in business and
commerce. It has been proven in statistical records, results of studies conducted, that
the ATM has served more than its purpose of providing convenience to people by
means of enabling them to access cash easily and quickly. The ATM has also been an
effective mode of advertising and promotion for business owners and entrepreneurs.

The erstwhile form of advertising through ATM is only through its receipts, however
this method is only best applied when exchanging for a coupon, if not, it is not very
much recommended.

External branding encompasses branding a standard automated teller machine. The

machine's veneer is altered to exhibit the establishment's campaign message. This
method is otherwise known as "ATM wrap."

However ATMs are far from what they used to be. Video advertising through the
ATM has now been made possible for some ATM service providers. Through the
latest innovations, it has been made possible for business - owners and proprietors to
advertise their products, services and events right at their location. Through an
animated screen, video advertising can give life to the standard automated teller
machine. It is a striking and creative way of campaigning for the goods, commodities
or events that the establishment has to offer its consumers.

This type of advertising and promotion has been perceived as an effective method in
attracting more commerce and generating larger revenue as discerned by those who
have tried putting up this kind of feature on their ATMs. This is explained by the
substantial connection of the advertiser to their prospective audience during a time of
focus and attention.

An ATM owner has two major strengths in the ATM space.

1. He is endorsing and staging his products and services at the exact point when a
consumer retrieves cash.
2. All ATM are set up in locations with high foot traffic. Presenting your
advertisement at high foot traffic to attentive consumers can leave a powerful
impression on them.

Advertising for their products and services often demands a large budget to business
owners and proprietors. This is why this kind of practical option has been discovered,
studied and introduced. With the capabilities of the automated teller machine in the
area of promotion and advertisement, the ATM has become a valuable asset for ATM