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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

8:15-45 Nolan Paauw Tryson

8:35- Morning
6VW math Math 6VW Math
routine, Math- Alahni
9:26 Working with the
coloring, Calendar, Alahni Assist with
area of odd
writing, Bible shapes congruent - Fact volume practice
shapes, Assessment &
counting calendar
9:30- Math- Alahni Prep for Prep math Reading Alahni
Calendar, fact interview for next Spelling test,
practice lesson week onset/rhyme
cards, sight
words, sentence
Recess Tryson Staff Snack
Recess Duty bring guacamole
10:30- Tryson Math- Alahni
Math- Alahni - Daily work 10:30-11 10:45-11:25
11:16 7/8 CPT
Calendar, stations Bryant- ENG Calendar,
BPI overview
Three Part Focus Lesson 98 - Spelling & written
Daily Oral assessment 19,
Langauge length of time
tests activity
11:30- CPT
Alahni Reading
6E ENG- Tryson daily -11:25 6th grade
12:00 11:30-11:50
Spelling words, Bryant work and walk Reading 11:20-12:05
sight words, through the Alahni Discuss 6th
sentence hallway Review sight grade
structure, pulling Spelling
words, concerns/update
apart words review,
introduce new s
common and sight words
proper nouns book
Lunch Nolan P Tryson Recess Tryson Recess 8A Math
11:50-12:15 Duty
Eating lunch
Recess Meet with Tryson Recess 12:08-56
Monica for Strategies
Bryant English for
12:45- 5B Non- Lunch/Prep Assist in
Prep Alahni Prep for lesson Spanish Study for English exploratories
1:30 Hall: BV, JE
poster and
math lessons
Test Jakes
Weekly Reading
1:37- 6E- ENG 8th English 6E ENG
2:24 1:37-2:24 1:37-2:24 Bryant
Nolan PE 1:20-
Push- in 8th Grade Review for -No Bryant,
math teach adverbs/adje exploratory
on adding with ctives test, week
spelling and
a number pline typing English
2:25- Lesson for
SC hiring process SC SS SC
Write a letter Educ. 312 Handwriting in Pick up Alahni
to Tina comes to classroom, fix from team time
DeWitt, pack observe - tour math at 3, end of the
up and introduce homework, day smiley face
Alahni end of the and backpack

Miss V