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April 21, 2017

To My Members of Congress:
Mr. Trump's continued attempts to jeopardize critical protections for our air,
water, climate and health are outrageous. I urge you, I implore you: Oppose
any action by his administration to:
Dismantle the Clean Power Plan and other critical measures to save our
climate and build a clean energy future
Cut the EPA's budget and staff, drastically undermining the agency's
ability to defend our environment
Cut the Climate Research Budget of NASA, or NOAA, or any other
Executive Branch Agency, including ongoing Arctic and Antarctic
research efforts and projects
Roll back vital clean car standards that would dramatically reduce
carbon pollution from cars and trucks
Permit the disastrous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and the Dakota
Access Pipeline to operate.
Weaken or eliminate fundamental protections for clean water, clean air
and public health
Move to sell off any of Our Public Lands, National Parks, Wildlife
Refuges, or National Monuments to any corporate interest, or allow
drilling, fracking, logging or extraction on same.
Mr. Trump's rash decisions will have devastating consequences for
generations to come. We elected You to represent Our Interests. Please do
your part to help stop his administration's anti-environment assault by
standing strong. Take every possible action against any actions that threaten
the American people, our environment, our lands, and our health.

Please examine these two images below. They may impress upon You the
imminent and emergent threat to our planet that Climate Change signals.
Here is the Global Climate Snow/Ice Mass Balance from the
most recent available Data:
Here are the Global Climate Average Temperatures from
1979 2000:
Sea Level Rise
I urge You to consider the very real rising ocean levels and their ongoing
destruction and imminent threat to our coastal areas.
Please avail Yourself of the resources of
which include a page that will let You explore the effects of sea level
increases anywhere on earth. It is interactive. Ive set the link to show the
populations-at-risk effects on Washington, DC if the Sea Level rises 5 feet.

As You can see, the data comes from NOAA, whose Budget Mr. Trump wants
to eliminate.
Not only are our Coastal Populations at risk from rising sea levels, but so are
some of our most essential Wildlife Refuges and National Parks.
Here is an excellent examination of the threat to 3 Coastal National Parks:
Other Climate Change Threats
But sea level rise is not the only threat Climate Change poses to our National
Parks. This informative item discusses the threat of Climate Change to the
entire National Park System:

Suppression & Censorship of Scientific Research

Finally there is the ongoing threat Mr. Trump poses to our Scientific
Community and their Research Data. Whole datasets are becoming
unavailable. Some Climate Change research has been preserved by outside
organizations like and I have personally gone out and
created short, easy to remember bitlinks to archived snapshots of Federal
Departments under Threat of Censorship by Mr. Trump and his rabid anti-
environment and fossil-fuel advocating minions. The list is also an easy to
remember bitlink:
So I am trying to do my part, as a Citizen (and Voter) to preserve the
essential Climate Change Data and combat the very real threat Mr. Trump
poses to our Clean Air, Water, National Parks & Wildlife Refuges, and our very
Rule of Law. I hope I can expect You to do the same.
Thank You for Your Service as My Member of Congress.

David Manchester (@dredeyedick)
New London, CT