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Bee | I Pubte Senee Agony [avateso | _T, AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE TESTER (AVT) PROGRAM. eerie eee [AC TFT OT aC APPLICATION FOR MANUFACTURER'S TESTING PERMIT — Gtsielest ents fous 150.00 APPLICATIONTYPE: Z ovgina sts0 1 Renewal (Ann) $150 1 Modifeaton $70 Additonal Permits 850 CHECK THE APPROPRIATE 80X: 1 Address Change Authorized Representative © DriveriOperator ~Z Vehicles INSTRUCTIONS: + Please complete online or print and complete by hand using black or blue ink. + Submit completed and signed form and fees to: Oepariment of Motor Vehicles, P.O. Box 832342 MS L224, Sacramento, OA 94232-3420 SECTION 1 — AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE TESTER INFORMATION EOF EATON TR Apple Tne. “Apple Ine ‘Co805592 ESE METRES OTORT REX COSETLEORETTR (408_) 996-1010 Lnfinite Loop Cupsnino cA, 9so14 infinite Loop MS: 318-2CP Cupenie cA 95014 Company's training, testing, and employment records are kept at; C) Adonal pages(s) attached, Apple tne ‘Infinite Loop Cupenino cA 9014 SECTION 2—VEHICLES EQUIPPED FORTESTING List all vehicles in fleet. Number of vehicles in fleet 3 : Ica a 21S [Lexus ®X450h conance soreanen — me STD — ore Yeah eon an Mics a 2015__| Lexus RXA50h 1D -comvencin, rena —eesa — formosa yam ae aR ee Mca — 2015 | Lexus RX450H 4 CoM WERC AL FE TOREER SORES TT Re foe Tea — Di eovnese anew Page ol HON SECTION 4 - APPLICANT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 1. The autonomous vehicle is being operated on roads in this stale solely by employees, contractors, oF other persons designated by the manufacturer of the autonomous technology. 2. The driver wil be seated in the driver's seat, monitoring the safe operation of the autonomous vehicle and is cepable of taking over immediate manual control of the autonomous vehicle in the event of an INITIALS Shk autonomous technology aie or other emergency. Stale 8, An aulonomous vehicle shall not be operated on public roads until the manufacturer submits an ‘application to the department and has been approved by the department, 4, The autonomous vehicle has a mechanism to engage and disengage the aulonomous technology that is easily accessible to the operator. 5. The autonomous vehicle has @ visual indicator inside the cabin to indicate when the autonomous technology Is engaged. 6 Tao autonomous vahicle has a system to salely alert the operator it an autonomous technology failure detected while the autonomous technology is engaged, and when an alert is given, the system shall require the operatar to take control of the autonomous vehicle or if the operator does nol or is unable to take control of the autonomous vehicle, the au‘onomeus vehicle shall be capable of coming to 2 complete stop, 7. The autonomous vehicle shail allow the operator to take control in multiple manners, including, without limitation, through the use of the brake, the accelerator pedal, or the steering wheel, and it shall alert the ‘operator that the autonomous technology has been disengaged. 8, The autonomous vehicle's autonomous technology meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for the vehicle's model year and all other applicable safety standards and performance requirements set forth in state and federal law and the regulations promulgated pursuant to those laws. 9. The autonomous vehicle has a separate mechanism, in addition to, and separate from, any other mechanism required by law to caplure and store the autenomous technology sensor data for at least 30 seconds belore 2 collision occurs between the autonomous vehicle and another vehicle, object, or natural person while the vehicle is operating in autonomous mode. The autonomous technology sensor data shall be captured and stored in a read-only format by the mechanism so that the data is retained until extracted from the mechanism by an external device capable of downicading and storing the data, “The data shall be preserved for three years alter the date of the collision, 40. The driver will be seated in the driver's seat and has been identified in this application, and provided taining 2s outined in the training materials submitted with this application. ‘1. The applicant for an autonomous vehicle testing program permit shall maintain records confirming all driver/operator(s) driver license recordis in compliance with the good driver criteria and shall immediately remove such drivers from the testing program upon notification that the driver no longer qualifies for participation in the program, 12, The operation of aulonamaus vehicles on public roads will be in compliance with all provisions of the Vehicle Code end local regulations applicable to the operation of motor vehicles. SECTION 5 ~ CERTIFICATION Sake Sk Sik je snk Nf M/p Sm Sak si Teerlfy (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and tnd "star ail tht amt sured Aénitatar fh rogram forthe bone nme enpoer Sent x MA 27 i[ 2017 XI UA, = Lif eo1T Tae Lap rein Ee ae a i _) Page 4of 4 exo Apa 12,2017 Department of Motor Vehicles ‘Occupational Licensing Compliance Section 2435 1st Avenue, MS $4 (Courier Service Cry) Sacremento, CA 95818 11 Diteetor Shiomoto, ‘Apple is providing the following written explanations in support of application form OL 311 Section 4, Applicant Acknowledgement, under the requirements ofthe Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program. viritten explanation regarding section &, #8 of form OL311, per OLS, Section 1. {As discussed with the Department of Motor Vehicles, section 4,28 of form OL3M is not ‘applic to development platforms used for testing purposes only, ‘Written explanation regarding section 4, 89 of forms OL3H1, per OL312, Section 1 ‘As discussed with the Department of Motor Vehicles, section 4, #9 of form OLIN 's nat applicable to development plotforns used for testing purposes only, However, Aplicant’s development platforms will hve the ablity to capture and store relevant data before a colision aceurs. any clarification or further information is needed please contact me dicectly. Sincerely yours, ay feve Kenner Director of Product Integrity, Apple one ete Lon MS 200-516 Capers 050 1 acass6-00 F acasseons svnaepe cor STATE OF CAUFORNA anti Seubtoe eneLEs paras omy, AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE io MANUFACTURER SURETY BOND tise Cote Secon 3875) Licensing Operations Division sucanomter __0917739 Ossopttbnl ceming Bench eS Po Bow 52803, MSs Sacramento, CA 94232-3420 Premium Amount ___$9.430.00__ KNOW ALL PERSONS BY THESE PRESENTS: “That we, Apple Tne Aoing business a6 an sulonomous vehile menufacis (seeion 38780, Vehicle Code) whose address for service is__1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014 2s PRINCIPAL. and _ Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland, ‘corporation organized under the laws of Maryland and authorinsd to transact 2 general surety busines in he State of Califia, whose ates for service is__1299 Zurich Way. Schaumburg {L 60196, _ 48 SURETY, se held and ely bound to he People ofthe State of {Caitorna in the psnat sim of FIVE MILLION DOLLARS ($500,000) for which payment we bind ourselves our hers, exscwors. adminisatos, successors snd assigns oily avd severly, irly by these presents. Te bond teem sal begin on March 15,2017 WHEREAS, section 36750, Vehiets Code, equites that th Principal ile or have on file withthe Department a bond in the sum of $5,000.00 and this bond is exccued and tendered in sccard.ce theres NOW THEREFORE, the conditions ofthe foregeing obligetion are that ifthe Pricipal suisties any financial judgement fr bodily injury, death, or propery damage in & motor vehicle aceident in an atonomans vehicle as defined in California Vehicle Code stetion 38750 operated on California ‘publi oads for esting purposes by or on behalf ofthe Principal, then his obUigaton is tobe vord: akcrwise itis to cemaia in fll fare and eet. PROVIDED HOWEVER, this bond is issued subject the following exoress conditions (1) This bond shall remain in fll force and eee forall isi cancelation of withdraw fnceted and for ses, omissions, or causes which arose befor the 2). This bond i exceuted by the Surry to comply with sections 38750 Vehicle Code, Chaptee 2 (commencing with scetion 995,010, tile 14, part 2 ofthe Code of Civil Procedure and Tile 13, California Code of Regulations, Anicle 37, sation 227.10, sad bord shall be subject 0 al he terms and provisions thereat 2) Treapgregate ibility ofthe Surey hereunder om ll claims whatsoever shall not exccod the pena sum of this bond in any even (4) ‘This bond may be eancel ‘of the Code of Civil Proce, (8) The Sure, ite successors and assigns, ate joinly and severally Hable on the obligations of the bond, chapter 2 (commencing with section 995.010) tile 14, part 2 ofthe Code of Civil Procedure and Division 16.6, sttion 38750 ofthe Vehicle Code. (6) The Prinsipal ond Surety may be served with notices, papers and ather documents under chapter 2 (commencing with section 995.010). 14, prt 2of the Code of Cuil Procedure skthe addresses given above. eerify (or declare) wider pevaly of perjury, snder the lows of the Stae of Califotia thas the foregoing is true and correc. The wadersigned executes {is bond on behalf of rhe sureny under an unrevoked power af anorny. Seon On(bye) March 15,2017 P. Austin Nett c.sneew same NAA 1 by the Surety in accordance with Amicle (3 (commencing with section 996.310), chapter 2 le (4, pan 2 CALIFORNIA ALL-PURPOSE ACKNOWLEDGMENT A notary public or other officer completing this certificate verifies only the identity of the individual who signed the document to which this certificate is attached, and not the truthfulness, accuracy, oF validity of that document. STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) d COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO ) On___March 15, 2037. before me, D. B. Diaz, Notary Public Dave Tiere insert nam and tie of he aficer) personally appeared P. Austin Neff NAMES) OF STONERS) who proved fo me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person(s) whose names(s) is/ave subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that sha/he/they executed the same in heeMis/theiv authorized capacity(ies), and that by her/his/tein signature(s) on the instrument the person(s), or the entity upon behalf of which the person(s) acted, executed the instrument. J certify under PENALTY OF PERJURY under the laves of the State of California that the foregoing paragraph is true and correct. WITNESS my hand and official seal. poseeueeweweueueeen 0-8 OAT i 4 Commission # 2080751 Notary Public -Callosnia DO. B. Me San race Cony “Signotare of Notary 7 1 ‘uy Come, Exges Oct 3, 2018 ZURICH AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY COLONIAL AMERICAN CASUALTY AND SURETY COMPANY FIDELITY AND DEPOSIT COMPANY OF MARYLAND, POWER OF ATTORNEY KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That the ZURICH AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY, a corporation of the Ssate of New York, the COLONIAL AMERICAN CASUALTY AND SURETY COMPANY, a corporation ofthe State of Maryland, and the FIDELITY AND DEPOSIT COMPANY OF MARYLAND a eomporation of the late of Maryland (herein collectively ealled de "Companies"), by GERALD F. HALEY, Vice President, in pursuance of authorcy granted by Article V, Section 8, of the By-Laws of sid Companies, which ate set fom on the reverse side hereof and are hereby cenified to be in fll force and effect on the date hereof, éo hereby nominate, enstinue, and appoint P. Austin NEFF, Emilie GEORGE and Jessie L. NOWLIN, all of San Francisco, California, EACH its ave nd law agent ad Antomney-in-Fact, to make, execute, eal and deliver, fr, and on is behalf as surety, and a its act and deed: any and all bbonds and undertakings, and the exceution of such bonds ot undertakings in pursvance of these presents, shall be as binding pon ssid Companies, a: fully and amply, i all itenss and purposes, as if they had been duly executed and acknoviedged by the replay elected officers of the ZURICH AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY at its office in New York, New Yark., che regularly elected offices ofthe COLONIAL AMERICAN CASUALTY AND SURETY COMPANY at is office in Owings Mills, Maryland, and the regularly elected officers of the FIDELITY AND DEPOSIT COMPANY OF MARYLAND at its office in Owings Mills, Maryland, in their own proper persons, ‘The said Viee President docs hereby certify that she extract Set forth onthe reverse side hercofi « nue copy of Antele V, Section 8, of the By-Laws of said Companies, nd is now in force IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the ssid Viee-Presidant has hercunto subscribed hishter names and affixed the Corporate Seals ofthe sig ZURICH AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY, COLONIAL AMERICAN CASUALTY AND SURETY COMPANY, and FIDELITY AND DEPOSIT COMPANY OF MARYLAND, this 6th day of April, A.D. 2016. ATTEST: ZURICH AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY COLONIAL, AMERICAN CASUALTY AND SURETY COMPANY FIDELITY AND DEPOSIT COMPANY OF MARYLAND Gir 2, frsef- bh 7 +hy & | Seeretary Vice President Eric D. Barnes Gerold F. Haley State of Maryland County of Baltimore ‘On dis 6th dsp af Apa, A.D. 2016, before the subseriber, a Notary Public ofthe Site of Marland, ly commissioned and qualified, GERALD F. HALEY, Vice President, and ERIC D. BARNES, Seeretary, ofthe Companies, o me ponoasly own be the individuals snd officer desert in and who executed the proceding instrument, ad acknowledged th execuon of same, and being by me duly or, Copotth 3nd sith tht hehe i he sod lticeraf the Company aforesaid, and at the ssl ale t the preceding insimument ae the Covparata Seals of said Compare, and Wit he sid Corporate Seals and te signature as ch aficcr were duly alied and subscribed athe sd iran by the sulhenty and discon ote sid Comprstions, IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, Ihave heeun set my hand and aid ny Offs Sethe day and ye ist above wines Comcteret he Qrernn ‘Consance A Duan Nomy Public My Commission Eire: Joly 9, 2019 POAT 01605808, soaaag APPOINTMENT OF DIRECTOR AS AGENT ~ DMV USE ONLY | ene FOR SERVICE OF PROCESS en L Lets Thine fence torr KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That Inve Steven M. Kenner on behalf of Apple Ine Autonomous Vehicle Tester 1 principal's ve and twful agent upon whom all process may be served in any ection, or ations which may kereaier be commenced agains said principal, arising obt of any claim for damages suflered by any firm, person, association, organization, corporation of limited liability pattersh, oF ompany, by eeason of the voltion by suid principal of any ofthe terms and provisions of the Califonia Vehicle Code or any eorition af the bond, [As Principal, who has applied fora license asa hereby appoints) the Diector of Motor Vehicles Principal Runher stipulates and agrees that, when personal service of process upon principal cannot be made in this Sue afer due diligence, chat service ean be made upon the Dizsetor of Motor Vehicles In the event ofthe Direcior’s absence ftom hisher office, that service can be made upon any employee ofthe State of California in charge of te Directors office, and that such sevice of process shall be ofthe same legal force and effet as if served upon the principal personaly ‘The principal futher stipulates and agrees thatthe ageney created by said appointment shall continue for and during the peciod covered by any license that may be issued by the Deparment of Motor Vehicles, and s long thereafier asthe principal may be made to answer in damages for 2 violation of {he California Vehicle Code, or any condition of principals bond. The priaipalfunher agrees that for purposes of venue, whenever service is made ‘upon the Diectr, the serice shall be deemed to have been made upon principal inthe eouny in whieh principal bas or last had hishher establishes place of business Z a) IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the sid pineal as hereunto seis hand the 2 z NRRL OF PANE NOTARY CERTIFICATE OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ‘A notary public or other aficer completing this cerficate verifies only the identity ofthe individual who signed the Gocumert, wo which this eetiiats is arached, and not the muthflness, accuracy or validity ofthat document. Sue of aoa ) comport Sancta Clare on Apri} 2, 2el ween, Ryan Groth, Nobary Pablec tenonally appeses Steven M. ICenner ana proved eo me 09 Ye Basi factory evidence to be the person) whose nameleiCDaré subscribed fo the within instrument, and acknowledged tome hase execited the same ingBerped authorized capacity ie) and that by Ibe signature) on he instrument he person, orthe entity upon ball (of which the person) acted, exesuted the instrument | cenit dee PENALTY OF PERIURY under the laws ofthe Sate of Calfomia that he foregoing pararap is ue and corect. WITNESS my hand and offical sel (OR DMVIGH OFFICER AGKNOWLCDGEMENT OF SIGNATURE On thie day, ———— the Principal, who based on satisactryIdenificaton, exeeut is cy, ‘under authored capacity thelr signature bere 1. | eenify under penalty of perjury under he laws ofthe Site of Califomia that he freesing paragraph is ue end coms. Uviescad the signature of SEEN OPFOR ATE ATE NOTE: Dftcers and employees of he Department af Motor Vehicles (DMV) nd the Deparment ofthe Calfrnia Highway Patol (CHP) ara, fore purposes of this cada, authorized ta adminstor oaths and acknowledge signatures for which no feo shall be charged. (Gue secton 18 “The instrument appointing he Grector 2s agen! fr the apicanl fr service of precess shall be acknowfodged by the applicant beloe a notary public. (Ove sectors THO2aVSHC), CvC 13202(aV6KE, 11405(e), 79016) AQTS6GI4 O06 FILED J2M! RESTATED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION Secretary of State ‘State of Califomla oF JUN 06 2014 APPLE INC, \ce Luca Maestrl and D. Bruce Sewelt certify that: ‘They are the Senior Vice President, Chlef Financlal Officer and the Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, respectively, of Apple Inc, 2 Caltfornis corporation, 2. The Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation of this corporation are restated to read as set forth In Exhibic A, attached hereto. Exhibit Ais hereby formally incorporated hereln by reference as if fully set forth hereln, 3. The foregoing restatement of the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation has been duly spproved by the board of directors 4, This corporation has only one class of shares issued and outstanding, which is Common Stock, and no approval of the outstanding shares of this corporation is required pursuant to Section 910(b), ‘of the California Corporations Code. AQTS6LIL \We further deciate under penalty-of perjuny-under the laws.of the State of California that the-matters Jet (ith this'certineate restive and voriect obourtoun knowledge Executed at Cupertin,Calfonia on une © , 2014, Tae aest ‘Senior Vice President; hiet Financidt Officer andSecretary AOTSELIG EXHIBIT A RESTATED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF APPLE INC. AQTSOLIG RESTATED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF APPLE INC, ‘The neme of the corporation is Apple Inc. The purpose of this corporation Is to engage in any lawful act or activity for which & corporation may be organized under the General Corporation Law of California other than t banking business, the ust company business othe praciie of @ profession permitted to be Incorporated by the Callfornia Corporations Code. nf This corporation {s authorized to issue one class of shares designated “Common Stock” par velue §0.00001 per share. The number of shares of Common Stack that this corporation Is to Issue Is 12,600,000,000. As of 5:00 p.m, Pacific Daylight Time, on June 6, 2014, each ‘Common Stock outstanding shall be automatically, and with no further action by the ‘of such share, spt into seven shares of Common Stock. v Section 1. Limitation of Directors’ ably. The ably ofthe directors ofthis corporation for monetary damages shall be eliminated to the fullest extent pernissible under California la Section 2, Indemnification of Corparate Agents. The corporation is authorized to provide Indemnification of agents (as defined in Section 317 of the Californla Corporations Code) through bylaw provisions, agreements with agents, vote of shareholders or disinterested directors or otherwise, in excess of the Indemnificetion othenvse permitted by Section 317 of the California Corporations Code, subject only to the applicable limits set forth In Section 204 of the California Corporations Code with respect to actions for breach of duty to the corporation ‘andits shareholders. Section 3, Repeal or Modification. Any repeal or modification of the foregoing provisions Article IV by the shareholders of this corporation shell not adversely affect any right or protection of an agent of this corporation exiting at the Une of stich repeal or modification, v There shall be no right with respect to shares of stock of thls corporation to cumulal votasin the election of directors. ary cory at he rogelng ‘vances St pace) Ay Ett vue Breese oe ‘epi resre inte cay ete Gerla Geneon of Sup ces. JUN 06 201% pate: Sere BOWEN, Secelaryof Site Apple inc. ~ Officers and Directors ‘Nomesnd Tile a Pee ate ee smots__ owe Seas ao Timothy D. Cook Director TERED Albert Gove, Director tase sees once perma ck 35014 wanes Oreste 95004 ‘thar Levinson Chairman Sian onl Sese1 Secor fugerina CX 95014 Timathy 9.C00k Chet Executive Ocer i oF sang Luca Maes Senior Vice Present, Chet Financial Officer TIME LOOP a O.Biuce Sew SeniorVeePrelden, GenewlCounelandecetary | wifintelone, Gary J.Wipfer vice President and Corporate Treasurer oe soi Michael Shapvo ‘AssistaniTreasurer Take eee le Andee ‘asta Secretary Tintinizeteep, Cupertino, CA 95014, James Fowler AssistantSecretary Tinfinite Loop, Cupertino. cA 95014 Noreen Krall AssianeSecretary Tinfinite Loop, Cupentino,ch 9S014 Thomas .La Perle Assis Secretary T ifinte Loap, Cupertino, cA 95014 Gene OLevort ‘AssistantSectary tapering Ck 35014 infin Tom Moyer ‘AssistaneSecretany Cuperina ck 9014 JouglasG. Vetter \ssistantSecret ee Douglas G.v ‘AssintantSeeretary Cupenino, cA” 95014 Bruce H. Watrous Jr. AssistantSecretary Cees | cuperino,CA 95014 Apple Automated System: Traininc Apple Automated System: Develc ‘Objective: To train safely drivers in various automated driving conditions Training procedure: * Development platiorm will be controlled electronically (e.g. joystick) and safety drivers must be ready to intervene and take control » Each safety driver will be given 2 practice runs and 3 trials to pass each test Type tem Goal : Training Areas Low Space Dinng Basle Maneuver ton Speea On¥ag Font Tun ‘Suoden Siesing tpt Intervention Sudden Braking Contiting Ta Sigal an Action Wsisin sagan stay hin the corset) a rnp sca sp and tay thin the eouettne) at Sen ‘Stay inne cause dng ie oy