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Bachelor of Education, Primary Education (EPR) EPC3903

SWC B Ed EPR Practicum 3b: MCT/MST Assessment Report

EPR Student Assessment Criteria:

This report is to be completed by the Mentoring School Teacher in consultation

with the Mentoring College
Teacher and refers to teaching competencies in the High School.
School: Name of MST:
New World Ms. Yura

Name of Student: Name of MCT: Garnel

Laila Obaid

Please add specific comments about the student teachers observed strengths during this
teaching practicum and identify areas in which you feel further development is

Observed Strengths: / Areas in which further development is needed:

Use of cooperative learning was used for Lesson Plan: To teach students about objects in
students to complete their day and night the sky (day, night). Day and night are not objects
poster. Clear instructions were given to in the sky. To know and understand what we can
the students and they were fully engaged see in the night sky We discussed in our debrief
into the activity. session about having clear objectives. You will need
Various activities were used. to work writing clear learning objectives.
You were, once again, very calm and Explore The explore activity has to be an activity
patient and the students feel safe around where the students explore the concept. There are
you. tons of activities that students can investigate the
concept of day and night.
There is an improvement in time
management from last lesson.
Listen to students When you asked the students
about the temperature during the day, one student
answer that the temperature is low and you agreed.
Then later, you asked about night temperature and
another students also answered low and you
nodded in agreement

General Comments:

Layla, this lesson has a better structure than the previous. Students investigated the difference
between day and night through various activities. Students were given an opportunity to work
cooperatively to create a day and night poster. The students appear to have understood the concept.
You have supported the students and you have checked their understanding via questioning. There are,
however, three major issues that you must resolve. First, your objectives are not as clear as they need
to be as evidence of your lesson plan. To know and understand what we can see is not a clear
objective. Next, your understanding of exploring is still at surface level. To explore is to investigate or
to inquiry. Having students completing a worksheet is definitely not an exploring activity. Lastly, you
must listen to the students answer as Ive explained above.

TP Guide for EPC3903 (EPR) Practicum 3b 1

Year Three, Semester Two / 2015-16 /
Bachelor of Education, Primary Education (EPR) EPC3903

TP Guide for EPC3903 (EPR) Practicum 3b 2

Year Three, Semester Two / 2015-16 /