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Presentation Guidelines

Format: Individual Presentation

This presentation provides you with an opportunity to share your research

findings with your colleagues in an academic setting. As such, you should
adhere to the formal conventions of a presentation, such as:

--Tables, charts and graphs may be included if useful and discreet, but
must be cited properly according to APA standards.
--Spell correctly and avoid grammatical errors.
--Professional tone and appearance

In order to have the presentation evaluated, students must present

before an audience.

Students will each submit his or her PowerPoint through SLATE

before your presentation date. If students make revisions and
present a substantially different version from their SLATE submission, a
20% penalty will apply to the presentation grade. Students who fail to
submit an electronic version online before the presentations begin will
also be subject to a 20% penalty.

Presentation order will be determined by random draw. Please note

that if you are not present for your presentation at the time that your
name is called (and do not have appropriate medical documentation),
you will receive a grade of 0.

Attendance for all presentation days is mandatory for all students,

unless appropriate documentation is provided. Students are expected
to be on-time for presentations, or else a penalty will be
applied to your presentation mark.

We will not take a formal break during presentations. Students may

excuse themselves between presentations for bio-breaks. If a
particular presentation topic is a potential trigger for you, you may also
step out between presentations. This helps protect student privacy as
no one else will know why you are leaving.
Content and Analysis (out of 17):

1. Provide the professor with a hard-copy of your presentation slides

before you present (marks will not be awarded for slides submitted
after the presentation is concluded). (1 marks)

2. Introduce yourself and your topic (1 mark)

3. Explain why you chose this topic. What interested you about it? (1

4. Explain the scope, context, and parameters of your research essay.

What will you be addressing, and what will you not be discussing? (2

5. Tell us your research question and thesis for the final report (2 marks)

6. Describe the main areas or topics of your investigation. Show us the

main points or arguments that you will be making in your essay. (4

7. Explain the counterpoints or alternative perspectives to those that you

have covered in your essay. (3 marks)

8. List the five sources that you used in your annotated bibliography,
referenced in APA style. (1 mark)

9. Research Spotlight: Choose one of your research sources and explain

its bias and value to your research essay. (2 marks)

Please note that the information for questions #4-9 must be on your
PowerPoint slides. You will not receive marks if this information is
not present.

Presentation Skills (out of 3):

10. Slides are well designed with an appropriate amount of

information, are visually appealing, and easy to read (not distracting)
(1 mark)

11. Speak clearly and confidently about your topic (1 mark)

12. Answer questions about your presentation in an academic and

professional manner (1 mark)

Total: 20 marks ______

Student (Your) Name: ___________________

Write responses in complete, grammatically correct sentences.

What is the name of the presenter? /.5


What is the presenters topic? /.5


What is the presenters thesis? /.5


What biases does the presenter identify in their presentation? (If the presenter does
not identify a bias, what do YOU think might be a bias in their source?)


What is one question that you would ask the presenter? /.5


Total /2.5
NOTE: Students must submit this form in person at the end of the class each week.
Responses handed in by colleagues, left on desks, or submitted late (to my mailbox,
email, etc.) will not be considered for evaluation.