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Welcome to
Global Talent Partners
Executive recruitment has changed. Not only due to the impact of technology
development and social networking, but also the behaviour of executives who acquire
new digital skills in the global scene. We are connected, each time faster.
The war for talent is now taking place in new arenas, social media and the internet. The
tools we use allow us to innovate quickly enabling to provide effective results. If you
want to recruit top talent for your company, your project or your enterprise, we are your
We not only recruit top talent executives but we also generate "personalized" strategies
to implement in your business.

We do it faster
With more quality and precision
At a more competitive cost
We can be anywhere

Alvaro Ruiz
About us
We are a digital boutique recruitment agency, experts in providing to the
global market the best service of Head Hunting; we specialize in
executive recruitment offering talent selection with the highest
standards of the industry in terms of quality of service, fulfilling our
clients requirements

We are experts in attracting talent and provide career advice.

We identify, seek and relate with senior executives around the world in
different roles and in various markets.

Our dedicated handpicked team of consultants pride themselves in

supplying tailormade solutions to meet your recruitment needs,
providing support and advice to our clients and candidates worldwide.
We advise businesses to improve their recruitment strategies and
practices to ensure that they are attracting the quality and quantity of
candidates that is needed.

Our services are based on three cornerstones: quickness, quality of hire

and competitive costs
Values and Principles
Honesty, passion ,confidentiality, commitment, market orientation,
respect, sense of urgency and quality.

To be the first on line executive recruitment agency with global
presence, able to impact organizations through the hiring of the
best executives and leaders together with a team of skilled
consultants in innovative technologies, experts in attracting talent,
and oriented to the needs of our clients.

Provide services of search, recruitment and attraction of top talent
to serve the global market quickly, with competitive costs and high
quality standards.
Digital Executive Search and Talent Attraction

Our strategy is based on the management of the most important

professional networks as well as the use of innovative technology tools
to identify leaders for your company in the most effective way, adapting
our processes to the needs of each client

Remote Executive Recruitment

Virtual Talent Mapping
Applying online competency test
Check employment references

We develop strategies and plans for attracting and retaining talent in social media
and social recruitment. Managing people in remote environments. Policy
Development e-HR, recruitment, career planning, retention, evaluation systems
and performance monitoring, management systems indicators time to hire,
quality of hire, Human Balanced Score Cards
Virtual and Remote Search
Using an strategy of online recruitment through social networks
and internet portals we can search anyplace in the world. We
have a solid network of professional consultants eager to help
you in identifying the best candidates..

Talent Attraction Plans

We design customized solutions of your workforce according
to your business objectives, whether it's a large company, a
small business or a startup, we will help you develop your
resources and optimize your potential executives.


Research and Talent Mapping

We have the expertise and knowledge of conventional job search and
selection, our team of consultants combines the traditional executive
search methodology with the most advanced technological tools for
recruiting, interviewing and assessment skills. We have a global vision to
provide accurate information about your competitors and the market.


Employment Branding
We help you build your employer brand on social networks, generating
adjusted content to the target audience, defining their value proposition,
bringing to market the strengths and benefits of your company in order to
attract the right candidates more effectively and quickly.

Our Team
Mariela Silva
Associated Consultant

Mariela has successfully worked in the field of HR performing functions in the area of
recruitment for multinational companies like Kellogg and CoCoperativa Bank in UK.

Lorena Vazquez PHR

Associated Consultant

Bilingual PHR with extensive recruiter and headhunting experience. Dynamic 15 years
of skilled experience in all areas of Human Resources, focus in top talent Recruiting.

Cesar Ayala
Associated Consultant

Cesar is a lawyer with an experience of over fifteen years in the field of human
resources, personnel management and RPO.

Marcelina Marcano
Associated Consultant

Marcelina has a wide experience in the field of HRM. She has served as head and
generalist HR in manufacturing companies and outsourcing industry multinatinational.

Floralba Seijas
Associated Consultant

Floralba has extensive experience in the field of human resources, specializing in areas
of training and development, talent management and Evaluationof Performance.

Alvaro Ruiz Cubillan


Bachelor's degree in Industrial Relations. Wide experience in HR Consulting,

Recruitment, Excecutive Search in companies like DCMckey and Arhco Consultants.
Contact us
Skype: globaltalentpartners
Address: 124 Cromwell Road