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SAFR Activity/Inactivity Policy

The Following Rules And Regulations Will Be Those That Govern The SAFR
Activity/Inactivity Policy. This Policy Will be Used To Promote Activity
Within SAFR Members And Prevent Inactivity.


1.1. The Definitions In Stated Below Are Those Which Describe This
Document Wherein Is The SAFR Activity/Inactivity Policy.

1.2. Activity:

1.2.1. Is A Member Who Is Active In SAFR And Attends As Many

Roleplays As Possible.

1.3. Inactivity:

1.3.1. Is A Person Who Is Inactive In SAFR And Hardly Attends ANY


1.4. Leave Of Absence (LOA):

1.4.1. LOA Is Something That A SAFR Member Can Go On When

Needed Due To Real Life Situations That Might Arise. If You
Are On A LOA You MAY NOT Attend ANY Roleplays. When
You Go On LOA You Need To Report So To A Director Or
Department Head With A Designated Time Frame Of When
You Will Return To Full Duty Within SAFR.

1.5. Per Week:

1.5.1. Refers To The Duty Week For SAFR Starting On Sunday And
Ending On Saturday.

1.6. Quota:

1.6.1. Is The Amount Of Roleplays You Must Attend Within A Given


2.1. In This Section, We Will List Out Our Activity/Inactivity Policy For
SAFR. This Will Be Designated By Your Departmental Rank Within

2.2. Quotas

2.2.1. Directors: Directors MUST Attend At LEAST 1 Roleplay Per Week.

2.2.2. Admins: Admins MUST Attend At LEAST 2 Roleplays Per Week.

2.3. Department Heads/Departmental Second In Command:

2.3.1. Department Heads/Departmental Second in Commands MUST

Attend AT LEAST 3 Roleplays Per Week.

2.4. All Other SAFR Members:

2.4.1. All Other SAFR Members MUST Attend AT LEAST 2 Roleplays

Per Week.


3.1. This Section Will Describe What You Have To Do Before Every
Roleplay You Attend.

3.2. Before You Attend A SAFR Roleplay You MUST Fill Out The SAFR
Roleplay Participation Form.

3.2.1. This Form Will Be Used To Document Who Attends The


3.2.2. If You Fill Out This Form And You Do Not Attend The
Roleplay Without A Valid Excuse, Disciplinary Action Will

3.2.3. If You Attend The Roleplay And Do Not Fill Out The SAFR
Roleplay Participation Form, It Will Not Count Towards Your

3.2.4. If You Fill Out The SAFR Roleplay Participation Form, You
MUST Attend For AT LEAST 40 Minutes For It To Count.

San Andreas First Responders 2015-17