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Phrasal verbs &

Passive voice
1.) Match the
following phrasal verbs with their Spanish equivalents.
Relaciona los siguientes phrasal verbs con su significado en espaol:

take after -?- go back -?-

go away -?- fill in -?-

get up -?- look after -?-

sit down -?- take off despegar

go out -?- wake up -?-

2.) Complete the gaps in the following sentences with one of the phrasal
verbs from the list below. Change the verb form if necessary.
Completa los espacios de las siguientes frases con uno de los phrasal
verbs de la siguiente lista. (No olvides cambiar el tiempo del verbo si es

take off / fill in / look after / wake up / go back / go out / sit

down / get up / go away / go in

I think their plane took off at 7 oclock this morning.

1. After dinner in a restaurant we walked along the beach and to

our hotel.

2. My secretary has on a computer course for four days.

3. Please this form with your name, address and telephone

4. Sunday is my favourite day. I late, about ten oclock, read in

bed for an hour, and about 11 oclock.

5. My husband isnt coming. Hes the children at home.

6. We stayed at home every night last week, so yesterday we to

the pub for a drink.

7. Please here Mr. Smith. Mrs. Jones will see you in a moment.

8. Youve got blond hair and blue eyes like your mother, but you

you father in character.

3.) Rewrite the sentences using Passive voice.

Peter writes a letter.
A letter is written.
A letter is written by Peter.

1) Julia rescued three cats.


2) The students handed in the reports.


3) Maria crashed into the blue car.


4) Alex learned the poem.

5) Steven has forgotten the book.

6) The mechanic has not repaired the DVD recorder.


7) They play handball.


8) Sue puts the rucksack on the floor.


9) The girls had lost the match.


10) The teacher is not going to open the window.

4.) Decide whether the sentences are written in Active or Passive. Match
all the items on the right with the items on the left.

They listen to music. ???

She is reading an e-mail. ???

These cars are produced in Japan. ???

Alan teaches Geography. ???

German is spoken in Austria. ???

Lots of houses were destroyed by the earthquake. ???

Henry Ford invented the assembly line. ???

The bus driver was hurt. ???

You should open your workbooks. ???

5.) Invent a conversation (minimum 15 lines) using the passive voice.

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