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Chronological Events of survey no :37/1E1 or Survey


1. In the year 14/8/1963, Naryanappa Purchased the Land bearing survey

From V N Vishwanath to an extent of 1.19 Guntas

(We have original sale deed and MR for this Survey No and RTC till 1999 and
2013 onwards)

2. On 19th April 1996 , A Sampanna executed a sale deed to Senthil Rani W/O
(Certified copy Attached)
3. On 25/5/1996, KIADB Notification happened and Final Notification Happened
on 30/9/1997
(Doc produced)
4. The old no was poded to 37/1e and subsequently 37/1e1 in 2000
5. We had prayed for KIADB to pay us the compensation, for the above land
acquired from 2005 but there is no response from them
6. Subsequently we filed a case in AC Court in 29/4/2010 and got an order to
change the revenue records to Naryanappa name in 2013. Based on the
order we got revenue records mutated in Naryanappas LR Name Shardamma
and Paid tax for the year 2014 also.
7. We had also filed a case in Chief Judicial Magistrate Court Case No 5069/2008

Important questions:
1. In the notification it is clearly mentioned Naryanappa is the khatedar, but
KIADB has accepted that senthil rani has the owner of it( This is utter
Administrative failure of KIADB)
2. KIADB has not responded to the prayer of Naryanappa in 2005 (Application
3. KIADB executed LCSA to Mr Karunakaran MD of Perkinn International Hotel on
30/11/1998 without paying compensation to the real owner
4. KIADB has not paid any compensation to the above property in respect to
acquisition which is clearly admitted by them in the writ petition 31907/2011.
5. But in EC from 96 to 2004, it reflects that on payment of 31,77,100 Rupees
they had executed LCSA for survey no 371e1
6. KIADB had terminated the LCSA in 7/5/2004
7. Once again they extended the time further on 31/12/2005 based on the writ
petition filed by Karunakaran 21984/2004
8. Till date the land is not utilized for the allotted purpose.

Very Very important question:

How can KIADB takes from ones trouser pocket and place into other shirt pocket. i.e.
They have taken land of Naryanappa without paying compensation and given to an
individual named senthil rani who is wearing cap of Perkinn international hotel( To
show to the public that it is an industry)

Proof of an Individual owning property after allotment from KIADB:(Utter

Failure of KIADB)

RTC of 37/1e1 from 2005 till 2012 speaks about the land is in the name of senthil
rani . This is really a not acceptable job from such a premier government body

Our Prayer:

Since the land was acquired by KIADB and compensation not payed till date and
the purpose for which the land was acquired is not fulfilled.

We want the land back

Negative aspects:

1.We never filed any objection to KIADB because we thought KIADB will
pay us. We did not knew that sampanna has colluded with karunakarn
and KIADB and sold property to Karunakaran.

2.We waited till 2005.Then we approached KIADB with the paryer to

give compensation