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Keystone Assignment

EDMA 625 Fall 2014 Instructor: Dr.

Author: Ikeogu Theresa

EDMA 625 Math, Science & Technology I - Final Project Page 0

Table of Contents

I. Web Resources..................................................................................................... 2
II. Professional Development Videos........................................................................3
III. Professional Development Workshop Outline.....................................................4
IV. Evaluation Plan................................................................................................... 5

EDMA 625 Math, Science & Technology I - Final Project Page 1

Web Resources for Teaching Mathematics:

Web Resources Project 1 EDMA 625 Sample Name:

Ikeogu Theresa
Curriki http// Curriki is a website
that provides free
Educational Resources,
private virtual
collaboration space,
tools to enable easy
curriculum building
and sharing, easy
searching of materials.
Teachnology http// Teachnology provides
teachers resources,
lesson plan and
rubrics. It also
provides resources for
students and parents
and creates printable
worksheets for all
subjects from grades
Edpuzzle http// Edpuzzle is a teachers
guild to technology
and learning, it
provides an easy and
effective way for
students to learn
through Video-
Lessons. They can
download the apps and
opt-in to receive video-
assignment directly to
check their
Ten Marks http// Tenmarks Education,
inc. is a personalized
online mathematics
practice and
enrichment programs
with preloaded
curriculum for first to
twelfth graders using a

EDMA 625 Math, Science & Technology I - Final Project Page 2

structured approach of
practice. Provides
students with access
to hints and video
lesson on every
Educators http// Ewit is a Search Home
website for of community of
information Professionals (The
technology Information
Technology Association
of America), who
provide Employers and
Strategic Educators,
guild to project
Planning, Assessment,
curriculum and
development program
and project Evaluation.
Tesconnect http// Tesconnect Teaching
Resources is where
teachers share and
download free lesson
plans, classroom
resources, revision
guilds and curriculum
worksheets which can
be downloaded for free
for early years
Foundation stage,
Primary, Secondary
and Special
Educational needs.
Supper kids http// Supper Kids Education
for the future creates
Educators with math
drill worksheet to your
specification for all
types of math
problem, it provides
Reviews and ratings of
Education soft ware,
practical and fun
Educational tools for
online and offline use,
creates apps for ipad
and ipod touch, News
about important
Education issues,

EDMA 625 Math, Science & Technology I - Final Project Page 3

views of visionaries
and policy makers.
Teachers http// Teachers Network is a
Network website that provides
Teachers resources,
lesson plan, report
card comments and
free how to teach
videos. It has Teacher
designed activities in
all subject for k-12.
Timeglider http/ Timeglider is a web
tool that enables an
educator to create,
collaborate and
interactive timelines
for free. It is like
Google map.
10ticks Maths http// 10ticks is an online
school mathematics
resources that provide
new 2014 National
Curriculum worksheet
for tutors, students
and parents and home
learning, from ages 1-
16 with free

II. Professional Development Videos

A. Video 1 - Content Description: The video is on how to help a

mathematics teacher to locate mathematics resources using nctm
illuminations website.

Link to the video 1:

B. Video 2 - Content Description: It is a short video tutorial on how to

locate maths resources using learnzillion website.

EDMA 625 Math, Science & Technology I - Final Project Page 4

Link to the video 2:

C. Video 3 - Content Description: It is a video on how to locate maths

resources that covers common core standards using Khan Academy

Link to the video 3:

III. Professional Development Workshop Outline

Guideline for the Professional Development/Training Workshop Outline

Titled Active Learning Classroom Facilitate Collaboration

A. Workshop/Training Description; a brief description of the content

The workshop is designed to promote new pedagogies for students learning;

not just to stimulate the communications processes that occur in the

classroom collaboration but to improve them by creating more convenient
access to educational activities, and more enjoyable and engrossing
learning experiences, which will in turn lead to a better learning.

B. Workshop Summary: At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to;

Use simple technological tool such as blackboard with multimedia technology to

improve collaboration skills with student.
Learn how to use flexible intuitive classroom design that eliminate barrier to
incorporate active learning.
Appreciate the advantages, successful and possibilities for the use of
collaborative technological tools to expand educational opportunities in the
current millennium.

1. Anticipated length: 14 hours

EDMA 625 Math, Science & Technology I - Final Project Page 5

2. Description of the format:
The venue is designed as an Active Learning Classroom, outfitted with four tables
seating groups of six participant in each with 46- inch monitors and ports for
connection of tablets & laptops for each table, micro phones and two large projection
screen on opposite walls to enable display of document and images to the entire

3. Target participant group: Administrators and school head teachers.

4. Anticipated size of the participant group: 24 persons

Learning Outcomes for Participants: NETS-T Standards Addressed:

Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity

Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching and learning, and technology

to facilitate experiences that advance student learning, creativity, and innovation in both

face-to-face and virtual environments. Teachers:

a. promote, support, and model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness.

b. engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using

digital tools and resources.

c. promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students

conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative processes.

d. model collaborative knowledge construction by engaging in learning with students,

colleagues, and others in face-to-face and virtual environments.

EDMA 625 Math, Science & Technology I - Final Project Page 6

C. List of resources used for workshop includes:
a. Printed electronic resources:
Active learning: 101 strategies to teach any subject

Active learning classroom

b. Presentation files:
Power point presentation slides
2D-Presentation binders
c. Video Clips:
Active learning classroom scene

d. AV equipment:
Smart board
Projector & screen
e. Other equipment
Rotational Chairs

D. Participant activities: what will your participants do in your workshop

Design lesson plans for their students and upload them for discussion
with colleagues.
Each team members will use the electronic platform to pose questions,
stay in touch, discuss and exchange ideas collaboratively.
Share experience within group discussions using media tools.
Responding to questionnaires concerning topics presented by individual
groups using electronic platform.

EDMA 625 Math, Science & Technology I - Final Project Page 7

Use blackboard where necessary to draw diagrams and make notes.

E. Evaluation: how will you measure the success of the workshop/training?

I will measure the success of the workshop/training, by carrying out a survey at the end of the

workshop using both formative and summative method of evaluation.

Formative Evaluation:

Observational and questionnaire-based data will be used to obtain


Below is a link to the survey:

EDMA 625 Math, Science & Technology I - Final Project Page 8