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Comparing Three Castles, Forts, or Fortresses:

Name or
Structure: Velje Brdo Haj Nehaj Lesendro
Fort (shaped likea
Classification: Fort fortress
For how many
About 30-35 people About 300 people About 60-70
To watch the lake
To watch trade routs
and the valley for To protect Venician
Main Purpose: and and defend the
attakers and trade trade routes
border of Skadar lake
Near Podgorica on a In Sutomore on a In the middle of
small hill offly large hill skadar lake
Its on a very high hill
It is on a small hill and hasn towers it is It is surrounded by
Defense: but does not have hard to get for there water and has thick
thick walls is a very difficult walls and towers
The velje brdo fort is the Haj Nehaj is the hardest
Fort lesendro was the
Ease of second hardest to get to bring food up to
easiest to get food to for
resupplying the food to for it has a hill to because it has so many
structure? all you had to is take a
clime up to. people and a high hill to
boat out on the lake
clime up
Other: The Velje Brdo fort Ha Nehaj was the The lesendro fort had
was nice and it had a funnest and had a a nice view but no
nice little church on
church the highest place on church
the montain