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Issue 001


For the next few weeks, our topic of interest is BORN OF GOD. Lets begin our study
in the book of Galatians. Remember, this is a daily study, spread out over a week.
Many blessings:

Day 1 (Gal.1:1-5)

a) Who wrote the book of Galatians? Paul

b) To whom was the book written? To the church of Galatia, but also to us
c) What was the office occupied by the writer, and how did he attain it?
He was an apostle. The Lord JESUS chose him.
d) What did CHRIST do for us? Why did He do it?
He gave himself to die for our sins, in order to save us from this evil

Day 2 (Gal. 1:6-10)

a) What does the word gospel mean to you?

Gospel = good news
b) How many gospels are in existence?
Many false gospels, but only one true one.
c) The writer declares a curse to:
The Gentiles
Those that refuse the gospel
Those that pervert the gospel
Those that dont go to church

Day 3 (Gal. 1:11-24)

a) How did the writer receive the gospel?

By revelation
b) When was the writer chosen by GOD? While he was in his mothers
c) What was the writer doing before he started doing GODs work?
He persecuted the church of CHRIST

Day 4 (Gal.2:1-10)

a) To whom was the gospel preached in private? Why?

To those who held positions of authority in society; such that they are
not afraid to accept CHRIST
b) Who are false brethren? How would you deal with them?
False brethren are those who do not accept the freedom that GODs
Grace has offered us. We should not listen to them.
c) GOD is not a respector of people.
d) How does the passage apply to you?
This means that what GOD did for someone else, He can do for me. And
if He could use someone else, He can use me.
Issue 001

Day 5 (Gal.2:11-14)

a) Who was Peter? What do you know about him?

He was one of the apostles. He denied CHRIST; was a fisherman;
walked on water...
b) Who are the circumcision?
The Jews who have a tradition of circumcising their sons on the 8 th
day after birth.
c) Why did the writer have an issue with Peter?
Because he was being a hypocrite, in refusing to eat with the
Gentile brethren after Jews had come, yet he was eating with them

Day 6 (Gal.2:15-21)
a) What is justification?
This is the process by which a man is made right with GOD, like
he had never sinned before.
b) How does a person get justified?
Through faith, i.e believing what GOD says.
c) Who is a transgressor?
A transgressor is a person who rebuilds what he had been
d) The writer claimed to be dead, what did he mean?
He meant that he no longer lived for himself, but now lived for
e) What is Grace?
It is favour which we have done nothing to earn. It is the ability of
GOD in us.
f) What does the passage mean to you?