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Definition of video installation is a contemporary art form that combines

video technology with installation art, making use of all aspects of the
surrounding environment to affect the audience, it is a creative way of
displaying a video project to engage the target audience and also to
convey deeper meanings behind the video.

This is an example of video installation, the piece is called Shifting Ice

the idea behind it was to display this piece of work during the winter when
it was snowing, it was displayed at night in Iceland, using a projector. The
video showed shifting ice and it focused on the sculptural shapes and the
movements of all the small icebergs in a glacier lagoon. The water and the
ice towered above viewers and merged with the real life snow below,
which transported aspects of the glacial lagoon to the middle of an urban

For this example, I am using the installation used during the MENS FALL
FASHION WEEK on this occasion of the fashion week this installation
showed the showroom in Milan, which featured a new angle to experience
the mens clothing collection with new different movements and space. It
used a large room with 2 screens opposite each other at an angle and it
was as if both screens were merged together as the images would
continue onto the next screen.
In this video installation Yorgo Alexopoulos, uses multi-monitored video to
display his work, he combines his paintings, drawings, photographs and
videos and projects them on multiple monitors or projectors, he uses
monitors that are different shapes and sizes and then makes a patterns
with the monitors and connects the video in order which makes the
installation look very unique and different, here is an example of his work.

In this video installation example Egene makes a very creative way to

present his work, in this example his project is of the sea so in his video
installation he combines a video and sculpture to create a unique
experience for his visitors, the idea behind this is to lie down on the floor
and look up and sea the magical wonders of the ocean.
In this video installation it was done outside in the streets of
Massachusetts for this piece it uses real electrical streams that were
digitally slowed down and layered so that the lightning appears to be
shooting through, and is contained in the box, within the marquees

This is another example of video installation, in this installation there are

loads of television screens which makes the entire installation alone very
impactful. It provides the room with a wide tonal range which makes it
very eye catching and the screens are also displaying different content
and nothing is the same which draws the audience in, and makes it a bit
overwhelming at the same time as there is a lot to look at and there isnt
just one focus point like many other installations.

In this example fast water currents are projected on the roof of a convex
shape, which activates when people walk underneath it, using sensors,
the idea of this is to place viewers beneath a stream of water.