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Candidates Name: Hannah Hasz

Reviewers Name: Nicole Williams

Date of initial review: 9/30/2016 Date of portfolio review: _____________________

Reviewers Signature: ____________________________________________________

Subject Matter Standards for WSU Course Met Through Previous Requires Portfolio
Teachers of Mathematics Coursework/Work Portfolio Requireme
Experience Document nt Met
All courses taken at: ation
University of Wisconsin
La Crosse

A. A teacher of mathematics MATH 212-CALCULUS I MTH 207 Calculus I Met

understands patterns, relations, MATH 213-CALCULUS II MTH 208 Calculus II
functions, algebra, and basic MATH 312- MTH 310 Calc III
concepts underlying calculus from MULTIVARIABLE MTH 321 Teach Math
both concrete and abstract CALCULUS MTH 317 Graph Thy
perspectives and is able to apply MATH 204-TECH-BASED
this understanding to represent and GEOMETRY
solve real world problems. MATH 347-NUMBER

B. A teacher of mathematics MATH 242-LINEAR MTH 309 Linear Algebra Met

understands the discrete processes ALGEBRA MTH 245 Probability and
from both concrete and abstract MATH 337- Stats
perspectives and is able to identify PROBABILITY MTH 317 Graph Theory
real world applications; the MATH 347-NUMBER MTH 225 Logic and
differences between the THEORY Discrete Math
mathematics of continuous and MATH 327-DISCRETE
discrete phenomena; and the MATH & FOUNDATIONS
relationships involved when
discrete models or processes are
used to investigate continuous

C. A teacher of mathematics MATH 347-NUMBER MTH 207 Calculus I Met

understands that number sense is THEORY MTH 208 Calculus II
the underlying structure that ties MATH 213-CALCULUS II MTH 317 Graph Thy
mathematics into a coherent field of MATH 212-CALCULUS I MTH 331 Intro to
study, rather than an isolated set of MATH 308-MODERN Modern geometry
rules, facts, and formulas. GEOMETRY

D. A teacher of mathematics MATH 204-TECH-BASED MTH 207 Calculus I Met

understands geometry and GEOMETRY MTH 321 Teach Math
measurement from both abstract MATH 308-MODERN MTH 331 Intro to
and concrete perspectives and is GEOMETRY Modern geometry
able to identify real world MATH 212-CALCULUS I
applications and to use geometric MATH 306-TEACHING
learning tools and models, MATH IN THE SEC.
including geoboards, compass and SCHOOLS
straight edge, rulers and protractor,
patty paper, reflection tools,
spheres, and platonic solids.
E. A teacher of mathematics uses a STAT 210-STATISTICS MTH 145 Elementary Met
variety of conceptual and STAT 310- Stats
procedural tools for collecting, INTERMEDIATE MTH 395 Special Topics
organizing, and reasoning about STATISTICS
data; applies numerical and
graphical techniques for
representing and summarizing data;
and interprets and draws inferences
from these data and makes
decisions in a wide range of applied
problem situations.

F. A teacher of mathematics STAT 210-STATISTICS MTH 145 Elementary Met

understands how to reduce the MATH 337- Stats
uncertainties through predictions PROBABILITY MTH 395 Special Topics
based on empirical or theoretical MTH 245 Probability and
probabilities. Stats

G. A teacher of mathematics is able MATH 307-HISTORY OF MTH 207 Calculus I Met

to reason mathematically, solve MATH MTH 208 Calculus II
problems mathematically, and MATH 213-CALCULUS II MTH 225 Logic and
communicate in mathematics MATH 308-MODERN Discrete Math
effectively at different levels of GEOMETRY MTH 145 Elementary
formality and knows the MATH 327-DISCRETE Stats
connections among mathematical MATH & FOUNDATIONS MTH 320 History of
concepts and procedures as well as STAT 210-STATISTICS Math
their application to the real world. MATH 212-CALCULUS I MTH 331 Intro to
Modern geometry

H. A teacher of mathematics must:

(1) Understand the historical bases MATH 307-HISTORY OF MTH 320 History of Met
of mathematics. MATH Math
(2) Recognize that there are MATH 307-HISTORY OF MTH 320 History of Met
multiple mathematical world views. MATH Math

(3) Understand the overall MATH 308-MODERN MTH 331 Intro to Met
framework of mathematics. GEOMETRY Modern geometry
MATH 307-HISTORY OF MTH 320 History of
MATH 327-DISCRETE MTH 225 Logic and
(4) Understand the role of MATH 204-TECH-BASED MTH 321 Teach Math Met
technology, manipulatives, and GEOMETRY
models in mathematics.

I. A teacher of mathematics must Not Met

demonstrate an understanding of
the teaching of mathematics that
integrates understanding of
mathematics with the understanding
of pedagogy, students, learning,
classroom management, and
professional development.

Specific Recommendations for Portfolio Documentation:

Subject Matter Standard I: Hannah needs to write standards-based lesson plans where she incorporates multiple
representations, technology, and appropriate mathematical tools. She will need to address how in her lesson plans that she
helped struggling students, met academic language standards, and explained the purpose and use of formative and summative
assessments in helping students develop understanding of the mathematical content.