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Mr. Uday Raj Singh founded Straightace Financial Advisors an Insurance

Agency on NOV 1st 2012. The Agency is located in India, Utter Pradesh,
Varanasi. Our office has a combined insurance experience of almost 10 years.
We are members of PIAI (Professional Insurance Agents of India), as well as
members of the IIAI (Independent Insurance Agency of India).

We sell personal insurance including home, auto, marine, life, animal, health,
group health etc. We offer strong company representation in commercial lines as
well, including commercial property, liability including products, commercial
auto, professional liability, and certain kinds of bonds. We have markets for
specialty risks and also sell employment practices liability insurance. For
helping people make decisions about their insurance needs we are on. In these
trying economic times, youre looking for an agency and a company that you
can rely on.

Straightace financial advisors is a agency of proven professionals. Our agency is

committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in all that we do. We
pride ourselves in establishing a relationship of mutual trust with each of our
clients and in providing them with the personal and friendly service they
deserve. Agency staff has over 10 years of experience specializing in health,
accidental, auto, home, animal, business, mutual fund and life insurance.

Straightace Insurance Agency is a professional organization dedicated to

providing insurance products that provide protection with reasonable pricing.
We wish to establish a successful partnership with our clients by offering
satisfaction in our service delivery. Success will be measured by our clients
choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet and exceed their
expectations of service and expertise. We are dedicated to provide our clients
the best possible educated and knowledgeable personal service, to keep them as
long term customers. We will maintain a professional and efficient work
environment which helps each person to achieve his or her personal goals. We
will deal with the public fairly, and honestly strive to be the most respected
member of the community. We will also earn a profit, and do the best job for the
Insurance Companies that we represent.

At Straightace I was working with the Credit department, which caters

specifically to providing loans to individuals meeting the necessary
requirements. As a part of my project I had to study policies and credit analysis
process of Vehicle loan. The report is divided into 3 parts. A brief abstract of the
entire work done is stated below.


In the current scenario where it is seen that big financial institutions have been
bankrupted just because of credit default so Credit Appraisal has become an
important aspect in the financial institutions and is gaining prime importance. It
is the incident of credit defaults that has given rise to the financial crisis of
2008-09. But in India the credit default is comparatively less that other
countries such as US. One of the reasons leading to this may be good appraisal
techniques used by financial institutions in India. Eventually the importance of
this project is mainly to understand the credit appraisal techniques used by the
financial institutions with special reference to straightace group.

The types of NBFCs registered with the RBI are:-

Equipment leasing company: - is any financial institution whose

principal business is that of leasing equipments or financing of such an
Hire-purchase Company: - is any financial intermediary whose
principal business relates to hire purchase transactions or financing of
such transactions.
Loan company: - means any financial institution whose principal
business is that of providing finance, whether by making loans or
advances or otherwise for any activity other than its own (excluding any
equipment leasing or hire-purchase finance activity).
Investment Company: - is any financial intermediary whose principal
business is that of buying and selling of securities.


Medical Insurance

The policy covers all hospitalization expenses for the treatment of illness/injury
provided hospitalization is more than 24 hours. Pre-hospitalization expenses for
30 days and post hospitalization expenses for 60 days are also payable.
Ambulance Charges for shifting the insured from residence to hospital are also
covered. This insurance is available to persons between the age of 10 years to
65 years. Children between the age of 3 months - 18 years can be covered
provided parents are covered simultaneously.


This policy offers compensation in case of death or bodily injury to the insured
person, directly and solely as a result of an accident, by external, visible and
violent means. The policy operates worldwide and is a 24 hours cover. Different
coverage are available ranging from a restricted cover of Death only, to a
comprehensive cover covering death, permanent disablement's and temporary
total disablement's. Family Package cover is available to Individuals under
Personal Accident Policy whereby the proposer, spouse and dependent children
can be covered under a single policy.

This policy covers all types of vehicles plying on public roads such as:-
Scooters & Motorcycles, Private cars, commercial vehicles, Motor Trade
(vehicles in show rooms). As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 it is mandatory
for every owner of a vehicle plying on public roads, to take an insurance policy,
to cover the amount, which the owner becomes legally liable to pay as damages
to third parties as a result of accidental death, bodily injury or damage to
property. A Certificate of Insurance must be carried in the vehicle as a proof of
such insurance. No- claim discounts are available on renewal of policy, ranging
from 20% to 50%, depending upon the type of vehicle and the number of years
for which no claim has been made.
Fire Insurance

One fire insurance policy covering destruction or damage to insured property.

All movable/ immovable properties of the proposer on land (excluding those in
transit) broadly categorized as follows :Building (including plinth and
foundations, if required): Plant & Machinery, Equipment's & Accessories
(including foundations, if required) Stocks, Raw Material, Finished Goods,
Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings, Cables, Piping's, Spares, Tools and Stores,
Household goods etc, bullion, unset precious stones, curios, work of arts,
manuscripts, plans, drawings, securities, obligations or documents, stamps,
coins or paper money, cheques, books of accounts, computer system records,

This scheme covers the following whether indigenous, exotic or cross-bred,

Milch Cows and Buffaloes, Calves / Heifers, Stud Bulls Bullocks (Castrated
Bulls) and Castrated Male Buffaloes, Horse / Pony / Mule / Donkey, Pig,
Camel, Duck, Rabbit, Elephant, Han, Zoo And Circus Animal, Inland Fish,
hives and or Honey Bee Colony belonging to Co-operative Societies or
individuals. The policy shall give indemnity for death due to. Accident
(Inclusive of fire, lightning, flood, inundation, storm, hurricane, earthquake,
cyclone, tornado, tempest and famine). Diseases contracted or occurring during
the period of this policy. Surgical Operations. Riot and Strike.

Life insurance that pays out a fix sum of money either on the death of the
insured person or after a set time period. here all kinds of life insurance Avilabal
for the customers like Term insurance, Traditional or Endowment plane, ULIPs,
Cash Back etc of all IRDA Registered insurance players who already moving in
the market either from general insurance or life insurance sector. we will
committed to provide all kinds of services to the customer apart from the policy
like renewal premium remainder and deposit on time to time, claim settlement
as soon as possibly, time to time information about fund value etc.

Fixed Deposit refers to a savings account or certificate of deposit that pays a

fixed rate of interest until a given maturity date. Funds placed in a Fixed
Deposit usually cannot be withdrawn prior to maturity or they can perhaps only
be withdrawn with advanced notice and/or by having a penalty assessed. Fixed
Deposits are relatively safe investments when provided by insured financial
institutions such as banks, savings and loan corporations and credit unions that
are duly regulated within the country in which they operate. And we are offering
the fixed deposits of those company's which is regulated by Indian regulatory.

A mutual fund is a mediator that brings together a group of people and invests
their money in stocks, bonds and other securities. Each investor owns shares,
which represent a portion of the holdings of the fund. Thus, a mutual fund is one
of the most viable investment options for the common man as it offers an
opportunity to invest in a diversified, professionally managed basket of
securities at a relatively low cost. Investing in a mutual fund offers you a gamut
of benefits. Mutual fund usually spreads the money in companies across a wide
spectrum of industries. This not only diversifies the risk, but also helps take
advantage of the position it holds. A wide variety of schemes allow investors to
pick up those which suit their risk / return profile.
Sales Manager, Senior Sales Manager, Relationship Manager, Senior
Financial Relationship Manager
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
StraightAce Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Job Description

We deal in General Insurance sectors with the reputed brands across the
Functional Expertise: Sales in any sector & willingness to work in General
Insurance Sector.
Salary: 6000 to 15000 + Incentives / month (Negotiable)

Attainment of individual sales.
Undertake joint field work and demonstrate successful sales skills.
Generate business or business development.
Provide feedback to trainers or circle manager.


Should be residing in this location for at least 2 years.
Must carry two wheeler.
Sales background.
Smart communication.

Company Description

StraightAce Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Is very young and new begin our
operations on Nov 1st... Read full description

Additional Information

Last updated: 10/12/2012

Job type: Full time

Position type: Permanent

Vacancies: 10

Minimum experience: One year

Education: Compulsory Education

Salary range:
1,00,000 - 2,00,000 / Yearly (Gross Pay)

Bonus: + Incentives

Category: Jobs in Insurance


Let Us See Some Videos And Understand How To Succeed With Something
New. With New Thinking And Capability, Because We Are The Only Person Or
Creature Of Our Own Career, Identity And Batter Future.


In just first few years from inception, we disbursed, 150 crores in vehicle
loans, SME loans, etc.
Exhibiting fabulous unlimited potential and quick growth prospects, we
entered into the channel business with a strategic relationship with HDFC
This was an immensely crucial year for the company as Motilal Oswal
Private Equity Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Infused Rs. 20 Crores worth of equity
and strategic acumen on board with a strong product support and constant
process development, we expanded our base to Gujarat
Established a relationship with IDBI, Central Bank of India and State
Bank of Patiala.
RBI classified the company as the only Systematically Important Asset
Finance Company in Rajasthan
Our exceptional long term facilities was were rated A-by CARE.
Based on high performance and consistent growth, CRISIL has upgraded
its rating to BBB+/ Positive

Mr. Raj Agarwal, Promoter & Managing Director

Mr. Mohan, Executive Director
Mr. Vishal Kumar Gupta (Investor Director)

Chief Financial Officer

Target Customers

(Source: Primary Data)


Marketing Department.
Accounts Department.
Collection Department.
Credit Departments.
Human Resources Departments.
IT Department.
Insurance Department.

Straightace group means gold which is precious and worthy across all
cultures and times. It symbolizes in service, wealth and happiness.
Financiers mean those who finance. As the name of the company
suggests, we are the company who finance thorough imperil service to
create happiness in the lives our precious and worthy customers. We
have launched the new logo of our company which is having
Firstly, it is symbolic to Swastik, the most prominent auspicious
symbol of the present era. Swastik symbolizes auspiciousness, well
being and let good prevail.
Secondly, it is made up with 4 Fs which means- Fast, Fair, Flexible
& Friend.
Thirdly, the color associated with it has deep meaning. Blue color is
considered to be a corporate color which symbolizes calmness, peace,
confidence, intelligence, stability, unity, trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith,
tranquility and sincerity.
Red color which a very emotionally intense color is associated with
energy, strength, courage, power, determination as well as passion,
desire, and love.

Relationship based origination model:

We meet every borrower in person before disbursing a loan. The company

works on the concept of touch and feel which helps to understand
background, profile & needs of the customers which are overlooked by the
organized sector. Company provides easy finance with hassle (difficulty) free
documentation, speedy and transparent process.

Centralized & Independent credit verification:

It highly focused on credit quality of the borrowers. Each file has to go through
layered filtration process of the company including credit verification at
different levels and final approval from head office. Company assesses the
synergy & viability between product, customer profile and products proposed

Robust collection process:

Company has in house collection team with expert legal advisors who on
regular basis follows up with delinquent accounts. Company has layered
process which includes telecalling, personal visit, legal actions, repossession of
vehicles etc.

The company has a policy of releasing of REPO vehicles which boosts

customers confidence is us. The companys collection efficiency is very strong
and has on of the lowest delinquency ratios of in the industry.

Grass root penetration:

Many analysts believe that the rural economy will grow strongly in the coming
years. There is strong focus by the Government of strengthen the rural economy.
Straightace could be a significant beneficiary of this trend. As it diversifies its
loan products and offers other forms of secured financing it could augur very
well for growth prospects of the Company.

High vintage of team:

Straightace has a strong, highly motivated and enthusiastic team with rich
experience and knowledge of on-the-ground business. The core team has
worked with each other for the past several years. The team has been able to
establish strong relationships in the marketplace, as well as with various

The company continues to contribute to the economic well being of the

communities it interacts with and enhances their social well being. The
company during the year continued to involve itself in social welfare activities
by contributing to recognized charitable institution, which specifically benefits
the economically disadvantaged and socially weaker sections of the society.

Akshay Patra Foundation runs Nutritious food for children in schools a well
known mid-day meal program targeted towards school going children from the
under privileged sections of society. In the current year the company donated a
Mahindra Vehicle to Akshay Patra foundation

Company is frontrunner in state of Rajasthan in phasing down old Diesel and

Petrol 3 wheelers with new upgraded LPG/CNG based 3 wheelers. Thereby,
Company is supporting Govt. of India vision of save energy and environment
friendly vehicles on road for better future of our next generation. Companys
99% of lending is concentrated to vehicle financing and Companys is focused
on financing of vehicles with greater fuel efficiency, lower emission of
pollutants and new technology including CNG/LPG. Companys is looking
forward to do concentrated financing of vehicles which shall lead to:

1. Saving of fuel with better fuel efficiency with new technology vehicles.
2. Improvement by way of reduction in remission of polluting gases by funding
of EURO certification vehicles.

3. Funding of vehicles run on LPG / CNG with little or no atmospheric

pollution. Company has been financing following vehicles which leads to lower
emission of pollutants and Higher fuel efficiency and with sophisticated


To study the process of credit appraisal and documents required for

Vehicle loan, Insurance, etc.
To know the satisfaction level and loyalty of customers (who have taken
loan for vehicle) of Straightace Group
To find out financial position of the Straightace Group.
Borrower Profile:

The Credit Policy for commercial vehicle caters the following segment of

First Time User (FTU) : Customer who do not have any commercial
vehicle or do not having any experience in the same segment directly of
indirectly will be classified as FTU

First Time Buyer (FTB): Customer who have experience in managing

the vehicle as driver or who had vehicle in past but do not have any
documentary evidence as vehicle ownership will be classified as FTB.
This profile will be a typically a driver who intends to by a vehicle for his
own. DL of same segment will be the mandatory document for this

Transporter: These are the customers who have at least one commercial
vehicle in same or higher segment and minimum ownership period of 12

Captive Users: These customers are not engaged in transportation

business, they require commercial vehicles to support their business.
They may or may not own a commercial vehicle. They differ from FTU
in the sense, that while FTU will earn from the direct usage of vehicle,
the Captive user is not earning primarily from the vehicle.
Underwriting Norms Personal Car / Personal Use Vehicle

1. Target Segment/Customer: Individual / Firms /Company/Trust who wants

to buy car for their personal or official use. Based on the document availability
and nature of available document, the segment can be classified into following
two categories. However it has been assumed that any customer, who wants to
buy a car for personal use, is having sufficient income to repay the EMI after
meeting out his/her family expenses.

2. Borrower Profile
a. Non Income Proof Customer: These are the segment, where customer
do not have any banking habit or do not have any proof to established his her
business or in other terms their income cannot be verified through any
document. It can be assessed only based on personal discussion and by
verifying his business or living standard. It can be again reclassified in
following two category:

I. Agri Base Funding: These are typically farmers, who depend on

agricultural income and living in joint family/independently. In case of joint
family (Father/Mother/ Real brother), income of other family can be clubbed

Document Required: Agri Land document in own name, in case parental

property relationship proof will be required.

II. Self Employed (Business): These are typically small business men,
who do not have any income proof. For example Shopkeeper / small trader /
agents / property dealer / Private teacher /employee getting salary in cash etc.
Document Required: Any proof which established the existence of business
like RST/SCT copy / Copy of purchase Bill/ Utility Bill in the name of Shop /
Salary Certificate on letter head / Photograph of Business premises supported
by CPV report or any other relevant document as per operation policy
(All such proof will help us in classifying the asset in PSL/Agri)

b. Income Proof Customer: These are the profile where income can be
accessed through various documents like banking / ITR / Salary Slip / Form
16 /Balance sheet etc.

Documented Required: Latest 3 Month Salary Slip / 6 Month banking / Last 2

year ITR or Balance Sheet. Documented gross income should be at least
equivalent to yearly repayment amount. For example: Salaried Customer whos
proposed EMI is 10000/- per month, in such case gross salary should be
minimum of 10000/- per month. In case customer is providing banking, in such
case average monthly bank balance should be at least equivalent to the monthly
EMI. However the assessed income (assessed by Straightace employee) should
be at least 2 times of the EMI amount. All such assessment will not require any
supporting document, it has to be justified during recommendation / credit
underwriting and supported by CPV report. Credit team has to see whether
customer is capable to pay EMI after considering his all fixed expenses.

c. Repayment Based: Any customer who have the repayment history of

personal car / MUV or any four wheelers for more than 12 month will be
considered as Income Based customer. Track record or repayment proof of EMI
for at least 12 month will be mandatory document; no additional income
document will be required.
Research Methodology

Research type:

The research conducted for Phase I and II is an exploratory research. It includes:

Analysis of historical records.

Analysis of documents.

The research conducted for Phase III was descriptive research.


Sampling Size: 50

Sampling Method: convenient sampling (Non Probability sampling)

Sampling unit: Businessman-woman, professionals, salaried class and

farmers who had taken loan from Straightace

Research location: Varanasi

Research tools:

Pie charts
Line diagrams

Source of data:

Primary Research. Through questionnaires, online surveys and

telephonic interviews.
Secondary data: through annual report, internet and websites.
Scientific Utility of the Study:
In my project primary data is collected with the help of survey and analysis is
made with the help of primary data. By using the primary data collected by me
straightace come to know about its customer satisfaction level and can change
its rules & regulations according to them.

This study also helped me as I have not done any study at this level before, so
by this study I came to know about different Financial Institutions other than
banks, I came to know about the credit appraisal procedure of straightace,
various loan schemes of Straightace etc. by meeting the different high level
officials of straightace & different customers of straightace I think I have also
improved my confidence, communication skills etc.

Limitation of the study:

Although the project aims data making in depth study of credit appraisal process
at straightace but there are some practical limitation regarding the methodology
followed & the overall procedure these can be summed up under the following

1. Time constraint
2. No direct access to company data
3. Lack of interest shown by some officials of straightace
4. Questionnaire is filled according to the response given by the
customers, it
may contain some biased information
5. Sample size is not quite enough to reach to any precise conclusion.
Ratio Analysis

Profitability Ratio:

The primary objective of business undertaking is to earn profit is the words of

Lord Keynes: profit is the engine that drives the Business enterprise. Profit is
not only needed for its existence but also for its expansion and diversification.
The investors want an adequate return on their investment; workers want higher
wages, creditor want high security for their interest and loan soon.

Following are the important overall profitability ratios, which relevant to the
business concerns are:

Return on Assets
Return on Capital Employed


Age Respondent
18-28 14
28-38 21
38-50 15
>50 0
Total 50



Axis Title

18-28 28-38 38-50 >50


The sample population was divided into four different age groups to better
understand their behavior. The survey results show that majority of the auto
loans were taken by the age group of 28 -38.


Income Respondent Percentage
< 1 Lakh 2 4%
1-2 Lakh 30 60%
2-5 Lakh 14 28%
> 5 Lakh 4 8%
Total 50 100%

< 1 Lakh 1-2 Lakh 2-5 Lakh > 5 Lakh

8% 4%



Second classification of respondent is based on the basis of their annual income.
This classification is done to know that mostly which income level people have
more demand for loan. In Auto Loan on an average the annual earnings of 60%
% 1 - 2 lakh and the smallest percentage is 4% is less than 1 lakh.



Occupation Respondent Percentag

Business Man 21 42%
Government Emp 1 2%
Private Employee 27 54%
Farmer 1 2%
Total 50 100%


Farmer; 2%

Business Man; 42%

Private Employee; 54%

Government Emp; 2%


The third important consideration which helps to identify Occupation of the

respondent the occupation comprises of Government Employee, private
employee, businessman and farmers.


Source to knew about Straightace Respondent

Newspaper 0
Advertisement 0
Friends & Relatives 33
Others 13
Total 50

25 37
10 13
5 0 0



This question is asked in order to know the effectiveness of the advertisement

strategy adopted by Straightace. The result found by the survey shows that most
of the customer knew about the various loan schemes through their friends &
relatives who had taken loan. Straightace.

5. Recommend this company to your friends and relatives

Recommend this company to your Respondent Percentage

friends and relatives
Yes 38 76%
No 12 24%
Total 50 100%





As the graph depicts that 76% of people would recommend the company to
their friends and relatives. This shows the satisfaction level of the customers
with Straightace. And the 24% people will not recommend because of the high
interest rates and penalty charges not because of the services.


Will you prefer Straightace once again Respondent Percentage

in Future
Yes 35 70%
No 15 30%
Total 50 100%

30% Yes



As the graph depicts that 70% of people would prefer the company once again.
This shows the loyalty level of the customers with Straightace. And the 30%
people will not prefer because of the high interest rates and penalty charges not
because of the services.

7. Satisfied with the rate of interest

Interest Justifiable Respondent Percentag

Yes 38 76%
No 12 24%
Total 50 100%




The findings suggest that 76% customers are satisfied with the rate of interest
charging by STRAIGHTACE and only 24% are unsatisfied. But the company
should review its interest rates from time to time in order to be competitive in
the market and to improve customer satisfaction continually.


Satisfaction Level Respondent Percentag

Very Satisfied 8 6%
Satisfied 30 60%
Somewhat satisfied 9 18%
Dissatisfied 3 6%
Total 50 100%

6% 16% Very Satisfied

18% Satisfied
Somewhat satisfied


As per the survey, a majority of the people were satisfied of the facilities
provided by STRAIGHTACE. However, a certain segment of the population
was not at all satisfied with the services provided by STRAIGHTACE.
Dissatisfaction depends largely on other factors for example, bad customer
relationship, and many such factors which are discussed in detail in the latter
part of the report under the heading suggestions which have been originally the
complaints of dissatisfied customers.


1. The company has taken funds in the form of loans and advances
irrespective of issuing equity capital and hence, the cash has been paid in
the form of interest which has increased manifold times from the last
2. It is found during survey that company is not investing money in
advertising and promotion activities. All the customers got to know about
Straightace through their friends and relatives

Some extra benefits can be introduced for the existing
It will reduce switching of customers
It will attract new customers.
Suggestion: Since Straightace doesnt provide two wheeler loans; it is
recommended that company should provide it so that it can capture more


More emphasis should be laid on advertising of the products.

It will increase the awareness among the customers.
Suggestion: Straightace needs aggressive marketing and business
strategy to compete. It is suggested that company should formulate
competitive policies and apply push strategy.


Focus on reducing the interest rates.

If the customers are getting more benefits on comparatively lesser rate of
interest, they would surely prefer the company.

Stra Financiers (India) Pvt. Ltd. is growing company with roots in Rajasthan,
Maharashtra & Gujarat. The financial profile of the company is good because
company has good relationship with banks like HDFC, IDBI, SBI, DCB, AXIS,
number of people and customers is increasing very fast and the number of the
branches across the state is increasing very fast. Also the net worth of the
company showing that company is on good track.

Company is totally depended upon fund because companys business is

providing loans to customers. Fund is the oxygen for the company because if
company dont have fund then it cant disburse loans to its customers.

The biggest USP of the company I found was it provide loan or it sanction loan
at very less documentation. Good coordination between organization and
customers, which reveals the importance of fair and clear business.


1. C.R. KOTHARI-Research Methodology

(Second Revised Edition)




1. Straightace annual report

2. Magazines

Customer satisfaction measurement in the financiers India Pvt. Ltd

1. Name
2. client Number
3. Vehicle
4. Finance Amount
5. Contact No.

1. Age of the Respondent?

(i) 18-28
(ii) 28-38
(iii) 38-50
(iv) More than 50

2. Annual Income of the Respondent?

(i) Below 1 Lakh
(ii) 1-2 Lakh
(iii) 2-5 Lakh
(iv) 5 Lakh and above

3. Occupation of Respondent
(i) Government Employees
(ii) Private Employees
(iii) Businessman
(iv) Farmer

4. How do you come to know about Straightace?

(i) Newspaper
(ii) Advertisement
(iii) Friends or relatives
(iv) Other (Specify _______________________________)

5. Have you borrowed loan from any other sources also?

(i) Yes (What are the things you like in Straightace?)

6. For the Past how many times you have taken loan from this company?
(i) 1
(ii) 2
(iii) 3
(iv) More than 3

7. Do you feel that the procedure to apply loan with the was difficult?
(i) Yes
(ii) No, it was easy

If yes, then how?


8. Would you recommend this company to your friends, relatives and

(i) Yes
(ii) No

If No, then why?

9. Do you think that company takes unnecessary charges?
(i) Yes
(ii) No

If Yes then what?


10. Are the interest rates justifiable according to todays inflationary

(i) Yes
(ii) No

11. Will you prefer Straightace once again in future?

(i) Yes
(ii) No
If No, then why?

12. For the past how much time you have taken loan from this company?

13. How much time the Straightace took to sanction your loan? (From the
time of application)

14. How satisfied are you with the services provided by the straightace?
(i) Very satisfied
(ii) Satisfied
(iii) Somewhat satisfied
(iv) Dissatisfied
15. What are your suggestions for the betterment of the services provided
b straightace ?