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Note the focus Note the type Describe the document / artefact and indicate the Describe how

Describe how the document / artefact meets the

area and of artefact / possible impact or result of the artefact / document on standard descriptors you have identified.
standard document teaching and/ or student learning
the artefact /

The At the conclusion of my lesson, the lesson The lesson observation feedback sheet
2.1 artefact observation feedback sheet was presented and indicates that I delivered an effective lesson
Content presented a discussion occurred between the casual whereby, content was carefully selected to suit
and is a lesson teacher and myself. During this discussion, the academic level of the class. In addition,
teaching observation evident strengths were identified including resources were adequately prepared. The
strategies feedback lesson objectives and the overall delivery of the students were actively engaged at all times.
of the sheet lesson content. Some areas for improvement This was evident with all students attempting
teaching provided to were also indicated and strategies to address the work and showing a keen interest by asking
area me during these weaknesses were advised. a variety of questions (APST 2.1).
Demonstrate a simple
knowledge writing The lesson observation feedback sheet is The casual teacher wrote:
and exercise. advantageous as it clearly stipulates areas Started the lesson smoothly and had resources
understanding which were successfully achieved and areas in ready to go.
of the
My mentor which will need to be improved. Pre-service
teacher teachers benefit from an array of teaching The lesson plan was conducted and delivered in
substance and
structure of was absent strategies and advice, as well as knowing what a sequential and timely manner. The students
the content at the time went wrong in a lesson. The development of a clearly understood what was required and thus,
and teaching therefore, collegial relationship between the pre-service were able to share their responses with the
strategies of the teacher and mentor teacher is critical, class.
the teaching comments especially when organising teaching content
area were into an effective lesson (Cavanagh & Prescott, The casual teacher wrote:
provided by 2015). This type of feedback consequently, Wrote the lesson outline on the board and gave
2.2 a casual moulds pre-service teachers into effective and clear instructions of what was expected.
Content teacher. resilient teachers. You planned well, taught the lesson with
selection confidence and students respond well to you.
and As a result of the lesson observation feedback
organisatio sheet, I was able to take on the advice, both
n positive and negative, and implement more
Organise effective teaching strategies that would
content into improve subsequent lessons and enhance the
an effective overall learning experience for students.
learning and