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Professional Growth Plan

Category Specific Goals How will goals be Achievement Level Relevant Time
measured? alignment to best Target

Instruction I will improve This will be I will ask at least one This will help me dig I will
my questioning measured by follow-up for each deeper into students reach this
techniques. including at least 3 question I ask in understanding of goal by
questions in lesson class, and involve at mathematical the end of
plans, completing least two students concepts and prompt this
daily self-reflection, with each question. critical thinking. school
and using formative year.

Instruction I will This will be Each week, I will This will help me I will
incorporate measured by having incorporate at least differentiate for my reach this
multiple means at least 3 different one use of students, keep them goal in
of student types of student technology, one actively engaged in my first 5
engagement in engagement weekly group activity, and their learning, and years of
my lessons. and 3 daily one physical activity continue to explore teaching.
engagement (movement, different teaching
opportunities that manipulatives, etc.). techniques.
the students were
given each week.

Classroom I will know each This will be I will be able to This will help me I will
Environment students name measured by my address each student develop a reach this
and at least ability to address by name and have relationship with goal by
one of their each student by conversations with each student and the end of
hobbies or name and recall their each student about show my students this
interests. interests. something that he or that I care about school
she is interested in. them. year.
Classroom I will respond to This will be In order to respond This is in line with I will
Environment misbehavior in measured by the calmly and rationally, the Love and Logic reach this
class calmly level of escalation of I will refrain from techniques for goal in
and rationally. misbehavior in class, raising my voice and managing student my first 5
and by self-reflection let students anticipate behavior. years of
after each incident. consequences. teaching.

Planning and I will plan and This will be I will create and follow This will help me stay I will
Preparation prepare for measured by my unit a calendar for each organized and avoid reach this
each of my calendar being unit, and plan specific stress and last goal by
lessons in updated every 3 lessons 5 days in minute planning. the end of
advance. days and consistent advance. this
lesson planning 5 school
days in advance. year.
Planning and I will hone the This will be There will be no more This will help I will
Preparation pacing of my measured by having than 10 minutes of minimize behavior reach this
lessons. no more than 10 down time for issues and maximize goal in
minutes of down student work at the my instruction time. my first
time at the end of end of each class 5 years
each class period, (unless specifically of
and by teaching at planned for), and I will teaching.
least 90% of my teach at least 90% of
planned material what I plan for each
each class period. day.

Professional I will maintain This will be I will update the This will help me I will
Responsibiliti an up-to-date measured by the material on the class maintain accurate reach this
es class website. relevance and website records and keep my goal by
currency of material (announcements, students parents up- the end of
on the class website assignments, to-date and this
being no more than 3 calendar, and my informed. school
days between tutoring and meeting year.
updates. availability) weekly.

Professional I will join This will be I will become a This will help me stay I will
Responsibiliti professional measured by my member and up-to-date on best reach this
es organizations. membership and participant in at least practices, research, goal in
participation in at two of the following and ideas in my my first
least 2 organizations. organizations: profession so that I 5 years
Association of can maximize my of
Teachers of proficiency as an teaching.
Mathematics, National educator.
Council of Teachers of
American Federation
of Teachers, Arizona
Educators, Arizona
Technology in
Association of
American Educators.