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Polarization of Andrew Antennas

The arrow at the dipol shows the polarization

Ericsson Network Services GmbH. Whithout their consent

vertical polarization
it may not be reproduced or given to third parties.

or horizontal polarization horizontal

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Fixe the flexible waveguide at the antenna tube 114mm.

The Hanger Kit is delivered with the Andrew connector kit.
fr den Fall von Schutzrechtsanmeldungen. Jede Verfgungs-
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Fixe the waveguide near the connector

with the delivered L-profile and U-bolt
at the antenna tube 114mm

. Wataniya Algerie
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. . . . Drawn 02.09.08 Kempe Station: Wataniya Algerie
. . . . Checkd Andrew antennas polarisation
. . . . Rev.
. . . . Dept. ENG/FO-SOMV and FlexTwist fixing near antenna
. . . . Sheet
. . . . 04
a ENG/FO-SOMV 02.09.08 Ke
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