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Periodic Poster Project

Periodic Poster Project is designed as an introduction to the Periodic Table of Elements.

This project will enable you the student to identify and discover similarities and
differences among the elements by using interactive periodic tables. Guidelines and
worksheets are included in the each section to ensure timely progress. Each student will
be given an element(s) to research. You will develop a poster for classroom presentation.

A Periodic Poster Project Worksheet

Element Name: _____________________________

Using the above websites, click on your element and complete the information below. Headings
represents menu categories on the left bar of the web site(s).

The Essentials:

Symbol: _______________ Atomic Weight: _______________ Group Number:


Atomic Number:__________ Family Name: _______________ Period: _______________


Classification: _______________ Standard State: _______________ Color:


Boiling Point: _______________ Melting Point: _______________ Density:


List three common chemical or physical characteristics of your element.

1. ______________________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________________


Discovered by: ___________________ Year: ______ Where? ______________________

Origin of Name: _____________________________________________________________

Uses: List four uses of your element.

1. ______________________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________________

Poster Guidelines
8.5" x 11" colored cardstock/construction paper (provided by teacher for uniformity)

The student will draw/paste a picture to represent their assigned element. You should have one
picture to show the Bohr Model of the atom, one for the Lewis-dot-structure, and one picture of the
element itself. It is only limited by the creativity of the student.

The following essential information about the element must be given - the symbol, atomic number,
atomic mass, and its common state of matter and color. This information should be neatly written or

You will also place the description, history, and uses of the element. This portion must be clear and
descriptive using complete sentences.

You should then decorate other areas of their posters but you must leave a 3/4" border of the
original poster color.

All segments of the poster must be clearly labeled.

Please make the poster so everyone that views it will understand the individual components
from several feet away.
We will follow the color combination from above.
History 5 Uses:
Discovered by: Henry 1. Peanut Butter
Cavendish 2. Hydrogen powered cars
Year: 1766
Origin of Name: From the
Greek words hudôr (water)
1 3.
Metal refining

and gennan (generate)

Standard State: gas at
298 K
Color: Colorless
Group #: 1
Group Name: None
Period: 1
Classification: Nonmetal
Boiling Point: -252.87 °C
Melting Point: -259.14 °C
Density: @ 293 K:
0.08988 g/cm3
Other Characteristics:
Lightest element and most