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August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 1

Volume 29, No. 8 Publication of the UNITED CIVIC ORGANIZATION of CENTURY VILLAGE (WPB) August 2010
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By Dot Loewenstein And Then
The President’s Clubhouse Library Will Be There’s This:
Corner Closed on Tuesday, August 3rd
Vice President
This will be our annual
David Israel cleanup during which every Phyllis Richland
book is removed from every
shelf. Many books that have
not been used for a long time
Greetings, everybody. I hope you are enjoying the quietness will be packed up in boxes to In keeping with building a foundation for the good and
of the summer in the Village and keeping cool. be taken to the V.A. Hospital. welfare of our residents, especially those that find themselves
The Digital Age, Just In Time... These boxes will be clearly economically challenged, I have completed the Florida DCF
UCO came into existence around 1982. That equals nearly labeled “V.A.” and will be in Access Basic Training, also known as Community Partners
three decades of memos, faxes, contracts, invoices, reports and the hallway outside the library Access Training. This allows me to help those that need aid in
correspondence — in a word, paper in hundreds of file draw- for a week, waiting to be de- applying for food stamps, Medicaid and assistance with paying
ers and even cardboard boxes piled on the floor in the UCO livered. If you can help, please utility bills.
and Reporter buildings. What brought this home to me was a feel free to help yourself to a “Food stamps” is now a debit card that each eligible client
request for an opinion we made to our attorney. In due course, few V.A.-destined books and is given. This card allows you to shop wherever you want to
the opinion was received, and it turned out that the same ques- take them up at your conve- without embarrassment and maintain your dignity in a store.
tion had been asked and answered twice before! Our UCO filing nience — you don’t have to There is an income qualification that you must meet. It de-
system is in a state of chaos such that we cannot reliably locate take the entire box at one time. pends on how much the monthly income of the household is.
what is on hand.  During the last week of A household is determined by how many people live there and
It occurred to me that modern, computer-based technology July, please do not make any what the cumulative income is of all the folks living there.
could come to the rescue. What we are doing is, first, examining donations. Instead, please Now, I can help those that qualify to fill out the applications
all of the data we have and shredding all items whose retention take a bunch of paperbacks on the computer in the privacy of a closed door environment
is not required by law or wanted for historical purposes. What and distribute them to your and submit it right away. There is no record of that application
remains will be converted to computer-based files. The paper re- friends. The more things that at UCO. Once it is submitted, it goes to the agency, and from
cords will be scanned onto high-capacity hard drives. Retrieval are removed, the easier our job then on, within 24 hours, you can call the agency for a status
may be accomplished as needed by Optical Character Reader will be. Once the shelves have of your application. No one in my office or anywhere in UCO
(OCR) software, along with careful indexing. This effort is be- been cleaned, it will appear ever sees it again. This is a service for those of you that have
ing headed up by VP Bob Marshall. If any of our readers have to be quite empty. We are not no computer.
had experience in this sort of project, please consider coming worried. We know you will For those seniors that qualify, this program may be able to
to the UCO office and volunteering to help with this effort. begin bringing books to fill pick up the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. Also,
Dissent Is Expected; Ideas Are Welcome; Disrupters, up your library once again. if you qualify, it may be able to pick up the difference in Social
Please Stay Home! Please do not bring anything Security, especially if you have a chronic illness that requires
The June 29 meeting of the Operations Committee was nearly until Wednesday, August 4th or ongoing monthly payments for medication and or doctors.
broken up by a small group of disruptive unit owners. The issue later. All of this depends on the income of the household. There
that led to this debacle was the substitution of an act at a show Our library volunteers are is a chart that determines what that income is.
in the Clubhouse Theater. The problem, in essence, was that the requested to let me know if There are some people in this Village that are against this
change was not announced until the actual night of the show. you are available to pitch in type of help for our residents. They feel that we should not be
The matter was quickly resolved with WPRF: it was agreed that on Tuesday, August 3rd — this providing this service. They feel it lowers the standards by
further discussions with WPRF would be held to craft a policy is not required, but we could which we live here in Century Village.
of notification of changes as soon as possible. The disruption use at least five people, in ad- Let me say this to those people: Be grateful that you do not
and arguing by the dissenting unit owners, however, continued dition to the Janitorial staff have to eat a package of noodles each day as your only means
until the end of the meeting. that will be helping. You can of sustenance; be grateful that you have proper medical atten-
Two points need to be made: First, it is important to realize leave a message with Noreen tion when you need it; be grateful that you have disposable
that performers may, by contract, cancel at the last moment. or Marge at 640-3111 ext. 4. income so you can take a vacation or go out with friends or
When this occurs, Abby Koffler (WPRF) makes every effort to If you cannot reach them, my buy new clothes; but don’t, my friend, take away from others
acquire another act. This is in the nature of dealing with show home phone number is 686- that need help, the opportunity to feed themselves properly and
people.  6854 (machine will pick up). healthfully, or see a doctor or buy medication without having
The second point, which I want to stress, is that we expect Our plan is to begin the to weigh whether they eat or take a pill. o
opposition from time to time, as everyone has differing ideas cleanup about 9:30 am, and if
on various issues, but dissenters should bring their alternative things go smoothly, we should
ideas to shed light, not simply come with no alternative ideas be able to re-open the library
and the intention of bringing meetings to a halt. This behavior
is unacceptable and must be dealt with so the Operations Com-
mittee can accomplish its statutory business. We might take
by 5 pm on August 3rd. Thank
you in advance for anything
you can do to help. o
Delegate Meeting
heed of a concept long followed in Great Britain, best known
as The Loyal Opposition.
But For the Grace of God...
In early July, it was widely reported that one of our neigh-
Official Notice Fri, Aug 6, 9:30 am
Clubhouse Theater
UCO Budget Workshop,
bors, possibly suffering from dementia, wandered away from
Tuesday, September 14,
his apartment and was subsequently found dead in a nearby
ditch. This is a shocking but, unfortunately, predictable event 9:30 am, Classroom C.
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Page 2 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Delegate From Pres. Israel

Continued from Page 1
Assembly Minutes given our demographics. We all know residents close to home,
July 2, 2010 in our own buildings, people advanced in age who may need a
The Pledge of Allegiance bit of help from time to time. In some cases, direct and serious
was led by Chief Deputy Mi- intervention is required. I am endlessly reminded, when I speak UCO Budget Workshop,
chael Gauger. 159 Delegates of these matters, that Century Village is not an assisted-living
were present. Minutes were facility. This is true, but it is all the more reason why our older
Tuesday, September 14,
accepted as written.
The following guests who welfare.
folk would benefit by neighbors looking in to check on their 9:30 am, Classroom C.
briefly addressed the Del- Board members should be alert to signs of residents in
egates: trouble, and if family members cannot be contacted, consider Congressman Deutch at Clubhouse
Michael Gauger, Palm contacting: Congressman Ted Deutch (or his representative) will be in
Beach County Sheriff’s Office • The Florida Department of Elder Affairs: http:// our Clubhouse on Monday, August 9, in Classroom A at 10 a.m.-
Chief Deputy; Chuck Shaw, noon, and thereafter once a month — check with the Clubhouse
School Board Candidate, Dis- • Elder Helpline: 1-800-963-5337 for the exact date.
trict 2; Jean Dowling, School • Report Elder Abuse: 1-800-962-2873 Ted Deutch replaced our Congressman Robert Wexler. Either
Board Candidate, District 2 • Statewide Senior Legal Helpline: 1-888-895-7873. he, or an aide, will take questions, concerns, etc. from Villag-
(Century Village Resident); Besides the obvious fact that you may be helping your neigh- ers attending. If it is an aide, he or she will answer or take the
Kevin Rader, Candidate for bor, you may also avoid potential liability if things go badly. o concern back to Deutch for a response.
State Senate; Sarah Also- This is an excellent opportunity to let our politicians know
from, State’s Attorney’s Of- what we need and expect from them.
fice; Mark Pafford, State
Representative, District 88.
Say You Saw It in the Typical questions that they often work on include:
• Cutting through red tape or resolving problems with federal
President’s Report — Our
engineering study is ongoing.
UCO Reporter benefits
• Immigration
We are still awaiting permits It’s good for business — • Federal Grants
for the generator for the UCO • Social Security
theirs and ours! Support
office. We are starting to digitize • Medicare
all office information — see • Veterans Benefits
Bob Marshall if you can help. your village — the condo • Postal Issues
Unfinished Business —
There was a discussion con- community and outside the • Public Housing
• Assistance with any other federal agency
cerning removing the large
mailboxes at the Okeechobee
gates! You can also contact his district office at 561-732-4000 if
you need help. o
and Haverhill exits. The gen-
eral consensus was to leave West Palm Mayor Congratulates Our Village
them where they are. This letter was previously printed in our last issue, but in retrospect, a two column width did not do it justice. Here is an
New Business — Jerry encore performance in a more worthy size:
Karpf reminded the Delegates
that mold remediation firms
must be State licensed and
Committee Reports: All
committee chairs were re-
minded to submit their reports
to Mary at the UCO office by
the Monday preceding the Del-
egates’ meeting each month.
Maintenance: Dom Guar-
nagia, Chair, reported there
were 136 insurance claims of
which 79 were water related.
He will present a check list at
the Maintenance committee
meeting on Friday, July 9, l0
a.m., Clubhouse Room A.
Insurance: Toni Salometo,
Chair, apologized for the miti-
gation “mess.” Inspections are
going forward. Presidents of
Associations will receive their
building’s report. Toni thanked
those who made phone calls to
the various Associations.
Community Relations: Ted
Silverman, Chair, announced
there were nine centenarians
living in Century Village to date.
Several politicians have already
acknowledged they will attend
the October 28th Dessert Buffet.
Ted Deutch’s office will
staff a meeting for residents
each month in Classroom A
from 10 to noon beginning in
Good & Welfare followed.
These minutes were taken by
Mary Patrick Benton. o
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 3

Frankly Speaking:
By Jeff Koons Your Theater
With hurricane season
Vice President here, it’s important to stay Claudette
Frank J. Cornish prepared and vigilant. This LaBonte
includes watching out for
your neighbors.
Please make it a point to
In this month’s column, I many years which we believe draw up a list of emergency So far, July has been a very thoughts are as a report is com-
find it necessary to address has greatly contributed to our phone numbers of those who busy month. First, we had a pleted for each evening.
one of the issues we at UCO security within — it is C.O.P., evacuate or are seasonal resi- fantastic response to our re- Following the preview, the
are facing, almost on a daily consisting of residents, who dents, so you can notify them quest for new ushers. As of this season brochure and ticket order
basis. can devote three or more of any damage to their units. writing, we have added nine forms were available. Just one
Primarily, it’s the lack of hours per session and meet Volunteer to go door-to-door new ushers to our staff. We thing: I hope you watch and
respect shown to the staff, the criteria established by the before and after a storm to thank them for taking this step that is ten shows this season are
whether it be those who volun- Sheriff’s Department and our make sure everyone is all in helping our community keep scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m.
teer their services, or receive local representative. right. Pay special attention our expenses down. Something We cannot let anyone in the the-
remunerations (Security, Of- In addition, once more, I to elderly residents and those in these times is very difficult ater ten minutes after the show
fice and CAM). Our primary urge you to become involved who live alone. Offer to be a to do, but every little bit helps. has started. So may I suggest
purpose here is to assist and in our community; there are driver if someone will need to The July edition had a great cen- that you take a highlighter and
direct you to the proper chan- many areas that could use your go to a special needs shelter. terfold which gave you an opportu- mark these specials. It would be
nels, whether it is on entering expertise. Contact your HOA board to nity to view what you can expect a shame to miss out.
at the gates to our “Utopia,” in May I remind you to take see if there is a storm prep for the 2010-2011 season. It seems In the meantime, please join
the Clubhouse or fitness cen- advantage of all our amenities, committee you can serve on. there is something for everyone. us for the following in August:
ter, or here in our “Command transportation; our cool Club- In addition, you were invited • Sat. Aug. 7 8:00 p.m. —
If not, consider forming one.
Center.” house, which provides all sorts to Take a Ride with Us on Tues- Shindigs
Finally, if you are able, assist
We appreciate constructive of entertainment and classes day, July 13, in the Theater as • Sat. Aug. 14 8:00 p.m. —
your neighbors with shutters
criticism and make all efforts and an indoor pool; as well as we previewed the New Show Jon Zimmerman
to incorporate same. However, our outdoor pools, including and removing branches and season. We have lined up ex- • Sat. Aug. 21 8:00 p.m. —
no individual has the right to the Fitness Center at Hast- other landscape debris. citing new artists as well as Cavendish Presents
abuse another, under any cir- ings, which offers both the It’s a long season, but by some of your favorites. Always • Sat. Aug. 28 8:00 p.m. —
cumstances and will be dealt resistance and regular pool. working together, we will let the ushers know when you Da Doo Wop Kings
with accordingly. Above all, keep hydrated come through okay. o leave the theater what your See you at the Theater. o
I would like to bring your (by drinking water, of course).
attention to a service that
has existed in our Village for
As always, I can be reached
during business hours. o Basic Disaster Supply Kit
Everyone needs to prepare chicken, Vienna sausages, • Rubbing alcohol
for emergency situations, but corn beef hash) • Tweezers
shopping can be expensive • 4 cans of vegetables (beans, Special Needs Shelter:
and strenuous. Shopping for baked beans, corn, peas) The county special needs
items a little at a time before • 1 jar of jelly or jam shelter only accepts residents
an event can reduce the stress • 1 jar of peanut butter with a physical condition requir-
of recovery by avoiding long • 1 large can of juice (4 pack) ing medical or nursing care.
lines and empty shelves. • Instant coffee/tea/pow- • Need nursing assistance
Food: dered drinks with medications or medi-
• 1 gallon of water per per- • Powdered or boxed milk cal care assistance
son per day for at least First Aid: • Monitoring vital signs
5 days, for drinking and • Antiseptic or medical condition or
sanitation • Anti-diarrhea medicine activities of daily living,
• Sandwich bread (freeze • Aspirin and/or acetamino- but do not require hospi-
CALL TO ARTISTS until needed)
• 2 cans of ready to eat soup
• Adult vitamins (if needed)
• Need constant electri-
The Century Village Art Committee • 1 box of crackers and/or • Hydrogen peroxide cal power for medical
granola bars • Band-Aids (assorted sizes) equipment
Is Requesting Your • Dry cereal/Pop Tarts • Roll of gauze or bandages Pre-registration is required
• 4 cans of fruit (2-4 pack) • First aid tape for individuals needing to
ORIGINAL ARTWORK • 5 cans of meat (tuna, • Petroleum jelly use the special needs shelter.

For Display in the Main Clubhouse Lobby

At Century Village
Artwork Will Be Displayed August to October
John H. Merey, M.D., P.A.
Please Bring Your Art to the Clubhouse On: Ophthalmology/Diseases
Tuesday, August 17, 2010 — 9:00 am to 11:00 am of the Eyes
Accepts Medicare
Additional Information:
and Most Insurances
1) 1 or 2 original pieces can be submitted per Century Village artist. 5405 Okeechobee Blvd. Ste. 302B
2) Frame or gallery wrap your art and wire it so it is ready to be hung. West Palm Beach, FL 33417
3) Please include your name, address and phone on the back of each piece.
(Midtown Imaging Building)
Questions or alternative delivery times: Beth Baker — 684-3166
Call 686-8202
Page 4 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

From the Desk of
Vice President
F r i e n d l y Insurance
Toni Salometo
Bob Marshall
There has been a lot of dis- the smaller). And guess what It’s been a busy and some- back from some of our resi-
cussion (hype) about the won-
derful things the last session of
— we in Century Village will
almost always get the smaller
to and from times a frustrating month for
the Insurance committee.
dents that parts of the policies
that were distributed to them
the Legislature accomplished.
Let me give you an ex-
or 1% of the mortgage.
So what has changed?
Airport, We started the process of
getting mitigation inspections
in April-May have blanked
out premium information. The
ample. Much has been said Our wonderful gift is that Doctors and in mid-June, hoping to have policies are correct, but premi-
about this “major” change in the law now has changed to them completed by the end of um information was deleted.
the collection process. modify the six months to 12 Shopping the month. Didn’t happen. As At UCO, we work off discs
In the past, prior to July months. Wow, we get twice I write this, it is July 12, and and computer files that do not
1, the association that was/is
involved in trying to collect
as much!! Whoops, let’s take
another look. Whichever
Call I’ve been promised that they
will be completed by the end
have the blanked out areas.
We will be working with our
money from a unit owner who
is not paying their maintenance
is smaller still applies, so,
we in Century Village, will
309-9994 of this week. I can’t begin to
tell you how great the volun-
agent, Plastridge, to find out
how the glitch happened and
fees and has a significant mort- continue to receive the 1% teers worked in making all the make available to our residents
gage on that unit would plan of the mortgage!! calls but even greater has been the corrected pages.
to receive either six months When you see your repre- your response to missed ap- The renewal sub-committee,
maintenance or one percent of
the mortgage (which ever was
sentative, be sure to say “thank
you very much”! o LLL pointments, sometimes stay-
ing home for days, waiting
for the inspectors to show up.
chaired by Claudette La Bonte,
has begun the process of inter-
viewing prospective agencies

Rescue 211
I’ve been in your position and for our 2011 renewals. It has
I know how frustrating it can been interesting and informa-
be. I can only apologize and tive to see what others have to
Dial 211 for Sunshine Daily Telephone blame myself — I’ll do my offer us in the way of innova-
best to make sure it doesn’t tive packaging and service. We
Reassurance, if you want a friendly phone call happen again. still have a few more candidates
between 7:30 and 5:00 as a checkup. When we receive them, we
will be forwarding them to in-
to consider before we make our
final recommendations.
dividual association presidents Any questions, concerns,
for their use and those of their etc, please call and set up
fellow unit owners. We will an appointment. I’m there at
also be keeping a copy of them regular UCO office hours and
in the UCO office, so they will can be reached at 683-9189.
be accessible to our residents. Have a safe and healthy
We have been getting feed- month. o

AVATAR (PG-13 • 162 min)
Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver
Enter the World. A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon
Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following
his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.
Sun, 8/01, 1:45 pm; Mon, 8/02, 6:45 pm


Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend
Love rules all. Dramatization of the turbulent first years of Queen
Victoria’s rule, and her enduring romance with Prince Albert.
Tue, 8/03, 1:45 pm; Thu, 8/05, 6:45 pm; Sun, 8/08, 1:45 pm;
Mon, 8/09, 6:45 pm; Tue, 8/10, 1:45 pm


Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford
Don’t hope for a miracle. Make one. A drama centered on the
efforts of John and Aileen Crowley to find a researcher who
might have a cure for their two children’s rare genetic disorder.
Thu, 8/12, 6:45 pm; Sun, 8/15, 1:45 pm; Mon, 8/16, 6:45 pm;
Tue, 8/17, 1:45 pm; Thu, 8/19, 6:45 pm

PLAY THE GAME (PG-13 • 105 min)

Andy Griffith, Doris Roberts, Clint Howard
A young ladies’ man teaches his dating tricks to his lonely,
widowed grandfather, and plays his best mind games to meet the
woman of his dreams.
Sun, 8/22, 1:45 pm; Mon, 8/23, 6:45 pm; Tue, 8/24, 1:45 pm;
Thu, 8/26, 6:45 pm; Sun, 8/29, 1:45 pm

EASY VIRTUE (PG-13 • 97 min)

Jessica Biel, Colin Firth
Let’s Misbehave! A young Englishman marries a glamorous
American. When he brings her home to meet the parents, she
arrives like a blast from the future — blowing their entrenched
British stuffiness out the window.
Mon, 8/30, 6:45 pm; Tue, 8/31, 1:45 pm


August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 5

Recap of the Pro-

Active Committee
Safety & Health Workshop
The Workshop was held on Maintenance
George Franklin June 10th and was attended by Dom Guarnagia
Michael Rayber about 125 residents.
A brief presentation was
given by the Officers of the
Committee to review the lat-
est developments of the Golf
Course property and to reit- The Roof Inspections insulation damage, ventila-
Wildlife Is Just That sive animals, as in the case of
erate the Perpetuity Clause What was the big fuss and tion, etc.) and not the condi-
Folks, the title says it all... a resident here being attacked
in documents that were filed ado over the roof inspections tion of the exterior (shingles,
the wildlife is wild. and bitten two weeks ago by a
with Palm Beach County when in mid-June all about? fascia and gutters, etc.). The
In Florida, we are very very mad duck! Do you think
Century Village was first de- The main reason for the roof flat roofs were inspected by
lucky to have some of the most this is funny? Ask the resident.
veloped, which states… “The inspections was because the walking on them, looking
beautiful animals created by She didn’t think so.
area shown in Tract 36 herein use of new roof mitigations for signs of wear, condition
Mother Nature. There are so I also have been contacted
is hereby restricted in perpe- was mandated by the state, of flashing, and condition
many different types of birds by people who told me there
tuity for golf course purposes and our property carrier, Citi- of roof penetrations and air-
I could not even guess at the is a resident feeding raccoons.
only and is the perpetual main- zens, required the new form conditioner fastenings. This
number. This individual thinks it is cute
tenance obligation of Century on renewal. In order to keep was a very cursory inspection,
Just today, driving on the to see the way the animals
Village, Inc. a Florida corpo- insurance costs down, it was in other words, especially of
Perimeter Road, I saw some come to his rear door and beg.
ration, its successors and as- necessary to have our roofs the sloped roofs.
beautiful wading birds. They Last night I saw three raccoons
signs” …which applies to the reinspected. Check Your Filters
were hunting for food. I saw running across the parking lot
current owners of the property The Insurance Committee Cleaning your permanent
blue heron, ibises, egrets, and of the Wellington West pool.
(Fairways LLC), Mr. Andrew hired an inspection company air-conditioner filters bi-
some others whose I do not I hope no one ever gets bitten
Waldman and associates. to perform an observational monthly during this summer
know. I also saw a Muscovy by a raccoon. They can carry
We explained the need for inspection of all roofs, both period of extended operation,
duck being chased away from rabies.
volunteers if the owner of the sloped and flat. Using infor- or replacing paper filters no
some people. Just last month, my build-
golf course goes to the County mation provided by the as- less than bimonthly, can assure
The point of this article is ing spent $500 trapping four
Commissioners to apply for sociations (names and phone you that the air you breathe
that under Florida state law, animals, including raccoons
rezoning; we have to be ready numbers of officers or summer is not harmful to your well-
feeding of some wild animals and possums. We have alliga-
for that. We need petitions replacements), UCO volun- being.
is strictly forbidden. Why? tors also that are being fed by
signed in the Village as well as teers made phone calls to the The choice of filters is
The animals are taught by residents, and this I know is
in the neighboring communi- various associations, starting governed both by price and
their parents to hunt for food illegal. If you are caught, you
ties. We also need volunteers on the day before the inspec- effectiveness. For the money
and fend for themselves. They will be fined under state law.
for a telephone squad. It is not tions began. (generally less than five dol-
also have a natural fear of hu- Please, folks, look at the
too late to sign up to volunteer. The good news is that this lars), pleated paper filters are
mans. When you start to feed animals and enjoy their antics
If you can help, please call will soon be all behind us, and your best choice. If you were
these animals, they lose their and beauty, but leave them
Sandy Cohen at 688-1351. We the new mitigation reports, to disassemble one, you would
fear of people and rely on us alone! Do not feed them!
also discussed ways to find in- to be distributed in due time, find that the unfolded surface
for food. This can make for Until next time, be safe out
vestors to re-establish a viable will help keep our insurance area is approximately twice
some very angry and aggres- there! o
golf course. costs down. The cost for these the area of the assemblage.
Please contact us with any inspections, at a wholesale The porosity is such that par-

Attention Residents suggestions you may have to cost for the Village, was a ticulates — except for those
market the property as a golf bargain: only $45 per associa- that a person with allergies
All visitors must be called in at the front course. tion, which should save each would want to avoid — are
gate. Call 689-1759 to put their name in the Honey Sager, VP association and its owners trapped in the folds.
system. Sandy Cohen, Secy thousands of dollars over the Your fatigue may be due
Visitors must show ID and tell the guard the Pro-Active Committee coming years. to the lack of usable oxygen
apartment that they are going to. Tell them this How Thorough Was the and excessive carbon dioxide.
is the procedure for entrance in Century Village. Inspection? Enjoyment comes from com-
The answer to this is: not fort in an environment that
thorough enough to put off promotes active living. Don’t
• SCREEN REPLACEMENT having your roofs inspected overlook an inexpensive fix
• REPAIR WORK • GLASS TINTING by a competent roofing com- that will benefit you and ulti-
pany, because this inspection mately your good health.

20% OFF 20% OFF

was done primarily for insur- Future articles will discuss
ance purposes. The two-story, preventive steps associations
pitched-roof attics were in- can take to keep their build-
spected for internal compo- ings (all aspects, including
WINDOW TINTING nent condition (wood truss roofs) and grounds in good
rotting, rusting connectors, shape. o

Handyman Repair Work

Replace: Vinyl Windows: Torn or old looking
Window Screens
Porch screening Waterproof screening CRAIG THE HANDYMAN
2008-07499 Window Cleaning 2008-07498
No Job Too Big, No Job Too Small, One Call Does It All.

SOLAR ENERGY CONTROL • Locks • Lightbulbs Changed • AC & Water Filters • Phone
& Electronic Hookups and much more

561-968-7520 Honest, Reliable & Dependable Service Guaranteed

• Family Owned • Professionals

• FREE Estimates Since 1974
& Operated 561-333-8961
Page 6 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Safety and Parking Driver’s Safety:

Safety was a major consid-
A Good Cause for
eration to me when I purchased All Villagers
The official newspaper of Century Village in CV. Now, my friends are no By Toni Salometo
24 Camden A, West Palm Beach, FL 33417 longer asked for ID when they You know I’ve always told
Tel: 561-683-9336 • Fax: 561-683-2830 drive through the gate. Why you the truth, and so I must
has security lessened? fess up to the fact that I played
Email: The medical building wants hooky from UCO on Friday
Office hours: 9:30 am-12:00 noon, Mon-Fri to build a parking garage. Are the 9th of July. I really didn’t
Acting Editor-in-Chief..........................................Syd Kronish the doctors in the building and want to, but I have a friend
Editors.................................... Joe Saponaro, June Saponaro Walgreens allowed to call “pa- who wouldn’t get off my back
The “Mail Bag” sec-
Business Coordinator, Advertising.......... Phyllis Siegelman tient guests” into the Village? about me going to the Driver’s
Pre-Press Coordinator....................................John Saponaro
tion of the UCO Re- If so, that is not a benefit to Safety class. She kept saying
Layout Coordinator...................................... Myron Silverman porter represents the residents as the gates will be I could save some money on
Photo Editor, Consultant..........................................Ken Graff OPINIONS OF THE much more crowded and more my auto insurance and I could
Staff............................................... Elaine Brown, Lanny Howe AUTHOR ONLY. UCO “visitors” will be roaming the learn some “stuff.”
Artist.................................................................... Helen Siegler supports the publication Village and using its facilities. She wore me down and
Consultant......................................................... Toni Salometo Thank you in advance for I signed up to attend. I was
of the diverse opinions
Circulation............Seacrest, Pruitt, Gallagher, CMC, Apogee any information that you advised to take a light lunch
of our residents, and will might be able to provide. (I guess that leaves out the
(your property managers)
endeavor to continue to Beth Baker meatball hero I was planning
To Be Accepted......items must display name, address, phone #.
publish opinions which on) and off I went to class.

Classified Ads for CV Residents Only: may be considered in- It was a small class, about
Personal items for sale or wanted may be listed flammatory but not de- a dozen people, who spread
out in Classroom C in the
on a “space available” basis, FREE of charge. famatory.
Clubhouse and got set to learn,
(Submit on 8.5" by 11" paper.)
Budget Concerns for six hours, a bunch of good
Submissions & Articles...... Please type in caps and lower case, Many of you may have “stuff.” I was lucky, I met
double spaced, any item. “Space available” basis. Email preferred. noticed that the fountains in Apathy Is Not an another friend and I figured,
Deadlines........... 7th of each month (call about special problems). front of the Clubhouse are Option with her help, I could make it
now operating during the day. A report published in the through.
Visit your Web site: Well, guess what? It wasn’t
The cost of electricity for run- recent issue of the UCO Re-
so bad. The instructor, Barbara

ning them during the daylight porter indicates that 164 as-
hours is approximately $500 a sociations did not bother to Zengage, was experienced,
month. On a yearly basis, that send their delegates to the June interesting and knowledgeable
2102 West Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33417 amounts to $6,000. I feel that 4 Delegate Assembly Meeting. about “Coaching the Mature
UCO Office: Tel 561-683-9189 • Fax 561-683-9904 this is a waste of our money, This means that half the as- Driver,” the name of our class.
Office Hours: Mon-Thu 9am-1pm • Fri 12 noon-4pm especially since UCO’s budget sociations of our Village did We tested our knowledge
will increase substantially next not participate in this monthly of spotting driving hazards,
President: David Israel
President Emeritus: George Loewenstein year because we will no longer meeting. good defensive driving habits,
Vice Presidents: Sal Bummolo, Frank Cornish, receive the monthly payment This is not the first time we maintaining our vehicles and
Bob Marshall, Phyllis Richland from Marc Levy of $100,000. find this lack of interest — and working with the changes that
Treasurer: Dorothy Tetro This is the result of the settle- I am afraid it is not the last advancing age places on our
Corresponding Secretary: Avis Blank ment negotiated after the re- time either. physical reactions to driving
Recording Secretary: construction of the Clubhouse. Please, consider: We dis- situations. We all exchanged
Community Assn. Mgr.: Rodger Carver That amounts to $1,200,000 cuss, we vote on important tales of good and bad driving
Administrative Assistant: Mary Patrick Benton next year, divided by 7,854 issues, be it financial, or bylaw experiences and before I knew
Office Manager: Mary Patrick Benton units, would amount to about changes or security — with it, the class was finished.
UCO-Business Coordinator: Edie Levine $12.50 increase per month, half the Village absent. I wouldn’t want to do it
Office Assistants: Sandy Levine, Maria Levy, barring any other increase in These meetings, with only every week, but once every
Florence Pires, Isabelle Scherel, Irv Small, WPRF’s budget. Would it not half the associations partici- three years isn’t too much time
Joyce Weberman, Marcia Ziccardy make sense to save the $500 pating, are still considered to refresh your driving skills.
Receptionists: Sidele Bushaikin, each month and use this sav- legal, so long as we have a The cost is $15, and I just
Sonia Goldberg, Natalie Hauptman, Claudette LaBonte, ings to help offset next year’s quorum of delegates. called my carrier Geico and
Beverly Lyne, Marie Oliver, Ron Massa assessments? Maybe we should consider my $15 is going to earn me a
Speaking of budgets, UCO’s changing our quorum require- $120 reduction each year for
Executive Board budget will also see some in- ments. the next three years. And, that
David Bernstein Claudette LaBonte creases since this year’s bud- Time for a change? my friends, is called a win-win
Bettie Bleckman Al McLaughlin
Randall Borchardt Haskell Morin get was partially offset by the Kurt Weiss situation.
Carol Castro Michael Rayber doorway fee (a onetime pay- So, if you haven’t done

Sandy Cohen Honey Sager ment) received from Comcast. it before, take advantage of
Barbara Cornish Toni Salometo
George Franklin Joe Saponaro Not only will that fall away in the opportunity. Watch for
Roberta Fromkin Howie Silver 2011, but Comcast is entitled the next class in the UCO
Louise Gerson Isabelle Scherel to a 5% increase. Our security Goodbye to a Friend Reporter, or call Courtney at
Dom Guarnagia Myron Silverman the Clubhouse. It is time and
Lanny Howe Ted Silverman firm also has an increase clause We are sorry to say that
Jackie Karlan Lori Torres in its contract. I believe it is the last week we lost a very good money well-spent. o
Syd Kronish Jeanette Veglia responsibility of all residents friend, Jack Spund.
The United Civic Organization Reporter is published
monthly without charge to the residents of Century Village,
to review UCO’s budget and
satisfy themselves that all the
Jack died in New York, sur-
rounded by his family.
Official Notice
West Palm Beach, FL.
The United Civic Organization, aka UCO, is a Mutual Ben-
efit Organization. Its officers, directors, editors, staff, and any
listed expenditures are justified.
In this era of economic
He was a kind, gentle per-
son. UC O B u d ge t
hardship for many of the resi-
committee people are not responsible for typographical errors
or misrepresentations in any advertisements or articles. They dents, it is incumbent upon the
He was a religious man,
went to synagogue daily. Workshop,
are not responsible and assume no liability for the content of, elected officers of UCO to do He was a volunteer in the
or any opinions expressed in, any contributed articles which
represent the author’s own opinions are not necessarily the
everything in their power to
minimize the expenditures.
Investigation department of September 14, 9:30
opinion of UCO. Acceptance of advertising for products or UCO.
services in no way constitutes an official endorsement of
the product or service.
George Loewenstein
UCO President Emeritus
He was a pleasure to know
and we will miss you.
am, Classroom C.
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 7

Did You Know named his Nightmare on Elm …the VHS VCR ceased to
Street villain Freddy Krueger be manufactured as of 2007?
That… after a bully he knew in school? **********
COP: …the casino device known ********** …the wife of Rutherford B.
Citizen Observer Patrol as a “shoe” was invented by …before he was Captain Hayes refused to serve alcohol
Vol. Maj. John Scarne, an authority on Kangaroo, Bob Keeshan was in the White House?
card games, to reduce cheat- Clarabelle the Clown in How- **********
Evelyn Leibowitz ing? dy Doody? …cutoff denim shorts worn
********** ********** by women are nicknamed
…Kansas City is the one …the Bic pen was invented “Daisy Dukes” after the char-
city in the U.S. that is split in by a Frenchman named Bich acter in the show The Dukes of
The COP Program, an thieves know that we are out two and possessed in part by who altered the spelling of his Hazzard?
Underestimated Essential watching for them. Cypress two states (Kansas and Mis- name to avoid confusion with **********
to our Security Lakes, Lakeside Green and souri)? a profane expression? …in China, the cellphone
It has been a long time since Golden Lakes, our nearest ********** ********** watch — a version of the Dick
I last communicated with you. neighbors, all have COP units. …the disease rubella is also …the Nike “swoosh” logo Tracy two-way radio — is
Our Century Village Citi- If we were to discontinue COP, known as “German measles” serves a practical purpose: It reality?
zens Observer Patrol program it is not hard to guess which because German doctors first gives support to its sneakers? **********
(COP) has been running well, community’s crime rate would discovered it? ********** …before writing novels
but in the summer months we increase. ********** …M&M’s, the candy that like The Da Vinci Code, Dan
have a shortage of people, How to Join the Civilian …citizens band radio, pop- “melts in your mouth, not in Brown was a songwriter?
as many of our members are Observer Patrol (COP) ular during the 70s, required a your hand,” was created to **********
snowbirds. We were almost To join our COP unit, you license for use at the time, but give soldiers a low-impact …of all the justices on the
at the point where the sher- need to fill out an application not today? treat? Supreme Court, Hugo Black,
iff’s office was going to have and get fingerprinted at the ********** ********** Robert Jackson, William
to close our Century Village Pine Trail Sheriff’s Office at …the TV networks re- …of all the Presidents, only Douglas, William Rehnquist
unit, because we were unable Okeechobee Boulevard and corded over the tapes of early Calvin Coolidge was born on and Lewis Powell were not
to get anyone to fill the officer Military Trail. You bring the daytime programming; this the Fourth of July? lower court judges before
positions. Thankfully, Shel- completed application to the is why samples of the 1960s ********** nomination?
don Spiegel and Richard Ray Cresthaven and Military Trail Match Game and Hollywood …“guyliner” refers to eye- **********
stepped forward and accepted Sheriff’s Office, which is two Squares are rare? liner used by men? …entertainment empires
the jobs, enabling us to keep blocks south of Forest Hill ********** ********** take copyright so seriously,
the unit going. Boulevard. There, your picture …Time magazine began its …heel cups can correct they electronically put barri-
Cutbacks Due To Economic will be taken and you will be “Man of the Year” tradition in plantar fasciitis — a pain in ers on CDs and DVDs so that
Hard Times issued an I.D. badge. You will 1927 to make up for not hav- the heel? songs and movies can’t be
Funds have been cut to be required to attend a single- ing aviator Charles Lindbergh ********** copied?
many agencies in these eco- session, three-hour class to on the cover that week? …autism is a lifelong ge- **********
nomic hard times. The sher- learn the dos and don’ts, fol- ********** netic disorder? …if a shoe is squeaky, it
iff’s office was cut by $51 lowing which you will be is- …director Wes Craven ********** may be defective? o
million. Hiring has been cur- sued your badge and shirt.
tailed and hours have been
shortened. When these things
The rest of your training
is done in the Village by a
August Open Meetings
occur, crime goes up. We field-training officer. You can Date Time Group Location
in Century Village are very be paired with another driver 8/2/10 1:30 pm Executive Board Room B
lucky. Any deputy will tell you or you can opt to drive alone.
that because of our security When there are two drivers, 8/6/10 9:30 am Delegate Assembly Theater
people and COP program, we you share the driving time. 8/6/10 1:00 pm Editorial Committee UCO Office
have kept major crime out of There is a meeting on the
our community. Deputies will second Thursday of each 8/6/10 2:00 pm Security Committee UCO Office
tell you that communities that month in the Clubhouse, 8/10/10 9:30 am Transportation Committee Room B
do not have a COP program where a deputy tells everyone
are not so fortunate. I was told what is happening in the Vil-
8/13/10 10:00 am Maintenance Committee Room A
just last Friday that a very ex- lage and outside the Village. 8/17/10 10:00 am Insurance Committee UCO Office
pensive community has homes When driving the sheriff’s
8/26/10 10:00 am Officers UCO Office
broken into every day. Many COP car, we are allowed to
homes are in foreclosure and go outside the Village within 8/30/10 1:30 pm Executive Board Room B
have been left vacant. Thieves a two-mile radius. We can 8/31/10 10:00 am Operations Committee UCO Office
are going in on a daily basis cover the shopping parking
and stealing whatever they can lots on Haverhill Street and 9/3/10 9:30 am Delegate Assembly Theater
carry out. Okeechobee Boulevard and 9/3/10 1:00 pm Editorial Committee UCO Office
With a shortage of depu- the Publix shopping center on
ties and a hiring freeze, we Community Drive to protect 9/3/10 2:00 pm Security Committee UCO Office
need the help of our residents our residents.
to keep our paradise safe. I hope you will join us. If
The Citizens Observer Patrol you would like to speak to me,
Program is the eyes and ears I can be reached at 697-9413.
of the sheriff’s department. If I am not at home, leave
We are provided with a sher- a message and your phone
iff’s vehicle that has a police number, and I will call back.
scanner, a radio and mike to If you would like an applica-
contact our own dispatchers, tion for the COP, I will see
and a 911 cell phone to call that you get one. Join and
for help. Deputies are sent in meet interesting neighbors
as soon as we call. We report who come from all walks of
anyone or anything that we life. UCO fully supports this
feel is suspicious. Our vehicle program, even paying for the
with its light lets potential gas for our vehicle. o
Page 8 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Policy of
The Reporter
• All articles and advertising
Anita J. Cruz must be submitted via Health
VP, WPRF, Inc. email to ucoreporterwpb@ Michael Rayber
• Classified ads are free of
charge to all CV residents
and must show the name
Recent days have seen (unanimous vote for a “no and address of the con­ Ambulance and 911 Calls how you feel.
tempers flaring about various refund” ticket policy in tributor. They are printed In much of the country, This response is probably
policies in effect here in Cen- January, 2010), together when you dial 911, what you not appropriate for a cold that
on a space available basis.
tury Village. As a result, I have with directives regarding get is an ambulance. Here in you have had for two weeks
Personals, if accepted, Palm Beach County, the fire and your doctor will not see
received some scathing letters show changes. This latest
from residents and had a few item became a hot topic are assured of inclusion department has gone into the you immediately. Remember,
heated meetings in an attempt after one of our June shows in the paper. ambulance business. you can drive to the emer-
to diffuse this unnecessary was changed. • Filler items — original The system is confusing. gency room, or ask a neighbor
anger. These are just a few exam- items are preferred over Each local town has their own to take you. You can also just
This month’s article will ad- ples of the type of policies that those taken from another system, which consists of hav- call the ambulance direct.
dress those issues directly and I the UCO Operations Com- source. Items which are ing their own fire department, Your insurance and ambulance
hope that when finished reading, mittee sets and WPRF, Inc. not original must show contracting with county fire, or contract will still cover you.
you have a better understand- enforces. The residents gained source and permission to contracting with an ambulance It is not true that you will
ing of why we have policies in a great deal of power with the company. be seen sooner if you arrive
place, who is responsible for Millennium Agreement, and A popular system is what by ambulance. The choice of
• Deadline for submission we have here in the Village. hospital is important. You will
setting policies, and what part with that power, among other
I play in policies as Vice Presi- things, they gained the right of articles and ads is the We have a combination of fire be treated by the emergency
dent of WPRF, Inc. to set all policies. So if you sev­enth (7th) of the month. and ambulance. Some com- room doctor, not your personal
The UCO Operations Com- contact me regarding a policy • Material signed by a munities leave the system and doctor.
mittee sets policy and WPRF that you disagree with, please pseu­donym or unsigned contract for their own private It does not matter where
enforces it. Every month I know that I am going to refer will not be accepted. ambulance. your doctor belongs. Many
meet with the UCO Opera- you to those who set the policy • The acceptance of an ad We need to understand our insurance companies have a
tions Committee to discuss you disagree with. I hope that does not constitute an en­ system and make proper use special doctor to take care of
all management-related issues this has clarified the two very dorsement of the product of it. The first thing to think you in the hospital. Unless
with the committee and keep distinct roles that WPRF and about is what a real emer- the call is life-threatening,
or service offered.
them abreast of their WPRF UCO have here. gency is. The 911 system is you have the right to go to
• The acceptance of an only for real life-threatening any hospital you want. If the
financial status, repairs, ex- I would like to take a mo-
penditures, complaints and ment to thank all of those resi- article or an ad and its emergencies. The rescue unit call is life-threatening, the fire
various other topics. These dents who do not participate position in the paper is comes code 3, which means department will transport you
meetings take anywhere from with those who thrive on dis- at the discretion of the lights and sirens. The standard themselves. They will only
one hour to over three hours, sention and anger. Most of our editors who reserve the that is expected is six minutes. take you to the closest hospital.
and this committee tells me residents are kind, considerate right to edit all articles. The ambulance follows and is If the ambulance transports,
what changes, if any, they are and appreciative of the work • The UCO Reporter does expected to arrive in ten min- you can go to any hospital.
making in current policy. For that my staff and I do here, and not endorse, support or utes. This response is danger- Remember, Wellington Hos-
example, in the recent past, it is unfortunate that just a few promote any person or ous and can cause accidents pital is our largest, with the
the UCO Operations Commit- choose to raise their voices to along the way. This response most doctors; Columbia is the
political party, whether it
tee has changed their policy us without first getting their is needed if you think you may smallest. Once the fire depart-
be within Century Village be having a heart problem or ment or ambulance checks you
regarding: facts straight.
• Saturday night dances If I can provide you with or outside campaigns. stroke. This is also reasonable out, do not let them bully you
(moved to Sundays and then any other information about • Paid ads will be accepted to deal with a fall, or difficulty into going to the hospital. It is
moved back to Saturdays — policies here in Century Vil- on a month-to-month breathing. You have to decide your decision. o
March 2010); lage, please feel free to stop by basis.
• Guest policy for local guests my office anytime when you Main Clubhouse: August Classes
(changed to a $3 “Day are in the Clubhouse or give All Classes Are NOT Final, and Are Subject to Change
Pass” in addition to current my office a call. Feel free also Monday Classes
$3 “Entertainment Fee” to just stop by and say hello — Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
charged for guest tickets — my door is always open to you.
Buddhist Med Ongoing Free 4:30-5:30 pm Class A/B Peter
February 2010); and Enjoy the rest of this long,
Plastic Canvas 8/9 $16/4w 1:30-2:30 pm Sewing Rm Dot
• Ticket refund policies hot summer, and be well. o
Tuesday Classes
Attention Residents Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
All visitors must be called in at the front gate. Call 689- Ceramics 8/31 $36/6w 9:30-11 am Ceramics Gert
1759 to put their name in the system. Line Dance 8/17 $10/4w 10-11 am Party Charlotte
Visitors must show ID and tell the guard the apart-
ment that they are going to. Tell them this is the proce- Wednesday Classes
dure for entrance in Century Village. Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Beginner's Folk Dance 7/28 $12/4w 10-11 am Party Sylvia

Thursday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Paint Workshop 8/5 $18/4w 9:30-11 am Art Adler
Tai-Chi 8/5 $16/4w 10-11 am Hastings Ziffer
Canasta 8/5 $17/4w 10-12 noon Card Rm A/B Passman
Line & Country 8/12 $10/4w 10-11 am Party Sylvia
Buddhist Med Ongoing Free 4:30-5:30 pm Class A/B Peter

Friday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Ceramics 9/3 $36/6w 9:30-11 am Ceramics Gert
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 9

Stay in
CERT: Touch:
Community Emergency
Response Team
Watch Safety
George Franklin
Jackie Karlan Channel 63
Your Channel 63
Team has modified
Hurricane Preparedness and prioritize them. When it is
the way Channel 63 Very Important items, may they be firearms,
The National Hurricane safe to be outside, members of displays all information. Hi everyone...this column is ammunition, uniforms, knives,
Center will declare a Hur- the CERT Team will be at the We are currently extremely important. swords, and in the case of this
ricane Watch 48 hours before UCO office receiving resident running all informa- On July 30 very late in the article, an explosive device.
a storm occurs. Listen to your calls. Remember to use the evening, there was a check The basis of this is that a live
radio or TV for this informa- “After the Storm Recovery
tion within a 25 min- made by the Sheriff’s Depart- explosive device (Bazooka
tion. Check your supplies at Evaluation Form” and report ute schedule that ment in one of our associations. Rocket, Grenade, Flare) of that
this time. When a Hurricane the following information: repeats all day. It appears that an individual age is very dangerous and
Warning is issued 36 hours be- number of residents on site, This includes the with Alzheimer’s was missing. could be extremely unstable.
fore the storm, close your win- building damage and other When the Deputies entered the If you discover or remember
dows, secure your hurricane help you require. As we gather
Village Report, The unit and started to look around, that you have any device that
shutters, remove furniture information, we will be able Happenings, All they found what appeared to be you may think is dangerous,
from your patio and continue to move through the Village Classes available at the time a live World War II please call me (471-9929) so
listening to the radio or TV for helping our residents until the currently, all Clubs/ explosive device. that we may determine what if
updated information. first responders arrive. Now, those of you who live anything should be done.
If you are planning to evac- A hurricane may come
Organizations, UCO around the affected area know Now those worries are put
uate, leave at least three days this season. Don’t be com- meetings and all what happened next. The Sher- to rest, firearms and knives
before a storm occurs. Be placent; be prepared. Learn public service an- iff’s Bomb Squad was called; and swords and uniforms of
sure to notify a neighbor that all you can in an informal nouncements. the Fire Rescue was called; course are not dangerous.
you are leaving and tell them friendly setting. many high ranking Sheriff’s Ammunition takes a very, very
where you are going. Turn Attend our CERT monthly
Please take time Deputies were on scene with long time to become unstable.
off your water and all circuit meetings and learn how to to view this NEW ap- more than I could count emer- I have already shot ammuni-
breakers. help yourself and your neigh- proach and then gency vehicles of all types. tion that was over 80 years
The Police, Fire Depart- bors when a hurricane or a give us your critique. People were removed from old without problems. Now,
ment, Sheriff’s Department disaster strikes our Village. their units. In other words, grenades, rockets, or other
and CERT Team will not ven- All meetings are held in the
All suggestions we had a potential for a major devices that you are not famil-
ture out if the wind is above CV Clubhouse Art Room. Our will be reviewed disaster. iar with should not be moved.
forty miles per hour. The next meeting will be on July and we hope to im- Many of you are World War Call me so that we may deter-
police will answer 911 calls 19, 3:00 pm. o plement any new II veterans, and as such, at the mine what we can do. If you
end of the war, brought home have any of the other items
recommendations many different types of, shall you wish to discard, I will be
that we receive we say, “war trophies,” or as more than happy to help you
from you. called in the military, “bring in doing so.
Investigations Thanks for your backs.” Over the years, these Again, please be extremely
trophies were forgotten, stored careful, and if you have some-
Louise Gerson participation. away, and when they passed thing, call again 471-9929.
Your Channel 63 away, their widows have un- Thanks, and everyone please,
Team knowingly lived with these be safe out there!!! o

WordFind: Eva Marie Saint

We have a great team of
dedicated volunteers. Many
needed from our attorney. It
would be better for those as-
• All Fall Down
thank yous to Al, Carol, Char- sociations with ten days to • Emmy
lie, Dave, Delroy, Ed, Max, contact Randy Borchardt at
Mildred and Sandy for taking UCO for help rewriting their • Exodus
care of business while our
other team members are up
When you see a problem
• Grand Prix
North with families. with an investigation regard- • Newark
Most associations have ing financial and/or criminal
written in their documents a problems, please act on it im- • Northwest
30 day time frame to decide on
individuals being investigated.
mediately with your board and
get back to us quickly.
• Oscar
However, there are still a few Hope you like our new way • Our Town
associations that only have ten of handling the applications. It
days to complete and decide makes it easier for everyone. • Page
on their investigations. Ten
days are really not enough
Come in and see me with
any questions. 
• Sandpiper
time, especially if there are In the meantime, keep • Screen
problems and an opinion is “cool.” o
• Stage
Notice • Waterfront
Due to many opinions on the same topic, • Winn Dixie
The lovely actress (born 1924) has had a long
we must limit letters to the editor to 250 words
history in Broadway and Hollywood. You know
and will accept both sides of opinions in order
the drill: Find words associated with her in the
to provide a fair and balanced paper.
above puzzle.
The Editors Answers on Page 31
Page 10 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Community Converter Box
Relations Return Safe Chair Pro Tem
For the convenience of
Ted Silverman our unit owners, Comcast
Ed Black
has placed a large silver
colored box across the
parking area in front of the
UCO office. As Barbara Cornish wrote in her column last month, she
I have the honor and plea- a Thank-You for their past
will be away for July, August and part of September. I shall be
sure to report to you that participation. To date, State The purpose of this box is
filling in as interim chair for her. I know that I have big shoes
we have a ninth centenarian Representative Mark Pafford to save our unit owners the
to fill as she has been doing an excellent job as Transportation
whom we will honor at this and School Board Member cost of a technician visit in Chair.
year’s Dessert Buffet. Paulette Burdick have in- case you must return your I look forward to your comments and recommendations and
Helen Sisselman will be formed us that they will attend. Cable Converter Box. know with the committee’s support we will continue to be the
100 years young this August. Eileen Pearlman is prepar- Why might you have to best Transportation System anywhere.
Congratulations, Helen, and ing a special letter to President
return your Converter? You may also send comments to our Transportation Gmail
welcome to the party. Obama informing him of the
Perhaps you have sold account, o
Letters, letters and letters: festivities on Thursday, Oc-
We have been busy mailing tober 28, at 1:00 p.m. in our your unit and need to re-
thank-you letters to those Clubhouse. We are requesting turn the box which you
businesses who supported us that his representative write to signed for, or perhaps you
last year. Good news to date each centenarian. are a seasonal renter, and
— the following local busi- The Community Relations do not wish to leave the Recipes
nesses have agreed to help Committee — Dorothy Brier, Converter in the unit over
once again. Kathy Guarnagia, Phyllis Fr- the summer. Avis Blank
Riverside Bank will pay for ishberg, Jackie Karlan, Maria Simply bring your Con-
the mailing and printing of Levy, Eileen Pearlman, Myrna
verter to the safe, wrap
our invitations, and the large Schecter and Lori Torres — will
“Happy Birthday” cake. Rob- once again make the Dessert it in the bubble wrap pro-
ert, of Roberto’s Painting & Buffet special for our people. vided and drop it in. My Recipe for a life in heaven on my birthday.
Repair, has agreed to contrib- If you know of a Century If the converter box Happy Life I am a great believer that
ute the same amount as he did Villager who is 100 or older, return safe is not used, The last few years have when one door closes in life’s
last year. Walgreens Pharmacy please inform me of the per- Comcast will remove it. been very stressful, especially journey, another door opens to
will donate a $25 Walgreens son’s name, address, date of Then in order to return a last July and August. show the way.
gift card to each centenarian. birth and telephone number. converter, you will have My husband wasn’t well My plan this year is to cel-
Approximately 12 elect- This can be done by mail or and he passed away last ebrate my birthday at an ocean
to call a Technician which
ed officials have received telephone call to UCO. o August four days before resort. I can hear Morry’s
will cost up to $39.00 or his birthday and two days voice telling me, as he always
you will have to take it to
Just Move Over 1401 Northpoint Parkway,
before mine. has in the past, “Don’t worry
It’s the law: If an emergency vehicle (police car, Many people said it was about me. Go out and enjoy
ambulance, fire engine, tow truck) is in your lane, move to return it in person. horrible that he was interred yourself.”
over two lanes IF YOU CAN; if you can’t, just slow down. Dave Israel on my birthday, but I felt that Thank you, Morry.
since we always celebrated Thank you to my Century
our birthdays together, I would Village Family who sup-
celebrate the beginning of my ported me during this very
new life on earth and his new trying time. o

Family Owned &

Operated Since 1980

Celebrating our 30th Year

PVC • Woods • Faux Woods • Woven Woods • Shutters
Visit Our Workroom & Showroom
Convenient In-Home Appointments

Mon-Fri 9-4
24 Hour
6001 Georgia Ave. Suite 10 • West Palm Beach
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 11

We deliver
deliver for
for FREE
Century Village Location
Century Village Location
All orders called in by 2:00PM will be delivered same day
All orders called in by 2:00PM will be delivered same day
after 2:30PM Monday through Friday
Free delivery with 2:30PM
minimum Monday
order of through
$20. Call (561) 697-9670Friday
for more information.
Free delivery with minimum order of $20. Call (561) 697-9670 for more information.

We Deliver These & More! FREE GREEN BAG COUPON

We Deliver These & More! FREE GREEN BAG COUPON
Walkers Milk & Eggs Free Walgreens green bag
Wheelchairs Milk &Items
Grocery Eggs Free
withWalgreens green bag
any purchase.
Incontinence Grocery Items
Paper Towels Valid onlywith any purchase.
at Century Village Location
Incontinence Paper Valid Expiration:
only at Century Village Location
Diabetic Supplies Toilet Towels
Paper Expiration: 8/31/2010
Cases SuppliesLaundryToilet
of Water Paper
00000 01122 8
Cases of Water Laundry Detergent 0
0 00000 01122 8

Shingles Vaccine Available Daily

Shingles Vaccine Available Daily
Free Blood Pressure Screening
Free Blood Pressure Screening
Flu Shots Available September 1
Flu Shots Available September 1
Page 12 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Care— ClosetotoYou
– Close You
Internal Medicine/Geriatrics Gynecology Echocardiogram
Cardiology Neurology EKG
Dermatology Ophthalmology Laboratory
Endovascular Therapy Orthopaedics Lower Extremity and Carotid Non-Invasive
Gastroenterology Podiatry Vascular Studies
General Surgery Lymphedema Treatment
Nuclear Stress Testing
Nutritional Counseling
Physical/Occupational/Speech Rehab

Walk-ins welcome or call for appointment • M–F 8am-5pm • Accepting new patients • Se habla español

110 Century Blvd • 2nd Floor
Free shuttle transportation to Century Medical Care Center and also to
Good Samaritan Medical Center’s Diagnostic Center

Dr. Henry Katz Vivian Carta-Sanchez Dr. Malli Kamireddy Dr. Tomas Rodriguez-Molinet
Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner Cardiologist Gastroenterologist

Dr. Jeffrey Rubin Dr. Sandra Sanchez Dr. Natalie Sohn Dr. Gerald Zemel
Neurologist General Surgeon Gynecologist Endovascular Specialist

Hospital Affiliations:Good
Samaritan Medical
Medical Center,
Center, St.
St. Maryh’s MedicalCenter,
Mary’s Medical Center,Palm
CM-17736 CVR Ad FP_Layout 1 6/7/10 4:40 PM Page 1 August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 13

CareServices inCentury
Services in CenturyVillage

Henry A. Katz, MD Vivian Carta-Sanchez, ARNP

Specializes in Internal Medicine Specializes in Geriatric Care
Se habla español

Walk-ins welcome or call for appointment • M–F 8am-5pm • Accepting new patients

110 Century Blvd • 2nd Floor
Free shuttle transportation within Century Village and also to
Good Samaritan Medical Center’s Diagnostic Center

Hospital Affiliations:Good
Page 14 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

gives the order to use live

fire in self-defense. Tragi-
cally, lives are lost.
Kurt’s Sound far-fetched? Not at From the Desk of
all. It’s what happened this
Opinions week. Just substitute Hamas Commissioner
Kurt Weiss for the Taliban, and Israel Jeff Koons
for the U.S.”
Lately, I also heard that
Iran is preparing another
Peace Flotillas June 1, 2010 “Peace” Flotilla, which will
I closely followed the di- Imagine that a group of ac- try to break the blockade. 2010 Legislative Session: dispatching services was ap-
verse columns in the vari- tivists declares solidarity with This might get to be Some Wins, Some Losses proved during the regular
ous papers and programs in the Taliban. ugly and I wonder who of At our June 8 Board of session, but was vetoed by the
other media, dealing with the They organize a convoy to Israel’s friends will take County Commissioners meet- governor.
“Peace Flotilla.” Nothing has bring them supplies. Israel’s side. ing, we received a final report Here is a rundown of other
changed. From former Presi- The activists include both I do not often agree on the 2010 Florida Legisla- significant items approved this
dent Carter to the other Israel pacifists and people with ties with Prime Minister Ne- tive Session. Considering the year:
haters, there was a chorus of to terror groups. tanyahu’s policies. I am, extremely tight budget situa- • ETHICS REFORM —
denunciation of what Israel did The U.S. says it won’t allow however, of the opinion tion in Tallahassee, I think we Palm Beach County has
to prevent some ships — one at the convoy to reach the Tal- that no Israeli government did pretty well this year. A become a leader in enacting
least flying the flag of Turkey iban, who are sworn enemies. should allow the transfer total of 14 bills that had Palm strict ethics rules and regu-
— from transferring material But the Americans add, de- of materials to the Gaza Beach County support were lations for public officials
to Hamas, other than after in- posit the supplies with us and Strip and the Hamas terri- signed into law, including and employees. We sup-
spection in the Israel Port of we’ll check them. Everything tories there without previ- four sponsored by our locally ported a new state law that
Ashdod. Israel installed the humanitarian will be handed ous inspection. elected lawmakers. Our lobby- doubles the fines from $500
blockade to ascertain that no over to the Taliban. Rest assured — the at- ing team also was successful to $1,000 and increases jail
armaments and material which The activists refuse. They tempts by ships flying the in getting a number of ap- time from 60 days to up
would enable Hamas to build are determined to undermine Iranian flag can expect the propriation requests discussed to one year for those who
or repair military installations the American position. and approved. violate the public trust.
same treatment.
will reach Hamas. They go forward. U.S. From a personal standpoint, • CHILD CARE HOMES —
Remember Ahmadinejad.
Few were the voices who troops stop them. Some activ- my top priority, a dedicated This law amends the way
He wants to erase Israel
spoke up in defense of Israel. ists respond peacefully; others funding source for Tri-Rail, the county licenses child
from the face of the earth.
A few days ago, I received a pull out weapons and attack was approved by lawmakers care homes. It establishes a
I hope he does not use
letter from the American Jew- the troops. in a special session late last new category called “fam-
Israel’s maintaining the
ish Committee, which I want The U.S. troops try to year. An additional $1 million ily” child care homes, al-
blockade, even when
to bring to your attention, fend off the attackers. But for South Florida Regional lowing up to 12 children to
those trying to break it Transportation Authority op-
verbatim: after they’ve been beaten and be cared for under one roof.
sail under Iran’s auspices, erations, maintenance and
“AJC Radio Message – stabbed, their commander as a casus belli… o Continued on Page 23

Elect A Judge
For The People!
“We are the only country in the world that allows the People to elect
their Judges. Many states, including Florida, give People the right to
elect some of their state court Judges.
Jaimie Goodman is a candidate with real jury trial and
litigation experience. Jaimie has practiced in the areas
I am a lawyer who is independent from the local legal establishment
of Employment Litigation; Employment Discrimination;
and am asking YOU, the People, to decide whether I deserve to be
Age Discrimination; Sexual Harassment; Disability Dis-
your Judge.
crimination; Retaliatory Discharge; and Wrongful Ter-
I made the decision that my campaign would not solicit or accept
contributions from any attorneys, people or business interests be-  Over 27 years of real Litigation Experience - 24 years
cause I believe judicial campaign contributions, especially from in jury trials - the longest of all candidates in the race
attorneys, have gotten out of hand.  Admitted to Florida Bar, U.S. District Court, Southern
District of Florida, U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth and
Your faith in an independent judicial system is important to me. It is Eleventh Circuits and United States Supreme Court
for that reason I decided my campaign will not accept any monetary  Cornell Law School, J.D., 1982
contributions from attorneys or anyone else.  Cornell University, B.S., with honors, 1979
 Palm Beach County and American Bar Associations
Hard work, thorough and careful preparation, professional excellence,  The Florida Bar (Member, Labor & Employment Section)
trust and independence have contributed to the success I have achieved  National Employment Lawyers Association
on behalf of my clients. I now want to put these qualities to work for  Million Dollar Advocates Forum
the people of Palm Beach County if I am fortunate enough to earn  Born in Queens, NY in 1957
your vote for the office of Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge.”
Read more about Jaimie at
- Jaimie Goodman

319 Clematis Street, Suite 700, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
Telephone: 561-833-6180  Fax: 561-833-2750  Email:
Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Jaimie Goodman, Non Partisan for Circuit Court Judge, Group #33.
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 15

The Reader’s
Lenore Velcoff

The Shop on Blossom Street her shop. The first customer we

by Debbie Macomber is per- meet is Jacqueline who dislikes
fect summer reading. It was not her new pregnant daughter-in-
very weighty, and of course, it law. She decides to knit a baby
had a happy ending for all. blanket to show her son that she
The author follows four is making an effort to accept his
women through two years of wife. Next there is Carol, who
their lives and their interaction is about to undergo her third
with each other in a knitting and last in-vitro fertilization and
class. Each chapter changes to sees this class as a good omen.
a different character’s point of Finally, there is Alix who, after

Scollo Painting Inc.

view. Sometimes this gave the having trouble with the law, must
book a disjointed feeling. do some court-ordered com-
So we meet Lydia Hoff- munity service. She imagines
man, the owner of a knitting that knitting a baby blanket and
shop who is twice a cancer
survivor; Jacqueline Donovan,
donating it to charity will fill
that bill. Though Lydia is con-
• Painting Interior/Exterior
a judgmental, snobby older
woman; Carol Girard, desper-
cerned that these totally different
women might not get along, they
• Popcorn Removal
ate to have a child; and Alix all become close in ways none of • Knockdown Textures
Townsend, a purple-haired them can imagine.
young woman with anger- What I enjoyed most about • Crown Molding
management problems. this book was that I didn’t
Lydia has just opened her new feel I was being forced to like • Drywall Repairs
business and hopes to draw in
customers by offering a free class
these women or the choices
they made. Though you know John — Cell 561-360-1813
(making a baby blanket). She what is going to happen to
knows that the knitters will buy everyone in Chapter One, it is Licensed & Insured PB Lic #U14183
their supplies for this project at a feel good story. o
Page 16 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010


Put Your Home on More Than
100 Websites with Pictures.


The Farbers are #1 in Sales in Palm Beach County
Rental Specialists for Landlords & Tenants
Professional, Experienced Realtors
Selling in CV for 24 Years
Worldwide Coverage; Never Any
Hidden Fees or Release Fees
Camden P - Furnished Near Pool 10,699 Coventry C - Corner Unfurn Walk to Clubhouse 25,000 Dorchester A - 1/1 2F Furnished 400
Canterbury A - Central Air Unfurnished 11,900 Chatham O - Tile Floors Unfurnished Reduced 24,900
Salisbury D - Walk to Clubhouse/Temple 12,900 Sussex L - All Tile Walk In Shower Corner 34,900 Andover C - 1/1 2F Furnished 425
Easthampton B - Furnished Near East gate 12,900 Windsor N - Corner Laminated Fl Furn 39,900 Windsor O - 1/1 Up Beautiful 450
Waltham G - Furnished Near East gate 12,900 Kent B - Corner Furnished Lakevu Spotless 49,900
Windsor R - Unfurnished Close to Pool 13,900 Andover J - 1/1½ 2F Corner C/A 500
Berkshire F - Furnished Nice Area 16,900 UPPER FLOOR 2 BED 1 & 1½ BATH Windsor B - 1/1 2F Tile Near Pool 450
Coventry H - Corner Tile Price Reduction 24,900 Camden I - 1/1 2F Unfurnished Top Condition 450
Kent F - Furnished Pool 11,900 Dorchester G - Tile Furnished Enclosed Patio 34,900 Windsor M - 1/1 2F Furnished Tile 450
Salisbury F - Unfurnished Near East gate 11,900 Sussex D - 1/1 2F Furnished Tile 450
Berkshire F - Tile Floors Nice Area 15,900 GROUND FLOOR 2 BED & 2 BATH
Sussex C - Best Buy Furnished 17,900 Golf’s Edge 22 - Unbelievably Priced to Sell 29,900 Windsor O - 1/1½ Renovated 500
Sussex H - 1/1 1F Furnished 500
Sussex C - 1/1 1F Unfurnished 500
Cambridge H - Corner Tile Enclosed Patio 14,900 Golf’s Edge 6 - Cnr Steps to Pool and East gate 39,900
Northampton S - Furnished Steps to Pool 14,900 Wellington E - Cnr Lkvw Part Furn Excel Cond Encl Pat 49,900 Coventry L - 1/1½ Upstairs Corner Lift C/A 500
Northampton C - Wtrvw Enclosed Patio Unfurnished 14,900 Golf’s Edge 23 - Deluxe Furnished Near Pool/East gate 49,900 Cambridge A - 2/1½ 2F Furnished Near Pool 550
Bedford F - Unfurnished 2 Air Conditioners Good Value 15,900 Golf’s Edge 3 - Tile Furnished Corn Encl Patio/East gate 49,900
Kent N - Steps to Pool 17,900 Chatham A - 1/1½ 2F Furnished Lakeview 550
Oxford 200 - Cor Furn Pool Nice Area 51,000
Norwich G - Corner Laminate Floor Furnished 19,900 Golf’s Edge 4 - Unfurn Corner Near East gate Pool 59,900 Stratford C - 2/2 Furnished 750
Southampton B - Furnished Steps to Pool 19,900 Wellington H - Furn 2nd Fl Tile Renovated Lkvws 75,000
Northampton B - Water Rentable Tile Part Furnished 19,900 SEASONAL

Rentals Needed
Cambridge I - Part Furnished Near Pool 22,900 Andover M - 1/1½ 2F Corner Furnished 800
Sheffield O - Corner Furnished 22,900 Wellington L - 1 Bed 1½ Ba 2F Furnished 850
Sheffield D - Lakeview Corner Unfurn Near Fit Ctr 25,000
Salisbury I - Corner Furnished Near East gate 25,000 Somerset J - 2/2 1F WD Lake Pool 1,300

Tenants Waiting
Easthampton G - Tile Tankless WH Near East gate 29,900
Easthampton I - Corner Furnished Near East gate 34,000 GOLDEN LAKES

UPPER FLOOR 1 BED & 1½ BATH Villa - 1.5 Furn Golden Lakes Dr Rent $700 45,900

Calls Received
Southampton C - 3F Enclosed Patio Excellent Price 14,900
Cambridge I - Unfurnished Quiet Location Pool 15,900
Golf’s Edge 25 - Tile & New Carpet Near Private Pool 15,900
Berkshire K - Furn X-Clean Rentable New Fridge 16,500

Daily for Rental Apts

Southampton B - 4 Fl Furnished Large Patio Pool 17,900
Norwich O - Furnished Near Laundry Room 19,900

561-685-1722 E-MARTY@FARBERS.COM
Windsor E - Cnrvw Excvw Near Pool 19,900
Sussex K - Corner Furnished 22,000
Southampton A - Deluxe All Renov Large Patio Near Pool 22,000
Chatham A - Furnished Lakeview Nr Pool Price Reduced 24,000
Greenbier A - Supersize Luxury Encl Patio Near Pool 24,900
Easthampton I - Corn Furn CA Nr Egate and CH 25,000
Wellington M - 2 Fl Encl Pat New Appls & Carp Pool 29,900
Norwich C - Cnr Remod Furn DW Granite Nice 29,900
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 17

Chit Chat Group: We meet

Organization News every 1st and 3rd Tue, 2:00-
Please note!!! DO NOT presentation, 50/50 and door 3:30 pm, Classroom B (2nd fl).
We intend to engage you in
resubmit dates for events prizes. Arrive by 12:15 if
already appearing in Orga- you wish to join, renew your conversation, friendship and
nization News unless there membership, or register for fun. Topics are general and
deal with stress, nutrition and ESTATE PLANNING, PROBATE,
is a correction. free hands-on classes.
how to cope, and jokes. The REAL ESTATE LAW
Amit Women Rishona Chap- Century Village Gun Club: program is free (note: will not
take place in Jul/Aug). Led by
ter: Meets every 2nd Tue w/col-
lation at 12 noon and meeting
Meets every 2nd Tue at 7:00
Rhoda, formerly of the Senior GEORGIANA F. DAMBRA
pm in Classroom B of the CH.
at 1:00 pm at Aitz Chaim on Every meet has a guest speaker. Lunch Bunch program at the KAREN LEVIN ALEXANDER
Haverhill; call Ellie 471-4935. Come listen to great speakers; JCC; call her at 686-0835.
make new friends; view historic
Attorneys at Law
Anshei Sholom: It’s summer- and modern firearms and other Christian Club: We meet 1 ALEXANDER & DAMBRA

time, but we are still running weapons. George, 471-9929. Wed, 1:00 pm, Party Room of
CH. Bowling every Mon, 9:30
programs for your enjoyment: 5737 OKEECHOBEE BLVD.
Aug 4, Luncheon & Card Century Village Orches- am, Verdes Tropicana.
Party, 11:30-3:30; Aug 8, 1:00 tra: Meets every Mon, Nov
pm, Alex Rosenberg, A.D. of 1, 2010 to Mar 2011, in CH Deborah Hospital Founda- (561) 471-5708
the A.J.C. in P.B.C., speaking Room C, 1:15-3:15 pm. We tion: Meets 2 Fri every other
on the organization’s position would like to add a conductor, mo in CH Party Room, 12:00
on current world events; Sep 6, more strings (violins, violas, noon. Call Bea 688-9478; Claire LOCATED IN THE
Annual Labor Day BBQ; Sep cellos and bass), bassoon 684-5659; Marge 687-3991. BANK ATLANTIC BUILDING
18, Break the Fast after Yom and percussion players. Call 1/4 MILE EAST OF THE TURNPIKE
Kippur Services; Dec 12, the Rickie at 683-0869 or email Duplicate Bridge at Hastings
Sisterhood and Men’s congre- Clubhouse: Every Mon at
gations invite you to a seven
Continued on Page 19
day Eastern Caribbean Cruise
on the Norwegian Cruise Line
(for tickets and info call the
temple at 561-684-3212).

Baby Boomers Club: We are

looking for more members to
volunteer to arrange an activ-
ity for the group. It could be
simple or elaborate. Our group
includes those who remember
iconic TV shows, movies, mu-
sic, dances, and events of the
50s and 60s. For info, email

B’nai B’rith Century: We

meet every 4th Sun, 9:30 am, at
Anshei Sholom. Admission is
free to members ($3 to guests).
Dr. Levy @ 478-6865.

Brooklyn U.S.A.: Will meet in

the Party Room. Steve, 242-0481.

Canadian Club: Meets 4 th

Wed, Party Room of CH, 1:00
pm. Membership open to all.
Lots of great activities. Betty,
684-0766; Franne, 478-9526;
Madelaine, 684-5595.

Century Village Bowling

League: Our 2nd half of the
season just started. You can
join us for the rest of the sea-
son. The 1st half ended w/a tie
for 1st place — a playoff will
follow with team #7 (Steve
Mussman, Letty McKay, Ber-
nie Kaufman, Steve Schoen-
brun) and #2 (Jack Posner,
Beverly Melendez, Henry
Stern, Sam Rosen). For info,
call Sam Rosen, 478-3079.

Century Village Computer

Club: Meets 1st and 3rd Thu,
Nov-Apr (1st Thu only rest of
year), 1:00 pm in CR 103, and
incl 30 min Q&A, biz portion,
Page 18 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010


 Admitted to the Florida Bar 19 years ago, Lloyd has the longest career
in the legal profession than any of his opponents.
 Resident of South Florida since 1967
 Graduate of Boston University, BA, Political Science
 Graduate of St. Thomas University School of Law, Juris Doctor
 Florida Supreme Court Certified County Court Mediator
 Former Civil Traffic Hearing Officer Palm Beach County

Lloyd Comiter, Esq.

VOTE Several leaders in the business, medical and legal
Member of the Florida Bar
S T 2 4 professions recognize Lloyd Comiter’s record of

for 19 years accomplishments, both as an attorney and in the
PUBLIC SERVICE community. That’s why so many have already en-
 American Bar Association dorsed Lloyd’s Campaign for County Court Judge.
 The Florida Bar: Just a few of these leaders are listed below:
Small Claims Rules Committee (Former Chair)
 Palm Beach County Bar Association: N ew  MEDPAC, Medical Doctors Political Action Committee of Palm
Small Claims Court Clinics Committee (Chair) Beach County
 South Palm Beach County Bar Association N ew  WestPAC, The Political Action Committee of the West Boca
 Fifteenth Circuit Grievance Committee Chamber of Commerce
(Former Chair)  Richard Benrubi, Esq.
 Palm Beach County Groundwater and Natural Past Director, Palm Beach County Trial Lawyers Association
Resources Protection Board  Robert Bertisch, Esq.
 Historical Society of Palm Beach County, Docent Executive Director, Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County
 B’nai Torah Congregation Advisory Committee  Robin Bresky, Esq.
 Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County: Director, Palm Beach County Bar Association
Jewish Education Commission Director, South Palm Beach County Bar Association
 Frequent Public Speaker on Small Claims Court Past President, Florida Association of Woman Lawyers
& Mediation Director, Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County
 Gregory W. Coleman, Esq.
COMMUNITY SERVICE Member, Florida Bar Board of Governors
 American Diabetes Association Past President, Palm Beach County Bar Association
 Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, Inc.  Eric Gordon, Esq.
 March of Dimes Director, South Palm Beach County Bar Association
 Muscular Dystrophy Association  Scott G. Hawkins, Esq.
 Communities in Schools, Take Stock in Children President-Elect, Florida Bar
 Junior Achievement of South Florida, Inc. Member, Florida Bar Board of Governors
 Family Promise of South Palm Beach County Past President, Palm Beach County Bar Association
 Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County  Scott Murray, Esq.
 School Improvement Plan Committee Director, Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County
 Serves on School Advisory Councils Past Director, Palm Beach County Bar Association
 Richard Schuler, Esq.
Past President, Palm Beach County Bar Association
 Thomas Sliney, Esq.
Past President, South Palm Beach County Bar Association

Lloyd is also endorsed by numerous community

leaders and residents of Palm Beach County.
See the entire list at:
Campaign to Elect Lloyd to Elect
Comiter Lloyd Court
for County Comiter for County
Judge, Group Court Judge, Group
#7 Phone: #7
561-655-7224 561-655-7224
Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Lloyd Comiter, Non Partisan for Palm Beach County Court Judge, Group #7.
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 19

Organization News continental breakfast is served Merry Minstrels: Meet Thu, Philadelphia Club: Meets 2nd Email cv912superseniors@
Continued from Page 17 at 9:00 am, followed by our 10:00-11:00 am, Music Room Tue, 12:30 pm, Aitz Chaim.
7:00 pm and Wed at 1:00 pm. If meeting. Our efforts go to B. We are a group who enjoy All welcome. For more info,
you need a partner, call Mimi, creating welcome kits for the singing at various nursing call Sylvia, 683-5224. WOW: Women of Welling-
697-2710, leave message. veterans at the VA Center at homes. We’re looking for new ton welcome you to events of
Military Trail and various po- members, so if you enjoy mu- Strictly Ballroom Dance wonder. Lenore, 683-4166;
Evangelical Christian Net- sitions at the Center. We find sic, contact GiGi at 689-6092; Group: Meets every Sat, Marjorie, 687-3991.
working Club: Meets 1st Fri, our volunteer work helpful and the feeling of giving joy to 6-8 pm, at CH Party Room
6:30 pm, Classroom B of CH. We rewarding and welcome new others is so rewarding. (time/day subject to change). Yiddish Advanced Reading
share relevant info among our- members. Dorothy, 478-6521. All dancers are welcome. No Group: Menke Katz Read-
selves and with our community. Na’Amat USA (Pioneer charge; music is good; come ing Circle invites readers to
Dee, 827-8748; Steve, 389-5300. Knights of Pythias: You are Women): Meets 4th Tue, 1:00 join us. Your hosts are Bill join group headed by Troim
invited to join Palm Beach pm, at Cypress Lakes Audi- (plays the music) and Hugh Handler. Currently reading
GiGi’s Group: We travel to the Rainbow Lodge #203, meet torium for mini-lunch and (offers a helping hand to be- Night by Elie Wiesel in Yid-
Mardi Gras Casino every 3rd 2nd and 4th Mon at North Coun- interesting programs, guests ginning couples). Call Bill dish. The group meets 2nd & 4th
Mon. Contact GiGi at 689-6092. ty Senior Center, Northlake are always welcome (Rhoda 684-2451 or Hugh 689-3466. Fri of ea mo @ 10 am. Troim,
Blvd. We welcome new mem- 478-8559). Coming events: 684-8686.
Hadassah, Judith Epstein bers, duals, reinstatements and Oct 5-19, tour Israel past and Super Seniors Club: In­
Chapter at CVWPB: Meets transferees from out of state. future from Eternal Jerusalem teresting convo about current Yiddish Vinkl: The Village’s
3rd Wed at 11:45 am for mini- We are a fraternal brotherhood to Eliat; Dec 5-12, Belize, issues affecting seniors at the unique and much-loved Vinkl
lunch, 12:30 meeting at Anshei fostering the credo of friend- Honduras, Costa Maya and CV 912 Super Seniors Group. will continue during the sum-
Sholom. Suzanne, 686-4241. ship, charity, benevolence. Key West on the Norwegian During the first two meets, mer and all-year-round, on the
Mike, 615-0218. Pearl (Sylvia 686-5350). the focus was on the changes 1st and 3rd Sun, 1:30-3:00 pm,
Holocaust Survivors of the to healthcare with attendees Music Room of the CH. All
Palm Beaches: Meet 2nd Wed, Latin American Club: Thank OWLS (Older-Wiser-Loyal- exchanging opinions. We meet are welcome. Knowledge of
9:30 am, in Anshei Sholom. you all for supporting our Nov Seniors): Come to our meets every 1st Thu, 10:00 am in the Yiddish is not required, as all
Kathy, 689-0393. 8 dance, benefiting the St. every 2nd Mon, 3:00 pm, Party CH as a forum for sharing is translated to English. Edy,
Mary’s cancer kids; we raised Room; see what we have planned. knowledge, asking questions 687-4255. o
Irish-American Cultural $1,700. May God bless you all! Contact Mary Ann, 687-7575. and educating ourselves.
Club of CV: Meets 1st Tue in

The People We Trust...

CH, 2:00 pm, Room C. For info,
call Robert, 917-704-0223.

Italian-American Culture
Club: The situation: Oct 18,
day trip to Mardi Gras Ca-
Trust Kevin Rader
sino (Dolores, 688-0876);
“K R .
Oct 20, 1:00 pm, IACC meets
in CH Party Room, guest H fi
from Area Agency on Ag- I ”
ing speaks on identity theft
(Anna, 684-5605); Nov 15, - Former Congressman ROBERT WEXLER
card/game party at Bellante’s
($4 members/$5 guests) from
11:00 am-3:00 pm (Anna,
684-5605); Dec 4, trip on the
“I T
Jungle Queen, bus leaves Ci- H l
tibank lot at 4:00 pm, fee ($58 V ”
members/$60 guests) includes
bus/cruise/meal/show/tips - Congressman TED DEUTCH
(Anna, 684-5605); Feb 18-
25, Caribbean Cruise on the
Costa Atlantica departs from
Miami to four fab venues, rate
F C /G 1992
includes cruise/bus/insurance/
port/taxes/tips (Michelina,
914-764-8047). Kevin Rader has always been someone we can trust.
Jewish War Veterans Post
#501: Meets 1 st Sun, An-
shei Sholom. Breakfast at
9:00; meeting at 9:30; meets
from Sep to May with guest
speakers. Activities include
servicing VA patients. Ralph,
689-1271; Howard, 478-2780.

Jewish War Veterans Post

#520: Meets 4th Sun at Elks
Lodge, Belvedere Rd. Con-
tinental breakfast at 9:00,
followed by general meeting.
Come as our guest and see
what we’re all about! Walt,
478-6521; Phil, 686-2086.

Jewish War Veterans Ladies V K R 24

Auxiliary Post #520: Meets
P 27
3 rd Mon at The Classic. A
Page 20 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Looking for a Rental?

See our listings on Page 41
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 21

• 17 years of courtroom experience

Think Big…
• Florida Bar Board of Governors, 15th Judicial Circuit Representative (2005-Present)
• Traffic Hearing Officer (appointed by Chief Judge)
- Presides over 150 trials and handles thousands of cases
• Palm Beach County Bar Association, Past President
• Florida Association for Women Lawyers, Palm Beach County Chapter, Past President

• Greater South County Road Association, Past President
• Anti-Defamation League, Civil Rights Committee Member
• Volunteer for Red Cross and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

for Judge
• B.S. Foreign Service, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
• J.D., University of Florida College of Law

• 40 year resident of Palm Beach County

• Married with one child


PBC Police Benevolent Association Mayor of West Palm Beach
PBC Human Rights Council Voters Lois Frankel
Alliance Mayor of Village of Wellington
PBC Medical Society Darell Bowen
West Boca Chamber PAC Palm Beach County School Board Member
Frank A. Barbieri
PBC Clerk and Comptroller
Former Palm Beach County State Attorney
Barry Krischer
Mayor of Delray Beach
Woodie McDuffie Town Council Member Palm Beach
Richard M. Kleid
Mayor of Boca Raton
Recipient of the 2010 Florida Supreme Court Justice Susan Whelchel Past Presidents of Florida Bar
Joseph J. Reiter
Barbara Pariente Award given by the Florida Mayor of Boynton Beach John “Jay” White, III
Association for Women Lawyers, PBC Chapter for Jose Rodriguez Gerald Richman
professionalism and service to the community. Mayor of Town of Palm Beach Endorsed by 17 past Presidents of the
Jack McDonald PBC Bar Association

P.O. Box 2035 • West Palm Beach, FL 33402 • 561.822.9992

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Lisa Small for Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Group 33
Page 22 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Stop Suffering From

Chronic Back Pain
There Is an Answer! Pain
At Trea
Hope Health & Wellness
• Chiropractic
• Massage Therapy
• Medical Wellness
• Physical Therapy Results

The All New

Dynamic Spinal Decompression
Effectively treating:
Spinal Stenosis Now
by M overed
Disc Bulges and Herniations edica
Facet Syndrome
655 N. Military Trail
Get your life back again... WPB, FL 33415

Call 686-0120 today! 561-686-0120

(Located on Military just south of Belvedere)

Balance and Fall Prevention Program

New innovative treatment to
help you regain your balance
by M red
Call Today for a edica
FREE Evaluation
686-0120 Dr. Andrew Hope
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 23

From Comm. Koons the compact that gives the

Continued from Page 14
Seminole tribe exclusive
rights to operate certain card
provision in the approved games and slot machines at “Raising the Standards of Home Health Care”
red-light camera legislation
will enable trauma centers
its casinos. We were re- • Skilled Nursing - RNs and LPNs
ally hoping to be allowed
to receive $10 from each to offer expanded gaming
• Certified Nursing Assistants
fine collected and $3 to go at the Palm Beach Kennel • Home Health Aides
toward spinal cord injury Club. Instead, the county
treatment and research. will continue losing out on
• Companions
• BEACHES — $15.5 million tax revenue and hundreds
was awarded for beach proj- FOR THE BEST HOME CARE IN
of jobs to Broward and
ects statewide, but, more Miami-Dade counties. The SOUTH FLORIDA CALL

importantly, $10 million for dog track is located in one
the county’s beach renour- of the few unincorporated
ishment project on Singer community redevelopment SUMMER SPECIAL!
Island was safeguarded. 10% Off First Hour with Coupon
districts in Palm Beach
County, and any increase Expires 8/31/10 We Care to Send the Best! NR#3021130

CENTER — Funding in the in the tax base would have

amount of $175,000 was gone to the Westgate CRA,
approved by lawmakers, which has been investing
but vetoed by the governor. heavily in infrastructure in
Palm Beach County desper- the area.
ately needs a new center, As always, I welcome your
and it may take five years or comments and suggestions.
more of continued efforts to Please feel free to contact me

get all the necessary dollars. or my staff at 355-2202. o

• SPECIAL ELECTIONS • Appliances • Electrical Contr • Air Conditioning / Portable
— Having to hold a special & Window • Full Service Remodels • Electrical Design Installation and Service
election for one race is ex- Attention Residents • Indoor Light Fixture Installation • Landscape Lighting • Recess Lighting
pensive, but sometimes the All visitors must be
• Security Lighting • Additional Outlets and Switches • Pool Equipment Wiring
law requires it. Recognizing called in at the front gate.
• Outdoor Lighting & Surge Suppression • Electrical Panel Upgrades • Ceiling Fan Installations
this, lawmakers appropri- Call 689-1759 to put their
ated nearly $2 million in re- name in the system. Serving Palm Beach County Since 2001
Visitors must show ID
imbursement funds — five Resident For Over 30 Years

times more money than last and tell the guard the
year. apartment that they are
• GAMING — Perhaps the going to. Tell them this is
biggest disappointment this the procedure for entrance
session was approval of in Century Village.


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$50,000 Deposit
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Page 24 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Annuity Owners Could Pay Up

Computer Nanny — In Home Training
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August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 25

A First for
Century Village?
Village resident runs for
Palm Beach County School
Within a month, a bit of
West Palm Beach Century
Village history may take place.
Jean Dowling, longtime resi-
dent at Salisbury I, is running
for a seat on the Palm Beach
County School Board. If elect-
ed, she could become (so far as
we know) the first person from
the Village elected to public
office in the State of Florida.
Many of us know Jean. She
is the president of her condo
association, has been a UCO
vice president, and has been on
numerous Village committees
and the Executive Board.
What some may not know
about Jean is her longtime
interest in education, from
having been a teacher herself
and been married to a Super-
CM-17835 Sohn Ad UCO-Rep_Layout 1 7/7/10 2:11 PM Page 1
intendent of Schools, through
various education-related po-
sitions she has held. Jean has
some definite ideas about how
the Palm Beach County school
system should be run, which
she will seek to implement if
elected to the School Board.
The election is on August 24.
Editor’s note: The UCO
Reporter does not endorse
candiates for office. o

Important Dr. Natalie Sohn

Dr. Natalie Sohn— Gynecology
– Gynecology
Numbers Dr. Sohn is Board Certified with the American
Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and is
Emergency..............................911 now serving the community of Century Village
Senior Helpline.......................211 and the West Palm Beach area.
Security..........................502-8103 DR. SOHN SPECIALIZES IN:
Guest Call-In.................689-1759 • Endometrial Biopsy
Reporter.........................683-9336 • Pap Smear
UCO Office...................683-9189 • Pessaries
Hastings CH..................687-4875 • Ultrasound
• Urinalysis
WPRF (Anita Cruz).......640-3111
Walk-ins welcome or call for appointment • M–F 8am-5pm • Se habla español
Florida Power.................697-8000

Palm Beach Water..........740-4600
AT&T................. 1-888-151-6500
Palm Beach Post.............820-4663 LOCATED INSIDE CENTURY
Tri-Rail................ 1-800-874-7245 110 Century Blvd • 2nd Floor
Homesteaders.................355-2650 Free shuttle transportation to Century Medical Care Center and also to
Good Samaritan Medical Center’s Diagnostic Center
Sheriff’s Office................766-2000
Police (non-emerg).........822-1900
Primary Affiliations: Good
Hospital Affiliations: Good Samaritan Medical
Samaritan Medical Center Center
Page 26 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010



 AGAINST the FCAT and  President of Salisbury I

Single-Test Evaluation  Past UCO Vice President
 Former Master Teacher
 AGAINST Rubber Stamping
and One-Size-Fits-All  Former Area Director
Education YWCA (2 States)
 Former Treasurer County
 FOR Homogeneous Grouping Library System (enlarged
and Programs that Keep system from 2 to 8 branches)
Kids in School  Appointed by Governor
to Mental Health Board
 FOR Respect for Teachers
Supported by the CTA and PBA  Recipient of Numerous
and a Respectable Salary Scale Awards
We invite you to donate by sending a check to:
Jean Dowling Campaign, 207 Salisbury I, West Palm Beach, FL 33417
Or, if you would like to participate you may:
Call us at 561-640-7606
Email: jeandowlingforschoolboard @ Political advertisement paid for
and approved by the Jean Dowling
or visit our website at for School Board, District 2

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Recreation News Hospital
Good Sam..................... 655-5511
The new season will begin .........................1309 N Flagler Dr
on Thursday, September 16 at Columbia...................... 842-6141
1:00 pm. Come and join us. ..................................2201 45th St
New teams will be formed,
JFK................................ 642-3751
all teams are mixed.
Enjoy the social part of the ...........................5301 S Congress
fun. Meet new bowlers. Tro- St. Mary’s...................... 881-2900
phies are given as prizes at the ....................................901 45th St
end of the season. A luncheon Palms West................... 798-3300
also ends the season.
................... 13001 Southern Blvd
Bowling is held at Verdes
Tropicana. Wellington Hospital...... 798-8500
For information, please ..............10101 W Forest Hill Blvd
contact Sam Rosen at 561- Palm Bch Gdns Hosp..... 622-1411
478-3079. o ............................. 3360 Burns Rd
(561) 840-6345 JOE CARRIKER



• Door Repairs • Window Repair • Hurricane Shutters
• Door Replacement • Window Replacement • Accordion Shutters
• Sliding Glass Door • Window Glass • Kitchen and Bath
Repair and Wheels • Window Screens Countertops
• Porch Enclosures • Porch Rescreening • Shower Doors

30 Years in Construction
Licensed/Bonded/Insured License Nos. U-20681; U-20702
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 27

Even this time of year, you

may qualify to make a Medicare
plan choice.
People approaching age 65 may choose their
Medicare coverage beginning three months prior to
their birthday month. But you may also get a special
opportunity to choose or change your plan if:

You have just moved You receive

into the area Medicaid assistance

You’re retired and

losing your company You have diabetes
health coverage

Call Humana to find out more!

We offer a variety of Medicare health plans, including prescription
drug plans and all-in-one Medicare Advantage plans. And our licensed
representatives have the knowledge and experience to help you choose
the plan that suits you best.

Call us today for a personal consultation:

(TTY 711)
8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
seven days a week

HMO, PPO, PFFS and PDP plans with a Medicare contract. This is an advertisement.
Y0040_GHA07U7ES2 PB 06/10
CHUCKSHAW_ad.pdf 6/1/10 11:02:17 AM

Page 28 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

A Lifetime of Service to Children and Community

“Chuck Shaw is a wonderful

candidate who cares
passionately about
- Paulette Burdick,
Palm Beach County School
Board member

“He is always reasonable,

responsible and respectful.
He always does the
right thing.”

- Richard Radcliffe,

Deputy Mayor Greenacres



I’m Chuck Shaw and for more than 30 years I have been a teacher, principal

and administrator.

After 18 years as a Greenacres city councilman, I will bring experience

in governing and education to the Palm Beach County School Board.

With your help we can ensure that the school board is making
children its first priority.

We can make sure that good teachers are fairly paid and poor teachers
are replaced.

We can demand that our schools are safe for teachers and children.

And I will ensure that the elected School Board sets policy not administrators.

Let's make Palm Beach County the best school district in Florida and one
of the best in the nation.

Shaw for School Board - District 2 E-mail: 561.577.9279

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Chuck Shaw for School Board, District 2
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 29

Update on New
Driver’s License
and ID Card
Copied from Elder Update
Floridians who go to a driv-
er’s license or tax collector’s
office to renew their license or
identification card (or to obtain
a new card) now must show
proof of:
• Identification — one docu-
• Social Security number —
one document
• Residential address —
two documents (a list of
accepted documents is
available online at www.
Those born on or before
December 31,1935, who do
not have birth certificates, may
still obtain driver’s licenses or
ID cards by providing an ac-
ceptable document that shows
their name and date of birth.
(Examples —DD-214 military
discharge, military ID card,
life insurance policy, school
record or Bible record.)
M o r e i n f o a t w w w. or by phone
at 850-617-3995.
Edythe Pekin v v v v v v v v v v
Page 30 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

$5 Safety Check 24 HOUR

of Your Building
Water Heater Burst?
PREVENT FLOOD DAMAGE Toilet Overflow? Broken Pipe?
We will inspect each and every 
apartment in your building for  Aenean a magna
There are two parts to this job: 
vel pede vestibulum
Part 1:
rhoncus. Nulla cursus Dry out the apartment. We will do 
only $5 per apartment. You will  orci quis tortor.
this and try our level best to keep the occupant 
receive a complete computer  in their apartment. 
read out of the safety (flood)  Part 2: To bring the apartment back to its 
original condition. You pay the deductible, WE 
status of your building.  BILL THE INSURANCE COMPANY FOR THE 
BALANCE. If the insurance company pays a 
Includes:  lesser amount or refuses to pay, we will 
 Water Heater Inspection  [Date]
ABSORB the LOSS! If they pay us fair and 
square, we will refund 10% of the insurance 
 All Valves 
money back to your building. This also applies 
 Toilet Condition 
This also applies to the individual home owner.
     (these can easily flood a building 
Burst Proof Hoses on Your Laundry Room
Burst Proof Houses on Your Laundry Room 
Washing Machine Makes Good Sense
Washing Machines Makes Good Sense  STANDING BY

PETER 561-351-5003 Call Peter 561-714-0448

The Construction Guys, CFC 053324 

How to tell how old your

Hot Water Heater is:
The first four numbers in the serial
The fist four numbers in the serial 
number tell you its age.
number tell you its age. 
 The first two numbers are the   Painting
month.   Toilets Fixed
 The 3rd & 4th numbers are the year 
of manufacture.   Leaks Repaired
 Do not confuse the serial number   Drains Cleaned
with the model number.   Sinks & Faucets Replaced
 Kitchens Remodeled
OF A HOT WATER HEATER!  Bathrooms Remodeled
 Water Heaters Installed
REGULAR WATER HEATERS … and much more!
$595 Installed We are State Licensed
Includes Permit, Basic Electrical Work 
& Water Heater 

Call Peter 561-351-5003 Call Peter 561-351-5003

The Construction Guys, CFC 053324  The Construction Guys, CFC 053324 
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 31

Stamps in The Democratic

Club of
the News
Syd Kronish

We are ten years into the 21st President since then has lived
Century Village
century, and we, as stamp col- in the Executive Mansion.
lectors, note that many stamps,
naturally, have been issued
The “Legends of Baseball”
featured a classic collection The Board of Directors
during the past decade. of 20 names for the major
So, let’s look back in retro-
spect to the year 2000 and see
league baseball “All 20th Cen-
tury Team.” Baseball fans will
suggest the following:
what interesting issues were recognize some of these men,
released. Here are a few that such as Babe Ruth, Jackie
Robinson, Ty Cobb, Roberto
U.S. Senator
could have been issued today
because of the relevant histori-
cal content.
Three stamps offered a trib-
Clemente, Honus Wagner,
Jimmie Foxx, Dizzy Dean and
Lou Gehrig.
Kendrick Meek
ute to Edwin Powell Hubble,
eminent American astrono-
However, according to
USPS rules, people appear-
Alex Sink
mer, who forever changed ing on U.S. stamps must be
humanity’s understanding of deceased. Therefore, a few
the universe. He determined, diamond stalwarts were liv-
throughout his work at Mt.
Wilson, that other galaxies
ing at this time and were not
included — Joe DiMaggio, Attorney General
David Aronberg
exist outside of our own Milky Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams,
Way and are exceeding from Stan Musial and Willy Mays.
it. The legacy of Hubble, who Four stamps honored dis-
died in 1953, is well repre- tinguished soldiers famous
sented by the Hubble Space for their leadership and excep-
tional courage. The honorees
State Senate District 27
Two stamps emanated from
Washington D.C. One honored
the 200th anniversary of the
were Sgt. Alvin C. York and
Gen. John Hines, who served
in World War I, and Lt. Audie
Kevin Rader
Library of Congress (1800-
2000). The other honored the
Murphy and Gen. Omar Brad-
ley, who served in World War
State House of Representatives
Mark Pafford
White House. II. It is interesting to note that
In 1800, President John Murphy was the most deco-
Adams approved an “act of rated American combat soldier
Congress to establish a library
consisting of such books as
of World War II and the recipi-
ent of the Medal of Honor. o Circuit Court Judge Group 33
Lisa Small
may be necessary for the use
of Congress.” Since then, the
As a combat Air Force
Library has grown from its
Veteran, I am hereby inter-
modest beginning to become
a peerless resource for all
jecting a personal note in
honoring superhero Audie
Circuit Court Judge Group 7

Marni Bryson
The U.S. Postal Service
Our VP Phyllis Richland
joins the White House in com-
provided a story on Mrs.
memorating the 200th anniver-
sary of the first residency of the
White House. The first occupant
Murphy (Audie’s widow)
which featured an unforget- School Board District 2
table yarn about her aid to

Charles Shaw
was John Adams, the second
vets through the years.
President of the U.S. Adams
It will appear in next
and his family moved into the
month’s edition of the Re-
unfinished “President’s House”
in November 1800 and every
porter. Port of Palm Beach Group 4
WordFind: Eva Marie Saint
Continued from Page 9
Blair Ciklin
Please take this to the poll
Primary Date
August 24, 2010
Page 32 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 33

Busch Wildlife five. The attendant told us all more. There was even a spe-
about them and their individual cial pond for turtles. Yes, the Century Village Residents
Sanctuary: A characteristics. sanctuary will even care for an
Denied the Vote
Great Little Half- The Busch sanctuary has an injured turtle.

Day Trip
animal hospital on the grounds It took us an hour to see the One Condo — One Vote!
where injured animals are exhibits, which was perfect
By Lanny Howe cared for until they can be kept timing to attend a very interest-
Are you one of those people There are 7,854 condominiums here in
in an outdoor pen. A person ing lecture and demonstration
who scan the Calendar insert in can bring them in or have the with several wild animals at Century Village. Only 349 People are
the Friday Palm Beach Post for sanctuary people pick them 11:00. We visited the air- allowed to vote for who runs U.C.O.
things to do and places to visit? up. The animals that recover conditioned gift shop last.
I am, and for years, on seeing
the listing for the Busch Wild-
fully are released into the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary Unfair? Unjust? Unequal?
wild if it is felt they can fend (phone 575-3399) is open
life Sanctuary in Jupiter, I said for themselves. Some cannot, Monday through Saturday
to myself, “I’ve got to see what because they become too used from 10:00 to 4:30. It’s a great Suggestion:
that place is all about. There’s to humans. We saw eagles, attraction. If your grandchil-
no admission charge, and they several hawks and owls, river dren are visiting you, it’s a
In January 2011, the Delegates should
have a number of animals.” otters, a bobcat, a black bear, perfect place to take them. For vote to alleviate this inequity.
Well, a friend and I recently a deer, alligators, a crocodile, the whole trip from and back to
visited Busch Wildlife Sanctu- a large number of birds, and the Village, allow 3½ hours. o We the people
ary, and was it great! The sanc-
tuary opens at 10:00 a.m., so in should have the right to
order to beat the heat as much vote for who will run U.C.O.
as possible, we left the Village
at 9:30. It’s very easy to get “Paid for by Peter Amato”
to Busch. We took the Florida
turnpike north to the Jupiter
(Indiantown Road) exit; fol- The New CV Camera Club
lowed Indiantown Road east to We are looking for mem­bers start­ing next season.
Central Boulevard; then drove For infor­ma­tion, email
south (right) on Central Bou-
levard to Jupiter Park Drive, See you in De­cem­ber.
on the right; and within a few Ken Graff
hundred yards on the left was
the entrance to the facility.
Elapsed time: 30 minutes.
The walk through the sanc-
tuary was part on boardwalk
and part on wide paths. About
half of it was under trees, so it
was shady and not as hot as we
expected. This facility is differ-
ent from the Palm Beach Zoo.
There aren’t as many animals or
the wide variety, and there are
few exotics, because the Sanc-
tuary keeps animals that have
been found injured, confiscated
by the authorities, or turned in
by people who couldn’t keep
them as they grew larger. But
what an interesting variety
nonetheless! There wasn’t, for
example, one red fox and one
gray fox. There was a large pen
with several red foxes on one
side and several grays on the
other. There wasn’t one Florida
panther — there were four or


“Dad Gets It Done!”
• Patio Enclosures • Hurricane Shutters • Windows
• Sliding Glass Doors • Front Entry Doors • Shower Doors
• Tub Enclosures
Matt Mynahan
U-19958 U-20177 Tel: 561-333-1036
Page 34 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

You tried the use THE BEST...

Century Village® Real Estate, Inc.
We are the only, ON-SITE Real Estate Broker INSIDE the community &
we are conveniently located at 82 Stratford F. There is no other firm whose
100% efforts & energies are dedicated exclusively to Century Village®; please let us show you the
Century Village® Real Estate, Inc. DIFFERENCE!

Andover H – Renovated, 2 floor
$18,900 Dover B – 1st floor, ceramic tile, central a/c, unfurnished $55,500
Bedford J – 2nd floor, on lagoon, ceramic tile, furn. $25,000 Easthampton I – 2nd floor, carpet/tile, central a/c, unfurn. $25,000
Berkshire B – 2 floor, furnished, lake view
$15,900 Norwich B – Nice, clean 1st floor, new cabinets, rentable $17,900
Camden C – 2 floor, ceramic tile, furnished
$14,000 Norwich O – 1st floor, carpeted, furnished unit $16,500
Canterbury F – 1st floor, ceramic tile, partial furnished $20,500 Salisbury D – 2nd floor, corner unit, unfurnished, carpet $10,000
Canterbury F – 2 floor. Beautiful and spotless
$19,900 Salisbury G – 1st floor, part. Furnished, rentable unit. $19,900
Chatham B – 2 floor, carpeted, unfurnished
$15,000 Waltham A – 1st floor, ceramic tile, furnished $28,900
Chatham D – 1st fl-carpet-furniture neg. Serene water view $19,900 Waltham H – 2nd floor, central a/c, totally updated $20,000
Coventry B – 1 floor, ceramic tile, unfurnished
$29,900 Windsor G – 2nd fl, unfurn., clean, bright & breezy $16,900
Coventry J – 1 floor, ceramic tile, furniture negotiable
$18,900 Windsor K – 2nd floor, ceramic tile, furnished, new a/c $22,000
Dorchester H – 2nd floor-unfurnished-carpet-on canal $14,900
Dorchester F – Carpet and ceramic tile, partial furnished $24,500
Andover M – 1st floor, corner, central a/c, water view $20,000 Hastings B – 1st floor, partially furnished $26,900
Bedford K – 1 floor; furniture negotiable; water view
$19,000 Hastings B – 1st floor, ceramic tile, partially furnished $35,900
Cambridge B – 2nd floor, central a/c, unfurnished $23,000 Kent D – 2nd floor, furnished, carpet $26,000
Cambridge H – 1 fl-ceramic tile-upgraded Beautiful!
$29,500 Kent L – Nicely furnished. Well maintained $29,900
Camden H – 2nd floor, carpeted and unfurnished $26,000 Norwich B – 2nd floor, furniture negotiable, carpeted $20,900
Canterbury A – 2nd floor, unfurnished $14,900 Norwich H – 1st flr, upgraded kitchen, storm shutters $29,900
Canterbury D – 1 floor, furniture negotiable, carpet
$29,900 Norwich H – 2nd floor, central a/c, carpet/ceramic tile $31,800
Canterbury F – 2 fl, corner, central a/c, ceramic tile.
$22,900 Plymouth R – 2nd fl., lam. flrs, new kitchen, central a/c $44,900
Chatham T – 2nd floor, ceramic tile, furnished $20,000 Salisbury D – Part. furnished, carpeted unit; dishwasher $22,000
Coventry L – 2 floor, bright/sunny. Lift to 2 floor
nd nd
$19,900 Salisbury D – 2nd floor, corner, carpet, central a/c $19,900
Dorchester D – 2 fl-ceramic tile-washer-furniture neg
$25,900 Sheffield I – 2nd floor, corner unit, central a/c $24,900
Dover A – 4 floor, central a/c, wood floors, lake view
$64,500 Sheffield N – 2nd floor, furnished, central a/c $33,000
Dover B – 1st floor, lake view, ceramic tile, central a/c $39,900 Waltham D – 1st fl, corner unit; ceramic tile, central a/c $30,000
Dover B – 1 fl-central a/c-carpet & cer tile, lake view
$39,000 Windsor C – On canal-ceramic tile, granite countertops $39,900
Dover C – 4th floor, central a/c, lake view, furnished $45,000 Windsor O – 1st floor, rentable unit, new a/c, furnished $24,900
Easthampton E – 1st floor, corner, central a/c, ceramic tile $35,900 Windsor R – 1st floor, unfurnished, carpet, central a/c $55,000
Greenbrier C – Richly furnished, new a/c, shutters $39,900
2 BEDROOMS/ 1 or 1.5 BATHS
Cambridge I – 2nd floor, corner, central a/c, unfurnished $34,900 Dorchester B – 2nd floor, central a/c, ceramic tile, unfurn. $54,900
Cambridge I – 1 floor, corner, furnished
$36,900 Dover B – 2nd floor, central a/c, lake view $59,900
Canterbury A – 2 floor, corner, carpet & ceramic tile, furn
$45,000 Easthampton G – Corner; cent a/c and ceramic tile $28,000
Chatham A – 2nd floor, corner, central a/c, partial furnished $34,900 Hastings B – 2nd floor, central a/c, unfurnished $29,900
Chatham T – 2 floor, corner, central a/c, lift in building
$49,900 Northampton P – 1st floor, central a/c, carpet/ceramic tile $38,900
Coventry F – 1 floor, partially furnished
$27,500 Norwich B – 1st floor, corner, central a/c, unfurnished $32,900
Kingswood D – 2nd floor, central a/c, unfurnished $32.900 Salisbury G – 2nd floor, ceramic tile, unfurnished $27,900
Golfs Edge C – 1st fl, central a/c, unfurn., near East Gate $49,900 Oxford 200 – 1st floor, corner, ceramic tile, small pet, W/D $65,000
Greenbrier B – central a/c, carpet, SPACIOUS $59,900 Plymouth O – 1st floor, ceramic & carpet, central a/c, furn. $68,900
Oxford 100 – 2nd floor, central a/c, ceramic canal view $47,900 Wellington M – 3rd floor, central a/c, lake view $59,900
Oxford 100 – 1 fl, central a/c, washer/dryer in unit
$59,900 Windsor D – 1st floor, corner, central a/c, ceramic tile rent- $49,900
Oxford 200 – 2 floor, central a/c, lift to 2 floor, unfurn.
nd nd
$56,900 able
Le Chateau Royale – 3rd floor – oceanfront $180,000 Le Chateau Royale – 4th floor – ocean view $210,000

Bedford B – Seasonal – 2nd floor, ceramic tile $1,000/Mo. Canterbury I – Seasonal - 1st floor, carpet, furnished, wall a/c $1,000/Mo.
Berkshire G – Seasonal – 2nd floor, nicely furnished $900/Mo. Northampton S – 2nd floor, ceramic tile, furnished $650/Mo.
Cambridge B – 2nd floor, new central a/c, furniture negotiable $675/Mo. Kent D – 2nd floor, furnished, carpet $600/Mo.
Canterbury C – 1st floor, central a/c, ceramic tile $650/Mo. Kent H – 1st floor, ceramic tile, central a/c, furnishedHH $700/Mo.
Chatham T – 2nd floor, central a/c, furnished $750/Mo. Norwich J - 1st floor, carpet/ceramic tile, central a/c $1,200/Mo.
Norwich D – 1st floor, corner, neat and clean, central a/c $625/Mo.
Easthampton H – 1st floor, central a/c, ceramic tile $700/Mo.
Hastings B – 1st floor, carpet, partial furnished $600/Mo. Windsor D – 2nd floor, view of water from patio $550/Mo.
Hastings B – 1st floor, ceramic tile, partially furnished $600/Mo. Windsor I – 1st floor, ceramic tile, central a/c, unfurnished $600/Mo.
Cambridge H – 2/2 – 2nd floor, corner, central a/c, furniture negotiable $700/Mo. Sheffield I – 2nd floor, furnished, ceramic tile, central a/c $750/Mo.
Chatham D – 2nd floor, lake view, central a/c, furnished $650/Mo. Sheffield Q – Seasonal – 2nd floor, ceramic tile, corner, turnkey $1,200/Mo.
Easthampton H – Seasonal - 2/1.5, 2nd fl, cen. a/c, ceramic tile, furn. $1,000/Mo. Waltham H – Seasonal - 1st floor, corner, central a/c, furnished $1,200/Mo.
Salisbury G – 2nd floor, ceramic tile, unfurnished, community patio $600/Mo. Wellington M – 3rd floor, central a/c, lake view, ceramic tile $900/Mo.
Windsor I – Seasonal - 2nd floor, ceramic tile, central a/c, furnished $1,150/Mo.

Become a FAN @ 

More NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL advertising than any other Broker. Toll-free 1.800.654.2832 or 561.471.9677

w w w . c e n t u r y v i l l a g e . c o m
Century Village® Real Estate, Inc. Ben G. Schecter, Licensed Real Estate Broker. Prices/Inventory subject to change without notice.
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Page 36 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Susan Wolfman
Call 561-401-8704 561-340-1980 Fax • #1  REMAX  @  Century  Village •
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 37


Classified ads are printed
on a space available basis.
are walk-ins. Building is next
to pool, large laundry room
A Full Service Automotive Repair Facility
Ads should be submitted by and card room. $52,000. Call
the seventh of the month in 615-9909 2774 OKEECHOBEE BLVD., WEST PALM BEACH
which they are to appear. (Just east of Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.)
Articles must be resubmitted
every month if they are to be
For Rent (561) 684-6882
All Classified ads must be
Near Haverhill gate, 1/1½
unfurnished. Large corner unit NEW SERVICE - FRONT END ALIGNMENTS
on a full sheet of paper (8½ x
11). Scraps of paper will not
on 2nd floor, with central air.
Annual lease $525.00. Fur-
Come In and Allow Us to Be Your Friendly,
be accepted.
All items submitted must
nished for the season $1,100.
Call 805-965-2540
Trustworthy Neighborhood Mechanic!
include name and address
of contributor. Name and Best location, ground floor • Cooling Systems • Transmission Services
address will not be printed; apartment, 1/1. Yearly lease: • Air Conditioning • Brakes
this is for our information. furnished $525, unfurnished • Charging Systems • Exhaust Repair W ING E
For Sale
$500. Season: $1,000 monthly. • Tune Ups • Shocks & Struts
Short lease: $650 monthly. • Driveline Service • Oil Changes AV
• Fuel Induction Service • Tires
Call 561-536-8488
Air conditioner used and work- All of Our Technicians are ASE Qualified Mechanics
able. Fits in wall. Make offer
Wanted to Buy
when you see it at Northamp-
ton. Call 561-689-8547
2 bedroom 1st floor condo in
Engine Diagnostic Scan $21.95 Oil Change
Century Village. $250.00 re- With 25 point courtesy check Senior Discount
Short Sale Most Cars
ward to anyone who finds an Must Present Coupon Must Present Coupon
apartment for me. Call 640- Must Present Coupon Most Cars - Excludes Synthetic
Oxford 500, 2nd floor, large
5443 o Not valid with any other offer Not valid with any other offer Not valid with any other offer
furnished 2/2, completely
renovated. Tile floors and

m m m m m m
large enclosed patio with ac-
cess to patio from living room
and bedroom. Apartment has
7 large closets, 2 of which
Page 38 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Reflections from the moment I woke up Any Suggestions? like to see listed. There is please. First, that we have ad-
By Phyllis Frishberg to the time I went to sleep. I Do you have any sugges- a downside to a Table of vertisers to please as well as
When I was just a little girl, developed a love and respect tions for how the UCO Re- Contents, believe it or not, ourselves, and second, that we
I was taller than any of my for the young people I met, porter might be improved? so this is an area where we’d can’t keep everybody happy.
classmates; my teacher sat me and returned every summer If you do, we’d like to give have to weigh competing But let us know your thoughts
in the last seat of the row. thereafter to the program. you an opportunity to let us interests. and ideas. This is your Village
I was a dreamer. I would From Israel I also traveled know. Would you prefer that the newspaper, after all, and one
look out of the window at to Egypt and Jordan, worked Would you like a Ques- masthead be on the second of the main means of learning
the moving clouds and won- on a dig, lived on a kibbutz, tion and Answer (Q&A) page? The masthead, for those what’s going on. Please don’t
der how far they moved, did and visited the homes of the column, for instance? of you who don’t know, is phone for this purpose — the
the clouds see the rivers, the young soldiers with whom How about a “How To” where you find the address and Reporter office isn’t open
mountains, the people in other I worked. I developed long- article from time to time? phone number for the Reporter during the whole day, and we
countries, the animals roaming term friendships with many How to operate the Com- and the UCO office, and where don’t have the staff to handle
free in the nature preserves. It of them. They have become cast remote, for example, staff members and officers are a multitude of calls. Instead,
was many years before I was family to me. or how to get on the CV listed. please write us, send an email
able to realize my dreams. The travel experiences blog? For you folks who Do you find the bus sched- or fax.
I was married at 19 years made me hope for a time when have a computer, perhaps ule helpful? Barbara Cornish, Thank you! We look for-
of age — had two beautiful I would be able to continue we could help walk you your neighbor, puts a lot of ward to hearing from you.
daughters, became a college visiting exciting places. And through the steps to par- work into this for you bus rid- The UCO Reporter Staff
student at age 40, and gradu- thankfully, this came to pass ticipate in the blog. ers and doesn’t get paid a cent Mail to: UCO Reporter
ated at age 50 with a degree in when I was able to retire at the Would a Table of Contents for doing it. Office, 26 Camden A, West
Labor Relations. age of sixty. on the front page or the sec- Are articles too long? If so, Palm Beach, FL 33417
Having been widowed at I became a member of the ond page help? We wouldn’t which ones? What do you like Email: ucoreporterwpb@
40 years of age, and learned American Littoral Society, list everything. If you like and what do you not like?
that I was entitled to a six an organization of beautiful this idea, tell us what you’d Keep in mind two things, Fax: 561-683-2830 o
month sabbatical from my human beings with whom I
job as secretary with the New traveled to Costa Rica, the
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador,
York City school system,
either for study or travel, I Big Bend in Texas, crossed the
border into Mexico by donkey,
24 Years In Business And Still Growing!
chose to travel. I spent four Let Me Prove It!
months in Florence, Italy, Alaska, Iceland, Trinidad, sa-

Bruce Jacobs, Owner And Op- 12th ST


studied languages and art. I fari in Kenya, Peru, Thailand, erator, Will Personally Check

also travelled every week- and Vietnam. Oh yes, I also Your Car’s Problem And Explain COMMUNITY DR.

end, so many experiences, spent two summers working as In Detail The Work Which Needs OKEECHOBEE

so many stories. My compan- a counselor for brain damaged To Be Done. At Military Brake
4449 - 12th Street
ions were the 19 and 20 year young adults, traveling across And Alignment, You Always Talk
West Palm Beach
old students from Australia, America. With The Owner. “It’s The Way
Mexico, Switzerland, and the I climbed mountains, went I’ve Done Business Since 1985.
It’s The Only Way I Know How.”
United States. white water rafting, fed croco- BRUCE JACOBS - OWNER FL Reg. #MV-00045

Still, I needed two months diles, and laughed and loved • COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE •
more to complete my required the experiences and the people
travel time — where should I I met along the way. I learned Wheel Alignment Disc or Drum Brake
about the environment, about
go, what would be a different
and interesting experience? being kind to animals and Special Special
Install new brake pads or shoes, resurface
birds, and yes even insects. Adjust caster & camber, set toe
So, I became a volunteer in front rotors or drums, repack inner and outer
And then I discovered in & out, road test car. Front front wheel bearings, inspect calipers or wheel
the Israeli Army. Three weeks cylinders, fill master cylinder and road test
on an Army base near Tel Century Village, and thus wheel drive, foreign cars, Cor- car. Front wheel drive, foreign cars, Corvettes,
Aviv — we ate and lived and began another exciting chap- vettes, pick-ups, and vans slight- pick-ups, and vans slightly higher. Metalic
ly higher.
pads extra where necessary.

ter in my life. The journey
worked with the soldiers, both
male and female. Very primi- has been great — how for- $ $
tive conditions, but I laughed tunate I am. o
W/Coupon Only At Time Of Service Valid W/Coupon Only W/Coupon Only At Time Of Service Valid W/Coupon Only

Dial M for
Must Save
Social Security.......800-772-1213 OVER 20 YEARS IN HOME MONITORING
IRS.......................800-829-1040 1. SIMPLY PRESS THE
HUD......................800-669-9777 LIGHTWEIGHT
Veterans Affairs...800-827-1000 2. ACTIVATING THE

AG Office...............866-966-7226 as low as 3. A SIGNAL IS SENT TO THE

Condo Ombud.......954-202-3234 FIRST CENTER ALLOWING YOU TO
LifeSignal 911


Anti-Fraud Line...800-378-0445 PENDANT FREE
Food Stamps.........866-762-2237 MICROPHONE MONTH
Tax Assistance..... 800-342-2762
Emergency Info....800-342-3557 1.888.435.7915
Volunteer Info.......800-354-3571
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Caring For Your Skin’s Health

A Member of Integrated Dermatology Group

Specializing in the Detection

and Treatment of Skin Cancer

Dr. Barry J. Kuttner, m.D., ph.D.

Board Certified Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist

Kristen hafner, pa-c

Accepting Most Insurance Plans, Including

Se Habla Español
Century Village Medical Clinic • Second Floor • 110 Century Village Blvd.

Page 40 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Now Open
Serving Century Village Residents

Cora Automotive
Neighborhood Convenience - 3 Miles from Century Village

State-of-the-Art Repair and Factory-Recommended Maintenance

Old-Fashioned Integrity and Customer Service

ASE Certified Mechanics with More Than 50 Years Combined Experience

All Popular Domestic and Foreign Makes and Models

Automobiles, SUVs and Light Trucks

We Accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover

Grand Opening Summer Savings

Oil Change + 14 Point Inspection = $20 plus sales tax

20% off our very competitive prices for all parts and labor

for Century Village residents now until Labor Day 2010

Call for an appointment
Cora Automotive
1444-A Skees Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33411
Expert Repair and Service You Can Trust!
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 41

Mah-Jongg jongg connection is hard to game was a popular craze. became more prevalent in their Hadassah chapters . These
Jewish Women Have Kept explain. As one Internet writer Over time, to make the game lives.” While their men were groups sell mah-jongg rule
the Game Alive in North asked: “How on earth did a more difficult and exciting, off at war, Luu and Cavallero cards and receive donations
America 19th century Chinese parlor playing groups made up their explain, women found mah- from the League. In order to
By Meredith Lewis game come to be a favorite own “table rules.” As these jongg to be an inexpensive sell enough cards, they have
Four women sit around a pastime for middle-aged Jew- homemade regulations be- form of communal entertain- had to keep people interested
table, each with a card of vari- ish women?” came more complex and con- ment. In the urban setting of in playing the game, so they
ous numbers and colors, ar- The Rise and Fall of Mah- voluted, players eventually New York, the game quickly continue to teach mah-jongg
ranged like a secret code. Tiles jongg became turned off by the game spread from friend to friend, to their members.
are exchanged like a perfectly Mah-jongg’s precursors and the challenge of ever- mother to daughter. Bungalow Memories
choreographed dance: right, may be centuries old, but the changing rules. By the end of Lois Sandberg, head of the Perhaps the most important
across, left, then left, across, game most Americans know the decade, the mah-jongg fad American Mah-Jongg Asso- factor in mah-jongg’s sur-
right. Tossing tiles into the dates back only about 150 had died. ciation, supports this theory vival is the role it played in the
middle of the table, the players years. Around 1846, a ser- A Jewish Trend and adds that the proximity bungalow colonies, popular
call out mysterious names — vant of the Chinese emperor But Jews, particularly Jew- of Chinatown to the Lower Jewish vacation sites in the
“Four Crak! Three Bam! Eight combined the rules of popular ish women, did not let go of East Side allowed for Jew- mid-20th century. In Borscht
Dot!” — until the winner card games of the time, and the game. ish women to see the appeal Belt Bungalows: Memories
finally shouts “Mah-jongg!” replaced cards with tiles to In 1937, a group of Jewish and near-addictive nature of Catskill Summers, Irwin
To the uninitiated, the pro- create mah-jongg. The name women formed the National that mah-jongg had on their Richman describes the Jew-
cess is foreign. To those famil- itself means sparrows — an Mah Jongg League (NMJL), Chinese neighbors, still play- ish vacation culture there:
iar with the game, this is just a allusion to the pictures of birds which to this day strives to ing the game native to their “By the middle of the century,
typical evening with the girls, often engraved on the tiles. maintain consistency in the homeland. mah-jongg had spread from
evenings that have been hap- The advent of mah-jongg game. Each year the League Another group of historians the city to the suburbs and the
pening in America for nearly coincided with China’s open- issues a card listing winning suggests that Jews who fled vacation resorts, it went along
100 years. ing to foreign traders, after the combinations of tiles (which Nazi Europe and made it to with the Jews. The click, click
Woman trying to make First Opium War (1837-1842). change every year) and stan- Shanghai got involved in lo- of tiles and phrases like ‘five
winning tile combination One American businessman, dard regulations. This stability cal culture and adopted the bam’ and ‘two crak’ filled the
There’s no question that Joseph Babcock, traveled to helped the game to survive. game. Once those refugees air many an afternoon at the
scores of Jewish women have China on behalf of the Stan- But Jewish involvement in the immigrated to America in the large colonies.”
played mah-jongg, a betting dard Oil Company in 1912 League doesn’t fully explain mid-20th century, they helped New City, New York res-
game that requires matching and brought the game back the Jewish mah-jongg phe- keep mah-jongg alive. ident Joan Cooper fondly
domino-like tiles into rummy- to America. He changed the nomenon. A completely different the- recalls spending childhood
like patterns. From the tene- numbers on the tiles to numer- According to Anita Luu ory comes from Ruth Unger, summers at these colonies,
ments of New York City to the als with which Americans are and Christi Cavallero’s book, current president of NMJL. where her mother and friends
bungalows of the Catskills and familiar (1, 2, 3, etc.) and by Mah-jongg: From Shanghai She believes that the game would play mah-jongg every
the vast American suburbs, 1920, Abercrombie and Fitch, to Miami Beach, “Through- was perpetuated in part be- weekday, until Friday after-
Jewish women have kept alive then a sporting and excursion out World War II the game cause it is a philanthropic noon, when husbands and
a game that otherwise fell out goods store, was the first place continued to be played among money-making endeavor for fathers drove up from New
of fashion in the 1920s. to sell mah-jongg in America. Jewish women’s circles as it Jewish organizations, notably York City.
And yet the Jewish mah- Throughout the 1920s, the increased in popularity and synagogue sisterhoods and Continued on Page 43
Page 42 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Special for Century Village

Have your major appliances and air conditioning
equipment repaired for one low annual fee!!!

$189 Special Includes

WALL THERMOSTAT Door Seals and Gaskets
COMPRESSOR Water Heater 30 Gallon
OVEN and RANGE Plumbing and Electrical

Mention this ad when you call and get a

FREE $10 option with this special!!!

Call our local office at

684-0146 or 1-888-237-8480
Visit us at

Broward Factory Service

BFS is licensed and insured
CACO56774 • CACO57400 • CFCO56867 • CACO56778 • ES0000336
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 43

Maj-Jongg where you’re from, nobody
Continued from Page 41 wants to be like their mothers.
“The women would sit However, the game is persis-
with big hats covering their tent and seductive, and poetic
faces and the straps untied justice is usually served when
on their bathing suits, so they the daughter who has strayed
didn’t get any tan lines,” says ends up liking it far more than
her mother ever did.” (From

Alligators frequent our

Cooper. “The best time to ask
something from Mom was Shanghai to Miami Beach)
during her games. She’d al- As newer generations take
ways give me a little money up the game, they learn that

lakes and waterways.

just to make me go away.” many true friendships can de-
Mothers, Daughters, Friends velop from it. And that’s not
Those little kids watching frivolous at all.

the games eventually grew up In the documentary Mah-
to become the next generation Jongg: The Tiles that Bind,
of mah-jongg players. Yet seasoned players say that mah-
many of them didn’t think jongg is their life. As women

they’d follow in their mothers’ play for years and decades
footsteps. When Cooper was with the same people, they
asked who taught her to play share life events — marriage
mah-jongg, she interrupted her and divorce, the birth of chil-
weekly game to call her sister, dren and then grandchildren,
who, of course, was at her own work and retirement.
mah-jongg game. They both It’s even said that when the
weren’t certain, but assumed last woman of a mah-jongg
they learned from their moth- group dies, it’s her job to
er. Cooper says emphatically, “bring” the mah-jongg set with
“We never wanted to be those her to the World to Come. o
old farts playing mah-jongg.

Look at us now.”
Ruth Unger seems to agree:
“Women didn’t want to play
a game they thought was a
frivolous thing their mothers
played. They wanted to do
great things with their lives.
I don’t care who you are, or

Tired of hearing
the wrong conversation?
is that a hawk “No, I think Come in for a free
the dog better screening, and our
up there?”
professionals will let you know
stay here.”
if hearing aids could help you.
If so, this could make a huge
difference in your quality of life.
(And we don’t need
to say that twice!)


Rexton Targa Plus

Digital Hearing Aids (any model)

First One: 1,495


Second One:
Not valid with other offers or discounts.
Expires 8/31/10

Call us today to schedule an appointment or visit


LAKE WORTH 561.432.1211 | WEST PALM BCH. 561.471.3340

Your insurance plan may provide full or partial payment for hearing aids. Call today to inquire about coverage.
Page 44 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Traps and Tips

Topic: MVP = Consumer
The Thompsons recently
moved to Palm Beach County.
They purchased a 1950s style
home that was in foreclosure
and desperately needed re-
modeling. The expensive proj-
ect will include new kitchen
cabinets, painting, tile floors
and upgrades to the old plumb-
ing and electrical systems.
They plan to save money by
dealing directly with various
contractors. They’re new to
the area and apprehensive
about which businesses to use.
Here are some tips they should
Palm Beach County Con-
sumer Affairs Division has its
MVP Program which is a pro-
totype public-private endeavor
designed to promote consumer
confidence and trust. The Di-
vision maintains a list of home
service providers and other
businesses which have volun-
tarily agreed to high standards
in customer service.
• Participants in the program
can easily be recognized by 5849 OKEECHOBEE BOULEVARD, SUITE 201
the MVP logo. The list of
MVP members can be ob- WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA 33417
tained from the Consumer
Affairs Web site at http:// or
by calling 561-712-6MVP
• Consumer Affairs also
maintains a data base that
in 2009 had over 1.2 mil-
lion “look-ups” of its Busi-
ness Information Reports
which provides detailed
information about 20,000+
companies. o
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 45



CALL DEBBIE @ 561.502.2939

Call the Rover: 502-8103

Remember, call 911 first for any
emergency, then call the above
number to summon our security car.

A Good Handyman
Reliable, Dependable and Affordable
No Job Too Big or Small !!!
Home Repairs Quality Work,
Reasonable Rates, Prompt Service
Call for FREE Estimates
Steve 561-722-6087

Peterson Rehabilitation, Inc.
5912 Okeechobee Boulevard, WPB, FL 33417 • Tel 561-697-8800 • Fax 561-697-3372
(Opposite Century Village on Okeechobee Boulevard) •

Dr. Ron Peterson Carmen Peterson Tony Armour

CEO Chief Financial Officer Chief Operations Officer
Are You Fed Up with the Status Quo of Pain, Stiffness, Weakness
and Unsteady Gait?
We are experts at restoring your Quality of Life!
Our Services are personally supervised by Dr. A. Ronald Peterson,
PT, PhD, GCS, Board Certified Clinical Geriatric Specialist and
Diplomate of the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialities.
Massage Therapy $5.00 Off With This Ad!
When Life just gets you down, there is a solution!
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Wish I Said That “In man’s struggle against

“My toughest fight was with the world, bet on the world.”
my first wife.” Franz Kafka
Muhammad Ali **********
********** “I have always looked at life
“Experience keeps a dear as a voyage, mostly wonder-
school, yet Fools will learn in ful, sometimes frightening. In
no other.” my family and friends I have
Benjamin Franklin discovered treasure more valu-
********** able than gold.”
“Life is change. Growth is Jimmy Buffett
optional. Choose wisely.” **********
Karen Kaiser Clark “Until he extends the circle
********** of compassion to all living
“Nothing in life is so exhila- things, man will not himself
rating as to be shot at without find peace.”
result.” Albert Schweitzer
Winston Churchill **********
********** “Great men can’t be ruled.”
“We are shaped by our Ayn Rand
thoughts; we become what we **********
think. When the mind is pure, “Life is like a voyage that is
joy follows like a shadow that homeward bound.”
never leaves.” Herman Melville
Siddartha **********
********** “I would have made a good
“I can’t stop thinking like Pope.”
this.” Richard Nixon
Steven Wright **********
********** “Geography is every-
“I regard golf as an expen- where.”
sive way of playing marbles.” Anonymous
G.K Chesterton
********** “A large income is the best
recipe for happiness I ever
“The only thing to do with
good advice is to pass it on. It heard of.”
is never of any use to oneself.” Jane Austen
********** LICENSED • BONDED
Oscar Wilde INSURED • #CBC057336
********** “Those who suppress free-
“All my life I’ve wanted to dom always do so in the name
be someone; I guess I should of law and order.” ROOM ADDITIONS
have been more specific.” John V. Lindsay GLASS, SLIDING GLASS DOORS
Jane Wagner ********** VINYL OR ACRYLIC WINDOWS
********** “Until lions have their his-
“Everything worth doing torians, tales of the hunt shall • JALOUSIE DOORS • HOWMET WOODGRAIN
starts with fear.” always glorify the hunters.” • ALUMINUM CLOSETS • SKYLIGHT ROOFS
Art Garfunkel African proverb • ALUMINUM KICK PLATES • AWNINGS
********** ********** • WINDOW SCREENS • STORM PANELS
“The most unhappy of all “She never said, ‘Cease to • SCREEN & LUMITE • SHUTTERS
men is he who believes him- grieve,’ but she grieved with • REPLACEMENTS • ALL YOUR ALUMINUM
self to be so.” me.” • SCREEN ROOMS • NEEDS
Henry Home Genesis 25:8
“Be a class act. Class seems “I gave you life so you WE RE-ROLL VINYL REPAIRS
to be inextricably related to could live it.” WE REPAIR & REPLACE WINDOWS & DOORS
kindness, consideration, and a from the movie
general recognition of human
My Big Fat
Roy Beers
********** “There is more hunger for
“Don’t believe in miracles love and appreciation in this
— depend on them.” world than for bread.” 5420 MAULE WAY
Lawrence J. Peter Mother Teresa WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA
********** **********
“A bad review is even less “Free your spirit by facing FOR A FREE COURTEOUS ESTIMATE, CALL:
important than whether it is the unknown.”
raining in Patagonia.” Wayne Dyer
Iris Murdoch
“Shared joy is double joy Clubhouse OFF
10% pairs &
Dress Code
and shared sorrow is half- All R In Our

Part Every
Shop Thurs.
When attending .&

Swedish proverb Wed

********** live shows at the

“The man who starts out Clubhouse, shorts are
going nowhere, generally gets not allowed; all STUART TO FORT LAUDERDALE
there.” patrons must wear
Dale Carnegie long pants or dresses. 1-800-427-3705
August 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 47

Consumer Traps panies which give low-ball

What Color Is
estimates often do not have
and Tips
By Dennis Moore
sufficient insurance cover-
age. Ask to see a certificate
Your Recyclable
Palm Beach County
Consumer Affairs Division
of insurance and then call
the insurance company
When disposing your
to verify its status. Avoid
Topic: Computer Viruses garbage in the recycle bin,
businesses that can’t show
and Repair be careful to put them in
proof of worker’s compen-
Trap sation. the right color-coded con-
Susan in Delray Beach won • Qualify the business. Look tainer:
a car, at least that’s what her for affiliations with trade • Blue — plastic containers,
computer pop-up showed. associations. Some, like steel cans, aluminum, milk
However, after clicking the the Tree Care Industry cartons, fruit juice boxes
link, her computer became Association (TCIA), and • Yellow — paper products,
very sluggish. Susan also no- International Society of including newspapers,
ticed lots of new pop-ups. She Arboriculture (ISA) offer magazines, catalogs, mail,
had no virus protection, and all the industry accreditation school/office paperwork,
her data and pictures were on and certification.
the hard drive, so she called the • Ask friends and neigh-
phone books, paper bags,
first computer repair company flattened and sliced card-
she found. They wanted $175
bors for recommendations.
Check to see if your home
board boxes As she rides by each morning, we find
Be sure to clean it before
in cash just to open and diag-
nose the computer problem.
owner’s association can pro-
you trash it. If what you’re She always has traffic in mind.
vide references or referrals.
Tips • Make sure the company throwing out doesn’t fit Up front, she’s really pretty,
• Keep your computer’s an- picks up all cuttings. Most any of the above catagories,
ti-virus software current. cities do not pick up brush throw it in the ordinary gar- But here in the city,
Some Internet providers of-
fer free anti-virus software.
left by contractors. o bage spot!
She’s recognized more from behind.
There are legitimate free


anti-virus software compa-
nies like AVG (http://free. or Malwarebytes
org/). Free anti-virus soft- Siemens-Starkey-Widex-Phonak-Oticon - Audina
ware usually doesn’t pro-
vide the full-spectrum of
services and protection as
the paid versions do.
• Don’t open e-mails or at-
tachments from unknown All Hearing Centers provide comprehensive testing, compassionate care,
sources — delete them.
Don’t visit Web sites you
and a large selection of Hearing Aids.
don’t know. Be very wary of
“you’ve just won” pop-ups. At VALUE HEARING we simply
• Avoid paying cash for com-
puter repairs. You have charge you less!
more recourse and options
when paying by a credit
card. Request a guarantee
— and get it in writing.
• Ask friends about their
experiences with computer
repair companies. Ask com-
puter repair workers to list
• Multi Memory • Multi Channel
their experience. Ask for
and check references.
• Open Fit Hearing Systems
Topic: Tree Trimming Be-
fore The Storm
619 00
Tony had put it off long
June 30th
enough. The hurricane season
was here and the big mango
tree had to be trimmed. Tony
found a flyer stuck under his Only!
front door mat. He called the
number and a voice answered,
“Tree service.” Tony discussed
the work he wanted to have
done and was impressed by $400 TO $1000 on any hearing aid

the very low estimate. He

felt there was more he should
know before making his de- Palm Beach Hearing
VALUE Care Centers
cision, but what questions
should he have asked? 2905(561)689-0160
Palm Beaches G North Military Trail,
• Treasure WPB,
Coast FL
• Insurance for the tree indus-
try is very expensive. Com- 561-689-0160
5365957R 1 6/11/10, 10:55:15 AM
Page 48 THE UCO REPORTER August 2010

Internal Bus Route #1 CV BUS SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE: June 14, 2010

Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Dover 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Somerset 8:03 9:03 10:03 11:03
1:03 2:03 3:03 4:03 5:03 6:03 7:03 8:03 9:03 10:03
Berkshire 8:04 9:04 10:04 11:04 r 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 6:04 7:04 8:04 9:04 10:04
Camden 8:07 9:07 10:07 11:07 i 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07 5:07 6:07 7:07 8:07 9:07 10:07
Windsor 8:09 9:09 10:09 11:09 v 1:09 2:09 3:09 4:09 5:09 6:09 7:09 8:09 9:09 10:09
UCO Office (When Open) 8:11 9:11 10:11 11:11 e 1:11 2:11 3:11 4:11 5:11 Except Saturday and Sunday
Wellington L & M 8:12 9:12 10:12 11:12 r 1:12 2:12 3:12 4:12 5:12 6:12 7:12 8:12 9:12 10:12
Wellington Circle 8:13 9:13 10:13 11:13 '
1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 6:13 7:13 8:13 9:13 10:13
Andover 8:16 9:16 10:16 11:16 1:16 2:16 3:16 4:16 5:16 6:16 7:16 8:16 9:16 10:16
Kingswood 8:21 9:21 10:21 11:21 L 1:21 2:21 3:21 4:21 5:21 6:21 7:21 8:21 9:21 10:21
Hastings Fitness Center 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 u 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25
Medical Plaza 8:28 9:28 10:28 11:28 n 1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30
1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 1:35 2:35 3:35 4:35 Drivers' 6:35 7:35 8:35
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 Dinner 6:45 7:45 8:45
Internal Bus Route #2
Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Plymouth 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Sheffield E 8:04 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 6:04 7:04 8:04 9:04 10:04
Chatham 8:06 9:06 10:06 11:06 1:06 2:06 3:06 4:06 5:06 6:06 7:06 8:06 9:06 10:06
Kent 8:08 9:08 10:08 11:08 D 1:08 2:08 3:08 4:08 5:08 6:08 7:08 8:08 9:08 10:08
Northampton 8:11 9:11 10:11 11:11 r 1:11 2:11 3:11 4:11 5:11 6:11 7:11 8:11 9:11 10:11
Sussex 8:13 9:13 10:13 11:13 1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 6:13 7:13 8:13 9:13 10:13
Canterbury 8:15 9:15 10:15 11:15 e 1:15 2:15 3:15 4:15 5:15 6:15 7:15 8:15 9:15 10:15
Cambridge 8:16 9:16 10:16 11:16 r 1:16 2:16 3:16 4:16 5:16 6:16 7:16 8:16 9:16 10:16
Dorchester 8:18 9:18 10:18 11:18 s 1:18 2:18 3:18 4:18 5:18 6:18 7:18 8:18 9:18 10:18
Oxford 8:21 9:21 10:21 11:21 ' 1:21 2:21 3:21 4:21 5:21 6:21 7:21 8:21 9:21 10:21
Stratford 8:22 9:22 10:22 11:22 1:22 2:22 3:22 4:22 5:22 6:22 7:22 8:22 9:22 10:22
Sheffield 8:23 9:23 10:23 11:23 u
1:23 2:23 3:23 4:23 5:23 6:23 7:23 8:23 9:23 10:23
Hastings Fitness Center * 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 n 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 6:25 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25
Coventry 8:27 9:27 10:27 11:27 c 1:27 2:27 3:27 4:27 5:27 6:27 7:27 8:27 9:27 10:27
Medical Plaza 8:29 9:29 10:29 11:29 h 1:29 2:29 3:29 4:29 5:29
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 1:35 Drivers' * Only Friday, from 6:00pm on, will stop at Anshei
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 Dinner Sholom; on request
Please Note: On Sundays Only the #2 Bus will do a loop around the perimeter drive after going through Coventry.
Internal Bus Route #3
Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Bedford B 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Greenbrier 8:03 9:03 10:03 11:03 D
1:03 2:03 3:03 4:03 5:03 6:03 7:03 8:03 9:03 10:03
Southampton 8:05 9:05 10:05 11:05 r 1:05 2:05 3:05 4:05 5:05 6:05 7:05 8:05 9:05 10:05
Bedford C 8:08 9:08 10:08 11:08 i 1:08 2:08 3:08 4:08 5:08 6:08 7:08 8:08 9:08 10:08
Golf's Edge 8:10 9:10 10:10 11:10 v 1:10 2:10 3:10 4:10 5:10 6:10 7:10 8:10 9:10 10:10
Coventry 8:12 9:12 10:12 11:12 e 1:12 2:12 3:12 4:12 5:12 6:12 7:12 8:12 9:12 10:12
Norwich 8:14 9:14 10:14 11:14 1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14 6:14 7:14 8:14 9:14 10:14
Salisbury 8:17 9:17 10:17 11:17 ' 1:17 2:17 3:17 4:17 5:17 6:17 7:17 8:17 9:17 10:17
Waltham 8:18 9:18 10:18 11:18 1:18 2:18 3:18 4:18 5:18 6:18 7:18 8:18 9:18 10:18
Easthampton 8:20 9:20 10:20 11:20 L 1:20 2:20 3:20 4:20 5:20 6:20 7:20 8:20 9:20 10:20
Hastings Fitness Center 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 u 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25
Medical Plaza 8:28 9:28 10:28 11:28 n 1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 h
1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 1:35 Drivers'
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 Dinner

Please Note: BY REQUEST ONLY - All Buses will go around the perimeter drive at 11:45 am prior to the bus drivers taking their lunch breaks.
Please Note: On Saturdays Only the Internal Bus Routes #1 and #3 will drop off at Anshei Sholom on the 9 AM run.
Shuttle Bus Route
Perimeter Drive 12:45 Pleasebe
Please beat
at your
your bus
bus stop
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00
Salon 27 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 minutesbefore
minutes before your
your pickup
Library 9:07 10:07 11:07 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07
Humana 9:10 10:10 11:10 1:10 2:10 3:10 4:10
Walmart Supermarket 9:16 10:16 11:16
1:16 2:16 3:16 4:16 Please be
Please be Prepared
Century Plaza
the Bus
Bus Driver
9:22 10:22 11:22 1:22 2:22 3:22 4:22
Emporium Shoppes 9:26 10:26 11:26 e 1:26 2:26 3:26 4:26
Baby Supermarket
h 1:27
Village ID
Village ID When
Perimeter Drive
Clubhouse 9:45
On Request
10:45 11:45 1:45
On Request
2:45 3:45 4:45
ALL Buses
ALL Buses
Mall Bus Route
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00
Morse Home Drop off 9:05
K-Mart 9:13 10:13 11:13 D 1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 **
The Holiday bus will
Church 9:20 10:20 11:17 r
L 1:20 2:20 3:20 4:20 5:20 5 PM MALL run on New Year's
u BUS RUNS ON Day, July 4th,
Village Commons 9:25 10:25 11:25
n 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 SATURDAY Thanksgiving Day
Publix 9:30 10:30 11:30 c 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 ONLY
Post Office Drop off / Pick Up Tuesday & Thursday Only
h 2:35 3:35 **
and Christmas Day.
Morse Home Pickup 1:40
Clubhouse 9:40 10:40 11:40 1:40 2:40 3:40 4:40 5:40
Express Bus Route Excursion Bus *Monday* (Excludes the 2nd Monday)
Perimeter Drive 8:45 Leaves Clubhouse 9:35 AM Pick Up Times
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 Chase Bank On Request
Walgreens 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 Wellington Mall 1:15 PM
Pine Trail Square 9:08 10:08 11:08 1:08 2:08 3:08 target , Golden Corral Leaves clubhouse 10:35AM 2:05 & 2:10
Goodwill Store 9:09 10:09 11:09 i
L 1:09 2:09 3:09 walmart 2:15pm
Winn Dixie 9:18 10:18 11:18 v 1:18 2:18 3:18 Excursion Bus *Wednesday* (Excludes the 4th Wednesday)
Publix 9:28 10:28 11:28 e 1:28 2:28 3:28 Leaves Clubhouse 9:35PM Pick Up Times
Chase Bank On Request h On Request City Place 10:05 AM 2:00 PM
Perimeter Drive 9:38 10:38 11:38 1:38 2:38 3:38 Gardens Mall 10:35 AM 1:30 PM
Clubhouse 9:48 10:48 11:48 1:48 2:48 3:48 Return Clubhouse 2:30 PM

Sundays & Holidays Bus Route (Combo)

Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 The
The Excursion
Excursion BusBuswill will
go togo
Walgreen's 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04
Pine Trail 9:07 10:07 11:07 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07 5:07
to Lake
Lake Worth Worth
Beach Beach
on theon 2nd the
Goodwill Store 9:09 10:09 11:09 D
1:09 2:09 3:09 4:09 5:09 2 Monday
9:30 am9:30 amUp
- Picks - picks
Cross County 9:14 10:14 11:14 i
1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14
up 2:05 pm) and to the
pm) and to the Carnival Flea Carnival
Church 9:20 10:28 11:25 v 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25
Palm Beach Mall 11:28 e
c 1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28 Market
Flea in DelRay
Market on the
in Delray on4ththe 4th
Village Commons 9:34 10:34 11:34
h 1:34 2:34 3:34 4:34 5:34 Wednesday(Leaves (leaves9:35
am- -Picks
Emporium Shoppes 9:40 10:40 11:40 1:40 2:40 3:40 4:40 5:40
pm) of
1:45 pm) of the
Clubhouse 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 5:45

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