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Early Childhood & Elementary Education Programs


Initial Plan Revised Plan

Date & time activity is to be presented: February 27th , TBD

Date initial written plan is submitted to the practicum teacher and supervisor:
(MUST be at least two weeks before the activity is to be conducted)

To be completed by the practicum teacher:

I have reviewed this initial plan and approve it as written.
I have reviewed this initial plan and approve it with the recommendations noted. I expect to have a revised
plan that reflects these recommendations on the day the activity is presented.
I have reviewed this initial plan and recommend modifications as noted. I expect to have a revised plan that
reflects these recommendations one week before the activity is presented.

I received this revised plan a week in advance.

___________________________________ ________________
Signature of Teacher /Practicum Supervisor Date Received


"Oh, the Place You'll Go!" and creative art page


This activity is appropriate for the students at this time because it was already scheduled into my cooperating teachers
curriculum on this day, and seeing an example of Dr. Seuss creativity might help to spark the students creativity more. I
will also being doing the creative art project with the read aloud, and being read to at this age is very important to their
literacy development. The children are always excited to be read to and I think they are ready for a book that is a little
different and more creative than those they are used to. I find Oh, The Paces Youll Go! by Dr.Seuss very fun and
interesting and Im excited to see if the students feel the same way.


What do you want students to How will students demonstrate
learn as a result of this activity? understanding of the concept? How will you assess student learning of the concept?
What skill do you want How will students demonstrate How will you assess student demonstration of the skill?
students to demonstrate? success with the stated skill?
1: I want the students to The students will use fine Since I will be working with a small group for the
continue to develop their fine motor skills to successfully creative art project, I will observe the way that the
motor skills and creativity. cut, glue, and draw/color on students cut, glue, and draw/ color in order to see how
their page. well they are able to use their fine motor skills for the
2: I want the students to The students will use their I will be reading the book to the whole group before
comprehend the book. comprehension of the read aloud doing the creative art project with small groups, so I will
and their creativity to make a ask the class open-ended questions before beginning to
personalized beginning or work with the small groups to assess comprehension.
ending page to Oh, the Places Then I will allow students to share their page and what it
Youll Go!. represents for them before switching groups so that I
am able to see if their page does relate to themselves
and the story.
3: I want the students to learn The students will I will assess the students' learning by asking them
about the parts of a book and demonstrate knowledge questions about the parts of the book before beginning
the author, Dr. Seuss. about the parts of a book and to read the book. I will ask them about the title, spine,
Dr. Seuss. cover, author, and illustrator of the book.
(Attach a copy of the data collection
instrument to this document.)


Oral Language:
1.1a Listen and respond to a variety of electronic media and other age-appropriate
1.1b Tell and retell stories and events in logical order.
1.1e Express ideas orally in complete sentences.
1.2a Increase listening and speaking vocabularies.
1.3b Follow rules for conversation using appropriate voice level in small-group
1.3c Ask and respond to questions.
1.3d Follow simple two-step directions.
1.5 The student will apply knowledge of how print is organized and read.
1.5a Read from left to right and top to bottom.
1.5b Match spoken words with print.
1.5c Identify letters, words, sentences, and ending punctuation.
1.8 The student will expand vocabulary.
1.8a Discuss meanings of words in context.
1.8b Develop vocabulary by listening to and reading a variety of texts.
1.9 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of fictional texts.
1.9h Identify the main idea or theme.
Visual Communication and Production:
1.4 The students will create works of art inspired by stories or poems, ideas, and themes.
1.6 The student will depict personal experiences in works of art.
1.12 The student will use motor skills (e.g., cutting, modeling, molding, tearing, weaving) to create two- and three-
dimensional works of art.


Construction paper- me
Pom poms- me
Pipe cleaners- me
Popsicle sticks- me
Feathers- me
Markers or crayons- students
Scissors- students
Glue- students
1 copy of Oh, the Places Youll Go! - me


Preparation of the learning environment (take a picture to include with your reflection).

Before reading the book to the whole class, I will lay out the materials where I will have the small groups doing
the creative art project after I read Oh, the Places Youll Go!. I plan to lay out all of the materials in the center of
the area my center will be in so that the students feel free to use any of the materials they want and allow them
to be creative and make their page however they want. When reading to the whole group before doing the
creative art assignment, I will have the students sit on the carpet and I will sit with them there on a chair.

Plan for taking turns during the activity

Introduction of the activity to children (and families, if possible)

I will introduce the book by first asking the students about the title, spine, cover, author, and illustrator of the
book. After asking them about the author and illustrator, I will point out to the students that the author and
illustrator are both Dr.Seuss. I will tell them about how sometimes Dr.Seuss likes to use silly words that he
made up for fun in his books and that he has very creative pictures in his books.
I will introduce the creative art project by first reading Oh, the Places Youll Go! By Dr. Seuss to the whole class. I will
then ask the students questions about the book such as: what is the message of this book? How does this message make you
feel? Do you know where you came from or where you want to go? I will then have small groups come to me as a center
rotation and there I will tell them that they are going to be creating their own page to add to Dr. Seuss book. I will give the
students the option of either creating a page about where they come from or where they hope to go and remind them to
make the page their own, It does need to look like Dr.Seuss pages in the book, but it should be just as creative.

Implementation of the activity (specific procedure for teacher and students)

When reading the book to the students, I will point out some observations in the pictures and some concepts that might be
hard for the students to understand.
-Page 3: I will point out that the character has many directions to choose from in the picture, which corresponds with the
-Page 5: I will ask the students what in the picture tell us what he didnt want to go down that road?
-Page 13: Point out that he is in the front in the hot air balloon.
-Page 15: I will ask what happened to his and his balloon.
-Page 17: I will ask what as slump is.
-Page 19: I will explain that sometimes you wont know which way to go.
-Page 31: I will point out that he is playing basketball all alone.
-Page 34: I will say that I think Hakken-Kraks are monsters that Dr. Seuss made up.
-Page 41: I will ask what he is doing in the picture (moving a mountain).
-Page 42: I will explain that no matter what your name is, you can move mountains/ achieve your goals.

For the creative art project to follow, I will give the students the materials and let them work using whatever materials they
would like however they want to create their page. As they go, I will ask students what they are making and what materials
they are using to represent their ideas on their page. I will also ask them how they can help people who look at their page
understand what it is and allow them to use their creativity to depict their ideas. I dont want to give the students too much
direction but rather allow their creativity to guide them.

Closure and cleanup

I plan to have each student share their page with the rest of the group before they go to their next center so that they feel
that their peers have recognized their work and that where they came from or where they want to go has been heard by the
group and they can feel a sense of pride in their work. I will then have them clean up the contents of their pencils boxes and
put their artwork wherever my CT designates as an appropriate place before sending them to their next center.
The construction paper, pompoms, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and feathers will all have to be picked up. I plan to
simply put these items into plastic bags and give them to my CT or take them home with me.


For students who finish early, I will have them try to add a phrase to their page about where they want to
go/their goal and encourage them to try to include a rhyme the way that Dr.Seuss does. For students who may not
finish in the given time, I will ask my CT if they will have another time that they could finish them or tell them that they
could finish it at home with their parents. Since I will be reviewing the messages of the book before beginning the
creative art project, I dont think there wil be and issue with the comprehension of the book in order to complete the
creative art project. If there is however, I will be able to talk to those students one on one since I will be working with
small groups.

Most of what I think could go wrong with this lesson is the students not having enough time to finish creating their page.
If this is the case, I will ask my CT if there is another time they might eb able to finish or encourage them to finish it at home with
their parents.


A copy of the data collection instrument for this activity is attached.

This plan must be submitted to the practicum teacher AND your supervisor
TWO WEEKS prior to the activity date.