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Unit Plan Template

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Unit Author
Amber Douet
First and Last Name Jessica Kearney
Amanda Smith
Authors E-mail Address

Unit Overview
Unit Plan Title Immigration
Curriculum-Framing Questions
Students will understand the journey immigrants took
from Europe to the United States and be able to
describe their new life in America.
Using the immigrant journey, students will understand
Goals the interaction of citizenship, public opinion and interest
groups, and government roles in creating laws.
Using statistical data of new immigrants, students will be
able to compute mean median, mode, and standard
deviation and represent the data on a scatterplot.

Unit Summary
Students will read a primary account of an immigrant coming to America, take a virtual tour of
Ellis Island, and look at pictures of the immigrants new lives in America. These activities will
give students an idea of why immigrants came to America, how they arrived, and they will be
able to speculate how their new lives met or did not meet their expectations. Students will
then write a letter or make a brochure of their journey to America to be sent to someone back
Students will review knowledge they have gained of how citizens, public opinion, special
interest groups, and the government interact to create new laws and accomplish the goals of
the government. Using immigration as the backdrop, students will explore this interaction and
present their findings with an iMovie or Keynote presentation on how public opinion and
special interest groups influence laws created by the government.
Students will analyze statistical data of new immigrants entering the United States from
Eastern European countries from 1880 to 1930. From this analysis, students will represent,
compare, and interpret the data in various ways that is specific to each data set. This will
allow students to find trends, discover patterns, and deviations from patterns.


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Subject Area(s) (List all subjects that apply)
Algebra I
Grade Level [Click box(es) of all grade level(s) that your Unit targets]
K-2 3-5
6-8 9-12
ESL Resource
Gifted and Talented Other:
Day 1 Lesson 1 The New Immigrants Jessica Kearney
Day 2 Lesson 2 Immigration Legislation Amber Douet
Day 3 Lesson 3 Immigration Stats Amanda Smith
Approximate Time Needed
(3) 90 minute class periods 1 day for each subject
Prerequisite Skills
Technology Skills
iPad keynote and iMovie
Typing a letter
Content Knowledge
How a bill becomes a law
Rights and Responsibilities
Compute mean, median mode
Standard deviation, bell curve, outliers
Push and Pull factors for New Immigrants

Materials and Resources

Technology Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed)
Camera Laser Disk VCR
Computer(s) Printer Video Camera
Digital Camera Projection System Video Conferencing Equip.
DVD Player Scanner Other: calculators, iPads
Internet Connection Television

Technology Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)


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Database/Spreadsheet Image Processing Web Page Development
Desktop Publishing Internet Web Browser Word Processing
E-mail Software Multimedia Other:
Encyclopedia on CD-ROM
History - Story sheets, Pictures by Jacob Riis, Directed browsing
sheets, Brainstorming/letter rubric
Printed Materials
Civics worksheets, print of our laws
Algebra statistics

Internet Resources



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