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Howard University Media Policy FAQs

1. Who is the Office of University Communications and how do I get in contact with
The Office of University Communications (OUC) is a resource to the University community for
managing media relations. The OUC maintains a web presence at
and can be contacted by email or phone: (202) 238-2330.

2. Who should I contact if I would like to publicize a program or an event?

An employee or department that seeks to publicize a program, event or achievement should
contact the Office of University Communication. OUC has access to numerous news media
contacts and will work with employees to coordinate publicity or visibility for programs, events or
newsworthy issues.

3. What should I do if Im contacted by the news media?

It is the responsibility of the Office of University Communication to initiate and/or respond to
news media requests and to manage those interactions. When an employee or department is
contacted by the news media, he/she is strongly encouraged to notify OUC immediately, before
providing any information or responding to any questions.

4. Do I need permission to enter campus buildings or facilities?

While on University property, news media representatives should, if necessary and appropriate,
be accompanied by a OUC staff member or a University employee designated by the Office of
University Communication.

To gain access to the residence halls, news media representatives must be accompanied by an
OUC staff member or a University employee designated by the Office of University

5. What should I do if my event has attracted news media interest?

If an event attracts news media interest, all press releases and statements to the news media
will be routed through and disseminated by the Office of University Communication. It is the
responsibility of each department head to implement procedures to comply with this policy, while
also ensuring that academic freedom, free inquiry and freedom of expression within the
academic community are respected and observed.

6. What are the policies for photography and filming on campus?

The University obtains authorization from those whose photographs or video are taken with the
intent to publicize the University. Their consent allows the University to incorporate these
photographs in situations appropriate to the image of an academic institution including release
to the news media -- and to publish likenesses in OUC publications, on its website, in videos, on
CDs, or in other recruitment or promotional materials including paid advertising.

7. Are there any consequences for violating any of the media policies?
For faculty and staff, violations of this policy, as determined by the Office of University
Communications, may result in disciplinary actions as allowed by Human Resources policies
and procedures, including negative evaluation in annual performance appraisals or termination.
For recognized organizations, violations of this policy may result in penalties including loss of

Violations of this policy by volunteers, vendors, and others will be handled at the discretion of
the administration. Sanctions may include, among other things, withdrawal of privileges and
association with Howard University.