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Leanne Wheaton
Survey: Specialist Science December 2015

TfEL Compass | Government of South Australia, Department for Education and Child Development, Learning Improvement Division, 2016
Students - Secondary Years Students - Primary Years
What have you enjoyed learning about in Specialist Science this year? Can you explain why?

(P osition: before survey)

i like doing the experiments because you would never know what experiment you would be doing today
i enjoyed science because i learned new things and had fun experimenting :)
i have enjoyed learning about the sand experiments this term because i have had fun with my group doing it
i liked doing the sand experiment where you had to feel the sand and write the texture of the sand down.i liked doing it because i enjoyed it
alot and i also enjoyed it because i got to do it with my friends which made it fun.
I enjoyed doing observations and learning new things. I like doing these things because they are fun.
every thing because i love science
i have learnt about animal life cycels,plants,space, and earth
animal and plant lifecicles,space and earth
EVERY THING BEC AUSE i love science
i loved the experiments
i didnt like much of it
I enjoyed the experemence because it was fun
I like it becuse we do exspernt and learn stuff but i don't like when we do something that we know
i liked lerning about sand...................................................................................
Ive enjoyed doing experements and learning interesting things the experements are fun and exiting i love science. i like predicting things.
i enjoyed working in groups with my friends and doing experiments or observing different things. i really liked it because i was learning new
things and i was with my friends.
I enjoyed doing sience experiments beacuse it wasn't all just writing and we would get to have a bit of fun
I loved learing science we get to do a lot of experiments i wasnt here for long but it was fun.
yes i i have enjoyed sicence because it is fun
we always have fun and enjoing because of our awesome teacher
i like it because we do exsperiments because they are fun
good but very silly and had a good year
I enjoyed learning about animals like bats and i also enjoyed learning about the solar system because i like these subjets.
i have enjode making food like pancaks becoase we get to eat it
the movement of the earth and the sun and the moon. beacuse i find it intresting
that I have learnt lots of new things science
C hemical science I liked chemical science because i felt like i new alot after that topic.
hot and cold the eath, moon and sun and drawing about it
C hemical Sciences: I enjoyed chemial science because I learnt the most out of all.
chemical sciences adding or removing heat
what i enjoyed : that i have learnt lots of new things . why:i like to learn
i have enjoyed learning about chemical sciences because i like doing the pancakes and learning about the heat
I enjoyed solid,liquid and gas because it was fun to learn about it
animals and bats and Bees Heat light electricty
Heat ,light and electricity.Because it was fun and I UNDERSTOOD so yay.
i enjoyed making pancakes because we got to do all the mixing and things like that and after we got to eat them
C hemical sciences:adding and removing heat
making pancakes because got to eat them after.
making pancakes because got to eat them after.
I liked about meshring
I liked games that we be doing cuace it was fun
gas and solid
I enjoyed learning about heat in science because now I now how to keep warm in winter.
i enjoyed learning about planites because planits are instering
chemical sciences
My favorite would be the physical scinence learning all about heat ,taking away heat and more that we did.
I liked when we learnt how a total eclipse is done & when we learnt about the outer space.
I enjoyed the chemical science because I liked doing exsperiments
I enjoyed learning about earth and space sciences.I loved hearing about solar eclipses and our solar system.It was cool learning about the
sun and other planets.
i liked learning about the moon because then i knew the moons order.
Out of all of them I would have to say I enjoy phisycal scienses the most becuase you get to do fun and interesting experiments. You also
get to observe and predict lots of stuff.
I have enjoyed doin the science of living things. I thought you did a very good explanation about the bats.
I liked learning chemical science.I liked learning about bonds forming solids,liquids and gases.
Ihave enjoyed every but oi have enjoyed space
I have enjoyed using a pipette on a paper towel because i liked it when we got to make a pattern.
I'v enjooyed lerning about space.
i have enjoyed learning about space
craon and water aint drops.
tourch threw the cristal baucase it made a rainbow witch was coulerfull and it was cool
tourch threw the cristal baucase it made a rainbow witch was coulerfull and it was cool
I love doing science because when I do science its really fun and I really feel like I understand chemical sciences. I understand chemical
sciences because of methods, methods tell you how to do things and I am good at doing cooking and with cooking you need methods, it's
the same as chemicals you need methods but sometimes you have to give a guess.
I enjoyed learning about space and solar eclipses because it was very interesting.I also enjoyed learning about the other planets, our solar
system and earth.
I enjoyed learning about space and solar eclipses because it was very interesting.I also enjoyed learning about the other planets, our solar
system and earth.
I have enjoyed learning about what happens when you add and remove heat from foods and objects and why because my favorite
sciences are chemistry and physical sciences
drawering for work
i have enjoyed doing specalist science because i think it is really fun and the experamebts have been interesting.
I have enjoyed doing experements because they are fun. I really like science because I learnt a lot more than before.
i have enjoyed learning all of the properties of things and about bats and investigations.
I have enjoyed learning about bats and all about ecolocation. I enjoyed this because it was very interesting and imformative.
I liked having to have sheets and being able to seat where I want. I liked having a great teacher to teach me!
The sand experiments. I liked the part when we used the pepett with the water. It took 185 drops for first sightings at the bottom
i have enjoyed learing about phyical sience and forces. investigations are also great and easy to learn about the topic.
I have learned very well and I learned more.
I have enjoyed learning about how things are made like sand,dirt,flowers and plants.we have also made paper flowers and tested them out
in water.
I have enjoyed learning about sand and making pancakes. I also enjoyed learning about glass. I think it was interesting and fun.
I have enjoyed learning about all the different types of sand. Even though we couldn't do the investigation. It is very interesting and fun!
I liked it because it had been fun. I liked feeling the different papers and the colours when we cut out bits of paper
i enjoyed learning about the different sands and getting to know how sand started of and how it ends. i also like doing investigations with
anything really.
I enjoyed learning with leanne and playing with sand and I thought leanne was a really good teacher thank you for teaching us leanne
I have enjoyed it because she makes eyery lesson fun and we get to learn cool things
i have leaned very much with this teacher
she is a supppppppppppppppppppppppppppppper great teacher i am just a bit sad we can learn about anything i would really like it if we
can do more stuff with her and i like how mean she is to the bad kids thay need to be good and if they act bad they should know whats
comming and i like how thay dont get to be better and play with toys like some teachers give in but she dosnt wich i think makes her a
great teacher.
I enjoy the investigations and watching the movies
i enjoyed doing the flowers and watching them open,doing the water dots with the popets
i like it when we get to do stuff with our hands and not just writing stuff down.
i have enjoyed doing investigations with a friend and watching interesting videos.
i like the hands on experiments beacuse it was fun and i learnt alot . it was also fun because you werent just writing down things.
water drops
having a really fun teacher to work with she dose not get angry alot and she is AWESOME
my fatrent what it did this traem is whan we did the cardbord thing.
scince is good
we have learnt about pipets and other stuff

yes no comment need

The fun experements and investigations have been the highlight of being in Leanne's class
ummmmmm. science is fun. the most fun things we have done has been the experiments.
I have enjoyed going outside and all of the hands om science. I liked the enjoyeable time in the classroom
I have enjoyed doing all of the experiments not so much the recording down after but i did qiute like all of the times that we would get out
equiptment and mess around to find something out that makes scientific cense.
because in term 2 we got to cook pankakes
I have enjoyed learning about the universe outside of our country, such as the moon etc.
i enjoyed Mixture and pure substances. i liked it when we were able to change the colours with water
have enjoyed doing chemical sciences because the exparements were fun
i have enjoyed learning about chemical sciences because it was really fun doing all of the experiments
i enjoyed learning about biological sciences and classifing animals.
I have enjoyed doing experiments and learning about chemical sciences. I enjoyed chemical sciences because it was fun doing experiments
with differnet powders and chemicals.
I have enjoyed learning about shadows and light this year. Mainly because we did lots of hands on work which I really enjoy.
It's very hands on and we do a lot more experiments than we did last year. I find my best way to learn is through hands on things and
because of this my grades have improved in science.
i've loved working Leanne because she makes lessons fun and enjoyable, my favourite thing I've learned this year is the solar system
because it clears my mind about where we live.
My favourite type of activities are hands on tasks. I have enjoyed learning about the solar system because Leanne has referred to real life
when we learn. I also really enjoy cooking, experiments and working with food.
I think i enjoyed everything this year! It was all super fun!
i have enjoyed learning earth beaucse it was fun to learn about the word
C hemical science because I really enjoyed doing experments and hands on activitys
I loved learning about chemistry, physics, and doing experiments.
i enjoyed learning about 'chemical sciences' and making pancakes. i enjoyed doing 'physical sciences' and learning about light and shadows,
using cd's and shadow puppets. i also enjoyed making the solar system out of lollies. :-)
I enjoyed science this year because all the hands-on things were really good and I was able to learn a lot more.
es because it is fun
yeah because it shall be fun :D :) :P
I have enjoyed learning about the how far the planets are from the sun and how big they are and learning all about them because the
planets intrest me and i liked doing the maths and the estimations and it was fun to do.
I have enjoyed learning about this year was shadows and how you can make different shapes and animals. I also liked learning about the
planets and doing the experiment out in thee yard.
experiments because they are fun
I've enjoyed learning about planets and the solar system because it is interesting and I have had fun doing the activities for it.
i like learning about light shadow and about new planets and the solar system because i love learning new things
i have enjoyed doing alot of things this term epecially the chemical science and the lolly planets
yes because i have learn alot this year about plantes and other things
I have enjoyed the hands on work, i loved the echo location and the shadow work, i liked it was hands on work instead of work book work
I enjoyed learning about the solar system and different planets. because I felt good about learning thing about planets.
experimints because it is fun
About Refelection and Light
i have'nt been interested in to many things this year because in science i like doing experiments more than learning facts about other stuff.
But i still liked learning about planets and the way we had to take the steps outside and the order of the planets that we made with lollies.
i have enjoyed learning about the planets because the way leanne taught me things was by using lollies and letting us scale out the planets
in the school yard. in science i would prefere doning some more pyhisical thing that i can do my self instead of just writing it down and doing
more experements. i would like to do more drawing activities and experiments.
yea I have enjoeyed learning from leane I hope she is my science teacher next year. I have enjoeyed her because she is nice and I learn
alot from leane like this year we learnt biological science,chemical science,phisical science and space science. I have enjoeyed biolocal
science the most because it is intristing to learn what life forms there is. Next would be phisical science learning about different shadows. I
also enjoed space science learning about where everything is in the solar system.chemical system was good to with the different smells in
the room somethings burning somethings smelling like soap I really enjoed it. From Ethan Robert Kostecki
yea I have enjoeyed learning from leane I hope she is my science teacher next year. I have enjoeyed her because she is nice and I learn
alot from leane like this year we learnt biological science,chemical science,phisical science and space science. I have enjoeyed biolocal
science the most because it is intristing to learn what life forms there is. Next would be phisical science learning about different shadows. I
also enjoed space science learning about where everything is in the solar system.chemical system was good to with the different smells in
the room somethings burning somethings smelling like soap I really enjoed it. From Ethan Robert Kostecki
We have been able to make and eat some good tasting stuff.
i have liked doing cemrest and working with diffrent or but no
I have enjoyed learning about all the sciences because we did hands on investergations instead of just writing words in our books every
week, even though we still write in our books each weekit isn't to much.
I have enjoyed learning about reflection because it has been interesting to see what sorts of reflections mirrors make.
I have enjoyed how we sometimes go outside for activites like going outside for the whole lesson. i think we should go outside more for
whole lessons.
I loved the inovative, differnt ways of learning such as watching vidios or going outside. This made science alot more interesting and fun.
I have enjoyed learning space because i want to know about our universe and because it is interesting.
i remember learning about planets and we measured the planets and it was thaught in a funway
I have enjoyed learning about most things such as light, chemical change, solar system, biological sciences like Urban Ecology.
planets because she taught it in a fun way
leaning about difren reations with vinger withotber reations
my favourite thing was learning about the solar system
I have enjoyed the science experiments when we use food or other fun things.
I have liked using food substances to do science experiments becuase its a bit more different than just writing on a boring old sheet.
i have enjoyed learning about most of the things like light,reflection,splitting light,the solar system,size of planets and distance between
planets in the solar system
i enjoyed about learning Earth and Science and knowing Brian C ok's theory
The hands on activies
i have learnt about transformations and how space sciences in the movie.
I enjoyed learning about space sciences and the movie, light sciences
i like science because it is fun and good to learn abought
I enjoyed it because we did lots of experiments and didn't do just work sheet and out teacher explained science really well.
Yes, it has taught me alot about science although we did alot of work sheets and the few experiments were fun
I enjoyed doing investigations about different resources and different materials because the thing that i am observing may be
interesting(all the time it is interesting) and using your senses to observe the object will help observe the object.
I enjoyed doing chemistry and investigations about the speed and the weight of different objects because not many lessons had
experiments that you could do hand on and it was a nice change from writing things like maths in your normal class.I also liked learning
about animals in biology because animals have many facts and i find facts really interesing
I enjoyed learning about planets because it is interesting.
i enjoyed doing investigations because you get to learn and investigate things you didn't know before!
I enjoy doing biological sciences this year as I love learing about life cycles and bats and learning about what the terms complete
metamorphisis and incomplete metamorphisis mean because I enjoy learning about living creatures.
i loved doing sciens this year and all other years. i have allwase enjoyed sciense and this year has by far been the best. you have tought
me very well and hope to have you as my sciense teachrr again.thanks:)
I have enjoyed experimenting with things like how many drops of water it takes to reach the bottom of a small container full with different
types of sand, etc. But I also enjoyed working in class with my classmates and just writing in my book. I also found many things that you
tought us really interesting and fasinating.
I've enjoyed learning about biological sciences and earth and space sciences because I love animals and learning about their lifecycles was
very interesting. I enjoyed learning about bees and how they furtilise flowers and their ways of collecting pollen. However in earth and
space sciences i liked learning about the properties of soil and about the different sands as i have always wondered what their names were
and i really liked learning about how many pipette drops it takes to get to the bottom of a contained full of sand.
I have enjoyed learning in sience this year.The learning I like the most is investigations to work out how things work.
I have enjoyed learning about bats because i love to learn about animals and how they fly walk and hear. i have also loved learning about
sand and dirt because I like to learn about earth and how it works.
I liked working with the pippetes and the sand.
i like it when we used a pipette for our science lesson
I enjoyed the investigations becuase they were very interesting
i enjoy doing some more experiment because last year we didn't do many experiments
Well I really liked the idea of investigating things in science and learning about scientific things via using it with physical thing like for instance
using a pippete instead of actually doing a sheet or learning about it
i liked the experements and the sand and the pipettes. and the teacher was nice.
i have endured specialist science with Leanne because i have had the chance to do experiments such as pancake making, water and sugar,
bubbles with different ditergent, etc. i have also loved coming to science because i have had the opportunity to co - operate with peers but
also have the chance to be in a happy and safe learning enviroment.
i have enjoyed everything we have learning that is related to the chemical sciences, and the mixture making aswell. i also enjoyed learning
about the scientists of the past and also present.
i like all the hands on thing becuase i can experament with thing
i liked how we learnt and science and still had fun and i liked how we watched clips
P hysical Sciences, C hemical Sciences
Yes, i have enjoyed learning specialist science this year, as it is very creative and makes you think.
i have enjoyed doing chemical sciences were we made mixtures and biological sciences when we learned the different food chains. i really
like filling out the recording sheets because i makes you think alot more about what your doing
experiments since it allows all students to be involved. this also allows children with disibilities to enjoy science.
I enjoyed doing biological sciences and learning about the food chain. I also enjoyed chamical sciences when we made mixtures and blew
bubbles. Making pancakes was a highlight of the year, i learnt a different way to cook them and they tasted so good.
Yes because this the best year of science yet. We have done a lot of experiments and many other things with leanne.
I have enjoyed learning about forces because my science teacher Leane expliened about forces in variety of ways which made me
handerstand the topic very well and it was fun watching the vidoe and riding scoters.
i have loved all the experiments we have done this year and how easy they were
i have learned about force and i really like that because we got to use the scooters to do our investigation also we learned about the
creaters on the moon how they are formed and when the mass changes what happens to the creaters.we tryed useing differnt types of
small bolls with different mass andb weight
doing the paper plains becasue it was so fast
i have loved doing hands on experiements because not only are they fun but i feel that i have learnt alot more than book work. i also liked
going outside to do work because i felt much more free than being cooped up in a class room all lesson.
I have enjoyed science very much this year because the way Leanne taught us this year was very easy to understand. All the topics we
worked on were very easy to understand.
i have enjoyed the hudson light boxes because was hands on and it was intresting learning how it works
The hudson light boxes beacuse i like learning about light and all the new things i didnt already know about it
i enjoy the experements that we have done because they are interesting
what i have enjoyed is learning about all the different things like the plants
I have enjoyed the experiments throughout the year and learning new things. It has been an awesome ride for me and I really enjoyed it!
The experiments because it was fun and we learnt at the same time.
Students - Secondary Years Students - Primary Years
What sort of activities help you to learn well in Science?

(P osition: before survey)

watching the movies on YouTube
the activities that helped me was experimenting dirt, sand, liquard and gas :)
sand experiments with water
the experiments with the bugs helped me learn about differant bugs that i have never learnt about before and helped me learn how their
life cycle works
I think observations help you to learn well.
i think that when we watch little clips about what we are learning
vidios and clips about minirals and other things
water and sand
water and sand
i never new what glass was made off so that was helpful
exparements helped most watching show helps 2nd most and listening to teacher helped 3rd most :)
experements help because we get to see it clearly and how things work.Work sheets help us understand things
i think doing experiments and observing lots of things has really helped me.
doing observatoins and seeing things about how they work
testing out things your self and not watching videos of how to lear it
geting to do experiments
we did experiments and i really like it
drawing and writing .
tests because it maks me excited when we get our feed back
the movement of earth moves
using thermometers and making graphs and making things
when we had to write down imformation and ticks it.
elextriert the light. i like when we played with the light it help well
When we write down lots of infomation and look back at the work and correct it in my mind so I can see what I did wrong.
activities with good instructrse
going outside to look and work at things we are learning about and watching videos
whatching the vidios because it showes you the stuf that were looking for.
games and experiments
watching videos
movies and playing aroung with stuff.We were learning about for instents when we played with light.
group activities
activities with clear instructions
grop games
grop games
lirning achments
the bat game when someone has a blind flord on
spice and bee
I think I learned well in heat and how you can make it.
droping the marble in the sand
Well, I guess the awnser to that one is seeing videos to explain what we're learning
partner experiments and some of the sheets
Experiments helped me learn alot.Especially in chemical sciences because it explained how some things worked.
the ones about the sience of light.
When we do partner experiments and sheets were we draw and write.
Activities that you ask us a question and we find out the answer. That helps me learn that thing, plus others along the way. I also find it
Investigations where we different tasks on each table and we record our information on sheets.
maby space
doing writing helped me understand science abit better And using the prisoms and light boxes.
I'v enjoyed lerning about space.
the C Ds and torches and how they shine
I feel like when I do Maths and English I am also doing Science and even sometimes cooking because you have to to follow certain steps to
get a certain thing done
Experements help me a lot because they are fun and teach you something at the same time
reading of the sheets and doing the pippett skills sand experiments
I learn more from experements because they are interresting and fun and you get to do things.
well i really like investigations and predicsions and i also like thatyou can guess.
I think that the sheet activities worked really well and i liked the experaments. it helped how we always had sheets to show our learning and
the videos were imformative!
Sheet, like I said before and seating where you want.
Earth and space sciences. I once did the order of the biggest planet to the smallest planet. I got it wrong and it helped me learn from my
investigations make it easy to understand the topic.
Gravity and water drops.
how things are made and looking at sand dirt and other plants and caring about nature.
watching vidios, doing investigations and leanne talks about interesting things
The videos we watch and all the information.
cutting out things and things that sizzle and pop
investigations, videos and learning as we go.
watching interesting videos about animal life and lots and sticking work sheets and writing our ansers
with pipets
just leanne telling me how to do it i dont need stuff or toys to help me unstand and its verry easy once people hear leanne tell us how to do
watching the videos on youtube because they showed pictures of it while they were explaning it and when we used the balls for forse
videos, experements
i like to paste and write observations and that hepls me learn.
videos, questions , well explained, she gives us helps us when we dont get it
mixing chemicals
how to investergat, exsplane better and make it easer to learn with leanne because shye is suppppppppper nice and caring and seams like
she has a lot of exspearince.
to make it a lot batter is not so hard wark
space activities
friends and teachers

hands on
The fun and simple yet learning investigations
experiments because then everyone is included and it is a fun and interesting way to learn
The investigations help me to learn science in a way that get me involve
The types of activities that help me are going outside and doing experimats
cooking (pankakes) drawing and seeing the specimans fromthe musiam
Hands on activities, and or getting a visual of the task set
group work with people that i work well with
Hands on exparements
acitivites that are pratical
group activities.
Hand on activities like experiments and models help me learn well because you are doing it with your hands and you are not writing lots
down. I also like team work activities because you get to help others and you are one team.
fun, hands on and enjoyable activities help me learn well in science.
Hands on and experimental things.
hands on activities
I think the main thing that helped me learn science this year was hands on experience, which we had a lot of.
the earth
Hands on activitys help me in Science because i get to see how its done
i like hands on activities where i can see what is being explained and make my own discoveries
1. Group work 2. Hands-on experiments
fun activity
fun ones
sort of activities that help me to learn something in science is to actually do it and do it in a fun way so i would remember it easily
Watching videos, doing experiments and work sheets will all help me learn in Science.
projects, yeah, projects but yeah... projects
Group activities help me learn well in science because it is fun and we get to learn stuff together and quicker.
Good explanations and not talking boring and leanne always makes science fun and i've never said this before but science is actually fun
because leanne makes it fun and teaches us new things but in a fun way
doing the work by watching a video before i do my work
Hands on work as i said previously, it also helps when its a team project
fun things
Doing the experments
i think the sheets help me because i have to think by myself and work the answers out
taking notes, working with partners, experiments, working it out/doing it myself and worksheets
This year was my first proper year and I really enjoed using equipment like mirors,lights or making stuff. I also really enjoed doing
experiments like sherbit and pancakes.
This year was my first proper year and I really enjoed using equipment like mirors,lights or making stuff. I also really enjoed doing
experiments like sherbit and pancakes.
some short interesting movies and video clips
i like that we do fun things but first term was not fun
hands on activities are the main ones that help me learn well. (Nicholas.R)
Doing hands on activities such as using mirrors.
outside activites and fun activites inside that will make you remember them.
experiments and easy-to understand explanations.
I learn about space well because i understand it.
fun stuff helps us understand how it work
The kind of activities that have helped me learn well in science are measurment activities and group activities and outside activities.
difrent liht scoures
building stuff helps me
Activities that dont involve heaps of writing because it will be hard
Using food was an easy way to learn scients.
building the solar system
The sort of activities that help me learn well in science are the one we used food and the ones that we do outdoors
documentaries and videos
the documentries and videos
i dont suggest a thinh
work sheets, chemical science, ezperiments and physical science
work sheets, experiments, documentaries,
Being with a partner helped me learn about the object more because the partner i am with would know something that i don't know and
the same with being in a group. The group can also help me learn a bit more from them about the object.
Being with a partner while doing lessons because if your stuck they can help you and you will have more minds.I also like hand on
experiments because its fun so I want to learn more.
I think experiments helped and gave a lot of information.
i think the movies you showed us explained a lot and gave a lot of information.
Experiments are a fun and exciting way of learning and I really enjoy them. But this year thje experiments we did were really boring and I
really didn't like them. This would change if we were using more interesting equitment like bunsen burners.
the activity that holps me the best during sciense lessons this year would be the invesiigations and procedures like tests.
I really like challenging work because it is fun and really works my brain.
The activites that help me learn well in science are being able to see, touch and feel the object and also practice and demonstrate things
before so that we can master the actual thing.
all activaties heip me learn in every way but im a bit shy what lowers my effect of learning.
all activities help me learn in science
having fun and doing things with fire
fun 1ns
I think the youtube clips helped because they showed how to do it.
I think watching the movies and doing hands on activities helped me learn more
By far I learn the best with physical science and I also learn from working with pippetes.
chemical sciences and earth and space sciences
activities such a working together with different people, but mainly doing fun experiments where you still get the chance to learn the topic. i
particuly liked the experiments where you got to go on the scouters, i found that quite fun but also very facinating.
probably the note taking and using some special equipment. aswell as the investigations that we have have done.
hand on things
the ones involving group activities so that people could help me
Watching documenteries
All of them! Every little bit of information can and will help me in my learning.
i enjoy doing experiments because they are fun and i find interactive activities are more ingaging so you want to join in
hands on activities allows students to understand science extremely well. unlike writing in books hands on improves knowlegde greatly
Activities which help me to learn are fun games with recording our information. Or doing something which I enjoy helps me properly
understand the task and information.
my favourite activities are when I am partnered of grouped with other students.
The activieties which made me understand the topic the best are watching videos about forces and animals, reading about volcanos and
chemicals, passing the ball around and riding scoters to understsand about forces and explenations about certain topics very well.
activities with partners have helped me to strive and the activites that are easy
the scooter for the leassen about force. the creaters on the moon because we were able to do that with our friends and it was a lot of fun
as well as we learend a lot
watching the short films
definatley the experiements and videos that were engaging.
I learn better when the teacher explains all the topics and shows us videos to help us understand.
The group activities because it tought me to get along with other people that i hadnt really worked with
watching the films
the equiment that was needed to help with the exriement
the kind of activities that are fun and interactive.
Ones that keep me engaged.
Students - Secondary Years
What is ONE thing you would like me to do differently in my teaching to help your learning?

(P osition: after survey)

nothing all ready perfecto
To be honest there is nothing that you have to change but I hope I made myself make you aware to not be like Anna
Do more things on Youtube
Do more outside experiments
Do more oral presentations, such as mini projects on a specific subject that the class is learning that term.
Less writing and more hands on activities
less writing
Maybe you could let us do more project work to learn even more about that topic.
Teach us in a fun and hands on way.
Maybe explaining things a little more deeply. I had trouble thinking about this one because I think she teaches great!
maybe more investiations/experiments
More projects to show my learning.
I would enjoy more project work and more things to do with technology.
I would like to do presentations in groups from the things we were learning about
i would like to be able to do more of our own research and conduct our own experiments and then present our learning to the teacher and
class in different ways. i know this may be difficult as we may not have enough time though.also you are a great techer though thanks for
being such an awesome teacher Leanne, you are always really friendly and nice :-)
Have more hands-on work and less work sheets
not as much worksheets evry week
maybe not do as much worksheets where you write questions of what we have to answer. I think we should have more of a variety so we
can write what we know and whatwe just learnt
do more experiments
More experiments
experimentaition and chemical sciences.
nothing because how you are teaching us perfect the way it is
nothing really
i cant thing of anything
not really
I think more work on the netbooks/tablets would help me learn, because it would show me how scientests from proper labs solve big
P robably if you add some comments below our worksheets about how we can improve
more experimints
mabe do more experiments
to do more projects and things we can choose from and just not set topics and try and make science more intresting by letting us have
more choise and just make it more fun
I don't want you to change anything
I don't want you to change anything
I would like to do more chemistry
give as more understanding of what we are doing
give more feedback on our learning.So we can do better next time
I would like to do more involved experiments to further understand my learning.
do more outside lessons and do them for the whole lesson. do more fun activites that are easy and fun and you can remember them.
more experiments and more information (so we can get ahead abit)
One thing you could do is to do more experments to help us understand what we are learning about.
more experiments understand our personalitys
Not much everything is good but if I had to change something about your teaching it would be that I would prefer more investigations
because they are fun and they still teach us things.
more experements
to sit with use then we need help
do more stuff with food because when you finnish the task youi get a reward of eating the food dfjsvhbgnlrebvreb
I would like less paper work and more experiments like the time where we made pancakes and different sherbet
I would love if you could change your learning that there should be no work sheets
disect animals
not use too complicated words
do more investigations and less writing.
more usage of computers and documentaries but the same amount if work
less work sheets more usage of computers and documentries
clarafi it
work sheets
Do more dangerous chemistry experiments and the periodic table
explain a bit better so i get more of a hint.
explain more about the investigation we have to do so i have more hints on what we have to do.
Let me have more freedom in what I learn.
there is not really anything i want you to do differantly
I think your teaching as it is, is amazing. So I would keep it the same.
The one thing i would like you to differently is let students demonstrate to one another about how they figured things out and their ideas
nothing, your a good teacher
nothing your teaching is fine and you help me learn enough
do different things for each age group
nothing u need 2 do differently
I think more investigations so we understand more and get demonstrations.
go to different environments depending on what we are learning.
I would like it if you can maybe help me with the things i miss if i wasnt at school
do more experements like making cool things
i love everything Leanne does to support and help our learing in the class room, honsetly there is nothing that i would Leanne to change in
the way she teaches me.
maybe taking more notes and having discussions about them and using a more phisical approach to our investigations.
more hands on things
Nothing eccept outside learning
Not sure
More experiments! they are fun aswell as making the brain think hard!
i wouldnt mind doing some arts and crafts involving what we are learing or some partner projects.
more experiements, and easier ways to take in knowledge
Have more self research projects which we have total control of how we present
I would like to do a chemical experiment by making slime baking powder volcanoes and alll those stuff.
I think that the teachers need to be a bit more stricked.
if you could allow the use of the outdoors seeings they are right there
have more equipment to hlep us learn and have more understanding
doing ecspenrisents
lessons would be more enjoyable if there were more inative and fun things to do while still learning the things we need to learn
Be a bit more strict.
Nothing. Your teaching is amazing
give us a sheet of paper with a lot of information or diagram about the topic that we are learning
maybe get us to diagrams to help us understand how things work with the topic the class is doing
Maybe do some more hands on experiments
nothing you are good.
Students - Primary Years
What is ONE thing I can change about my teaching to help you learn better in Science?

(P osition: after survey)

maybe ask what kind of experiment we would like to do next week.
listening more
she can get rid of naughty people quicker
she could be a bit stricter.
pay atenttion to every student
i would like you to show us more videos of what we are learning because i think that it is better off with someone telling us.
I want you to show more vidioes and if people are anouing send them out
no bad peopel
send the bad people to buddyclass instantly
i want it to be a BOY teacher
know what we lernt alredy and more chrnce
i would like you to do more experements instead of us just writing on a peice of paper.
maybe people who aren't working well could be given one warning and then be sent out of the classroom. if they don't work well for 5-3
weeks in a row they could be going to thinking room or staying in for a long time.
Maybe you could add more fun things with hands on and then towards the end of the sience lesson the whole class will participate in doing
a quiz too see what we had learnt about the things we had been learning about that lesson and if we did well in leaning about that subject
we could be rewarded
explain things simpler for me
i dont know
use more electronics
be more kind?
you are amesome
that you are very good at teaching at sceince
make us learn more
dont give the boys a scuishy toy and make them go to mbuddy class
dont give the naughy kids scwishy toys just give them to wainings then send them to budy class becouas it distraks me
make shore that my friend dose not talk to me in class
explain things more understanding
I think you should be more stricted on anybody being silly.
going on the compter more and reserching the ifmasshand we are leaning about
SOME people distract me all the time and being really disruptive to the class and Leanne and need to be more respectful
show more movies on science and more games
explain hard words to us that we don't understand them
do stuf like making stuf that float and other
tell us some meanings of some things
to be even nicer than you usealy are
about Animals
work more on computer.
you need to be strichter to your students
a bit clear instruktions
more hand on things
more hand on things
lisen more
My concentrataing
to help me under stand what i am learning
explicate things easier?
explain things in more detail
Maybe let us do some more research on computers.
mabyyoucould show more
Explaining some things inmore detail.
talk to us personally
asking us what we know, more, and not telling us the answer of questions
i think a bit more computers
mabye you could play abit more games or ask a few more question
more interesting and fun experemants and conputer work.
if we use computers more
less riting
She could make our learning a bit more fun like using more fun demonstrations
you could say what would happen if
be good
i dont think leanne has to change anything because she is a great teacher
by not having sheets and us just telling you what we think.
i think make stuff a little bit more challenging and to make it more involving for all the kids.
I think you could write down the instructions on the board to make sure we understand
More thing on the whiteboard
nothing. you are the best science teacher
The more you learn the better you can study
More sand investigations
Maybe? That you could maybe have leason that are a bit longer so you and the students can get throw the learning and we should do
somthing else like send home the childern that are being VERY VERY naughty.
playing with playdogh
maby tocontrollthe class a bit more
better materials
nothing i like your teaching
listen do what the teacher say
when we use popets and things like that to show us to how we make it little and big.
more experements
you could have a bit more disipline because most people are very naughty and we don't learn much because we are distracted.
more things to learn about , less disruptions
more time on computer
l don,t now
teache funer things
write more
not talking