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Curriculum Vitae...

Covering Letter
With due respect I want to introduce myself thru the attached CV, my
name is Mahmoud Serag, I am 29 years old. I am graduated from faculty of
European languages & civilizations in Ain shams University with good
appreciation and I am started my career in import and export company as
CEO secretary and information organizer by using Microsoft Excel and I
improved my language because I was dealing with foreign customers and I
improved also my computer skills. Then I worked in Regency Plaza hotel
Sharm el sheikh as Receptionist and I was support reservation team in
Raouf hotels, Then I worked in Vodafone Egypt high value Q CS , corporate
accounts, collection, ADSL, ICARE, complaint and made more tasks for my
team leader so I was the SPOC of my leader for my teams result ,then team
leader in Vodafone , then I worked in Etisalat Egypt as a Retail super visor as
its very good opportunity for me but I am still looking for new challenge to
improve my experience. I completed more training in more fields in Vodafone
& Etisalat thru my training courses section currently iam working now at
Igeeks Solution company as an account manager and Procurements specialist
for Enterprise Companies as shown in the below Responsibilities so I hope to
have the opportunity to introduce myself in an interview and work with you in
a team work.
Personal Information
Name: Mahmoud Khaled Serag

Birth date: 23-Feb-1988

Address: 15B Ahmed Saeid ST - Abbaseya - Cairo

Language: Arabic (mother language)

English (Excellent writing, speaking and listening)

Deutsch ( Self-study good writing and reading )

Greek ( Very good writing & reading )

Status: Single

Military service: Finished


Contact Number: NO1. +201142000200

NO2. +201062550502


Education and qualification

I am holding a Bachelor degree in European languages &
civilizations at Ain shams University with Good appreciation in

My project graduation was about how interaction of eastern and

western civilizations and emergence of old trading between far
east and west, I completed it with Very Good appreciation.

Training Courses
I completed a tour guide and services training at Pegas Tour
Company in 2008.

Completed Air host training at Olympic air Greece (

) 2007.

I completed ICDL course with Very Good appreciation conducted

by Ain shams University in 2008.

I completed HR training conducted by Ain Shams University in


I completed ICARE course conduct by Vodafone in 2011.

I completed ADSL training conduct by Vodafone in 2011.

I completed communication skills course conducted by

Vodafone in 2012.

I completed leadership skills course conducted by ECCO

Company in 2012.

I completed course about Vodafone Way in internal & external

marketing 2012.

I completed course about soft skills & communication skills in

Etisalat Egypt Company 2012.

I completed business administration course in Etisalat Egypt


I completed leadership skills course in Etisalat Egypt 2013.

I completed system administration course conducted by Etisalat

Egypt 2013.

I completed sales skills training in Etisalat Egypt 2014.

Completed Microsoft licensing for products and programs

certificate in 2015.

Completed Microsoft office 365 and cloud certificate in 2015.

Completed MBA self-study.

Working Experience

Jan 2016-present: Purchasing specialist remotely support

for EGA

Jan 2015-present: Purchasing specialist remotely support

for Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski.

Jan 2016-present: Purchasing specialist remotely support

for Al Araby Group

June 2016-present Igeeks Solution company

Account Manager & Procurements



1. I manage our team sales, target and

achievement and create sales plan.

2. Making deals with our vendors and

distribution to target special prices for my
company and our customers.

3. Manage our plan performance and market


4. Create solutions for crisis and solving

problems with our end users, partners and
distribution via new deals and retentions and

5. Manage the service level and credit limit and I

responsible for the global services and our
end users problems.

6. Creating sales plan monthly and per quarter.

7. Support our Solutions and Services Portfolio

through the following Operational Services.
( Enterprise support agreement, managing
outsourcing, training solutions )

February 2015-present Ignite Solution company

Account Manager & purchasing specialist

for HP, Cisco, Dell, Lenovo, Fortinet & Microsoft
licenses and Marketing specialist.


1. Manage our plan

performance and market

2. Manage our purchasing

team and lead them to get
special prices and
promotions and offers for
our company and our

3. Create solutions and plans

for our end-users and

4. Support our Solutions and

Services Portfolio through
the following Operational
Services. ( Enterprise
support agreement,
managing outsourcing,
training solutions )


November 2012 Etisalat Egypt company

Retail Super visor


8. I am managing team contains 10 agents and I

support them all the time with info and
motivation to be the best team.
9. I am managing their result such as Quality,
Sales, Average handling time, and utilization
and calculate their result to get the final KPIs
result per agent.

10. I am managing class B stores in north

Cairo region.

11. I am teaching them how to work under

pressure and keep the results up at the same

12. I manage the service level and I

responsible for the global problems by
escalating to the concerned teams to solve it
as soon as possible to keep the service level
up and sometimes I manage the floor by
working areas to reduce handling time action
to achieve the service level and make interval
reports to managers to inform them about the
current situation. I have now been about 1
year and 6 months.

13. I manage sales needs like target and

achievements per agent and per store,
monthly and per quarter.

14. I manage store by two titles in the same

time like agent and super to keep our
performance up.

September 2011, Vodafone Company

Act as a Team leader


1. Supported high value customers and complaints.

2. Supported corporate accounts and collection.

3. Supported ADSL and ICARE.

4. UAT (user acceptable test)

I was making tasks such as (utilization-occupancy-Average handling

time-conformance) and I used to work under pressure and I was SPOC
to my super for my teams result. In March 2011 I was accepted as UAT
(user acceptable test) for new promo to test it and observe any
problems that we may face to escalate it to concerned team like wrong
charges, USSD problem and I approved that the promo is ready to be in
the market and I was promos wizard till we make sure that the promo
working normally with customer. I worked in Vodafone as agent for 7
month and act as a leader for 5 month.

June 2009, Regency Plaza hotel & Raouf hotels


1. Receptionist.

2. Operator specialist.

3. Reservation specialist.

4. English tour guide.

5. Greek tour guide.

Jan 2008, Inter Cairo company for trading and industry.


1. Purchasing sprcialist.

2. Official of supplies.

3. Warehouse specialist.
Computer skills
1. Professional in Microsoft office (Word-Excel-power point-outlook).

2. Professional in Microsoft office 365 ( Word-Excel-SharePoint-Lync-

Yammer-Outlook 2013)

3. Windows 8, 8.1, 7, XP&Vista.

4. Photoshop.

5. Professional in internet searching.

6. Software troubleshooter.

Football, Reading, Running, Traveling.

Your sincerely,

Mahmoud Serag