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SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to analyze the Strengths,

Weaknesses (that are theinternal aspects of a company) Opportunities and Threats
(that are the external situational factors)involved in business. Strengths can help
the company to reach to its objectives while weaknesses hinderthe company to
achieve its goals. By understanding these four aspects of its situation, a firm can
betterinfluence its strengths, overcome its weaknesses, take advantage of golden
opportunities, anddiscourage disturbing threats. The swot analysis of Tapal is as

The strength of Tapal is that they continuously innovate things in order to increase
customer value forexample it was the first company to introduce soft packaging in
the country. It was the only company tointroduce round tea-bags in Pakistan. It was
the pioneer of Jasmine green tea in Pakistan. Tapal hasstrong R&D team. It has good
brand awareness in the local target market. Tapal is the largest selling brand in

Every company should overcome their weaknesses and increase their strengths.
One of the weaknessesof Tapal is that it has to import some of their products from
other countries due to which their cost

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becomes too large. One more thing that increases cost of Tapal is their tight quality
control procedures.One disadvantage of this procedure is that very time consuming
and many times it has causedissatisfaction to the suppliers. Tapal has a lot of
product lines but still not be able to knock out loosetea which is not branded. One
more weak point of Tapal is that it wrongly positioned the Tapal safariKenya leaf.
One of the opportunities for Tapal is the market growth of tea-bag market as it is
very easy andconvenient to use. As customers are more attracted towards the
strong tea and the quality of tea so thiswill be opportunity for Tapal to focus on
these things to increase their sales. As the green tea marketingis growing which is
also a great opportunity for Tapal to increase its sales through Tapal Gulbaharwhich
is Tapal green tea. Increase in population is also an opportunity for Tapal this will
may increasetheir customers.

One of the major threats that Tapal is facing is the competitive strategies of
UNILEVER. As itsmarketing campaigns are very strong and it becomes difficult for
Tapal to defend itself due to
low budgets. One more advantage of Lipton is that they have history but Tapal does
not have. This wasconcluded from our survey that we conducted targeting
housewives as most of the house wives useLipton as it is being used by them from
their families to families. Climatic conditions are also one ofthe threats for Tapal as
in summer season people prefer soft drinks over tea