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Exemplary 4 pts Commendable 3 Proficient 2 pts Approaching

pts Proficiency
1 pt
Composing Outstanding response Good solid response with Adequate response but Response does not
Central Idea with a clear thesis; a clear thesis; Some lacks a solid thesis; effectively address the
Elaboration Strong supporting supporting examples and Insufficient level of prompt; Major flaws in
Organization examples and evidence; evidence; Effective support. Needs reasoning or gaps in
Unity Superior organization of organization of content elaboration; Some evidence; Explanations
content inaccuracies or reasoning are unclear; Structurally
flaws; Evidence does not disorganized
always support the thesis;
Reasonably effective
Usage and Very few grammatical Few grammatical errors; Fair amount of grammar Awkward sentence
Mechanics and spelling errors; Few spelling mistakes; and spelling errors; Reads structure; and numerous
Does not read like a first Does not read like a first like a first draft grammatical and spelling
Word Meaning/
draft draft errors
Wet Noodle
Somewhat correctly cited
Correctly cited and Mostly correctly cited and formatted using MLA Not correctly cited or
formatted using MLA and formatted using MLA format formatted using MLA
format format format
Style and Effortlessly readable Smooth read; Good Difficult to follow at times; Consistently difficult to
Written prose; Smooth transitions; Varied Inconsistent use of follow; Awkward and
Expression transitions; Varied sentences; Some use of figurative language; disconnected prose; Very
Vivid/ Precise Sentences; Consistent figurative language; Serviceable prose; Less little creative use of
Vocabulary use of figurative Clear sense of tone than accurate word language; Unclear tone
Voice/Tone language; Precise work choices; Tone is and purpose
Sentence choice creates tone sometimes unclear
Originality Innovative insights; Good insights; Some Superficial insights; Weak Overly generalized;
of Ideas interpretations are well interpretations beyond interpretations; Tendency Obvious and vague
beyond the literal; the literal; Clear to re-tell; Lacks insights; Lacks analysis
Creative analysis; connections to the meaningful analysis and or interpretation
Meaningful connections Universal universal connections
to the universal
Poetic Analysis Rubric
16= 100% 13= 88% 10=78% 7=68%
15= 95% 12=85% 9= 75% 6=65%
14= 92% 11=82% 8=72% 5=62 %