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Poetry Project

For this assignment, you will explore and discuss the various elements of a poetry and complete a
detailed analysis of a poem of your choice. Be sure to pick a poem that interests you and that
contains many poetic devices so that you can discuss the techniques and effects in details. For this
poem, you will:
1. Annotate your poem. Identify all poetic devices (figurative language, sound devices, stanza
forms, etc.)

2. Create a sketch of your poem. This does not need to be incredibly detailed or extravagant, but
it should demonstrate effort and understanding of the poem. It should be detailed enough to
help you find meaning.

3. Answer questions in the packet concerning your poem.

4. Summarize your poem.

**Requirements 2-4 can be completed in this packet**

5. Memorize and recite your poem.

6. Write a detailed and developed thematic analysis of your poem. What is the message the poet
is trying to convey in the poem? Consider your thematic statement and how it applies to
humanity. The annotations and packet questions are meant to guide you. While writing the
analysis, you should:
a. Discuss how the figurative language and sound devices help to create poetic elements
such as tone, mood, rhythm, etc. and how these elements then create and affect theme.
b. Consider why the poet makes specific stylistic choices such as genre, rhyme scheme,
images, diction, etc. how these choices affect the reader.
c. Write 2-3 pages in MLA format: Size 12, Times New Roman, double spaced, 1-inch
margins, titled, with a proper heading in the top right corner. Remove extra space
between heading, title, and paragraphs.
d. Cite your poem and any additional sources in MLA format in a works cited page.
e. Proofread for spelling and grammar. Pay special attention to subject-verb agreement,
punctuating quotations and title, and wet noodle words.
f. Refer to the rubric attached for specific grading criteria.
*NOTE: This assignment will count for three (3) assessment grades. Requirements 1-5 will count as
one assessment, and the thematic analysis will count for two assessments.
Please come see me before the project is due with any questions or concerns. I am available most
days to help you if you are stuck or confused about the assignment. Do not wait until May 8th to
Due: May 10 (Period 6) and May 11 (Period 7)