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wiTECH Diagnostic Extender Program Overview

The wiTECH Diagnostic Extender is a new essential tool being rolled out to Chrysler dealerships. This
new tool will improve vehicle diagnostic support and utilize advances in WiFi protocols.

What vehicles will require the wiTECH Diagnostic Extender?

RAM ProMaster (MY14 and future)
UConnect WiFi Diagnostics on 2013 RAM, Grand Cherokee, and Viper, as well as upcoming
Upcoming 3rd CAN Bus vehicle architectures

Dealerships will receive a wiTECH Diagnostic Extender kit that includes a Mopar Access Point, and a
Mopar microPod II device, along with accessories. Additional microPod II devices will be available for
purchase after the initial deployment to NAFTA dealers is complete. The microPod II will work similarly
to the VCI Pod, with the wiTECH Diagnostic Application.

Dealers are required to complete installation of the wiTECH Diagnostic Extender within 30 days of
receiving the equipment.

Preparing for Installation

All Dealers must log onto the Mopar Technical Service Portal ( and complete
the following required items:

Confirm Service Manager/ IT contact info is correct (My Account> Contacts)

Provide a current photo of your wiTECH Access Gateway (Install Docs> Photos)
Complete Environment Survey (Install Docs> Environment Survey)
Review / make changes to your dealerships assets (Manage Assets> Manage Assets)

Version 1.0 Page 1 of 3 Date: 12-April-2013

Mounting the Access Point:
1. Mount the wiTECH Diagnostic Extender within 2 feet to either side of the wiTECH Access
a. The wiTECH Diagnostic Extender can be mounted on a wall or pole at a height of
approximately 8 feet from the floor.

Note: If wiADVISOR has already been installed at your dealership, remove the wiADVISOR
power injector from the wiTECH bracket, leaving the Ethernet cable in port 0/0 on the wiTECH
Access Gateway.

2. Attach the 8-port PoE injector on the wiTECH Access Gateway bracket, approximately 2.5
inches from the bottom of the wiTECH Access Gateway* with the 3 inch piece of Velcro
(supplied in the Kit); the LAN ports should be on the right side when attached.

3. Attach the Power supply horizontally on the top edge of the 6-port blue patch panel that is
on the bottom of the wiTECH bracket (the wiTECH logo and our phone number are on this)
using the 2 inch piece of Velcro (supplied in the Kit). Plug the power cable into a surge

4. Connect the 1 foot black Ethernet cable (supplied in the Kit) from port 0/1 on the wiTECH
Access Gateway to LAN port 1 on the 8-port power injector.

5. Connect the 10 foot black Ethernet cable (supplied in the Kit) from the wiTECH Diagnostic
Extender to PoE port 1 on the 8-port power injector.

Note: To reconnect the wiADVISOR, attach the 1 foot Ethernet cable coming from port 0/0 on
the wiTECH Access Gateway to LAN port 8 on the 8-port power injector and the corresponding
PoE port 8 will connect to the wiADVISOR Access Point.

6. Use the zip ties provided to secure the Ethernet and power cables.

7. Take a photo of the mounted wiTECH Diagnostic Extender and upload it to the Mopar
Technical Service Portal ( Go to Install Docs > Photos.

Version 1.0 Page 2 of 3 Date: 12-April-2013

After equipment is mounted, please call the wiTECH Premium Support Help Desk at 1-888-948-3241 to
schedule a remote installation with a technician.

An installation technician will contact you to configure your new equipment. The technician will
remotely access a computer that is connected to the wiTECH Wireless Network to complete the
configuration. Please have the microPod II and the USB cable (supplied in Kit) ready prior to your
appointment time. A supported CAN Bus vehicle must be made available to test/demo during
appointment time.

Vehicles that require this new essential tool will begin arriving at dealerships this summer, therefore it
is advised to complete installation immediately.

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