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CATEGORY 4 - Exceeds Standards 3 - Meets Standards 2 - Approaching Standards 1 - Below Standards Score
The thesis statement The thesis statement names The thesis statement outlines The thesis statement does not
names the topic of the the topic of the essay and some or all of the main points name the topic AND does not
essay and outlines the main outlines some of the main to be discussed but does not preview what will be
Thesis Statement points to be discussed. points to be discussed name the topic. discussed.
All of the evidence and
examples are specific, Most of the evidence and At least one of the pieces of
relevant and explanations examples are specific, relevant evidence and examples is
are given that show how and explanations are given relevant and has an
each piece of evidence that show how each piece of explanation that shows how Evidence and examples are
Evidence and supports the author's evidence supports the author's that piece of evidence supports NOT relevant AND/OR are not
Examples position. position. the author's position. explained.
All supportive facts and Almost all supportive facts and Most supportive facts and Most supportive facts and
statistics are reported statistics are reported statistics are reported statistics were inaccurately
Accuracy accurately. accurately. accurately. reported.
Includes 3 or more pieces
of evidence (facts,
statistics, examples, real-
life experiences) that
support the position
statement. The writer
anticipates the reader's Includes 3 or more pieces of
concerns, biases or evidence (facts, statistics, Includes 2 pieces of evidence Includes 1 or fewer pieces of
arguments and has examples, real-life (facts, statistics, examples, evidence (facts, statistics,
Support for provided at least 1 counter- experiences) that support the real-life experiences) that examples, real-life
Position argument. position statement. support the position statement. experiences).
All sources used for quotes, All sources used for quotes, Most sources used for quotes, Many sources are suspect (not
statistics and facts are statistics and facts are credible statistics and facts are credible credible) AND/OR are not
Sources/Format credible and cited correctly. and most are cited correctly. and cited correctly. cited correctly.