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NAME: Vernisha Green

Lesson Title: Understanding the different Operations !!!!

Grade Level: High school

Subject: mathematics
Description of Learning Goals, Standards, Objectives
Number Properties and Operations:
Students will perform computation problems with real numbers
Students will solve application problems involving numbers and basic

National Technology


Long-Term Learning
Goal or Outcome: Students will be able to effectively use the different operations in solving
word problems, equations, or different math problems.

ABCD Objectives or The objective is to show students the different operations and the
Outcomes: correct way to use them. There are certain orders to use the different
operations and students will be able to solve different problems the
correct way.

Description of Assessment
Assessment Plan: Formative Assessments:
Online quizzes
Vocabulary test
Pop-quiz word problems
Description of Activities with Technology and Materials
Activity Design: Begin to ask students what they do with their
time and money. Have them think about how
much of their time and money is used
throughout the week

Explain to the students that they used many

operations of math through their everyday

Class starter and lesson connection: Start to show them different word problems
and start with simple operations (addition and
subtraction) then move on to the more
complicated operations.
Teacher and student activities: Give the students different handouts to help
them practice different problems

Give different homework assignments for

extra practice also

Show they can effectively find a math website

to help them with the different problems. Not
a website to give the answers, but show how
the problems can be solved

Technology Connection:-
-use my website as a form of
communication through comments, so
everyone can see what is ask and all be
able to understand
-extra tutoring after school

Overhead projector
Math worksheets
Access to home computer or schools
Materials and Resources: computer lab

Reflection on Lesson Design

Future Actions : -I would make sure the kids are using the other
student to help them and make me as the
teacher a last result, but yet using their fellow
classmates as a tool for help
-I will post more worksheet for help on my
website, so the kids can have more help than just
in the classroom