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4/19/2017 100VAto220VAMOSFETbasedInverterkitcircuit*CircuitsDIY

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100VA to 220VA MOSFET based Inverter kit circuit

Last Updated on November 5, 2016 by Arup 37 Comments

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This is a basic square-wave oscillator based inverter kit. Based on the 4047 I.C
oscillator, we discussed here, it is a nalized PCB version of that inverter with MOSFETs.

Here are two MOSFETs, one for each channel and this board consists of reverse diodes
in MOSFET section for battery charging support. With FB4710 or P55NF06 or IRFZ44 or
IRF540 MOSFET, we can get output power of 150VA, 180VA, 220VA, and 100VA. 1/9
4/19/2017 100VAto220VAMOSFETbasedInverterkitcircuit*CircuitsDIY

The setup is simple, just download the 300dpi non-reected PCB layout from below,
and place components as you see in the above images.

Im not going to give you headache of complex circuit now, just follow what you see in
images, and if you have comments/questions, ask them below in comments section.

Parts List: 2/9
4/19/2017 100VAto220VAMOSFETbasedInverterkitcircuit*CircuitsDIY

Parts List:
1. I.C HCF4047BE 1p
2. Capacitor 0.01uF or 103 1p
3. Potentiometer 1mega 1p
4. Diodes 1N5408 2p
5. Diode IN4007 1p
6. Resistor 2.2K 2p
7. Resistor 330E 1p
8. MOSFET (any from list) 2p
9. Heatsink of TO-220 2p

Note: PCB size is 8.5 cm x 4 cm. To make the PCB, follow guidelines here.

SCHEMATICS(indicative) 3/9
4/19/2017 100VAto220VAMOSFETbasedInverterkitcircuit*CircuitsDIY


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tabesh says
March 3, 2013 at 10:10 pm 4/9
4/19/2017 100VAto220VAMOSFETbasedInverterkitcircuit*CircuitsDIY

can I make 2 kw inverter by this diagram?


James Smith says

March 16, 2013 at 11:46 am

Hi Arup,
I am searching for data sheet of T8C8F transistor or equivalent. Can you help
me get an equivalent of any alternative for the transistor.


salem says
May 6, 2013 at 8:47 pm

what is name of program to show you that 50hz and that wave ?


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4/19/2017 100VAto220VAMOSFETbasedInverterkitcircuit*CircuitsDIY

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4/19/2017 100VAto220VAMOSFETbasedInverterkitcircuit*CircuitsDIY


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4/19/2017 100VAto220VAMOSFETbasedInverterkitcircuit*CircuitsDIY

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4/19/2017 100VAto220VAMOSFETbasedInverterkitcircuit*CircuitsDIY

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