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I am Poems Lesson (adapted from Commarota and Romero, 2014)

Title: Yo soy poems (I am poems)

Subject Area/Topic: Spanish 3- Grammar practice

Essential Questions of Lesson:


What are my hopes, dreams, fears, etc.?

Curriculum Standards:

NH.IL I can often understand words, phrases, and simple sentences related to everyday life. I can recognize pieces of information and sometimes understand the main topic of what is being said.

IL.IL I can understand the main idea in short, simple messages and presentations on familiar topics.

IL.PW I can write briefly about most familiar topics and provide information using a series of simple sentences.

Lesson Context: Students will be able to review grammar concepts from Spanish 1 and 2, as well as the new grammar concept, subjunctives.

Content Objectives for the Lesson: SWBAT recognize and/or understand the main idea of poem. SWBAT write their own poem.

Learning Objectives for Students: SWBAT write their own poem.

Language Objectives for Students: SWBAT understand the main idea of a poem by following along and looking at pictures. SWBAT write their own poems using sentence starters.

Starter: I will read to students my “Yo soy” poem. Before I read it, I will let students know that I am taking a moment to be vulnerable and open myself up to them and that they need to be respectful and open minded. It will be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation where the words will be displayed, along with a couple of pictures. I will then ask students: ¿Cuáles son algunos temas de los que yo hablo en mi poema? (What are some of the topics that I talked about in my poem?) I will write them down on the board.

Class Procedures:

1. Students will now have the opportunity to write their own poem. Each student will


receive a sheet of paper with sentence starters they can choose from (Figure below). In the interest of time, students will not use all the sentence starters, instead, they will choose 2 sentence starters for the first stanza, 3 for the second, and 3 for the third, making sure to include the Yo soy line in each stanza.

2. To help students brainstorm I will give them the following statements:


a. Expresen sus sueños, sus preocupaciones, sus miedos

b. Este es un ejercicio de autorreflexión y autoconocimiento

c. Exploren y analicen sus pasados, sus presentes, sus futuros


I will allow students to use their phones, strictly for looking up vocabulary words. I will be walking around to all students during this time to make sure students are not using translating resources.

Lesson Closure: Students will turn these in for me to look at and for participation points. If a student does not feel comfortable sharing their poem, they will write “Do not read” at the top of their paper and I will respect their wish.

Assessment: Students will turn in their papers and I will check to see their grammar and spelling, if students gave me permission to read their poems.


Yo soy (2 características especiales de ti) Yo pregunto Yo escucho Yo veo Yo quiero Yo soy (primera línea del poema)

Yo finjo Yo siento Yo toco Me preocupo Yo lloro Yo soy (primera línea del poema)

Yo entiendo Yo digo Yo sueño Yo trato Yo espero Yo soy (primera línea del poema)