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Dear Dhanyatman,

Your valuable help and committed support will help out Dr.Girija Prasad
Shadangi who has already published a number of titles (many of which
are allocated with ISBN) and is in the verge of difficult situation to meet
the expenses required to bring out the below publications along with
the cost estimates.
The immediate requirement is to have a laptop sponsored so that his
research associates can type in the Vedic texts ready for publication.
This is estimated to be around 20,000 Rs and any interested patrons
can contribute according to their might towards this noble cause. As he
was requesting in couple to Vedic forums he is requesting for this
support not to feed his family or meet personal errands but towards
the universal cause of service to vedamata.

Please share your contribution details to;

Mob: 09951051209
Also help is sought for bringing out the below publications with the appropriate cost estimates.

This book is related to Samaveda Jaiminiya branch, available since a
long time only in Talapatra Manuscript and Hastaprata in Tamilnadu
and Kerala as Grantha and Malayalam scripts. For the first time we
are editing total Jaiminiya Uha Ushani Samaganam in Devanagari
(Sanskrit) script with a view to be useful all over Bharata Khanda. Total
number of Samaganas 2168.
A4 size, 400 pages, 500 copies, approximate cost Rs 1,50,000.
(This is also ready to publish, awaiting monetary support, could be
brought out within 2 months ie by Feb 2017)

Samaveda rituals known as Purva and Aparaprayogah, methods of
performing these karmas, time, place and instruments required along
with benefits accruable from such karma are explained in this book.
Demy size, 350 pages, 500copies,approximate cost Rs70,000.
(This book could require up to 3 months to publish ie by Feb 2107)

Samaveda rituals are based on Karikas. Many karikas are available,
some karikas are also lost, those available are only in Talapatra
manuscript or Hastaprata form. We wish to publish 10 of the available
karikas of Samaveda before the possibility of losing them also.These
Karikas are helpful in performance of Purva and Apara Prayoga Rituals
in a properly defined manner.
Demy size, 210 pages, 500 Copies, approximate cost Rs50,000
(This book could require up to 4 months to publishie by Mar 2017)

Samavedasroutaprayogah is a very important book of Samaveda. But
as of now this is not available anywhere in India. This grantha deals
with 7 Big somayagas (rituals). Here again, we wish to publish the book
before the possibility of losing them.
Demy size, 190 pages, 500 Copies, approximate cost Rs.50,000
(This book could require up to 12 months to publish)

This most important book for samavedis imparts us knowledge about
the 16 important Rituals all samavedis must undergo.
Demy size, 210 pages, 500 Copies, approximate cost Rs 50,000
This is a laxana (grammar) book of Samaveda Samhita, which serves
as a strong protection of nature of veda mantras ( This book is also
ready to publish shortly)
Demy size, 222 pages, 500 Copies, approximate cost Rs 65,000

Out of 1000 sakhas of Samaveda, presently only 3 are in vogue. This
sakha is available in Talapatra manuscript and Hastaprata. We are
aiming at the Protection and propagation of this Sakha along with
facilitating study and research of Ranayaneeya students & scholars.
(This book could require up to 12 months to publish)
A4 size, 500 pages, 500 Copies, approximate cost Rs1,90,000
This book is a collection of 8 brahmanas of Samaveda & is ready to
publish any time support is available.
Demy size, 490 pages, 500 Copies, approximate cost Rs1,00,000
Published books
1 NARADIYASIKSA (and Naradeeyasiksa sangraha) - with explanations
by Bhattabhaskar and commentary by Narayanaswamy Deekshitar, pp -166, Rs.125/-,
yr- 2014.
VARGAPARIBHASITA VEYAGANAM PART 1 pp-250, Rs-200/-, first edition-2012
VARGAPARIBHASITA VEYAGANAM PART-2, pp-312, Rs-200/-, first edition-2013
4 PHULLAPOTAM A Commentary of Puspasutra of Ganesh Pandit, pp-
452, Rs-300/-, first edition-2013
indices, pp-202, Rs- 100/-, first edition-2012
6 SAMAVEDASANDHYOPASANA - pp-64, Rs-50/-,.first edition-
7 Samavedapadapatha ()-pp.472.00, page-Rs-750/-, first edition -2016