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Biology of Fungi

PBIO 177* Summer, 2017 (May 22-June15)

Dr. Terry Delaney (4 credits, CRN-61271)
Note: Approved for UVM Food Systems Minor!
*Graduate (200-level) credit possible, by inquiry

What we will do in PBIO 177*: Have Fun, and..

1) Learn about and identify fungi through field work, collections,

lecture/discussion and lab research.

2) Survey, identify and study the major fungal groups, with emphasis on
basidiomycetes (mushrooms and kin) and ascomycetes (e.g. morels, cup

3) Identify collected fungi, especially mushrooms, using visible,,

microscopic, and other features.

4) Assess the importance of fungi to humans as sources of foods, drugs,

and poisons. Discuss the cultivation of fungi for those uses.

5) Learn the unique and shared features of each group, including biology,
form, reproductive strategies. Discuss key ecological roles played by
fungi, -as decomposers, symbionts, pathogens.

6) Highlight species that have impacted human health, culture, and even

May 22-June 15, Mon-Thurs, 9:00 AM-12:45 PM, Jeffords Hall Rm 100.
Prereq: Biology or equivalent, or instructor permission.
Open to UVM, other students, & non-student learners.
Cont. Ed.: (CRN-61271)