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This movie is based on Buddha who is suffocated by regressive norms and corruption at
every level. Buddha is Vikram Pandit in the movie. Vikram Pandit made strategies for the
Adivasi could get there rights like every individual. Professor Ranjan Batki always
disapproved his strategies. Even professor Ranjan Batki was with the Naxalite. The
professors wife runs pottery club as a charity. where all pots purchased by the goverment.
This film connects to the spirit of a leader , a self, a starter, a dreamer and visionary who
dares to walk alone if no one is willing to join in.

Vikram pandit a student of the Indian Institute of business becomes the blue-eyed boy of
professor Batki because his first article Pink Bra Campaign influences all the social
networking people.Under Batkis influence, Vikram starts public discovering and publishing
the article under his name. He becomes an overnight sensation after a successful internet
campaign against the radical fundamentalism of moral policing in India. There is a housewife
running a potter s club and a corrupt a Naxal leader who is also a chauvinism it pigs and
therefore must rip the front of womans dress without rhymes or reason. Professor Ranjan
Batki challenged Vikram Pandit one more internet campaign, A campaign that would help to
raise money via a non-profit Pottery club for poor people living in Maoists area of India for rs
25crore. Vikram Pandit offers a modern day solution that can bypass all red tape and political
hurdles. He gets entangled between two corrupt faiths of India - Socialism, and capitalism
that is the worst condition of India.Vikram Pandit realizes what he is up against, he must find
a way out of the cesspool he has get himself into, where his own life is a stake now......and
any everyone around him a suspect.

The soul focus of the movie is The Adivasi , the suffering they go through and the deprived
rights which leaves them with no alternative other than being THE NEXALITES. The movie
not only talks about the Nexalites, their influence in maoist areas, there source of income but
it there compass has covered a wide area and scattered network .Unlike what people
perception are that they are limited to the maoist area and forest but in reality even the
intellectual being like Ranjan Batki in the movie are under its influence . It is shown that here
the NGOs in the name of charity and good workers support these kinds of association how
the government officer instinctinctively let the Nexalites carry out there activity for which
they get heavy kickbacks .



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