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Holy water is consecrated water that is used to chase away evil spirits,
phantoms, cleanse homes, purify objects, and cleanse ourselves before
performing a ritual. That which is unclean is spiritually made clean with holy
water for unclean spirits cannot stand the presence of holy water. In this
book is a step by step guide on how to make holy water, including the special
ingredients for preparing holy water for general spiritual uses.

Three quarters of the earth is covered with

water and this is approximately the same quantity of water in the human
body. Before the land of the earth appeared it was covered with water,
hence the earth itself was born out of water. Every living thing on earth
contains a certain amount of water. This being the case it is obvious that
living things, creatures and even plants depend on water to survive for water
is one of the three primary elements of nature which all creatures depend on,
the other two are air and fire (sun light).

These three primary elements are referred to in Hebrew as the three mother
elements which corresponds to Aleph as air, Shin as fire, and Mem as water.
These three as the mothers are the basic three universal substances that
exist on various levels and referred to by various names. At the level of
divinity we refer to them as God the father, God the son, and God the Holy
Ghost. Note that the father corresponds to Aleph which is air, the son (sun
light) corresponds Shin which is fire, and Mem corresponds to he Holy Ghost
which is water. These three properties fused together form the earth (body)
of the thing. Note that Aleph which is air is in fire, for fire needs air to stay
alive but air does not need fire. Air is in water but water is not in air. Air,
which is Aleph is the most vital substance around and no living creature can
exist without air for even a few minutes. We can live without sunlight for
many days, and even water for many hours yet we cannot live without air
for even a few minutes. Of the three primary elements Aleph, which the
Greeks have called Alpha is the most important, for it is the life force, the
living breath of all creatures.

These three basic elements also correspond to the three primary colors Red,
Green and Blue. Out of the three primary colors we have the seven colors
which when united to form white light. Similarly, the three primary elements
exists in living creatures as air corresponding to speech, sound, life breath,
the nostrils, lungs in the body.

In the domain of air we have the fowl of the air and all the creatures that fly.
In the domain of water we have the fish of the sea, the whale, shacks and all
the creatures of the sea. In the domain of fire we have the planets, the suns,
moon, the stars, the volcanoes, heat, and color. These three fused together
give us the living creatures of the earth as human beings, animals and
Water is a universal solvent that practically forms the base of all liquids and has the
highest concentration of air. In the air is life and to eat food that contains water is
to take in abundant quantities of the air through water. Vegetables and fruits are
known to absorb large quantities of water and hence they are good source of
nutrition. The liquid within an apple mixes with the properties of the apple gmaking
it tasty as well as nourishing containing fluids that the body can use to keep it
healthy. How to make holy water