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Kate Kosner

297 Gatesby Rd
Riverside, IL 60546
(708) 837-0922

EXPERIENCE College Involvement

Member of Alpha
Indiana University, Bloomington, In ULA Omicron Pi; holding the
January 2017 - PRESENT position of New Member
Undergraduate lab assistant for entry level computer science class at Educator
Indiana (AKA TA) - Educating New Members on
- Responsible for: assisting students with questions, out of class the sorority and etiquette
meetings with students if needed, taking attendance and marking Selected for Indiana
participation of the students, helping with grading University Riley Development
Red Mango, La Grange, IL Team Worker - Chosen from over 300
March 2015 - PRESENT applicants
- Responsible for: working the register, talking to customers, making - Raising money for the Riley
yogurt, smoothies, smoothie bowls, etc. Childrens Hospital in
- Also responsible for closing/opening the store when scheduled for that Indianapolis
shift and cleaning up - IU raised 4.1 million in 2016

- Mentor one child from Riley

Nanny, Riverside, IL Nanny
Children's Hospital
May 2016 - PRESENT
Involved in Camp Kesem
- Responsible for: waking kids up/putting them to bed, preparing most
meals without peanuts because of their allergy, taking them to their - Raises money to send kids
activities, clean up after them, take them to parks, to pool, etc. whose parents have
had/have cancer to camp for
a week in summer

EDUCATION - Counselor for a week in

summer for the kids going to
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN Undergraduate camp
August 2015 - PRESENT

- Majoring in Secondary Education English with a minor in Computer

Science Volunteer Experience

- Student teaching at Lakeview elementary school for my major (5th - After school club at
graders) Lakeview Elementary,
Bloomington IN
- Completing sophomore year in May
- Stem Night at Lakeview
Elementary teaching
Riverside Brookfield High School , Riverside, IL students how to use different
Graduate types of technology

August 2011 - May 2015 - Boys and Girls Club

Bloomington after school
Graduated with honors