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Daniel Sell Jeremy Duncan

Introduction.....................................1 10. Encumbrance............................... 24
11. Getting better............................... 24
Character Creation..........................2 12. Spells............................................ 25
13. Skills............................................ 37
The Rules. ....................................... 17 14. Items............................................ 41
1. Rolling the dice.............................. 17 15. Enemies....................................... 43
2. Advanced Skills.............................. 17
3. Luck............................................... 17 Character Sheet.............................. 51
4. Stamina.......................................... 18
5. Initiative......................................... 18 Table 1............................................... 22
6. Actions........................................... 19 Table 2............................................... 22
7. Other concerns............................... 20 Table 3............................................... 22
8. Weapons........................................ 21 Table 4............................................... 34
9. Armour.......................................... 21 Table 5............................................... 36
The world is drowning in nostalgic dross. Everyone with a set of
thumbs has glued together a dungeon and a dragon, slapped on a
name that tickled our childhood memories and called it good to print.

Ive got thumbs but I prefer fantasy fighting.

What you have here is the bare bones of a role playing game that
looks to show that the golden age of UK RPGs has some life left in
its neglected old bones. The breed used here, when freed of corporate
control and given some vigorous remodelling, shines as a smooth and
flexible system that takes a solid five minutes to explain. The guts are
tight, logical and robust, ready for a comeback in a new coat of paint.

But this isnt really paint. Troika! is a vast unfinished construction on

top of sturdy foundations, built in the originals image as it might have
been seen out of the corner of your eye on a sunny day. Obscure and


1 Go get the character sheet found in ranks, distributed in a range of 1 to 3,
the back of the book with 3 being someone who has already
2 Roll d3+3 to determine Skill mastered their trade. The backgrounds
3 Roll 2d6+12 to determine Stamina need not be balanced or equal to one
4 Roll d6+6 to determine Luck another but should instead be fun
5 Roll d66 on the Background Table and flavourful. After making a new
and record the skills and possessions background take a moment to consider
offered. Your skill total in any skill the reaction of someone rolling that
are the total of your base skill plus instead of some other entry in the list.
the given skill rank from your Balance the enjoyment rather than the
background. mechanics.
6 Record your starting possessions of:
11 Ardent Giant of Corda
2d6 silver pennies Every giant has a different story about
A knife Corda, well told and interrupted with
Lantern and a flask of oil bouts of hysterical crying and laughter,
A rucksack of how they lost it and mean to find it
6 Provisions soon enough but oh, what of today? We
should drink and cheer, Ill search again
in the morning!
Backgrounds are everything your Possessions
character was before you got hold of - An artefact of Lost Corda, being either
them. They give you their skills and an enormous blue star map offering +1
possessions and imply other tertiary astrology when studied for 12 minutes
benefits they might have. Slide into the OR a contraption for telling the
roll and make it your own. weather (5 in 6 accuracy) OR a ruby
lorgnette offering +1 Second Sight
Roll randomly or choose from the list while worn
to determine your starting background.
Notice that they gently tickle at the edge Skills
of specificity. It is up to you to make 4 Strength
more tailored to the worlds you play in. 3 Astrology
2 Run
As a general guide stick to 10 or so skill 2 Climb

12 Befouler of Ponds Skills
Youre a wise man, a high priest, a pond- 2 Sneak
pisser, a typical but committed adherent 2 Locks
of P!P!Ssshrp. The bloated toad god has 1 Awareness
no church other than the periphery of 1 Climb
ponds where the foulness catches in the 1 Trapping
reeds and no congregation other than 1 Knife fighting
the gnats and dragonflies. You minister 1 Crossbow fighting
to them all the same.
Possessions You may test your luck to find and get
- Sackcloth robes, caked in stinking in with the local criminal underbelly, if
mud and undergrowth. +1 to Sneak one exists.
rolls in marshy terrain while wearing
it, -1 everywhere else cos it stinks 14 Cacogen
- A large wooden ladle (damage as mace) Those filthy born, spawned in the hump-
backed sky lit only by great black anti-
Skills suns and false light. Your mother was
3 Spell - Drown sailing on the golden barges or caught in
3 Swim some more abstract fate when she passed
2 Spell Tongue Twister you, far from the protective malaise of
2 Spell - Undo the million spheres. You were open to
1 Spell - Web the power and the glory at a generative
1 Sneak time and it shows in your teratoid form.
1 Second Sight
Special - Fusil
May drink stagnant water without harm - 2d6 plasmic cores
- Sword
13 Burglar - Velare
As a second-story man you often have
cause to wander. Enemies come naturally Skills
from both sides of the law and it pays to 2 Fusil Fighting
keep ahead of trouble. 2 Astrology
2 Second Sight
Possessions 2 Spell - Random (Table 5)
- Crossbow & 18 bolts 2 Spell - Random (Table 5)
- Roll of lock picks 2 Golden Barge Pilot
- Grappling hook 1 Spell - Random (Table 5)
1 Sword Fighting

15 Chaos Champion Possessions
You no longer have the spiked brass - Festooned with keys (counts as modest
armour but you still have the ear of armour)
your Chaos patron. Hes happy for you - A sledgehammer
to experiment with not plunging your - Lock picking tools
sphere into disorder and, ultimately,
darkness but the door is always open. Skills
4 Locks
Possessions 3 Strength
- Ritual scars 3 Trapping
- A huge maul 2 Spell - Open
- Assortment of ragged armour (Modest 1 Spell - See Through
armour) 1 Sledgehammer Fighting
- Dream journal, almost full 1 Spell - Lock

Skills 21 Demon Stalker

6 Language - Kurgan You stake your reputation on your ability
3 Maul fighting to hunt and kill demonic creatures and
3 Secret Signs - Chaos Patron those who break bread with them. Goat
1 Spell - Random (Table 5) men in the wilds, or the angel cults of
1 Second sight the slums, all needs to be driven back off
the edge of the map and into the shores
Special of chaos.
Name your patron. You may call upon
your patron for aid once per day, to do Possessions
so roll three 6s on 3d6, the GM will - A silver sword
interpret his intervention. - 16 silver arrows and a bow
- Pouch of salt
- Vial of demon blood
16 Claviger
The key masters wander the universe
fathoming the workings of all entry Skills
ways they can find. Though theyre quite 5 Language - Abyssal
fascinated with simple chests and doors 3 Spell - Blood Shroud
they are most excited by metaphysical 2 Second Sight
and metaphorical barriers. You might 2 Sword fighting
find small conclaves of clavigers camped 2 Bow fighting
around the feet of demon gates, debating 1 Tracking
appropriate methods of attack or 1 Sneak
building obscure machine of entry.

22 Dwarf
You are a short, hairy, belligerent,
alcohol dependent creature. The
latter two may be linked, but youll
fight anyone who suggests as much.
Since there are no dwarf women (or
men, technically) there are no dwarf
children or dwarf families, so you can 23 Epopt
fully commit yourself to the important A roaming seer, selling your visions
dwarfy endeavours of creating fine art in at courts and fetes. You are instantly
unusual places. You intend to find the recognisable by your yellow coif and
most unusual places ever seen in all the habit as being open for business. Road
million spheres. weary and world wise, your unpopular
visions cause you to constantly move on.
- Masons hammer Possession
- Roll of artists supplies - Yellow epopt outfit, padded for
protection against unhappy clients
Skill (counts as modest armour)
3 Awareness - Epopt staff, being a walking staff with
2 Sculpting seeing crystal on one end (counts as
2 Painting staff)
2 Metalworking - Collapsible tent, big enough for your
2 Construction stall
2 Strength
2 Fist Fighting Skills
2 Wrestling 2 Awareness
1 Hammer fighting 2 Evaluate
1 Second Sight
Special 1 Etiquette
May eat gems and rare metals as a food 1 Fist Fighting
replacement. You in fact far prefer the 1 Run
taste of rare minerals to mundane food.
Dwarves are genderless. You are immune May test your luck to get a yes or no
to all compulsions that play on a answer to a question about mundane
creatures desire for the opposite sex. This matters. The GM should make this test
also means you dont have sexual organs. in private, not informing the epopt if
Instead of urinating you excrete through they are accurate.
sweating, thus explaining the odour.

24 Exotic Warrior Possession
No one has heard of your homeland. - Large Astrolabe (as mace)
Your habits are peculiar, your clothes are - Abacus
outrageous, and in a land jaded to the - Lots of scrolls and writing equipment
outlandish and new you still somehow
manage to stand out. Skills
3 Mathmology
Possessions 2 Astrology
- A weird and wonderful weapon 2 Spell Find
- Strange clothes
- Exciting accent 26 Fellowship of
- A tea set OR 3 pocket gods OR Porters & Basin Fillers
astrological equipment Luggers are a servile group by nature,
most often found in the service of
Skills others, weighed down by loads that
6 Language - Weird Exotic Language would buckle a donkey. You take
3 in the fighting skill of your weird pride in that. Maybe so much that the
weapon everyday assignments of the guild could
2 Language - local language not sate your desire to serve, causing
2 Spell - Random (Table 5) you to venture out in search of a real
1 Astrology challenge for such a talented varlet.
1 Etiquette
- A wooden yoke
25 The Fellowship of Knidos
- Brown over coat and soft doffing cap
Mathmologists honour the clean and
unambiguous truths of mathematics, of the guild
- A bale hook. Counts as a knife for
and coordinate it with their observation
of the multiverse. All things can be damage and gains you a +1 on rolls to
measured and predicted with the lift heavy objects if used to do so
- Length of rope
application of the correct mathmological
ratios, their methods applied to
penetrate the ethereal surface to glimpse Skills
the fundamental numbers below. 4 Strength
2 Fist fighting
2 Run
1 Hook fighting
1 Sneak
1 Awareness

31 Gremlin Catcher - Curved sword
No matter what country, sphere or - 3 vials of poison
abstract dimension you may find - Crossbow & 6 bolts
yourself in, be sure that gremlins will
be there digging their warrens and Skills
bothering nice people willing to pay you 1 Poison
a shiny penny to bash their little heads 1 Sneak
in. 1 Locks
1 Knife fighting
Possessions 1 Climb
- Small but vicious dog 1 Awareness
- Flat cap 1 Crossbow fighting
- A club 1 Swim
- A sack 1 Disguise
- D6 empty gremlin jars
- A jar with a pissed off gremlin inside 33 Lansquenet
You were a mercenary retained in the
Skills exclusive service of the phoenix throne,
4 Tunnel fighting handsomely paid and sent to distant
4 Trapping spheres on golden ships to spread the
2 Sneak ineffable glory of your paymaster at the
2 Awareness tip of your flaming lance.
2 Club fighting
2 Tracking Possessions
1 Swim - Exquisite pistolet
- Bandolier containing 18 plasmic cores
- Greatsword
32 Journeyman of the Guild of
- Brightly coloured clothing with lots
Sharp Corners of tassels and bells (-4 to sneaking).
You are an assassin in training, graduated
Though frivolous looking it is in fact
from fighting dummies or branding
built with the autarchs divine alchemy
practise clients, now you have a license
and considered modest armour while
to do it for real. You havent fully
weighing the same as normal clothing
developed the idiosyncratic methods
required of a master but you are on the
2 Greatsword fighting
2 Pistolet fighting
- Black clothes of the apprentice 1 Run
- Garrotte 1 Fist Fighting
1 Astrology

34 Lonesome King strip all the flesh from one small
You were a king. The ruler of all you appendage) OR blunt metal dentures
surveyed, a great conqueror, a law- (damage as knife but may be used to
bringer! But your horse sped off into eat hard objects)
the pixie forest, or the court magician - Embroidered napkin
ensured you disappeared, or you led a
sortie into the stars to put your stamp on Skills
them as well. Either way you are now a 3 Etiquette
lost and lonely king without a kingdom, 1 Strength
no one has heard of you or your people. 1 Tracking
Most dont believe you and laugh, or 1 Trapping
worse they do believe you and shrug at 1 Gastrology
the vagaries of fate.
Possessions Immune to mundane ingested poisons.
- A nice weapon of your choice Also can identify any object if eaten,
- A crown gaining knowledge of its material, its
- A tired horse origin (if plausibly familiar), and its
magical properties on a successful test
Skills of gastrology. Must be thoroughly
3 Etiquette masticated, not merely swallowed and
3 Weapon fighting in the weapon of passed. This does not grant special
your choice immunity to any effects it may possess.
3 Ride
1 Tracking 36 Monkeymonger
Life on The Wall is hard. One is never
35 Miss Kinseys Diners Club more than a few yards from an endless
The Eaters know that there are only two fall but those precarious villages still
worlds: the without and the within. need to eat. This is where you come
They intend to insert as much of the in with your edible monkeys (the
prior into the later as they can while distinction is purely for appeal, since
experiencing the finest delights available. all monkeys are of course edible). You
All culinary experience is open to them, used to spend days on end dangling your
nothing is forbidden at Miss Kinseys. feet off the edge of the world watching
Try the other, other, other white meat. over your chittering livestock while they
scampered hither and thither. But there
Possessions was no future in monkey meat, or future
- Sharp metal dentures (damage as on The Wall. You wanted much more
sword) OR forked metal dentures (as and so stepped off. Or you fell. Either
knife, but on a critical you may cleanly way you and some unlucky monkeys are

here now and thats all that matters. 42 Parchment Witch
Known for your smooth skin, midnight
Possessions gatherings and being fearful of rain and
- Monkey Club open flames. The parchment witches
- Butcher Knife are long dead sorcerers who cannot give
- d6 small monkeys that do not listen to up the vanity of living and so cover
you but are too scared and hungry to themselves in perfect paper skin. A
travel far from you patiently painted and folded imitation of
- A pocket full of monkey treats life to hide ancient bone and gristle.

Skills Possessions
4 Climb - d6 rolls of parchment
2 Trapping - Vials of pigments and powders
1 Club Fighting - Collection of brushes
1 Knife Fighting - A wicked knife

41 Necromancer Skill
The least popular magical practitioners. 2 Spell - Protection From Rain
Shunned by the major centres of 2 Callous Strike
learning, theyre left to their own 2 Spell - Quench
devices on the edges of society, passing 2 Spell - True Seeing
on knowledge in the time honoured 2 Disguise
master student dynamic. The loneliness 2 Second Sight
encourages students to make their own 1 Healing
friends. 1 Undo
1 Spell - Random (Table 5)
- Dusty robes Special
- The skull of your master OR a zombie You are undead so do not need to
servant OR a ghost with whom breathe, circulate blood, and so on.
you have developed a co-dependent You takes double damage from silver
relationship with weapons and regain stamina half as
effectively from all sources. You must
Skills test luck if outside in the rain, made wet,
2 Heal close to open flames, or suffer general
1 Spell - Posthumous vitality grievous wounds. A failure will see your
1 Spell - Skeletal Counsel skin ruined. While your skin is damaged
1 Spell - Torpor you are very obviously a walking corpse.
1 Sneak

43 Poorly Made Dwarf object. Your sort are common enough,
Dwarves are known for being the wandering the worlds acting out your
finest artisans of the million spheres. romantic melodrama, accusing good folk
Give a dwarf a rock and he will make of being demons or faeries. Generally
gold, give a dwarf a boulder and he considered to be harmless.
will make a dwarf. You were supposed
to be the finest expression of dwarfy Possessions
craftsmanship, a masterpiece, a brand - Heavy armour
new dwarf like those made by the old - A horse
masters. But you were imperfect and - Lance (as spear)
abandoned. - Sword
- Shield
Possessions - A never ending quest
- Woodsmans axe
- An empty firkin Skills
3 Jousting
Skills 2 Sword Fighting
3 Fist Fighting 2 Spear fighting
3 Awareness 1 Shield fighting
2 Strength 1 Awareness
2 Wrestling
2 Axe Fighting 45 Red Priest
Evangelist of the red redemption,
Special wandering confessor, cauterizer of
as Dwarf, but in addition... the wound of sin. Sin being the
Other dwarves will completely ignore accumulation and recreational
you as though you were a piece of consumption of mass. How can your
furniture or somebodys abandoned hat. spirit fly free while shackled and flabby?
Very rarely they might openly examine
and comment thoughtfully to themselves Possessions
on your unforgivable flaws, possibly - Red robes
while marking areas for improvement - Traditional faceless metal helmet of
on your body with a grease pen. To non- your order (modest armour)
dwarfy eyes you probably look like any - Symbolic (but fully sized and fully
other dwarf. +4 sneak vs dwarves. functional) single headed great axe, to
help batter down the door to Sin
44 Questing Knight
You are on a quest for the grail, or the Skills
sword, or the throne, or for god, or 2 Spell - Ember
a lost love, or some other significant 2 Spell - Fire Bolt

2 Spell - Flash - Peaked hat
2 Great Axe Fighting - Claws (as Swords)
1 Second Sight - Hooves (as Clubs)
1 Spell - Exorcism - Wings, able to fly as fast as a running
man over clear ground
46 Rhino-Man
The original Rhino-Men were created Skills
by an insane sorcerer several centuries 3 Fly
ago, but rebelled and killed him. They 3 Spell - Random (Table 5)
are fairly rare creatures, serving as 3 Spell - Random (Table 5)
formidable and loyal guards to those 3 Spell - Random (Table 5)
who can afford their services. 2 Claw Fighting
1 Hoof Fighting
- Horn (counts as dagger) 52 Sorcerer of the
- Thick Skin (rhino men always count as Academy of Doors
being modestly armoured) Troikas very own wizarding academy,
- Glaive pride of the city, experts in pan-
- Knuckle dice dimensional mobility. You were an
- Half full firkin of Rhino-beer (20 apprentice of the school and were able to
rations worth) penetrate the (2d6)th door. No master,
certainly, but few outside your peers can
Skills claim to know more about the vagaries
3 Glaive fighting of skyward travel than you.
2 Run
2 Strength Possessions
1 Gambling - A small functional door, worn on your
forehead. You channel your magic
51 Sceptical Lammasu through it
Body of a bull, head of a man, forelegs - Flashy robes
of a cat and the wings of a swan, sweetest
children of the gods. You, however, were Skills
not content to rest on your cloud and 3 Astrology
instead descended from the heavens (or 2 Second Sight
crawled up from the abyss) and set upon 2 Spell - Astral Reach
finding your own path among the stars. 1 Spell - Teleport
1 Spell - Web
Possessions 1 Spell - Random (Table 5)
- Incidental sacred jewellery worth 10d6 1 Spell - Random (Table 5)
monies if traded 1 Spell - Random (Table 5)
53 Sorcerer of the 54 The Sublime Society
College of Friends of Beef Steaks
You were trained in the sub-dimensional Brawlers believe the application of might
academy of the Cordial Wizard God. and a good beef steak is the universal
You spent your childhood learning truth. Words do not have power. Words
about the fate of pixies, the colour of can no more define the universe than
magic, ritual grammar and endless other they can build a house, lift a cup, or sear
theoretical topics. Now youre out in the a steak. Might can. Really, they have
world, discovering that your education thought a lot about this.
hardly accounted for any of it.
Possessions - A weapon of choice
- Pointed wizard hat you received at - A small gridiron
graduation - 2kg of premium meat cuts
- Pocket full of wizard biscuits (2d6, - Waistcoat
each count as a ration) - Bottle of strong but fancy wine
- Wand used to help focus new
apprentices, now kept for sentimental Skills
reasons 2 in a fighting skill of your choice
2 Wrestling
Skills 2 Swim
4 Secret Signs - Witching Words 2 Climb
2 Run 2 Run
1 Climb 2 Fist Fighting
1 Sleight of Hand
1 Swim
1 Sneak
1 Second Sight
1 Spell - Jolt
1 Spell - Amity
1 Spell - Mirror Selves
1 Spell - Protection from Rain
1 Spell - Helping Hands
1 Spell - Purple Lens
1 Spell - Random (Table 5)

55 Temple Knight of Possessions
- Thamaturgical fez
Telak the Swordbringer - Staff, bedecked with charms and bells.
You were once (and possibly still are) a
fanatical monk set to maintain constant May reroll one die on the Oops! Table
martial readiness in preparation for the if using this staff, however may never
end times when all doorways crumble sneak up on anyone because of the
inwards. You are never unready and ringing and clattering it makes
- Curled Shoes
always have spares.
- Voluminous robes
- The blessing of Telak Skills
- 6 swords of your choice 3 Spell - Undo
2 Spell - Assume Shape
Skills 2 Spell - Thunder
3 Awareness 2 Spell - Random (Table 5)
2 Blacksmithing 1 Spell - Brittle Twigs
1 Sword Fighting 1 Spell - Random (Table 5)
1 Greatsword fighting 1 Second Sight
1 Astrology
The blessing of Telak awards you armour Special
equal to half (rounded down) the May test their luck to just so happen
number of swords you carry. So if you to have exactly the (common) mystical
were carrying 6 swords your armour nicknack the situation requires
would be 3, while if you carried 9 it
would be 4. 61 Thinking Engine
Your eyes are dull ruby spheres, your
You must be overtly armed at all times skin is hard and smooth like ivory but
or else Telak will take this blessing brown and whorled like wood. You are
away until you forge, and donate to the clearly damaged, you have no memory
unarmed, a brand new sword. of your creation or purpose, and some
days your white internal juices ooze
56 Thaumaturge thickly from cracks in your skin.
Wandering miracle workers, the depths
of whose clothes are filled with pouches Possessions
- Soldering iron
of unguents, holy icons and herbs. No
- Detachable autonomous hands OR
matter the metaphysical need, they are
always prepared. centaur body (+4 Run) OR inbuilt
particle detector (+4 Second Sight)
OR one random spell at rank 3

Skills Skills
3 Golden Barge Pilot 3 Sword Fighting
2 Astrology 1 Awareness
2 Pistolet Fighting 1 Climb
2 Healing 1 Bow Fighting
1 Run 1 Run
1 Strength 1 Swim
1 Cooking
63 Venturesome Academic
Special Youre a classically trained academic, a
You dont recover Stamina by resting product of the universities of the Brass
in the usual manner, instead you have City, the Palace of Tigers or some other
to spend an evening with a hot iron less prestigious centre of learning.
melting your skin back together like
putty. For each hour of rest with access Possessions
to the right tools you regain 3 Stamina. - Reading glasses in a sturdy case (you
May recharge plasmic machines by cannot read without them)
hooking your fluids to them and - Small sword
spending Stamina. 1 Stamina and 6 - Bundle of candles & matches
minutes per charge. - Writing materials
- Journal
You always count as being lightly
armoured. Skills
2 Evaluate
62 Vengeful Child 2 Astrology
Your village was burnt down by ruffians, 1 Healing
or your mother was beheaded by snake 1 Spell - Random (Table 5)
cultists, or your father was hung by 1 Sword Fighting
corrupt officials. Either way, you took up 1 Sleight of Hand
the sword and entered the world with a
chip on one shoulder and an oversized Special
sword on the other. You may test your Luck to recall facts
that you might reasonably be expected to
Possessions have encountered relating to the natural
- A too-big sword, +1 to Sword Fighting sciences and humanities.
and Damage Rolls while using it. Only
you may benefit from this bonus, its
not magic just sentimental
- An old hunting bow & 12 arrows

64 Wizard Hunter (counts as club) and lots of scars OR
Some people say man is the most two handed sword and heavy armour
dangerous prey. Theyre wrong. Can OR hammer and huge shield
men turn into flocks of seagulls when - Manual on Yondardy Law
cornered in an alley? Can men ignite the - Barristers Wig
air and freeze your blood? No, they cant.
Wizards are the most dangerous prey. Skills
4 weapon fighting skill of choice
Possessions 2 Etiquette
- Large sack 1 Healing
- Witch-hair rope
- Crossbow & 12 bolts 66 Zoanthrop
- Sword At some point in your past you decided
- d6 pocket gods you didnt need it any more. You found
- Ruby Lorgnette a zoanthropologist and paid him well
to remove your troublesome forebrain
Skills and so elevate you to the pure and
2 Tracking unburdened beast you are today.
2 Disguise
2 Crossbow Fighting Possessions
1 Sword Fighting - Wooden club and no starting
1 Sneak possessions, throw off the shackles of
1 Locks civilisation. You are probably nude.
1 Etiquette
65 Yongardy Lawyer 3 Climb
Down in Yongardy they do things 3 Run
differently. They respect the law. Every 2 Strength
day there is a queue outside the courts to 2 Fist Fighting
get a seat to see the latest up and coming 2 Club Fighting
barrister defend his case with three feet 2 Wrestling
of steel. The people follow the careers of
their favourite solicitors, watch all their Special
cases, collect their portraits and sneak You are immune to all mind altering
into the court after hours to dab the effects. You are able to speak but
patches of blood on white handkerchiefs. usually choose not to. When making
In Yongardy they love the law. advancement checks in skills related
to abstract thought, such as spells or
Possessions astrology, you must roll twice and
- Rapier and puffy shirt OR sjambok succeed on both or else fail.

The Rule{
and recorded on their character sheets
1.ThereRolling the Dice as a total. This number is referred to as
is only one die type used in
their skill total.
Troika!, that being the d6. This can be
used as a d3, d6, d66, d666 and so on.
EXAMPLE: Bob is a freshly made
To roll a d3 just roll a d6 and halve it,
Rhino-Man (see Backgrounds) with
rounding up. To roll a d66, d666 or
Skill 4. This means he starts with 7
more just roll a d6 as many times, in
Glaive fighting, 6 Run, 6 Strength and 5
order, as there are 6s. So a d66 would be
a d6 followed by another d6 (e.g. I roll a
1 then roll a 4 thus making a roll of 14).
3. Luck
To do most actions youll be required to Of all the numbers on your character
roll 2d6, adding them together, as a roll sheet Luck is likely to fluctuate the most.
under or a roll versus (or roll vs.).. This number represents your characters
blind luck and intuition, tested
1.1 Roll Under. Rolling under is the whenever fate swipes at them. When this
throwing of 2D6 with the intention happens the GM will ask you to Test
of scoring equal to or under a number. Your Luck..
This will mainly be used in unopposed
situations like climbing a wall or casting 3.1 Testing your luck. To successfully
a spell.. test your luck you must roll equal to or
less than your current luck score. Every
1.2 Roll Versus. The roll versus, mostly time you test your luck you must reduce
used for combat or other contests, is your current luck score by one regardless
a roll of 2D6 adding any applicable of whether the test was successful or not.
bonuses and then comparing it to that Testing your luck is optional, you may
of your opponent, looking to beat their always refuse to roll and instead accept
score. In a sword fight you might be your fate. The GM is not obliged to give
rolling 2d6 and adding your sword you details of the consequences if they
fighting total, looking to beat your are not already obvious..
opponent doing similar.
3.2 Gaining and losing luck. For every
8 hours rest you may regain 2d6 luck.
2.PlayerAdvanced Skill{. Luck may not exceed the starting total
characters will have a variety of
rolled at character creation except in
advanced skills granted them by their
exceptional situations. Running out of
background. The number given in the
luck inflicts no special penalty.
background is added to their base skill

3.3 Use of Luck in Combat. In the 5. Initiative
case of a tie the player may test their
5.1 Assemble the bag. During combat
luck to win it in their favour. When
or at other times where it is important
a player successfully hits an opponent
who goes first you will need to assemble
they may decide to test their luck and,
the initiative bag. To do this get a
if successful, may add 2 to the roll for
container and a selection of coloured
dice or other convenient markers. Each
player will be assigned a colour, all
4. Stamina enemies will share one colour, and a final
single token of a distinct colour will be
4.1 Running out of stamina. When
added to mark the end of a round when
reduced to 0 Stamina you are in danger
drawn (5.3).
of dying and must be healed in order
to survive. If this is during an initiative
5.2 Using the bag. The GM will remove
round the next time the end of turn
a token from the bag at random, the
chit is drawn, you die. If this happens
colour of which will determine who
out of initiative your friends have one
holds the initiative and takes a turn.
opportunity to heal you (restoring you
to 1 stamina) or else you die (4.4). .
5.3 End of round. If the end of round
token is drawn then all tokens, including
4.2 Healing. You regain 2d6 Stamina if
the end of round token, are put back in
you sleep for 8 hours. Provisions are also
the bag. Resolve any per round or end
used for healing, regaining d6 Stamina
of round activities such as magic effects,
for each provision eaten. A maximum of
fire, poison or bleeding out, then draw
3 provisions per day will actually give the
another token and carry on with your
any healing benefits. There may be other
forms of healing available at your GMs
discretion, such as visiting bath houses
5.4 Henchmen. If you have any hired
or drinking potions. You may never have
help that are willing to fight for you treat
more stamina than your starting total..
them as their own character that only
gets 1 initiative die in the bag.
4.3 Negative Stamina. If you ever go
below 0 Stamina you are dead (4.4). .
5.5 Rationale. The random turn length
adds a degree of uncertainty where you
4.4 Death. You may immediately make
never know how much time you have
a new character while others mourn your
left, how much longer you can maintain
death and fight over your possessions.
the initiative in an exchange. When
This character starts exactly according to
actions are not taking place it represents
the rules found at the beginning of this
hesitation, panic or other incidental
delays that can happen in a tense
encounter where every second counts. weapon. To do so, hold on to your
The goblins have few dice because they initiative. When your next initiative
are cowardly, not because they are slow; is drawn you may roll twice and pick
the dragon has many because it knows the best roll. If the end of round
exactly what it wants, not because it is token comes up and you havent used
fast. your aim action you may decide to
hold on to your aim token.
6.WhenAction{ .
you hold the initiative you can 6.3 Cast A Spell. Each spell will have
generally perform one action. The its own instructions on how it should
list is not exhaustive and the GM is be used, but in general you will need to
encouraged to interpret player intentions spend a certain amount of stamina and
as best he can. roll under or versus (for touch spells, for
instance) in order to create some kind
6.1 Hit Someone. To stab, bludgeon of effect. Unless the spell says otherwise
or otherwise physically interfere with it requires at least one hand free and the
someone, roll 2d6+skill+advanced skill ability to speak. If you roll a fumble the
vs. them doing the same thing. The spell fails and you need to roll on the
winner rolls for damage. Note that either Oops! Table..
party in any exchange can potentially
win. In a tie you have avoided hurting 6.4 Delay. You may choose not to act
each other. Note that this means you can when you hold initiative. In that case
potentially hit an unlimited number of you put the token back in the bag..
people in a round, but may only initiate
once per turn.. 6.5 Move. Every action is assumed
to have a bit of movement involved.
6.2 Shoot Someone. Shooting an Anything less than 12 feet is folded in to
opponent is resolved by rolling versus whatever else you might be doing. If you
their appropriate evasive skill, such as wish to chase after someone or perform
Shield or Dodge. . some other involved locomotion then
just spend a turn doing it. .
6.2.1 Shooting into a melee. If when
shooting into melee you successfully 6.6 Retrieve an item. If you need to get
hit, assign a number to every out something you werent holding in
individual involved and roll a die. If your hands already, roll 2d6 and score
their number comes up, it was them equal to or higher than its position
who got injured.. on your inventory list. If you succeed
you can pull it out and do what you
6.2.2 Aim. On your turn you may intended. Otherwise you spend your
decide to take aim with your ranged entire action finding it. Double 1s

always fail. of human excellence. .

Retrieving an arrow counts as an item 7.3 Hitting Someone Unawares. If

retrieval. Make sure theyre packed on your opponent is not aware of your
top! See 10 for more on carrying things.. presence then your attack is a roll under
(1.1) rather than roll versus, and they
6.7 Use an Item. If an item is in your may not attack back. You may add 2 to
hands then you may use it however you your damage roll..
like. Otherwise see 6.6.
7.4 Mighty Blows. If you roll a double
6.8 Grapple. Roll vs. your opponents 6 you strike a mighty blow, winning the
wrestling skill. If you win you may exchange and inflicting double damage.
either knock them to the ground or If both parties strike a mighty blow then
deal damage as unarmed and knock you a spectacular clinch is formed, shattering
both to the ground (from throwing or both their weapons (in the case of
tackling them). On a mighty blow (7.4) beastly claws, tentacles, and so on they
you render them unconscious for d6 will lose d6 stamina instead).
rounds. If you fail to wrestle them they
may deal damage to you as though they
had attacked you normally, on a fumble
(7.5) they deal you a mighty blow.

7. Other Concern{ 7.5 Fumbles. A roll of a double 1 results

7.1 Cover. When attacking someone
in cover they receive a bonus to their in the roller losing the exchange and
roll to not be hit, whatever that may be. their opponent adding +1 to their roll to
Consider a waist high bush to be +1, injure. .
while a castles crenulations would be +6..
7.6 Shields. While holding a shield
7.2 Enemies. An opponent is typically those hitting you suffer -1 to their
three numbers, Skill, Stamina and damage rolls..
Initiative, which will be expressed as
X/Y/Z. For example, a violent vagabond 7.7 Use of multiple weapons. When
might be Skill 7, Stamina 9, Initiative rolling damage you may choose which
2, shortened to 7/9/2. Beyond this weapon to reference the roll against. You
they may have an advanced skill or must be holding them in your hands or
two, or some peculiar special rules. For nearest approximations, obviously..
reference, 12 skill, 24 stamina and 4 .
Initiative would be considered the peak
7.9 Falling over. When on the floor you a table like the one seen in Tables 1, 2
suffer -2 to all physical rolls against those & 3. After successfully hitting someone
standing up, including damage rolls. you roll one die and reference it across
Spend a turn getting to your feet.. the top row, finding the corresponding
. damage inflicted.
7.9.1 Falling too far. If your fall is a
bit more serious, consider losing d6 NOTE: All modifiers that add bonuses
stamina per 6 feet fallen.. to damage will, unless otherwise
specified, modify the roll of the die,
7.10 Drowning. When you fail a not the actual damage inflicted. So for
swimming test you begin to drown, instance, I have +1 to my damage roll for
losing d6 stamina. For each consecutive some reason and roll a 5 on the sword
swimming test where you make no entry. Due to my bonus I am counted as
progress you roll an additional d6. So for having rolled a 6 and inflicting 8 damage
instance, your third failed swimming roll instead of 6.
in a row would lose you 3d6 stamina.
Once you lose all stamina you have
9. Armour
Armour offers a certain degree of
protection to your soft and supple
7.11 Henchmen. Followers are created body. There are four levels of protection
as you would a monster, with truncated vaguely defined, allowing you to assign
abilities only covering the essence of it. whatever assortment of pots and pans
They are their own people with their you might be wearing to an appropriate
own motivations and goals and are not level without too much bother. A target
just pieces of equipment. It is up to the is considered to either be unarmoured,
GM and players to flesh them out or lightly armoured, modestly armoured, or
not, as the case may be. Also see 5.3. heavily armoured. Each modifies damage
rolls by 0, -1, -2 and -3 respectively.
7.12 Time. There are two main units of
time in the game, rounds and turns. A 9.1 Armour Encumbrance. Armour
turn is what someone does when they takes up a number of item slots equal to
hold initiative and is a few seconds long. its protective value. So modest armour
A round is the period between drawing would use two slots, for example. See
end of round tokens and roughly 10.2
represents a minute.

8.WhenWeapon{ .
you win a roll vs. your opponent
in combat you may inflict damage. Each
weapon, including your fists, will have
Table 1 -: Melee Weapon{
1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Sword 4 6 6 6 6 8 10
Axe 2 2 6 6 8 10 12
Knife 2 2 2 2 4 8 10
Staff* 2 4 4 4 4 6 8
Spear 4 4 6 6 8 8 10
Longsword* 4 6 8 8 10 12 14
Mace# 2 4 4 6 6 8 10
Polearm*# 2 4 4 8 12 14 18
Maul*# 1 2 3 6 12 13 14
Greatsword* 2 4 8 10 12 14 18
Club# 1 1 2 3 6 8 10
Unarmed 1 1 1 2 2 3 4
Shield 2 2 2 4 4 6 8

Table 2 : Bea{tly Weapon{

1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Small Beast 2 2 3 3 4 5 6
Modest Beast 4 6 6 8 8 10 12
Large Beast 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
Gigantic Beast 4 8 12 12 16 18 24

Table 3 : Ranged Weapon{

1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Fusil* 2 4 4 6 12 18 24
Bow* 2 4 6 8 8 10 12
Crossbow* 4 4 6 8 8 8 10
Pistolet 2 2 4 4 6 12 16

An * indicates a weapon needing two hands to use.

Heavy percussive weapons marked with # ignore 1 point of armour.
characters will respond, bend and change
10. Encumbrance to their environments. When you
You may carry twelve things without
successfully use a skill you stand to learn
issue. On your character sheet you will
from it. Put a tick next to it. You only
have twelve spaces to write in the things
need to record the first success. Luck,
youre lugging around with you. .
skill and stamina never change..
10.1 Small items. Some items are of
11.1 How to advance. The next time
inconsequential individual weight, like
the party has a chance to rest and reflect
arrows, and will only ever take up one
on their journey you may check to
slot unless you have an awful lot of
see what they learned. For each tick
them. What constitutes a lot is up for
roll 2d6, aiming to get more than the
your group to decide..
current skill total to improve it by one.
You may only test a maximum of three
10.2 Large Items. Large items are
skills in one rest, regardless of success or
anything you would need both hands
failure. When you have finished rolling,
to hold. They take up two slots in your
remove all ticks on your sheet. When a
inventory (I recommend writing them
skill has reached 12 you need to roll a
at a jaunty angle to fill up the space).
12 followed by another 12 to improve it
Armour has its own rules (9.1).
further. There is no upper limit..
10.3 Retrieving items in a hurry. See
11.2 Training and learning new skills.
6.8. Note that having things near the top
To train your skills you must find
of your inventory list is advantageous,
someone who is able to teach them to
so put things youll rarely need in a
you. They must have a higher skill total
hurry, like armour and money, near the
and will most likely require payment
bottom. Pack your bags well!.
unless they are your fellow party
members or already owe you a favour.
10.4 Overburdened. If you find
Training takes 1 week plus 1 week per
yourself carrying more than twelve
rank you already have in the skill you
items, you suffer -4 to all rolls due to the
are looking to improve. At the end of
inconvenient weight. If you are carrying
this time you get one chance at a skill
18 items or more, in addition to -4 to
advancement. Failure means you just
all rolls you can hardly move and count
have to train harder.
as unawares (7.3) for anyone wanting to
stab you.
When learning new skills you must roll
equal to or more than your base skill
11. Getting Better.
Life is learning, you cannot experience
rating (precocious students are harder to
teach) to gain your first point in it.
it without growing in some way. Your

12. Spell{
To cast a spell you must spend stamina equal to the casting cost (the number in
brackets) and roll under your skill total in the spell you wish to cast. A double 1 will
always succeed and a double 6 will always fail and require a roll on the Oops! Table.
Amity (4) Assassins Dagger (3)
The College of Friends always sends Evocatively named, but actually quite
out its factotums on nights after amity mundane. The wizard whispers to an
classes. Clearing out the bars and object, that object then seeks out and
brothels of their drunken apprentices is vigorously and repeatedly bumps into
tiring work. Use of this spell causes the the target. Obviously if you whisper
target to test their luck or become very to a poisoned dagger the results are
friendly towards the caster, as though one thing, while doing it to a letter is
they were an old friend. They will not another. Travels any distance, always
act irrationally though and, if they were arrives (eventually).
already a bit of an arsehole, this might
not change much. Assume Shape (4)
The wizard undergoes a distressing
Affix (3) transformation into an inanimate object
Cause a subject to be fixed in place. no bigger than a piano and no smaller
While they are so held they do not than a cup. Lasts until ended.
move, breath, fall, perspire, acquire or
otherwise change. Totally immune to Astral Reach (1)
harm, in fact. Lasts for three minutes. The sorcerers of the Academy of Doors
are most famous for this one spell. With
Animate (2) it they may reach through any portal
Cause inanimate objects to question and into another, known, receptacle.
their place. One object up to the size of For example they might use it to reach
a baby can be caused to hop around and through to a safe in their manse via their
do whatever else the wizard wishes of it. their purse. This spell only allows partial
translocation, the caster cannot fully or
permanently enter.

Babble (2)
The caster speaks nonsense while
watching the intended target, causing
their words to trip and confuse. This
may be done under their breath and
relatively subtly.

Banish Spirit (cost =Skill of spirit) Callous Strike (1)
The wizard explains, clearly, sternly, why The wizard-knights are most famous
it is impossible that the spirit could be for their remote combat, whereby they
here at this time. The spirit must test swing their silver swords seemingly at
its Luck or be sent to somewhere less nothing, only for their opponents, many
improbable. feet away, to be torn to tatters.

Befuddle (1) This spell can be used in place of a melee

The wizard merely touching someone attack, rolling vs. their opponent as
can shake up their mind like a snow normal and doing damage according to
globe. The will make all active rolls at -1 the weapon used but enabling it to be
until their head clears (3 minutes) used against targets within clear sight.

Blood Shroud (4) Coal Resolve (1)

Smear a small amount of demon blood This spell turns ones heart into a
on yourself to become invisible to them. burning ember of grief. Those under
You will be completely invisible to the effect of this spell are so consumed
demons, even if you attack or speak to by grief that they are immune to mind
them. controlling effects or the non-physical
impact of pain.
Breach (2)
The wizards hands work elemental Cone of Air (2)
material as though it were soft clay. Fire, Creates a mysterious and specifically
stone, goo, earth, fog, all of it behaves shaped cone of air around a touched
like clay under his touch for 9 minutes. targets head. They may continue
to breathe the freshest of air for 12
Brittle Twigs (2) minutes.
You must snap a twig or other brittle
object to cause a sympathetic injury in Cockroach (5)
another. They must test luck or receive a A popular spell whose only use is to
broken bone. turn troublesome folks into humiliating
animals. The target must test their Luck
or be permanently turned into a small
insignificant creature of the wizards

Darkness (3)
Summon a stationary, perfect sphere
of darkness up to five metres from the
wizard for up to three minutes.

Darksee (1) Exchange Shape (5)
The wizard reaches into his sockets and What looks like a hug is in fact fell
extricates his eyes. Thus freed, the dark wizardry! The wizard bumps into
void behind them can see perfectly well another and exchanges bodies. Lasts
in pitch blackness and suffer excruciating until the wizard chooses to end it, but
pain in light (-4 to all rolls). Be careful they must be within sight of each other
not to lose those eyeballs though, they for this to happen.
are the only way to end the spell.
Exorcism (1)
Diminish (2) The Red Priests posit that all negative
Cause something to test its luck or behaviour is a symptom of some level of
reduce by half its size. Lasts three possession, or at least direct influence, by
minutes. the forces of Change. Unwitting agents
of mass in need of healing.
Drown (4)
Cause a targets lungs to fill with water. The caster throws salt at the target of this
They must test their luck, if they fail spell, allowing them to roll this spell vs.
they start to drown (see 7.10) and are the possessing spirit to cast it out. In the
incapacitated with water pouring out for case of a fumble the spirit is drawn into
their mouth. They may test their luck and possesses the caster.
once per turn until they pass, at which
point the spell ends. Explode (5)
A very simple spell. Arguably its not
Earthquake (5) even a spell, rather a premeditated
The wizard hikes up his wizard robe failure of catastrophic proportions. The
and stomps his wizard feet. An area 30 wizard may cause an object of up to
metres around him suffers a massive one cubic metre to explode. It will deal
earthquake. Everyone must test their damage to everyone within 6 metres,
luck or fall through a crack in the depending on the size and material. Pick
earth, taking falling (7.9.1) damage an appropriate weapon to roll damage
and being stuck in a bloody great big on. A polearm would be something large
hole. Buildings may be wrecked unless and hard.
especially sturdy.
Fear (1)
Ember (2) In the eyes of one poor fellow, the wizard
A simple but effect summoning of fire. grow into a primal monster from the
However once present its actions cant depths of their lizard brain. They will
be accounted for. Summon a fire the size attempt to flee, otherwise they will curl
of a small bonfire somewhere within 12 up in a ball and whimper. They may test
metres of the wizard. their luck to resist the illusion.

Fire Bolt (1) Helping Hands (1)
Shoot impressive flames from your Causes animate hands to spring forth
fingertips, dealing damage to one target from an inanimate surface. They can
within 20 metres. perform any task the wizard requires, but
1 2 3 4 5 6 7+ are limited by being rooted to the spot
from which they sprang.
3 3 5 7 9 12 16

Flash (3)
The wizard claps neatly, issuing forth
the light of a thousand suns. All within
20 metres must test their Luck or be
blinded for 1d6 rounds.

Farseeing (2)
Hurricane (5)
Endows the wizard with engorged, plate-
The wizard waves his hands in the air
like eyes, able to see in minute detail for
like he just doesnt care. Which he likely
miles around.
doesnt, being a wizard. This causes a
mighty gust that will knock everyone
Find (2)
over within 30 metres who doesnt
When wizards lose their glasses they
test their luck, dealing 1d3 damage
mumble to themselves until they turn
and making an awful mess. Lasts for
up. The thing being sought must be a
10 minutes, test luck every turn if not
specific object, not a general category or
laying down or else take further damage.
type, and the direction is only given in
terms of compass points.
Illusion (2 per viewer)
Fabricate an illusion. Those viewing it
Gills (3)
may test their luck when interacting
The wizard may permanently gift a
with it to unveil the trickery. Lasts until
touched subject with gills, completely
the wizard leaves or falls asleep.
replacing their usual breathing
arrangement if they fail to test their luck.
Invisibility (3)
Very useful for underwater excursions,
The wizard turns flesh into refractive
not so useful when inflicted upon a chap
crystal sheets. Its very uncomfortable
in the middle of town. The wizard may
and you make a slight shish-ing
end this at will.
sound as you move, but you are quite
invisible and dont suffer from the usual
Grow (2)
limitations of illusions. Lasts for three
Cause an item to grow half its size again
minutes, after which you noisily reform
if it fails to test its luck. Lasts for three
into dull and frustratingly opaque flesh.
Ironhand (3) Life Line (1)
The common man does not appreciate Created by the Horizon Knights to
exactly how close flesh and iron are enable them to take the fight to the
when considered relatively to, say, flesh Nothing. They would cast this on their
and the smell of hot tea. With some squires and dive off the edge of creation.
slight convincing the wizard may cause a While this spell lasts the casters essential
targets flesh to behave as though it had bodily functions are linked to another,
the desirable properties of metal. They enabling them to breath or eat for them.
get +1 skill and immunity to modestly They will need to breath and eat for two,
proportioned fires for 3 minutes. making it hard to do anything useful
while linked. The spell lasts for a day,
Jolt (1) until cancelled, or on the death of the
The mischievous apprentices favourite linked person. Note, if the linked person
spell, jolt sends an arc of electricity from dies, starves or is choked you will suffer.
the casters outstretched hand towards a
target. Ignores armour. Light (1)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7+ Create an ethereal orb of light that glows
like a torch. Lasts 6 hours and can be
2 2 3 3 5 7 9
extinguished at will.
Languages (2)
Lock (1)
The wizard forms a mouth with his
Magically lock an object. The object
hands, through which he can speak
must have a lockable aspect to it, but the
any language. He can simultaneously
lock is now magically sealed. Permanent
cup his other hand to his ear to
until undone or dismissed.
understand them in return. Lasts for one
Mirror Selves (3)
In the mind of others the wizard appears
Leech (2)
to be, in fact, three wizards. All three
The necromancer can must place his
will perform the same actions in unison,
hands on a living subject, allowing his
offering the target only a 1 in 3 chance
fingertips to transform into sucking
of targeting the right wizard. Lasts for 12
apertures, draining them of blood. Deal
2d6 damage and regain half as stamina.

Levitate (2)
Elevates the wizard or another on the
backs of tiny invisible sprites who answer
only to their summoner. May float about
for 3 minutes.

Natter (2) 13-14 - The vitality is clumsily applied,
As everyone know, wizards are excellent causing the body to explode messily. A
ventriloquists. So good in fact that they new one will need to be found.
can throw their voice inside anothers 15-16 - The creature is animated, will
mouth. They can target anyone within last for 24 hours before falling apart
sight and can transmit a short sentence. 17+ - Perfect reanimation. The creature
will last until destroyed.
Open (1)
The wizard chooses a reality wherein the Presence (1)
lock was open all along. Can be used to This spell creates the sense of being
counteract a Lock spell. watched by a patriarchal figure. Some
find it comforting, others, not so much.
Peace (2)
Open up the mind to universal love and Protection from Rain (1)
cause two subjects to test their Luck or This spell prevents the caster getting wet
cease hostilities with each other. They for one rainstorm. Lasts until they find
will still defend themselves if attacked cover.
but will at least appreciate the pettiness
of it. Purple Lens (1)
The recipients eyes glow purple as they
Poison (1) experience an alternative reality, where
This spell, when cast upon a liquid, people are kind, their surroundings are
causes it to become deadly poison. beautiful, their food is indulgent, and
The liquid deals 4 damage if drunk so on. This doesnt change the reality
and 1 damage per turn until the target of things, but it does make them more
successfully tests their luck. The liquid palatable. Lasts until they want to end it.
loses its potency after an hour.
Quench (1)
Posthumous vitality (5) Snuff a small flame with the wave of a
Necromancers, known for their social hand.
inadequacy, often find themselves having
to make friends. Read Entrails (1)
The caster can get the answer to one
This spell requires a fresh, or at least question in the entrails of a living
whole and lubricated, corpse. The caster creature. The size and importance of the
rolls 2d6+posthumous vitality skill total creature influence the level of knowledge
on the following chart (13+ counts for gained. Small, common animals are
an advancement tick): able to offer yes or no answers, oxen can
predict things obtusely, lammasu could
4-12 - Nothing happens offer explicit and thorough advice.

Read Stars (1) Skeletal Counsel (3)
Rather than any physical stars, this Necromancers often talk to skulls.
navigates by the astral starlight that Sometimes they talk back. Use of this
peaks through the veil. This spell enables spell enables speaking with the dead,
the caster to get a reasonable sense of answering one question per casting.
direction regardless of any obscuring Requires a skull.
Sleep (2)
See Through (1) The wizard convinces a target to forgo
The caster rubs a surface vigorously, wakefulness for a time, causing them
making it translucent. Can penetrate up to sleep for 3 minutes unless they
to 12 inches of material. Lead and silver successfully test their luck.
are immune.
Slide Skywards (6)
Sentry (1) Requires mirrors or other highly
The wizard plucks a bit of his mind out reflective surfaces. The caster stands
like candy floss and leaves it stuck to a between two reflective surfaces so that he
wall somewhere. This psychic presence is infinitely repeated. He then steps out
is invisible to the naked eye but extends from between them, but as a different
the wizards senses to that spot for the incidence of himself. To those watching
duration. While it lasts the wizard suffers the wizard moves in the direction not
-2 to all rolls due to the incredible seen and reappears between two mirrors
confusion this generates. If the shard is elsewhere. If the location has been
discovered and harmed the wizard will compromised, then the wizard arrives in
lose 3d6 Stamina due to the shock. a random mirrored location across the
million spheres.
Shatter (3)
The wizard may wildly gesticulate at a Starry Orb (4)
brittle object no larger than an umbrella The wizard creates a 5th dimensional
and cause it to shatter into a million orb above his head. All intelligent beings
pieces. Living targets may test their Luck looking at it must test their Luck or
to avoid this unpleasant spell. marvel at it for 3 minutes.

Teleport (10)
The wizard or a target of his choosing
may travel to any location within a
single sphere instantly. If they are
unfamiliar with the location they must
test their Luck or be thrown wildly off
course to potentially devastating results.

Thought Vapour (1) Undo (double cost of original spell)
The wizard can cause his nose to exist The wizard works on disentangling a
in multiple alternative realities, travel spell from this instance of reality. To
through various spheres, and enable do so they must roll this spell vs. the
the olfactory sensation of thought. original casting, if disentanglement is
Emotions, attitudes, underlying feelings possible at all.
can be smelt. No words or images are
formed, just impressions. Any strong Ward (2)
odour will cause this to fail. A handy spell only requiring the flick of
a wrist. In response to being fired upon
Thunder (2) the wizard may cast this spell to roll vs.
A favourite for impressing locals while the firer to have the missile be deflected.
travelling the provincial expanses of the
Road. The wizard raises his arms and Wall of Power (2)
shouts something suitably ominous, What they call a wall is in fact a
then all within 24 metres must test their dome, but wizards always have
luck or be deafened by a riotous roll of worked in mysterious ways. The wall
emphatic thunder. Luck or no, they will is a shimmering bubble that causes d6
be mightily impressed. damage when touched. Nothing may
pass without the wizards permission (it
is recommended that they remember to
allow air). Lasts for 3 minutes.

Web (2)
Whether this is opening a portal to
the plane of slime or channelling the
Tongue Twister (2) sprites of sickness, all can agree that it
Beware! If a wizard screws his nose and is quite disgusting. The wizard blows
twists his fingers at you, then a tongue forth the web from his nose and all in
twister is coming your way. The target a cone extending 12 metres in front of
must test their luck or have their tongue the wizard are trapped unless they test
literally tied in knots. This requires their luck. Each turn anything passing
some time and a fair bit of patience to through or out of it must test their
disentangle. luck or become stuck. Dries up after 12
True Seeing (3)
The caster focuses his sight on the Zed (?)
unambiguous truth of matter, enabling No one knows what this does, but
him to see through illusions for the next everyone who has cast it disappears
ten minutes. instantly, never to be seen again.

Table 4 : Oop{! Table
11. dispelled the wizard 26.
There is a flash, hiccups uncontrollably, All of the wizards body
followed by a shriek suffering -4 to further hair falls out with an
- the caster has turned attempts at magic. audible fuff!.
into a pig.
16. 31.
12. The wizard grows All weapons of war in
Twenty-five years of an attractive tail. If the vicinity turn into
the wizards life drop removed it does not flowers.
away in an instant, grow back.
possibly making him a 32.
very small child. If the 21. The wizard changes sex
wizard is younger than All currency in the and becomes incredibly
twenty-five then he wizards possession handsome.
disappears into cosmic turns into beautiful
pre-birth. butterflies that flap off 33.
into the sky. The wizard disappears
13. in a puff of smoke,
A small shoal of herring 22. never to be seen again.
and the water they had A very surprised orc
previously swum in appears beside the caster 34.
appears above the caster, (7/8/2 - Club). The wizards hands find
soaking everyone nearby a mind of their own and
with freezing sea water. 23. take a severe disliking
The caster catches the to the tyranny of the
14. red eye curse. Whenever mind. They set about
The wizard no longer he opens his eyes, fire choking him to death,
speaks or understands shoots out at random only to lapse back into
any known tongue, targets (as Fire Bolt) servitude as soon as he
instead favouring a passes out.
slightly unpleasant 24.
language made up of The shoes of a random 35.
shrieks and mumbles. ally catch fire. All animals in the
vicinity are brought
15. 25. back to life. This
The most feared of The wizard grows a includes rations and
adolescent academy small pair of horns. leather, which will crawl
curses: hiccups! Until and flap about blindly.
36. sucking him and any an angelic or demonic
A sickness overcomes other unlucky nearby figure to pop through.
the wizard, causing souls into it. They
him to cough up a will be whipped off 53.
thick black fluid. The to a random sphere of A gout of steam shoots
fluid flows away as existence. out from the wizard
though in a hurry to be causing them to
somewhere. The wizard 45. shoot off in a random
will soon hear rumours All exposed liquid direction at great speed.
and suffer accusations within 12 metres turns
due to the workings of a to milk. That milk then 54.
sinister doppelgnger. curdles. The wizard suffers a
coughing fit for d6
41. 46. turns, after which d6
Everyone in the vicinity A random spectators gremlins tumble out
turns into a pig, except bones mysteriously of his mouth and start
for one embarrassed disappear. Even more biting peoples faces.
wizard. mysteriously he doesnt
seem overly put out by 55.
42. it. He cant fight or cast The wizard instantly
An overflow of plasmic magic and can only very grows an enormous
fluid has found its way slowly shuffle about shaggy beard. It tumbles
into the wizards head, as a gelatinous blob of down to the floor and
which has expanded to flesh, but hes generally gets in the way. -2 to
the size of a pumpkin. unharmed. After d6 everything until you
If the wizard is struck hours the bones pop tame that magnificent
for 5+ damage in one back into place from beast.
go he must test his luck wherever they went.
or his head explodes, 56.
killing him and dealing 51. The wizard becomes 20
2d6 damage to anyone An inanimate object in years older.
standing nearby. the wizards possession
gains sentience and a 61.
43. voice. Its attitude is up All metal within
All vegetation within a for the GM to decide. 20 metres becomes
mile withers and dies. incredibly hot for d6
52. turns. Anyone wearing
44. A portal is opened armour or carrying
A pool of colour opens to a paradigmatic weapons must take d6
up under the wizard, battleground, allowing damage per turn.

62. 64. and dealing d6 damage
The wizards teeth all The wizard is cursed unless they successfully
fall out. The sudden with curses. He is test their Luck.
loss causes him to be unable speak without
at -4 to making magic swearing, thus making 66.
due to his poor diction. magic impossible for The spell being cast
After an hour a fresh set the duration. Lasts d6 wont stop. It goes
grow in. hours. completely haywire,
out of control, firing off
63. 65. madly until the wizard
An entirely different The wizard issues is subdued.
and random spell goes forth a mighty sneeze,
off, directed at the same knocking everyone
target. over in front of him

Table 5 : Random Spell

11- Assassins Dagger 41 - Grow
12 - Animate 42 - Hurricane
13 - Affix 43 - Helping Hands
14 - Assume Shape 44 - Illusion
15 - Befuddle 45 - Invisibility
16 - Breach 46 - Jolt
21 - Cone of Air 51 - Light
22 - Banish Spirt 52 - Lock
23 - Ember 53 - Languages
24 - Cockroach 54 - Levitate
25 - Darksee 55 - Sentry
26 - Diminish 56 - Shatter
31 - Earthquake 61 - Sleep
32 - Fear 62 - Thunder
33 - Fire Bolt 63 - Tongue Twister
34 - Flash 64 - Undo
35 - Farseeing 65 - Ward
36 - Find 66 - Wall of Power
13. Skill{
In most cases the use of a skill will be a straight roll under the skill total (base skill
plus advanced skill). Situations where this isnt the case should be obvious.

The available skills are not limited to those listed here. There should be rarer fare
available for those who search for it, or maybe a player just feels driven to learn the
intricacies of farming or opera for some peculiar reason. You may notice some skills
in the backgrounds section that dont have entries. Make those up.

Since the players dont ever have to waste time picking through the whole selection,
dont be afraid of expanding the list and making them more and more specific.

Acrobatics Climb
Used for rolling, balancing, falling, The usefulness of the ability to clamber
jumping etc. up things cannot be overstated. Most
climbs should be single rolls, longer or
Astrology more difficult climbs can be multiple
An essential skill for anyone intent roll. On these climbs consider requiring
on travelling the stars. Can be used a number or total or repeated failures to
to identify stars and constellations, fall off unless it is a particularly merciless
to gather hints on the destination of ascent. Use your discretion.
interdimensional portals, and to make
star charts. Crafting Skills
This includes any skill you might think
of that comes under the heading of arts
and crafts. Blacksmithing, carpentry,
painting, opera singing, anything like
that. Roll the skill if you want to do
something that knowledge of this skill
would reasonably cover. A carpenter
might be able to spot a weak bridge,
while a blacksmith could shoe a horse.
Awareness Be flexible and reasonable.
Anything worth having is well hidden,
so one must look very carefully. Use Disguise
this skill to spot traps, things normally Covers the use of props to change your
hidden, or out of the ordinary. appearance. When in disguise you must
roll this when someone is liable to see

through it. Opposed by Awareness when something incredibly arcane or
under scrutiny. technical. Its assumed that once you
have one point in a language you can
Etiquette understand it passably. You get one tick
When making a good impression is in a language for every month of intense
important, roll this vs. your hosts tuition or complete submersion in it.
etiquette. Represents a mechanical
understanding of social conduct and Locks
those who are better at it are more This allows a character to examine and
discerning. open locks, but does not detect traps.
Roll vs. an imaginary locksmith whose
Evaluate skill is somewhere between 6 and 12, 6
Test this to get an idea of how much being easy and 12 being very hard.
something is worth.
Fly Use this to gain insight into angles,
Use fly much as you would run. In pressures, numbers and other such
normal situations this doesnt need arcane arts. You could, for instance, test
testing, only in chases or high winds your mathmology to get a good idea
maybe. Anyone attempting to fly of the surface tension of a ball of inert
without this skill must test every round plasmic goo, or to find the ideal fulcrum
to make sure they dont crash or lose in tripping the giant.
Golden Barge Pilot You may test this skill during down time
Test this skill to navigate between the to create a single dose of poison. Pick
stars on a ship with golden mirror sails. which kind of poison it is when you
make it. This list is not exhaustive, more
exotic ones might be available but may
Healing also require very specific ingredients.
Used to stitch wounds and apply
ointments, stopping bleeding, slowing - Cause anyone ingesting it to test his
poison and the like. Also used for luck or lose 4d6 stamina
stabilising dying people. - Add 1 to all damage rolls while this is
applied to piercing or edged weapon.
Languages If you roll a 1 for damage the poison
Represents the relative competence in has worn off.
specific languages and would only need - Cause anyone ingesting it to fall
to be tested if trying to understand unconscious for 1d6 hours

Ride character may simply declare he is hiding
Everyone is assumed to have basic something, only rolling this when the
animal riding skill though anything hiddeness is questioned.
more than trotting slowly will require
some kind of roll. Sneak
The art of remaining unseen. This skill is
Run rolled only when someone or something
When it matters how fast you are, or is actively trying to detect you. The
if you can reach somewhere in time, sneaker would roll a single opposed test
use this. A basic chase is an opposed versus the awareness of those searching
Running roll. for them, with any beating his score
detecting him.
Second Sight
Use of this skill allows the detection of Strength
magic. On a successful roll you focus Used for lifting and breaking things.
your inner eye and all sorcerous activity May also be used to grapple people if
glows faintly for a moment. no grappling appropriate weapon skill
is possessed, though it counts for half
rounded up.

Use this while swimming in dangerous
waters, diving, holding your breath for
long periods, and so on. If you have
this skill you dont need to roll it for
normal conditions, however characters
without it are assumed to not be able to
swim and need to test swimming every
round they remain in the water or start
Secret Signs drowning. Receive a penalty to this skill
Used to identify marks, handshakes, equal to half the number of items you
code words etc. of one specific society. are carrying.
You would, for example, be able to read
the secret marks left on peoples door Tracking
posts by fellow hobos. Used to stalk prey and find tracks.
When stalking a quarry this is treated as
Sleight of Hand an opposed test versus the opponents
Steal or hide small things. This is only Tracking or Sneaking, whichever they
rolled if someone is actively looking. A choose.

Trapping Weapon Fighting
Use this skill to set and disarm traps. Choose what general category of
When someone wishes to disarm a trap weaponry this covers when chosen. This
they must roll versus the original trap- talent is rolled during combat while
setters trapping skill. If the GM doesnt using the appropriate method of assault.
know what that number should be
assume 6 to be pretty simple while 12 is Other
incredibly hard, scale it between those as If a skill isnt listed here then make it up.
appropriate. Anything can be a skill, from jousting
to gambling, and are primarily used as
Tunnel Fighting flavour with the occasional fun instance
You may use this skill in place of your where your incredibly specific and
weapon skill while fighting in confined heretofore useless ability helps you and
spaces where you would otherwise be your friends out.
unable. You ignore all penalties the GM
might associate with fighting in such a

14. Item{
14.1 If an item is not listed here Knuckle dice are made from the
then assume it adds a bonus of +1 to nimble, petal shaped knuckle bones of
rolls associated with it. Lockpicks, for goblins and make excellent two sided
instance, would add +1 to Lock rolls dice.
while a rope would add +1 to Climb,
and so on. A pistolet is a hand held energy weapon.
Holds enough energy for 8 shots.
14.2 Item bonuses only apply if you
are trained in the skill they are meant to Plasmic cores are crystalised starlight
enhance. Lockpicks will only give their cast in metal. Or astral vapours captured
bonus if you know how to use lockpicks in class. Or maybe hard-ghosts?
(have 1+ in Locks already). Whatever it is, its pretty and used as
a fuel source for exotic weaponry and
14.3 An incomplete list of desirous reckless magicians. A plasmic core can
things: be cracked open and huffed by a wizard
in place of spending stamina on a spell.
Astrological Equipment requires However if an Oops! table roll is called
twenty minutes to set up and use but for the wizard has overdosed and drops
doesnt need to be outside. Consists of dead, foaming at the mouth.
ruby specular, charms against reciprocal
observation, and complicated charts of Pocket gods are little cloth poppets
the spheres. +1 to astronomy. made in the image of your numerous
gods. If you whisper a secret to one and
A bale hook counts as a knife for throw it away you may regain 1 Luck
damage and gains you a +1 on rolls to
lift heavy objects if used to do so Ruby lorgnettes are collapsable
spectacles made with ruby lenses that
An epopts staff is a tool, an advert, and, require a free hand to use. While
in a pinch, a weapon. In the head is set wearing them your sight is impaired (-2
a cloudy ruby, like a useless magnifying awareness) but you can see sorcerous
glass, which grants the user +1 Second activity clearly (+2 second sight)
Sight while peering through it.
Salt is the poor mans silver. Where
A fusil is a long weapon that looks like silver kills the demonic and the dead salt
a rifle and can be used in melee as a merely harms or bars.
club. A fusil holds 6 charges before the
plasmic core needs replacing.

Silver is the star metal, the most
untouched material fallen from the
hump-backed sky. Weapons made from
it can harm creatures normally immune
to material harm.

A tea set grants +1 to Etiquette when

you have the time to sit down and make
tea for those you are trying to impress

The Velare, when inactive, looks like

an ornate piece of costume jewellery,
usually a brooch or circlet. When active
it produces a full body disguise on the
wearer formed from hard-light. Gain +2
Disguise. Lasts for 24 hours and needs
recharging with a plasmic core before it
can be used again.

Witch-hair ropes are immune to

manipulation via magical means.

A yoke gives you +2 carry capacity while

worn, however you suffer -4 to all other
physical rolls while wearing it.

15. Enemie{
The enemies your players will encounter own specific totals. These are all of the
are not like them, they are simpler same colour and added to the initiative
machines that produce similar results. bag and drawn along with the players
initiatives. When an enemy token is
15.1 Enemy skill is not like player drawn the GM may use it to activate
skill. It covers everything they are and take a turn with any enemy present.
missing, including advanced skills, and
luck. They use the same number to There is no limit to the number of
climb a rope as they do to hit someone times a single enemy can act in a round,
or cast a spell. indeed you could have one enemy
perform all actions drawn. This does not
15.1.2 Enemy spells do not cost represent speed so much as it represents
stamina. Unlike the player characters, commitment to action while others stall
enemies never spend their stamina on or perform minor tasks.
casting spells.
15.1.2 Enemies do not spend luck. A lizard man and a goblin are fighting
They dont have a luck score, instead the players, both of which are
rolling against their skill instead, which contributing to the initiative pool. When
never diminishes. However they cant an enemy initiative token is drawn the
test their luck to gain an advantage for GM may declare that either one of them
themselves in combat, such as testing is acting.
luck to increase damage.
15.4 Armour is the same. Rather
15.2 Why the stamina disparity? The than have varying types of armour
stamina of enemies tends towards lower enemies just have a number. This is
numbers than players. This is to speed treated exactly the same as the numbers
battles along and to make it somewhat associated with player character armour
fairer on the players who must spend and represents physical protection,
stamina for their magic. However the speed, incorporeality and so on.
fighting rules and weapon damage have
been balanced in such a way that a 15.5 Mien. If you have a plan for the
goblin is a threat no matter how much enemies attitude then go with that, but
stamina they have. otherwise roll to see how they present
themselves when meeting the group.
15.3 Initiative is different for enemies. Use the mien rolled as inspiration when
Where all players contribute two playing them and to help avoid falling
initiative tokens each, enemies have their into routine hostility.

Cyclops Dragon
Skill 9 Skill 16
Stamina 14 Stamina 32
Initiative 3 Initiative 8
Armour 2 Armour 4
Damage as Large Beast Damage as Gigantic Beast
Mien Mien
1: Tearful 1: Sleeping
2: Depressed 2: Playful
3: Melancholic 3: Hungry
4: Sombre 4: Quizzical
5: Resigned 5: Aggressive
6: Mercurial 6: Paranoid

Once upon a time a nation of man Dragons are creatures of hyper-light,

asked one of the aeons to grant them unburdened by base matter, able
the power of immortality and foresight. to soar across the dark sea of sky
The aeons, being an arbitrary bunch, between worlds. Because their spirits
took one eye from each as fair exchange. are immortal and illuminated by the
The men found that their foresight was black-suns they may, and often do,
indeed present, but extended only to indulge in base activities such as wanton
knowledge of their eventual deaths by slaughter, accumulating needless wealth,
accident or violence. Feeling positively and plumbing the depths of forbidden
monkey-pawed they agreed to go their knowledge. They do this because they
separate ways and to never speak of it know that nothing of these wicked
again. spheres can harm them or their objective
spiritual and physical perfection.
When a cyclops is given initiative it may Special
draw the next three initiatives in order, Once per round the dragon may douse
thus granting them knowledge of who is a 24ft area in beautiful dragon-fire.
going next. They know when and how Everyone in the area is automatically
they die, and this might not be it. hit but may test their luck to reduce the
damage roll by 1.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
6 8 12 16 18 24 36

Dragons are immune to high

temperatures, including dragon-fire.

Skill 5
Stamina 6
Initiative 1
Armour 1
Damage as weapon
1: Curious
2: Dismissive
3: Preoccupied
4: Gossipy
Skill 3
5: Overly friendly Stamina 4
6: Paranoid Initiative 3
Armour 0
Goblins are the vanguard of civilisation. Damage as Small Beast
The moment a sphere bobs to the surface Mien
1: Inveigling
the goblins will creep out of the nooks
2: Fearful
and crannies to start expanding their 3: Fearful
labyrinth. Left to their own devices they 4: Aggressive
will eventually tame and cover every 5: Aggressive
surface in walls and hedges and tunnels 6: Feigned inveigling, but aggressive
and steel and whatever else is in goblin-
vogue. Though more usually they are Vicious little creatures dressed in potato
distracted with an accidentally awakened sacks they stole from old mothers
evil, or recalled by the Goblin King, or cupboards. When you see foot prints in
cut off from the centre of the labyrinth the pie crust its time to call the gremlin
and turned feral to live in the man-cities. catcher, because where theres one theres
A most terrible fate. Better to bury their a hundred and underneath your home
labyrinths and leave. will be a veritable maze of warrens
stretching off to gods know where.

No proven link between the gremlins

habit of appearing seemingly everywhere
and the goblins interdimensional
labyrinth have been made, but fingers
are firmly pointed.

Knight of the Road The definition of dead varies from
Skill 7 place to place. In some spheres you
Stamina 7 might be considered dead when
Initiative 2 unconscious, or still living until buried.
Armour 1 Now consider the ambulatory deceased
Damage as weapon and the definition becomes even more
Mien nebulous, near the point of irrelevancy.
1: Curious Lets just say they are vitally fluid.
2: Wary
3: Drunk
4: Rowdy
5: Predatory
6: Friendly

Contrary to what the farmers tell you,

the life of a vagabond is not an easy Lizard-Man
one. First you must find a road, but Skill 8
not a quiet road or else youll wait for Stamina 8
weeks without a client, nor should it be Initiative 2
too busy or else youll no sooner have Armour 2
belayed the first about the bonce before Damage as weapon or Modest Beast
another comes along and interrupts your Mien
1: Severe
exchange. And after all that you go back
2: Hostile
to your camp in the woods to sleep on 3: Suspicious
the filthy ground and eat your meagre 4: Intolerant
meals. Farmers should have more respect 5: Threatening
for a hard days work. 6: Inquisitive

Living Dead Imagine a fat man, but this man is a

Skill 9 crocodile. Stand him on his hind legs,
Stamina 12 yank his head into a civilised position,
Initiative 1 shorten his snout and give him some
Armour 0 short horns and and a large weapon.
Damage as weapon or Modest Beast This is a lizard-man, a preternaturally
Mien militaristic race who spontaneously
1: Oblivious regiment themselves from the moment
2: Pondering they goose-step their way out of the egg.
3: Distracted Their only social structure and interest
4: Hungry is the army, making them excruciatingly
5: Aggressive
dull dinner guests.
6: Distressed

Man-Beast Manticore
Skill 8 Skill 12
Stamina 11 Stamina 18
Initiative 2 Initiative 5
Armour 1 Armour 3
Damage as Fusil or Modest Beast Damage as Large Beast
Mien Mien
1: Heedful 1: Lazy
2: Observing 2: Bored
3: Watchful 3: Hungry
4: Questioning 4: Busy
5: Challenging 5: Aggressive
6: Aggressive 6: Bored and aggressive

The autarchs couldnt rely on the Manticores are rarely encountered

support of the aristocracy for delicate outside of their homes, which they
or controversial matters. Even for tend to construct on mountain sides far
thoroughly mundane requests they were out of reach of the common folk. The
worshipful in word and recalcitrant servants that attend them are kidnapped
in action. So long ago, towards the travellers, plucked from the backs of
beginning of their reign, they had their wagons or plucked from their beds
vizier fabricate armies of beastly chimera, during the night.
utterly loyal to the phoenix throne,
willing to perform whatever task given If you have been contracted by a
them unto death. wealthier fellow to retrieve a stolen son
or other such relation from a manticores
The man-beasts are far from mindless, manse be sure to take some books. They
for a stupid soldier is a bad soldier. are inveterate culture fiends and love
Rather they never question their lot nothing more than having new literature
in life, cannot even comprehend of an for the help read to them.
alternative existence. Indeed, you might
find man-beast guards still defending a Special
doorway long after it rotted away only If the manticore successfully strikes the
because the autarch tasked them to it same person twice in one round they
and never returned to relieve them of have been struck by the creatures tail.
the duty. But you will also find them They must test their luck or become
guarding the caches of weapons and paralysed for 2d6 minutes.
treasure autarchs are known to hide away
for times of trouble as an unsleeping,
incorruptible watchdog.

Parchment Witch Sympathy Serpent
Skill 8 Skill 5
Stamina 14 Stamina 6
Initiative 2 Initiative 2
Armour 1 Armour 0
Damage as weapon Damage as Small Beast
Mien Mien
1: Admiring 1: Shy
2: Infatuated 2: Friendly
3: Obsessed 3: Sympathetic
4: Paranoid 4: Fearful
5: Skulking 5: Sad
6: Violent 6: Inconsolable

Parchment witches are an unusual breed There are many creatures in the
of living dead, both for having usually wilderness of the spheres, all with their
chosen the state of their own volition specific niche and manners. Most are
and also for being in staunch denial admittedly quite dull, such as squirrels
of it. They cover their rotting skin in a and bonshads, inconsequential or one
layer of leather, vellum, or if no other dimensionally awful, while some are
option is available, paper. They then quite noteworthy. Sympathy serpents
paint it, decorate it and top it with a are dark, thick as a mans thigh and as
wig, completing the illusion. The most long as three destriers, and crush and
talented witches can walk among us and consume their prey in much the way
wed never know it. The only tell-tale youd expect such a snake to do, but
sign of a witch among you would be their hunting technique is idiosyncratic.
the distinct smell of rendering leather The snakes do not wrestle with their
in the house next door and maybe quarry if they can avoid it, rather they
the disappearance of a few handsome crawl up their bodies and give a gentle
townspeople. embrace that tells us that it is okay to
let go, that theyre here now. Together
Special prey and predator mourn the crushing
The parchment witch has 5 spells either awfulness of the universe while the snake
rolled from table 5 or chosen ahead of gets to swallowing them whole.
If given suitable time and supplies, If the sympathy serpent sneaks up on a
the witch can completely change their sleeping or unsuspecting player character
appearance. They can also use the skin of they must test their luck or be paralysed
another person to impersonate them for with misery and allow the serpent to
a week, after which time it starts to rot. quietly eat them.
Skill 7
Stamina 12
Initiative 1
Armour 2
Damage as weapon
Tower Wizard 1: Rude
Skill 10 2: Standoffish
Stamina 12 3: Spiteful
Initiative 3 4: Disrespectful
Armour 0 5: Sarcastic
Damage as weapon 6: Sullen
1: Offensive Trolls are ill-tempered creatures, often
2: Confused spied leaning on a pike in the town
3: Friendly square gabbing with the other guards
4: Suspicious while taking the occasional break to
5: Inappropriate
shout at a child or trip up an old lady.
6: Transgressive
Youd think theyd stop hiring them.
The majority of sorcery enthusiasts
are either members of a college or
Trolls regenerate 1 stamina every time
well respected freelance lecturers with
they hold the initiative. They will
a nice manse in a seaside town. Both
regenerate back from anything other
respectable members of society who
than decapitation or fire.
buy their groceries the same way as we
do. But when people think wizard
they most likely go straight to the tower
wizards, those feral old men who have
given up all pretence of civility and
fled to the wilderness. There they build
their eponymous towers to work on
unpleasant projects and terrorise the
neighbourhood. They give magic a bad

The tower wizard has access to Jolt or
Ember and 4 other spells either rolled
from table 5 or chosen ahead of time.

Table 1 -: Melee Weapon{
1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Sword 4 6 6 6 6 8 10
Axe 2 2 6 6 8 10 12
Knife 2 2 2 2 4 8 10
Staff* 2 4 4 4 4 6 8
Spear 4 4 6 6 8 8 10
Longsword* 4 6 8 8 10 12 14
Mace# 2 4 4 6 6 8 10
Polearm*# 2 4 4 8 12 14 18
Maul*# 1 2 3 6 12 13 14
Greatsword* 2 4 8 10 12 14 18
Club# 1 1 2 3 6 8 10
Unarmed 1 1 1 2 2 3 4
Shield 2 2 2 4 4 6 8

Table 2 : Bea{tly Weapon{

1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Small Beast 2 2 3 3 4 5 6
Modest Beast 4 6 6 8 8 10 12
Large Beast 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
Gigantic Beast 4 8 12 12 16 18 24

Table 3 : Ranged Weapon{

1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Fusil* 2 4 4 6 12 18 24
Bow* 2 4 6 8 8 10 12
Crossbow* 4 4 6 8 8 8 10
Pistolet 2 2 4 4 6 12 16

An * indicates a weapon needing two hands to use.

Heavy percussive weapons marked with # ignore 1 point of armour.

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Written by Daniel Sell

Illustrated by Jeremy Duncan
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